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Leaking engine oil

\015 My car is leaking a lot of engine oil, I parked my car over night and when I came out to move it the next day, there was a large oil puddle on the ground, is there a way to find out where its coming from?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Jack up the car and look underneth it , if it is a large amount it is probaly a front or main seal and a lot of work, if it is a small amount you need to tighton the oil pan the bolts tend to come lose overtime and need to tight
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Bum engine? My daughter has 1995 Chevy Lumina with a 425 engine (?) that leaks oil. The intake valve has been replaced and it still leaks oil. The mechanic says he can't place the origin of the leak because the engine is shaped like a V and the oil pools at the bottom then leaks out all over. How can the oil leak be diagnosed properly on this engine?

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Oil leaking i have on oil leaking on my MBW 318d engine is 2L 90 KW diesel, oil leaking is not minor, it leaks very slow so i cannot recognize where the issue is, for e.g. my engine loses about 600ml after 2000 km drive, it is not an oil burning issue cause i notised oil leak on engine's sump and even higheir than gasket of sump, so could you help me please and send a solution, if you can sent it to my email [email protected] best wishes

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My daughter has 1995 Chevy Lumina with a 425 engine (?) that leaks oil. The intake valve has been replaced and it still leaks oil. The mechanic says he can't place the origin of the leak because the engine is shaped like a V and the oil pools at the bottom then leaks out all over. How can the oil leak be diagnosed properly on this engine?

I had a '93 Chevy Lumina (sedan) with the 3.1L V6, and it was also leaking oil badly enough to coat the underside of the car with an oily sheen. A mechanic pointed me in the right direction. There is no distributor on this car, but there is a blank-o ... 1994 Chevrolet Lumina

Oil Leak My car is having a constant oil leak, and it looked like it was coming from the oil pan so we changed the gasket on there, the outside of the oil pan was covered in oil, but its still leaking, we also replaced the oil filter assembly where the filter hooks to the engine we replaced that gasket, also the oil filter also put in new spark plugs, checked the engine compression which was great , and we replaced the distibuter cap and rotor, still leaking do u guys have any ideas what could b

Have you replaced the valve cover gasket?  The oil filler gasket in the cap?  The o ring on the distributor shaft?  The front crank shaft seal? and last the rear main seal. ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

I have an oil leak in my 1987 Nissan D12 pickup Z24 engine. The oil leak is coming out from around the base of the PCV tube, where it is inserted into the engine block. The oil only leaks out after the engine has ran and then cut off. I have tried placing an o-ring on the tube and sealant but this has yet to stop the leak.

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Need engine schematic for oil flow I have an oil leak above the oil filter around the oil pressure sending unit (I think). The filter doesn't have much oil in it, so I think something is plugged. I assume I wouldn't have the leak if the pump was bad. It only leaks when the engine is running and it leaks pretty bad (not driveable).

Hi common fault with hondas change your oil switch it will cure your leak pumps brilliant on these cars plus if oils coming out the pumps working yates210456 ... 1996 Honda Accord

I have a friend who has a 1992 Toyota celica Gt. It is leakinf alot of oil on back side of engine. She had a friend who said it was the oil pan and they replaced the gasket. I saw oil leaking from the car so I looked and I can't tell that the gasket was replaced, but there seems to be alot of oil leaking farther up the backside of the engine. I think it could be the oil pump gasket. My ? is there is so much oil I am guessing on the leaks locaton, but how hard is it to replace the gasket? and can

Check the oil sending unit ... 1992 Toyota Celica

I have a 1993 ford explorer 2wd. It has about 275,000 miles on it. For some reason my transmission fluid is leaking into the engine oil. When I noticed that my transmission was slipping, I put a qrt. of tranny fluid in and checked my engine oil and noticed it was too high. I changed the oil but a week later tranny slipping again; its a qrt. low, no leaks on the ground so i check engine oil and its a qrt over. changed oil again and the cycle continues. Went to Ford dealer they told me its im

If you have a vacuum modulator on the trans,it could have a bad diaphram and **** trans fluid into the engine.\015\012Now I do not know what model or unit trans you have. No vacuum mod,then the dealer is correct.\015\012You can look just ... 1993 Ford Explorer Limited

