Having problems with your 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette ?

2001 osmobile sillouette mini van

\015 My passanger side door the rollers wore out an i have trouble opening the door can i fix this my self ok john .\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

In order to replace the upper rollers, you will need to tap out the pin that holds the rollers to the track. When you do this, the door will want to fall out / off. Need 2 people. One to hold top of door so it wont fall out, the other to hold bottom of door and install the new rollers. Not somthing you would want to do in your garage unless you are a mechanic.Some goes for the lower rollers - Tech jk
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I have a 2000 Mercury Villager Mini Van Sport. When I am in park I can rev the engine with no problens, when I put it in gear & push on the gas it spits & sputters & can't hardly get any speed built up. Sometimes it doesn't have any problem & then starts acting up again. Again its a 2000 Mercury villager mini van sport.

Have the fuel pressure checked if it is ok then you most likely have a bad cam or crank sensor.. is the check engine light on? that will help to pinpoint the issue. if no check engine light then most likely its a fuel pump. ... Cars & Trucks

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I think maybe my TPS is gone in my 1998 venture mini van. My check engine light is on and my van stalls out on acceleration once having already come to a stop and taking off again. I have replaced both crankshaft sensors, the fuel pressure regulator, the Mass airflow sensor. When I first start the van and I rev the van the rpm's never goes past 2. It's like when I try to rev it up it chokes. Please help....

You should really have the van scaned before you put any more parts on it. Autozone will scan it for free. You could spend alot of money just putting parts on it. If you can come up with a code/DTC for your problem then let me know and I will be bett ... 1998 Chevrolet Venture Cargo

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Where exactly is the fuel filter on your van i have the same van and cant find mine please email me the answer [email protected] ... GMC G2500

I have a 2007 town and country touring mini van. The MIL was illuminated, the mechanic said it needed the charcoal canister replaced but he said it wasn't necessary and the van would run fine. I told him to replace it. I just got the van back and I did a ignition on, engine off test and the light does not illuminate but all of my other lights do.... it's late so I ran the van up to autozone to run a check, the emissions code is still coming up. Is it possible the mechanic took the bulb out so th

Very much so....the engine light is supposed to illuminate and after the vehicle is started will turn off after about 3-7 seconds ... 2007 Chrysler Town & Country LX New Cars

2001 chevy express 15 passenger van. No oil pressure. I pulled into my drive way and put my van in park and looked at my gauges when I noticed my oil pressure was reading 0 on my pressure gauge. The van is not leaking any oil. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Likely oil pressure sending unit went out ... 2001 Chevrolet Express

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Hi.The main control module is called the ECU, PCM or ECM. The ECM is replaced only after testing the module and finding it faulty. The PCM does not fail very often.Replacing the ECM is no straightforward operation. After repla ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

My 1997 Plymouth Voyager mini van 2.4 liter van is leaking the water on the outside of the van in the front passenger side. Can't find the leak. It leaks when I'm parked and when I'm driving.

Well it can only come from the radiator hoses or the water pump...to check if your water pump is still good just take a flashlight and spot on top of the pump. there should be a little hole on top behind the pulley. if it is damp you have ... 1997 Plymouth Voyager

Van stalls driving down the road mazda mpv mini van

... Mazda MPV

Engne light on 1999 dodge carvan mini van Van runnnig sluggish

Check the large hose leaving the brake power booster (under the hood, directly in front of where the driver sits, large round diaphragm). That hose will run into the top of your engine, it may be off, or the hose may be cracked. ... 1999 Dodge Caravan

How to re-wire a rear wiper motor from 2004 gm mini van to the one made in 2007

... 2006 Pontiac Montana SV6

'95 silhouette mini van

Its was my neighbor wanting the info and she decided to send it to the scrape yard for $200.\015\012Thank you for replying ... 1995 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Radiator fan! I have a 1997 town & country mini van. The two fans do not come on, however the fuse is good, and my van overheats. What can the problem be? mon of 3

Run 12 volts direct to fan motors one at a time if they do not come on then the fans are bad if they do come on then the issue is from the fan harness back through the system ... 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

HI I think im having a computer problem with my Chrystler town and country mini van. Im BROKE as Im a displaced housewife! Im curious if I can order the computer for my van and instaul it myself using the manuel? Do I need any thing high tech in ord to put it and get it working?

