Having problems with your 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse ?

I have a 2001 eclipse spyder. Used grey valet key on accident when I was about to leave a store. Now the car keeps shutting off on me while I am using the black key. Help please!!

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Answers :

Your anti theft system is messed up....i"m no expert on this car, but i would disconnect the neg batt terminal for a few minutes,might help.... or take it to a good garage that knows security systems. good luck to you
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I have a 2001 eclipse spyder. Used grey valet key on accident when I was about to leave a store. Now the car keeps shutting off on me while I am using the black key. Help please!!

Your anti theft system is messed up....i"m no expert on this car, but i would disconnect the neg batt terminal for a few minutes,might help.... or take it to a good garage that knows security systems. good luck to you ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

HI My 2008 ford mondeo titanium x will not start unable to lock the car using key fob only using key. plus lights on dash keep glowing on and off any ideas?? please help

Sounds like battery problem,try jump start/battery box ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

I have a honda type r 2004 and i have taken the fuse out of the alarm as it keeps going off please help how do i fix this the battery is not flat and the car still starts but the immobilizer does not work so i have to use the key to enter the car

I have had the same problem and cured it by removing the cover from the interior alarm sensor on the roof and tightening the screws that hold the acctual sensors in place. if already tight or if this dose not work try boring out the two holes in the ... 2003 Honda Civic

I have a 1997 cadillac deville run n drives good. however my thermostat, radiator, water pump all checks out good and it dosent boil over, steam or shut off. however my coolant temp on the inside dash keeps registering very high. on day it got up to 248 just running in my driveway, so i turn the engine off. i really need some help with this car bought it used for $1900 n feel in love with it... Help please!!!


We have used 1999 Jeep GCL. Key will not turn, nor can be removed. Purchased a used steering column @ salvage yard. Vehicle is at a repair shop. He replaced the steering column, started car, it runs for a few seconds and shuts down. Icon on dash - a circle with a slash through it lights up. Thinking it is a security issue having something to do with the computer?? They are researching this??? If is computer, can it be reset, etc. Help please. I don't want to be taken to the cleaners. Lorrie Harr

You know the fuel pressure regulator could cause your vehicle to shut off after a few sec but then you should be able to start it a few secs later then it will do the same thing..computers can be reset unless they are burnt out.. ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Fuel problem 93 pontiac bonnieville 3.8 motor with tank full i can only use 6 to 8 gal, on car shuts off like out of fuel, let set 30 sec. and it will start run about 3 miles and shut down again and now i need to fuel tank, tank is full from start. fuel pressure is 42 psi at key on and about 37 psi running, please help

Fuel pump could be overheating and need replaced, if this happens exactly the same each time it seems that is the case, the gasoline in the tank cools the pump through the returned system, alot of people that drive around near empty all the time will ... 1993 Pontiac Bonneville

My problem is when I want to turn the car off the key will not come out. I turn the key to the off position and the car will shut off but the key will only go as far back, so that the battery is still on. The key will not go back any farther. So I just keep turning the key back and forth until it turns all the way back and than it comes out with no problem. I need help it is a real pain in the ****, and besides I look like a ****** sitting in the car trying to turn the car off, and my lights

With the key in the on position, listen for a click noise when you step on the brake. It may come from the steering column or the floor shifter. If it doesn't click, then the park lock switch is bad. This switch is located under the cover for your ge ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

Hi i have a lincoln town car if keeps blowing fuse 12 and shuts of i need to fix please any help the car will sit there and run but if i sit or shake the car it blows the fuse and shuts of HELP

Underhood fuse 12 is the LCM (Lighting Control Module) fuse.\015\012\015\012Many times the LCM chassis ground becomes corroded or loosens.\015\012\015\012being a 2005 model, however leads me to believe a component controlled b ... 2005 Lincoln Town Car

