Having problems with your 2001 Oldsmobile Alero ?

Does anyone know what the fuel line size is for a 2001 olds Alero 2.4l engine?

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Answers :

The line size is 3/8".
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Does anyone know what the fuel line size is for a 2001 olds Alero 2.4l engine?

The line size is 3/8". ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

I ahve a 2001 olds alero, doing a fuel line repair. the size i was told was 3/8 but it appears that there is one bigger than, the middle one, the two other. there are 5 lines the two smallers are the brake fluid and the 3 bigger ones are the fuel lines. ar ethey all the same size or am I just imagineing that

The brake tubing is 3/16" 98% of the time\015\012\015\012The fuel return or evap vent tubing etc is usually 5/16"\015\012\015\012The main fuel tubing is as you said 3/8" most of the time\015\012\015\012I am just ... Oldsmobile Alero


It will tell you on your insurance certificate or on your log book. ... Oldsmobile Alero

After having the fuel filter changed, the service engine soon light came one. P0171 is the code. Any ideas? I found one vacuum leak, the rubber boot that goes attaches to the same point where the power brake booster vacuum line is (that's been fixed). That line runs along the firewall and down near the battery. After that I can no longer see where it goes. Does anyone know where and to what that line attaches to? It seems the rubber boots are problematic on these plastic lines fail. I

Try cleaning the MAF sensor the cleaner can be purchased at autozone or another store like it on about eight dollars and take just a few minutes hope this helps ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 88 chey k3500 5.7 litre. 4x4, the engine came out of an older blazer and was converted to a fuel injection. it runs really rough , i have put new plugs, wires, rotor , dis-cap. i did the timing set it to 0. adjusted the valves. put a new fuel filter , pump , and sending unite, i drained the old fuel and put new stuff in there, and cut out the cat converter, still runs rough, any other sugestions would be greatly appreciated. i did notice that there was a kink in one of the fuel lines ,

Check the timing chain. Aim your timing light at the mark when it's running. If the mark is jumping all over, the chain has jumped a cog, and will need to be replaced. Check the cam. Run it witht he valve covers off, and see if all the lifters are mo ... 1988 Chevrolet K3500

The 2004 olds alero was running with low fuel light on , it died at a red light so thought it was out of fuel . Filled the tank and know all it will do is turn over . Fuel is not getting up to the engine. What should I try ???

... 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

95 Buick Riviera will start then die after seconds. changed fuel pump,evetytime I do it runs good for a lil but then it dies again and won't start, fuel filter, maf sensor. But on the new maf looks the same but the back reads c09, my old maf sensor reads c10.I don't know if that would be an issue but anyway I jumped the fuel pump at the relay kept it running while I started it still nothing.I have spark untill the engine stalls on all cylinders.pulled vacume line off pressure regulator no sign o

... Buick Riviera

Fuel pump 03 alero I've repalced the old pump with the new pump everything went back the same way I took it out, but know I have a fuel leak, coming from the fuel filter line attached @ the moduel

Missed or cut a seal on the lines. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 1994 Corvette with a 350 standard engine in it. There is a fuel leak on top of the engine at a device where one of the fuel lines come up from under the car. This device also looks like it has a vacuum hose on it. After this device the fuel line travels along the top of the engine and into the distribution line. What is the name of this device that looks like an old vacuum advance from earlier cars?

That is you fuel pressure regulator that is what is leaking must be replaced. good luck. ... 1994 Chevrolet Corvette

1985 mercedes benz 190D, are there anyone out there that can send me a diagram overview of the vacuum lines on the engine. i have 4 to 5 vacuum iines thats not hook up, causing my engine not to turn off. this is my 3rd request for help. If i can get a picture of the vacuum lines on the engine. I do not know a lot about cars, but i do know how to follow instructions. or if someone can take me to a wegsite where i can see a picture of the engine, with the vacuum lines attach. my email is [email protected]

Hello,i already sent you the diagram in fixya...it seems you have a problem in viewing it... so i uploaded it in rapidshare and here is the link to download it.... ... 1985 Mercedes-Benz 190

Poor milage 2003 old alero, 3400 engine, with new air filter. need to know size of tank and expected mpg as I just purchased this car

Roughly between 270- 330miles out of a tank of gas think its like 17.5 gal ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

Does anyone know what size in diameter the brake line is? If not how would I find out with out jacking the car up again? ( uncle took jack for the week. ) the car is a 1999 Oldsmobile intrigue. Gl series with a 3.5 engine

... Cars & Trucks

My 1999 Olds Alero's Check engine light stays on. I had it in the shop and was diagnosed EVAP. Many of the fuel lines were replaced, yet light does not go out. Also replaced the gas cap and light is still on.


