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2001 mercury sable theft light on car wont start

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2001 mercury sable theft light on car wont start

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2003 mercury sable ,anti theft is blinking and car wont start,i bought the car from someone they dont have the code

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My 99 mercury sable has a broken ignition and the anti theft light keeps coming on but my car will not start can i by pass my anti theft

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My 99 mercury sable has a broken ignition and the anti theft light keeps coming on but my car will not start

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Theft light blinks really fast on 2003 mercury sable, wont crank over, theft system has the car shut down

Try the spare key and if that doesnt work then call breakdown truck and have it taken to a dealer ,.encrypted diagnostic equipment needed so its a dealer only type job , ... Ford Taurus

I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire. Just put in a new battery, worked great. All of a sudden car wont start. before it stopped working the car would take a few cranks to start or might not start at all for a period of time. for this reason i think it is the starter myself. the theft system light stays lit. my dad who also drives the car thinks the light wasnt always lit. for that reason he thinks its the theft system acting up. ive read other posts saying to put the key in the on position for

Is it always cranking(the motor turning over) or when you turn the key to the start positon it does absolutly nothing? ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Car wont start. turns over but wont stay running . attempted to install a remote starter on my 03 malibu. the first module broke so i had to order a replacement, during which time i simply left the wires hooked up to the ignition harness. the car started just fine for approx. 2 weeks while i waited for the replacement starter. today i reinstalle the new starter module and it would not start the car. so i disconnected it but the car wont even start off the key. also the theft system light stays o

Your cars antitheft system is trying to prevent the car from being stolen so it is shutting it offf after it starts. go back over step by step you installation instructions make sure the ring around the ignition that comes with the remote starter is ... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 1999 Mercury Sable and had to replace the battery a month ago. Today, after driving for 20 min on the highway I stopped at the store and shut car off. It would not start back up, it was completely dead. After letting the car sit for a couple hrs, it started right up, but then my battery light came on, and my dash lights and head lights got really dim and windows would not work, while the car was started. Then it would only go 5 mph. So I shut the car off and now it won't start agian

Has to be tested for the solution ... 1999 Mercury Sable

1995 Mercury Sable V6 3.0L, While driving on highway, Rpms dropped to 0, all the check engine and oil lights came on and car rolled to a stop. Now car will not turn on.

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Driving down the road my anti theft light came on causing my car to shut down, now my car wont start and that anti theft light will not go off

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My 1997 mercury mountaineer wont start it wont even turn over, the radio turns on I can get in the truck with keyless remote, and theft light is flashing I don't know what went wrong I was driving it parked it for like 15min and then went to turn it on then the theft light came on and wouldn't start.

Contact a dealer ... 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

2000 Mercury Sable theft lights starts blinking while driving and the car cuts off

This is because of the security system going off of course. Chucky, you might want to disable the system. If not, you need to learn the code that resets the system. It may be in your owner manual but if not, you will need to contact the dealership. M ... 2004 Ford Taurus

2003 mercury sable wont start and theft light is on

With the theft light on it means the alarm or immobilizer is armed. you need to disarm it, try a spare remote, the one you have ma not be working..if that fails contact your local dealer for the location of the immobilizer box, or if its cust ... Cars & Trucks

Fuel pump wont work 1990 mercury sable station wagon car turns over but wont start it stalled and wouldnt start again but a few hours later it started briefly and i made it about 500 yards and it died and wont start back up when it started back up it was sputtering and i had to keep my foot on the gas to keep it running so i could drive it, after it stalled i couldnt start it until the next day and it was running great for about 30 seconds and it completely stalled and hasnt started since, i rep

Fuel pump bad or fuel pump relay bad. Likely fuel pump.\015\012\015\012Spray some starting fluid in air intake and see if it starts. If yes, replace fuel pump in fuel tank. drop tank for access. About a $250 repair at shop. call around. ... 1990 Mercury Sable

98 ford windstar head lights stuck on, car wont do anything, wont start, before this happened anti theft light always flashed, and dinging when driving, but never any other other problems , till lighter fuse blew, then just decided not to start , disconnected battery, cause headlights wont shut off