I have a Mitsubishi Libro 1998 right hand drive! I forgot the keys inside the car after 2 days I opended the car with my other key as all my electricals in the car was shut down! I tried using another car to start the car but the car seems to be dead only the petrol indicator works and nothing more! what should I do ?? maybe there is some problem with the fues? please advice

Have you checked the battery? Try a jump if that doesn't work try checking your ignition fuses. if the battery's good and the fuses are good un hook the battery for like an hour and then try again. Do you have an alarm? if so try and disconnect and t ... Hyundai Sonata

Hi I have Lost the BLACK TOUCH KEY and have been using the master RED TOUCH KEY for a few years now. Someone said it wasn't good to do this as that every time you use the red key it is going into programming mode (Car starts ok though). But latley te red key was crushed by the boot lid and is on its last legs. Have bought a SELCA IM 3.22 Full kit off ebay (cheaper than buying the 2 keys), Bargain, but NO INSTRUCTIONS ... can you help?? Andy Marshall

Call manufacturer there the most knowledgable 210-366-4560 ... Ford Escort

I have a 1998 pontiac grand prix gtp with the 3800 in it it has a stuck alarm it was shut off 4 years ago becouse its door locks where drilled by a thief and becouse of that the alarm wouldent work right so i had it shut off they shut it off but made it to where the remote locks would still work becouse i cant get in my car without the remote unlock thing how can i shut off the alarm and still be able to use the remote to unlock the car can you help please thank you my email is names donald

It all depends on what type of alarm you have installed on your Gran Prix. Make of alarm and fcc id number of the key fob would be helpful in determining how to put your alarm in valet mode, and still allow remote door unlocking, with alarm off. ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

Citreon C3 I am unable to gain access to my citreon c3, after I have locked it using the key fob. I have put in a new battery into the key, tried using the spare key and tried to open the car manually with the key, but no joy at all. Can you PLEASE help???

Hi, does your key in the lock just turn, feels light etc ... 2007 Chevrolet Astro

Hyundai accent I am having trouble with my car picking up speed. My car idles at a traffic light and eventually the engines shuts off. So far, I've tried a tune-up but and some engine oil but this didn't work. Also, I've been using premium gas instead of regular gas (regular gas instructed by manufacturer). My car loses speed and eventually the engine shuts off. Can someone please help me?

... Hyundai Motor 1995 Accent

My battery was dead!!!!got a jump start from a friend and he hooked up the terminals wrong(black to red) then after a brief moment i noticed it and changed it back. but it was too late. now every time i turn the car to start its like the car resets and the gauges do a self test. and further more when the key is off nothing electoral works but again when i turn the key to on the car acts like it resets and all electoral stuff works. please help thanks mike

Hi, You have a blown relay or fuse link and they look like this;\015\012\015\012Relay located undr the hood in the fuse box, black box ... Mazda MAZDA6

The wipers have stopped working but the windshield wiper fluid still works. After they stopped working and I had shut the car off for about 5 hours then ran to the auto store for fuses I started the car and the wipers went half way up and stopped again. After arriving at my destination I got out of the car and shut the door (motor was turned off and keys in my pocket) the wipers went back to their normal position. Please help me, no idea why they won't work. 2001 Ford Windstar

Sounds like the wiper motor is bad. Check to see if you are getting power to the motor and if you are that should be the problem. When you turn power off to the motor it is set to go to the normal position so more then likely it just loosened up a li ... Ford Windstar

Help.... i have just bought a honda accord 2000 with central fob locking. i locked the car with the remote key fob and now the drivers door is stuck, locked shut. all other doors respond from the key fob but this one is just dead. cannot open by pulling the thing up on the inside of the door either and there doesnt seem to be a key hole in the outside of the door. just a metal circle. please help as i am disabed and finding it almose impossible to climb over from the passenger side and hubby ha

Hiit could be a number of things stopping it from opening. I cant offer a definate solution but I have some things for you to try.Firstly get some one to push the car door inwards that is closed position while you press the remote f ... 2000 Honda Accord

My 1990 Subaru Legacy L wagon keeps shutting off. The car starts up great, will drive for about 100 yards and then shut off. The car would previously jump up and down in the RPMs before shutting off, now there is no jump just dies. The check engine light is not on please help any advice would be appreciated.