Well i think it could be my fuel pump the car starts only sometimes i had the fuel pump replaced twice an i keep having the same problem i was just a little curious about the size of my engine i dont know if it is a 3.4 or 2.2 my fuel pump was for a 2.2 could i have got the wrong size fuel pump for my type of engine please help thanks

Raise the hood on your car, and look at the manufacturers engine decal, this will tell you what size of engine that you have, then you can compare the information about the fuel pump that you had put in, this way , it will tell you if the pump is rig ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 98 honda passport the fuel line that runs along the backside of the engine and connects to the fuel rail has bust it is a soft line i disconnected the side to the fuel rail but it is immpossible to see where it runs as of now i need to disconnect the other side so i can replace it but it is an incredibly small work space if you can even call it that ....so is there anyone familier with this engine that can suggest what steps need to be taken to be able to get to this thing before i pull

... 1998 Honda Passport

Going down the hiway way and my 1994 olds delta 88 royale just died. Car cranks but does not start. I check the fuel pump fuse and relay both seem to be fine. I have power to the fuse and power to the relay. I took the fuel line apart at the fuel filter and turn on the key and no fuel comes out of the line I cranked the engine and still no fuel. So I took the gas tank off the car and took the fuel pump out I hooked the fuel pump up to a battery directly and it works really well one direction and

... 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

Fuel lines hi i need to know how the fuel line is set up on my subaru, need 2 know what pipe goes where from the power boost valve and also to the engine plz, thanx

Check if this helps:\015\012http://carpdf.net/1995-subaru-legacy-service-manual.htm ... 1995 Subaru Legacy

I have a 1997 Honda CRV with a 2.0 engine. At idle the engine runs 2 to 5 min. and dies. It will restart and repeat the cycle.The only place to tap into the fuel line is the return line and pressure there is 0 while running.A new fuel filter was instaled with no change.There are no DTC codes.

That line dumps directly in the tank so the pressure is supposed to be near 0. Before doing anything else you must find out if the fuel pressure and debit are ok after the engine died - take out the fuel line an put it in a 2 liter bottle, it should ... Honda CR-V

I have bmw 740i year 1994, few days ago, whenever I start the engine, the fuel drop like a light rain from the deck underneath the dirver seat, but when I switch off the engine, about 5 minutes the drop stop. I wanna know what is it actually, is it something on the fuel filter, fuel line, or something close to the engine, since it is very dangerous and it will set fire easily, I need an emergency action, and estimation of the cost

Exactly, you ahve a gas leak , check for the gas line in rear part of the engine. ... BMW 7 Series

1999 Lexus. es 300 suddenly want start it seems the engine is not getting Amy fuel. I looked at fuel line going into fuel Injection located to right drivers side right beside overhead cam that line is dry attempted staffs show no evidence of fuel I can not get a start to hear fuel pump can't find reset switch or relay switch can anyone help me please angie

... 1999 Lexus ES 300

I have a 1991 Honda Civic station wagon with a 1.5 liter engine. I will be driving down the road, the check engine light comes on and the engine will cut off. When I pull off to the side of the road it will not crank. The car will have to set for about an hour and then the engine will start. I had the fuel pump sensor replaced about a month ago and I thought that had fixed the problem, but it did not. I know that it has to do with the throttle body because I took the fuel line a loose and ga

You need to get a fuel pressure test done if at all possible when this occurs. My guess is that fuel pump is dying out when it gets hot. Not uncommon for them to heat up and start delivering low fuel pressure, especially if you notice it happen more ... 1991 Honda Civic

Have a 1999 Ford F150 4.9L engine that won't start when temp is 0 or below. Engine turns over but won't fire. Dealer replaced the battery two weeks ago even it was only three years old and stilled turned the engine over. They said it was not operating the fuel injector and raw fuel had fouled the plugs and entered the crankcase.They also cleaned the plugs and changed the oil and filter. But same problem yesterday. Is there a coil or some other device on the engine that could be preventing the p

You need to have the engine coolant switch \015\012checked,since the computer relies solely on sensors,the ect tells the computer how cold or hot it is so the \015\012compu ... 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

We have a Dodge Ram 50 1987 pickup and need to change the fuel pump. The engine states that it is a Mitsubishi 2.6 engine. When we have ordered the fuel pump for the truck, we received something different than what is on it. We need to know how to take the old fuel pump off in order to order the correct fuel pump for it.

Sometimes the new fuel pump will look different than the new on but It'll work. If your not been involved in car repair in the past them your not working on a car to learn on. Your smart and can follow directions and have someone to help you (think ... 1987 Dodge Ram 50

Got up this morning and started my 2004 olds bravada to see the ''reduced engine power'' light on and the ''service engine soon'' light on! Had just got a full tank of gas from Safeway, so thinking it was the fuel, slowly made my way to Auto Zone for some fuel additive. Runs a little better, but almost backfiring, and will not rev over 2000 RPMs!! How do I know if the fuel filter or fuel pump need to be replaced?

Is the check engine light on also? Your bravada is in limp mode (it is restricted to 2k rpm to protect the engine from damage, due to a problem), something is going on, so go back to auto zone and have them check for any codes (free service). They ... 2004 Oldsmobile Bravada

My 04 Kia Optima will start but then it runs rough. It acts like I might have trash or water in my fuel line. Does anyone know where the fuel line filter is located, also could this be a problem with fuel injector. I doesn't run like this all of the time. It will be rough for a week or so, and then it will run fine for a week or so and then the process is repeated. I have had it hooked up to the computer and it shows no problems. Any suggestions please?

... 2004 Kia Optima
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