Not knowing what the prior owner did, you do have a problem, you might try to remove that fuse, disconnect the battery and re-try it, if still NO-START and the THEFT light is flashing it because it lost memory for the key code and will have ... Cars & Trucks

Went to get gas, shut car off and removed keys. filled gas, inserted keys and security light is now blinking and car will not turn over, has full power to all accessories, but wont turn. If I bypass the ignition the starter turns over but car still doesn't start - the fuel pump still has no power. How do I reset the Anti-theft key device? I've cleaned, dried and tried both keys, waited 3 hours now and still wont start! Have cleaned all battery/coil/distributer/starter connections and te

Did you clean in the ing. lock cyl. Maybe pocket lint or something blocking. ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

I have a 1999 Mercury Sable and accidentally installed the battery backwards. Replaced blow fuses and the car ran fine. After sitting idle for 3 days, returned to find the new battery dead. A jump start got the car going, but after driving 40 miles, then turning the car off and then immediatly trying to start it, the car would not start and the battery was very dead. I think the alternator/ generator must be working because during the 40 mile drive, the lights worked fine. Other than need

Check and make sure your termimals to the battery are clean and tight. You can find out if the alternator is charging by simply starting the car and while it is running take the negitive cable off the battery. If the car quits its not charging (have ... 2009 Ford Taurus

Fuel pump wont work 1990 mercury sable station wagon car turns over but wont start it stalled and wouldnt start again but a few hours later it started briefly and i made it about 500 yards and it died and wont start back up

Hi check fuel pressure if it dies out after warming up then you have a faulty fuel pump good luck ... 1990 Mercury Sable

I have a mercury sable 2001 and it was running fine.. The out of no where I went to start the car and it would not start and not even crank. When I open the car the interior lights turn on and the dinging sound when the key is in the ignition turns on when the door is open .. The power windows and radio and dashboard light do not turn on I bought a new battery hoping that would fix it but it did not .. I've heard it could be the iginition switch or starter any ideas?

Very likely its the starter solenoid ... 2001 Mercury Sable

I have a mercury sable 2001. Lost the only key I had. I paid 200 dollars for a locksmith to come out and fix it since it needed a chip. After the key was made we noticed the battery was dead. I brought the battery to the store and they charged it. Now car lights go on fine but when I turn the key to start the car it acts like it wants to start but won't. The battery light and exclamation point stays on with the key forward as well. Is it the key?

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I have a 1999 Chevy Malibu. The theft system light would come on and the car wouldn't start till about 10 minutes later, it did this a couple of times and now the light wont go off and it wont start at all. This all happened soon after I got it out of the shop.

Try disconnecting the battery for 5-10 minutes, reconnect an cycle the key on and off 3 times (not attemping to start) this resets the computer an should solve your problem ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

1999 Mercury Cougar, Anti-theft light is flashing, car will not turn over, after I try to start it the anti-theft light stays on until I pull the key then it starts flashing. I've looked online for a new transceiver and can't find anything ?

Put key in trun to on do not start or try to start just trun on. wait 10 to 20 min.s with key on this should reset the theft system.after you wait turn key off then try to start. ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

My car wont start because the theft system was tripped, i have purchased a passlock bypass but i need to start my car in order for it to work, and i can jump the starter but there is still no fuel being sent to the engine, i have tried the relearn procedure but i cant get the light to blink but i know that the theft is the problem, what do i do/

... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

My car won't start. The anti- theft light is on. All the lights come on but it wont turn on. I ran out turned it off and went back in my car 20 minutes later and it would not start

This is caused by the anti-theft system not reading the key proper. as a locksmith I can tell you that there is a cure for this and it does not cost very much.\015\012what you will need to do is call a ' automotive ' locksmith and have them co ... Cadillac SRX

Car ran find , park it, start it and it will crank but will not run ,problem before was the anti theft the manual says wait 15 min. untill the anty theft light goes out and started but now its defferent i hook up the decoder and startted and now it wont run , i like to disconnect the anty theft but were too

The best way to disconnect the anti theft system is to install a Passlock bypass kit. Click on the link to view what you will need:\015\012\015\012 ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu
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