Having problems with your 2001 Peugeot 206 ?

How to tune the radio - 2001 Peugeot 206

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Using the station buttons , left to right , 1st button is 1000's, 2nd \015\012button 100's, 3rd is 10's, and 4th button 1's, push each button until desired\015\012number from each button , once you have the number in the display it\015\012should unlo ... 1993 Volkswagen Cabriolet

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Try disconnecting the vehicles battery for about 5 minutes. ... 2004 Dodge Durango

How to enter code? went online and paid nine bucks, didn't really help me because of the following problem. 5 digit code, car radio has preset # 1,2,3,4,5,6.. one of my code is 0 and 9 how the hell am i suppose to enter it?

Come on here for free ,anyway you press preset 1 and use either the volume or tuning buttons ,maybe even the tape buttons to place the number then when all numbers press 6 to enter the code on the venerable old classic vehicle ... 1984 BMW 3 Series

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How to tune the radio - 2001 Peugeot 206

... 2001 Peugeot 206

I have a 2005 Kia Spectra 5, 5 speed manual transmisson. Recently the steering is hard a low speed like slowing and turning and eases up a higher rates of speed. What's up with this? I bought the car new and have kept the oil changed, had 1 tune up and 4 sets of tires. There's 140,000 miles on the car and I have had 0 problems with it.

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Before i started the tune up on a kia sedona 3.5l v6 engine i noticed the one of the hole of the intake had some metal type debree. i just changed the spark plugs and put everything back together. started the engine right away something sounded bad like sme thing in side is hitting metal. i checked the compresion on 6 valves 1 doesent have compresion 0 the rest 125 150 compresion.

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Looking for a replacement button for the stereo of my 2004 Impala LS-it's the button for tuning the radio, channels 1 & 2 - where can I find one?

The dealer should have buttons available. if not, they can contact, an GM Electronic Service Center and get them for you. ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Get the XM radio frequency of off 0 turned to 1 to receive the satellite signal

... 2008 Infiniti G35

I have a 1998 Ford WIndstar. It died on us the other day. we put a refurbished alternator in it, changed the clamps that attach to the top of the battery, when the battery is in OUR van and is charged, it will hold the charge running for 1-2 minutes, then the radio goes off, the RPM goes to 0 and then it dings a couple times, then it dies. However, when the battery was in my friends truck it ran it just fine. so its not the battery. we are pretty much stumped. anyone have any ideas? I would grea

I suspect you hav a defective alternator. Remans are famous for this. Take it back where youbought it and have them put it on their testor to make sure it works.\012\012A battery should read about 12 1/2 volts when charged, engine off. ... 1998 Ford Windstar

I bought a 2006 Solstice last week. If I press CAT, "XM Feature" pops up on the screen of the radio. If I press any other button, it goes back to AM or FM, including pressing the BAND button. How do I activate the XM feature or isn't there a way? I do have an activation # from XM if I could ever figure out how to tune to the XM "0". I have tried every combination of button pushing I can think of.

\015\012Hi!!\015\012\015\012I believe that you need to contact your Dealer's service department for assistance with your XM Digital Radio Receiver. Check this TBS from GM\015\012\015\012Subject: Dealers Seeking Technical S ... 2006 Pontiac Solstice

Alternator Trouble I've had my used 2002 Kia Optima for 2yrs. It had 1 owner and when i purchased it the car had 44,444 miles on it. A few months ago i had gotten my 60k tune up but before that I have been having some trouble with my lights, air, and radio going out whenever I press the brakes or the turn signal (which recently started to act up). My speakers in my car were working fine also but the ones on the driver side had went completely out as a result of me not getting it checked out soon

Sounds mostly like that your vehicle is loosing a good ground connection in order to check this check the negative cable and make sure that it is not badly coroded or frayed run yur hand on the negative cable and make sure that it is grounded on most ... 2002 Kia Optima

Volvo xc90 key will turn from 0-1 but wont turn from 1 on to start the vehicle, all lights and radio goes on but the key wont start the car???? all of SUDDEN

Ok, this just happened in our 2000 V70. The key would turn to position 1, the srs light pops on, but the key refuses to turn to start the car and the ... 2004 Volvo XC90

Abs light well i have a 98 honda accord v6. the abs light started to come on and when it did my cars idle would go down below 1,000 rpms and then it would die i would start it up again and it would run fine. a coule of weeks later when i was going down the road the abs light would come on and my rpm would go down and my speed amotor would go down to 0 speed and when it would do this my radio would make this noise light stadic going through it. so id pull off the road and my car would die.

1. Your fuel pump is going bad.2. Your brake pads has gone flat too.3. Have a look at your plugs and fuses.See an expert if you are confused.Please rate afterall has been looked at. ... 1998 Honda Accord

I have a peugeot 406 coupe 1, The radio beeps and goes off and on 2, the battery light is always on even though its been changed 3, the car beeps and the heaters go off and occasionally come on 4, the handbrake light is always on The dashboard beeps before altering whether its on or off, could this be the electrics regards claire

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I have a radio code 0421.. How do I get a 0 on the preset buttons (1-5)

Bottom 1 work for 1/2, then bottom 5 work for 9/0Test it and tell us news. ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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I brought a rover mgzr and want to put radio in it but the wires in the loom have had the connectors cut off so i just got the speaker wires and the four wires to power the radio, I know which speaker wires go to which speaker. The problem i have is, i dont know what the other wires are, ie, which is constant live. The wires are 1 purple, 1 black, 1 green/white and the other 1 is red/black. any info would be welcome. thanks

My assumption would be black = earth, red/black = power, purple power antena? green white? start by getting a test lamp put the earth ********, turn ignition on & check all wires for power also test in acc position & off position in case 1 is ... Cars & Trucks
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