Previously had a oil leak which damaged my engine i had a new engine put in my car in March and then 16 weeks later my car was still leaking oil and the car would not go into 1st 2nd or reverse the garage man told me that it was the clutch so 4 weeks ago he put a new clutch in and said he has stop the leak now it is leaking loads and will not go into gear at all he said it is my brake cyclinder and also the cyclinder from the clutch which caused pressure.also i still have a leak in my engine, wh

I would take it back to the garage that put the clutch in. The car not going into 1st, 2nd, or reverse is a transmission problem not an engine problem.\015\012\015\012I would take it back to the garage that put the engine to verify whethe ... 1999 BMW 318 ti

2005 mazda tribute, ran very low on oil, constanly putting oil in it, not buring no leaks, oil light came on , pulled over, no oil in engine, put oil in engine, rattling noise in engine, I did put Lucas oil in the engine, that did make noise quieter, but still there , Does the engine need to be replaced or is it a lifter? There is only 80,000 km on the engine, oil is very clean, motor is very new looking no oil spills on engine

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My 1994 camaro w/ 3.4L engine has an oil leak in rear of engine. It is running down both sides of the block in rear. Oil filter is wet, but not leaking, the starter and bell housing drip oil and its getting on the exhaust. It doesn't look to be coming from valve covers, but it's hard to see. Oil sensor leaked, but has already been replaced. Could it be a gasket in the rear of intake? Is this common problem? 194,000 miles Semms to drip 1 drop every 5 seconds when running, and leaves 5 spots the s

This is most likely a leak from your rear main seal. It happens and can be a pain to replace if you're a DYI kinda person without the nec. equipment.\015\012\015\012\015\012Raise and safely support the vehicle with jackstan ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 2002 dodge neon with a 2.0 liter engine. it has developed a severe engine oil leak, going through 2-3 liters of oil in about 80 kilometers. i cannot locate the leak, but do know that it is on the right side of the engine. it is also leaking under pressure. does anyone know of a common problem with this engine.

Hello dahewings,One common problem is the cam position sensor. It's located on the cylinder head on the drivers side.It has 4 bolts and a plug plugged into it.Regards,netvan ... 2002 Dodge Neon

Oil leak around #1 spark plug of 2002 Ford Escape 3.0L V6 (spark plug is when on outside when removed - Oil leaks down engine onto exhaust). Anyone have an engine diagram so I can learn what lies in/near this area and can determine possible source of oil leak?? Thanks in advance. -Mike

Sounds like valve cover gasket is leaking. It leaks down side of engine onto everything in it's path. Stop by a local parts store and have them take a peak, they'll be glad to help you out. ... 2002 Ford Escape

2002 x-type 2.1 litre engine. They appear to have classic Jaguar engine oil leaks after 5 years or $100 kms - which ever came first. (Reminiscent of an old 1984 XJ6 Soveriegn i had about 20 years ago.) Is this a known problem with the 2.1 litre engine. My oil leak is very evident from wet oil pan exterior and drips forming around the outer egdes of pan (and dropping about 4 or 5 drops a week on the garage floor). How easy it a front seal replacement and is a real seal replacement viable fo

... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

My 1994 jeep grand cherokee,5.2 liter limited edition, is leaking oil below the oil filter,and it only leaks when the engine is on. it leaks out of a bolt that is right below the oil filter. can it be the rear main seal? and can i buy lucas engine sealer or replace the two piece seal?,kev. tn.

I would replace the two piece seal and skip using the lucas engine sealer. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1999 Ford F250 with 7.3L Diesel engine. It has an oil leak that I cant track down. I thought it was my rear main seal but the oil is coming down the backside of the engine mostly passenger side. I checked the hpop lines they are good. While tying to track it down, I had the truck idling only leaks couple drops at idle. After driving when I park leaks a large puddle. There is puddles of oil in the "valley." What do you think it is? What would parts cost and how long would it take me to f

We had one like that at our repair shop, what we found the oil was filling in the valley under the intake, the problem was the oil pump leaking and running into the valley to the back of the engine and down the back, what we found was that the oil pu ... Ford F-250 Super Duty