Go to car-parts.com order a used one with the same features that your van has ecaxt or else you will have check engine lights. also its located under the hood drivers fender. ... Chrysler Town & Country

A key, without a chip, was cut to open the door of my 2002 Honda Odyssey. Unfortunately, someone tried to start the van with the same key. It is now stuck in the ignition and I can not pull it out. The ignition will not turn to 0 it will only turn to I. The van will start if the old key is held to the key in the ignition but the light for the gear shifter will not go off, the P stays lit. Do you know if the key can be removed and if so, how?

... 2002 Honda Odyssey

Can the security alarm of a car shut down the battery or alternator? Can the security system drain the battery constantly? Just had the battery and alternator replaced. This is a 1999 Ford Windstar Mini van. We took it to a garage and had the original alternator charged,supposedly. The manager of the garage told My wife and I not to turn the engine off,after picking us up at our home.She went inside to pay for the van which the manager of the garage picked us up in,at His instance that we not

... 1999 Ford Windstar

Need a owners manual for a 1995 Plymouth mini-van. Recently bought this van which did not have a manual. Would surely appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks alot, Fred.

Http://www.pdfoo.com/result-1995-plymouth-grand-voyager-owners-manual.htmlhope this helps! but please before posting on forum google the problem. ... 1995 Plymouth Voyager

I ran a Diagnostic on my 1998 chevy venture mini van and here are the codes that came up, P0102, P0134. What does this mean? I have already replaced the following, fuel pressure regulator, both crankshaft sensors, air filter, Mass Airflow sensor and yet my van still stahls while driving. Can someone please help I am a single mother of three and this is costing me a fortune.

The 2 codes areP0134 02 Sensor Circuit no activity Detected (bank 1 sensor 1)first check your fuses check the wiring to the sensor(the sensor is on the exhaust in front of the engine-open the hood and look down) if the fuses and the ... 1998 Chevrolet Venture Cargo

2004 chevy venture mini van front suspension ''grinds'' went turning left and right. Also, when accelerating from a stop front end makes a ''pulling or popping'' noise, like the front wheels want to pull off the van. any ideas?

I think you need to take a look at your front axle. I htink a worn ruber seal may have let debris get into the axle or even the bearings. ... 2004 Chevrolet Venture Passanger

I am considering buying a 2004 mini copper s with 70k on it. I know nothing about these little cars, but like the way it looks. I do not want to buy it just for that reason though. I need a car that is going to be reliable and dependable and for many years to come. My bigest concern is the engine. Wondering if you would know the life expectancy of the engen in a mini copper? Thanks much:0)

Www.cars.com look under research it will give you reviews about the car. as far as the engine most newer cars will go 200k miles as long as you take care of them ie regular oil changes ... 2004 Mini Cooper

Had transmission replaced in 2001 Mercury mini van. How does one reset the sensor so the van recognizes the new transmission?

There is nothing to recognize. The engine is waht has to be reset for.\015\012You can disconnect the battery for 2 hours to clear the Keep Alive Memory.\015\012\015\012go here for Villager help\015\012\015\012 ... 2001 Mercury Villager

I have a 1997 Mercury villager mini van. When I shift into reverse there is a loud clunk from trani area. When in drive van won't move.

No keep in mind i cannot test drive your vehicle but here are some possibilitys and i dont know if this just happend all of a sudden either. well it is commen for the Axel shafts to break on front wheel drives over a few years and yes this will c ... 1997 Mercury Villager
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