Maybe you should have a look at your air flow sessor ... 1990 Subaru Legacy

Hi, My cars central locking (C220 model) has stopped working all of a sudden. The doors will not lock/unlcok using the key & i am using the key (metal) bit to open and close the doors manually. When i press the lock/unlock button on the key, red light flashes, so battery is fine i think. Can someone please help/advise what might have happened and whats needed to be done to resolve the situation. Really appreciate your help. Thank you. SS

Replace Fuse 27 in main fuse box located under the hood black box in far right corner. Then try reseting your battery. Make sure to follow these steps as follow. Unhook the - then + of the battery. Clean both the negative and postive of the batt ... Mercedes-Benz C-Class

We just got our car back from the shoppe. The ignition key was always sticking so the cylinder was replaced. Now when I have the drivers side door open with nothing on and no key in the ignition, it keeps beeping like my keys are in the ignition. I was told my the Saturn Mechanic that this was normal. I never remember hearing this beeping before my car was fixed!! Please help...is this normal!!

Are your lights or fog light switch on ??, ... Saturn Vue

Jetta 2006 tdi highline i bought 6 months ago i thought is a good car but now i can see black smoke and lost power i send to garage and the mecanic work somthing on timing he say here is 2.5 and i will make 0.5 so he did that i dont understand nothing on mecanic job,so on the way to come home the car has more power but i feel it the turbo make more noicy when i push the gaz pedal and i think is more black smoke and the car use to make 750 km per tank now 650 per tank can some one help me please

Black smoke from the tail pipe means the engine is not getting any air like a dirty air filter. I think your mechanic is telling you is that you need a new turbo. The turbo boost incoming air pressure to the engine and if it is bad then it will not l ... 2006 Volkswagen Jetta

I replaced my ignition cylinder and key because my car would turn off but after i replaced that it does the same thing so i looked at the ignition switch and it is also good. so the only way i can start n stop my car is by using the switch alone (no keys needed), can someone please help me with this problem before someone steals my car or the police thinks its stolen AGAIN?

... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

2000 Buick Regal. My key gets stuck in accessory and i can't remove the key unless I use the release button under the steering column, the car keeps running the battery down and won't start. Even if I drive the car a few miles and then park, shut it off, it won't start again, i have to get it jumped.

Check the gear shift is ALL the way in park. you may have something blocking it. ... 1999 Buick Regal

Why does my car just shut off..the passport censor has been replaced as well as the fuel pump and any loose wires have been repaired as well,no real reason why this keeps happenening..Was told put key in ignition turn on,but not all the way on,so it can read the key and it will start back up,but no one knows why it keeps doing this..Was driving down a very busy interstae when it happened ,lucky for me the truck behind was a long ways back..Very desperate and finding a solution,plse help me..bren

... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 96 Nissan Maxima. The locks on the doors keep locking and unlocking. The only way to get in the car is to put the key in the door and with the key still turned open the door. If the car is running with any of the doors open the locks are locking and unlocking until the door is shut. How do I fix something like that? I unplugged the battery for a minute to see if that would help, but it didnt.

... 1996 Nissan Maxima

92 bonneville last night i was driving my car and i noticed the radio and interior lights starting to flicker, then the car bogged out.Also the breaks locked up nd got stiff. i got a jump from somebody and it turned over .it went on for about a minute , then it shut off again. so i had to get it towed home, i keep trying to get it to turn on but all the interior lights just keep flickering and it wont turn over but it makes a cranky noise. please could somebody help me . i am a 22 yr. old female

Try to charge the battery it sounds like the battery went dead and you probably have a charging problem ... 1992 Pontiac Bonneville
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