Oil leak i have a 99 3.0 dt trooper with a servere engine oil leak that appears to be coming from the n/s of the engine from what would appear to be poss an oil pump or fuel pump it has several metal pipes coming out from the rear of it it doesnt appear to be head gasket the top of the engine is dry your opinions would be appreciated

Sounds like the High Pressure Oil Pump mounting O seals. See if the soundproofing under the pump is soaked in oil to be sure. ... 1999 Isuzu Trooper

Camaro leak hi i have a 99 z28, and when i took it in to speedy oil change and tune up, they told me that there was a oil leak coming somewhere above the engine, they werent able to tell me exactly where, but they said to check i, it might involve removing the engine and tranny. any help on where the oil is leaking and what i can do to fix it? and possibly how much it can be?? thanks

The only I can suggest is to go a real garage and see if they can find the oil leak. Don't be surprised if the lower intake is leaking. Very common on chevy's with mileage around 100,000 miles. Best of luck. ... 1999 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 2002 volkswagen (vw) my problem is the oil disapear every 1,000 miles i have to put 3. liters of oil no leaks no smoking thru tail pipe runs good but when oilis low lifters make noise again no leaks under the carevery thing on engine looks ok no check engine lite nothing but oil then to disapear can sombody whith vw experiens can tell me whats wrong whit this please, by the way is a 2.0 engine getta

OIl doesn't just disappear. It's either burning it or leaking it. Perhaps you should try a compression test. Just because you can't see a bunch of blue smoke doesn't mean it isn't burning it. Especially when you're going down the highway. Maybe check ... Volkswagen Jetta

My vehicle would not start this morning. After turning the key in the ignition, the engine turns over and all the lights work, but then the car shuts off. No check engine light is on. I am thinking that it is the fuel pump. It started some time later and seemed to be leaking oil out of the oil filter. Oil had been changed a week ago. Tightened oil filter (it about 1/4 turn) no longer seems to be leaking oil. Still worried about the shutting off. Recommendations?

My car was doing the same thing, just today I took the day off and my neighbor, which is a mechanic told me that I probably need to clean the Idle control valve. I went to the local auto part store and bought a can of throttle body cleaner and a can ... 2002 Lexus RX 300

I need to find schematics or photos of 4.6L DOHC engine for 1993 Lincoln MKVIII. I am trying to locate oil leak above the oil filter & I believe there may be an oil filter gasket that is leaking, if this car has a separate mount for the oil filter that connects to the engine. If it does, how do you get to something like this to remove it, I can barely get the oil filter out of this area?

... 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII

I have a 97 passat GLX VR6-2.8 that is leaking oil at the side of the engin towards the front of the car. It leaks only when we fill it to the full level. Leaks only when running and stops leaking when the oil level get to the middle of the safe zone. I pin pointed the leak . On the side of the engine, towards the radiator, there is a large round device about the size of a coffee cup with a 1

... 1997 Volkswagen Passat

Oil leak just had oil changed. oil has never leaked before and i always keep truck serviced. engine light came on so i stopped checked oil -oil was real low --i looked under truck and it looks like oil is leaking above the oil pan on the drivers side. plug is not leaking. what is wrong? please don't say rear main seal! if so what is normal cost to fix?

Ok ill try not to tell you rear main seal. but i can;t it sounds to me like they may have over filled it and as a result that will blow seals. i mean it is very easy to fix. and yet very expensive. also check the place where they put the oil into and ... 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

During an oil change at jiffy lube, the car drove in fine, but once the oil change was done the car wouldn't start. The engine would turn over and it looked like the engine was shaking around a lot. They noticed oil had leaked into the air intake system even into the air filter. They eventually added fuel cleaner that some how cleaned the fuel system and got the car started. Is this a oil leak into the exhaust system? Is it fixable?

Many times when oil appears in your air intake and in the air filter this is usually caused by a plugged pcv valve Positive crankcase ventilation valve it costs anywhere from 3-10 dollars.As far as it not starting my guess is they checked the air fil ... 1997 Subaru Legacy

I can't read oil on the dipstick on my 1995 volvo 850 even after changing oil. It seems to be leaking as there is only couple quarts left in pan when changing, but I never know how much oil is in the engine as the dipstick will not register.There are no apparant leaks such as oil on the pavement or engine

... 1995 Volvo 850
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