Having problems with your 2001 Mercury Sable ?

Engine shuts down after about 30 miler of driving and wont run properly until the engine is cold again.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Sounds like a bad fuel pump very common on that vehicle.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2001 Mercury Sable

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Engine shuts down after about 30 miler of driving and wont run properly until the engine is cold again.

Sounds like a bad fuel pump very common on that vehicle. ... 2001 Mercury Sable

Intermitant temperature 1986 SR-5, 22RE 4WD, 77K. On cold engine, temperature rise is normal and guage good. Blows hot air, temp fully adjustable. No problems with short drives, stop & start engine, temp & heater OK. On 20+ mile drives, temp steady UNTIL I shut down, even if only for a few min's. Although temp must be normal,guage at zero and heater air drops. As long as I leave the engine running, even long drives, temp remains normal, gauge OK. . ONLY when I shut it off will the thermostat app

Check to make sure your thermostat works right by monitoring the warming up of your engine. With a completely cold engine, start and run the engine for a few minutes, then put your hand on the top radiator hose to monitor if and when it gets warm as ... 1986 Toyota 4Runner

Does a noisy cad converter cause engine to run rough at idle only? I changed the plugs, removed the fuel inj. and cleaned them. I replaced the water pump so the timing could be off but I clamped the overhead cam gears so they would not move out of place when I did the water pump work. So now, it runs rough at a light but runs fine at driving speeds. It starts good cold but drive around and shut off a few minutes then start again, It then becomes very hard to start. The engine is not hot running

One of the reasons converters can get noisy is ceramic coming loose. If that happens, they tend to plug. But that is worst at high speed, not idle.Clamping the cam gear is not the way to keep cam timing.Because you may have allowe ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

My truck will cold start,and run fine. Shut it off and on the restart it will fire run and immedeitly stall. To keep it running and driveable, I have to "2 foot it". Keeping it runnning by giving it gas I can drive it. I will drive a little while and the problem ends. Every time I shut it off once the engine is warm it will do this.

Sounds like it may be the fuel pump relay, when it gets hot it doesn't want to work properly. However; I would also check for a vacuum leak around the intake manifold. I would also check the throttle body seal between the intake manifold and the thro ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

I have golf IV 1.4 16v. I have been in every golf services here and none could diagnose the problem. The car works and drives properly, but when the engine is hot the car work normal but doesn't run and doesn't pull gas in the engine, just work in place. So I must wait the engine to get cold than to pull gas into the engine and start drive. This problem is the same when I drive on gas or gasoline. Thanks in advance

I would start by hooking a fuel pressure guage to the system and leaving it hooked until the problem presents itself. See if the problem presents itself in a drop in fuel pressure indicating a bum fuel pump. If not, we need to look at the venting of ... Volkswagen Golf

1997 buick lesabre idles high (about 2900-3000) when started stone cold. Lately, you have to feather the throttle pedal to make it stay running. Let it run for five minutes, shut it off, restart, and it idles fine (850-1000), but when driving it will intermittantly stall when letting off the throttle. Then once you drive it somewhere for five miles or so, if you shut the engine off, it won't restart until it cools completely down. Have replaced CRPS, TPS, and IAC module with not much dif

... Buick LeSabre

I have a 1995 Cadillac Sedan Deville with 109k miles. I bought it new, and it's been without any major problems. Now there is a consistant engine shut down problem after driving or at idle for 7 minutes from a cold start. It will not restart, and acts like a bad fuel pump. But, after 15 to 20 minutes of trying to restart, it will start, and run fine city and high way, as if nothing was wrong. It's as if a temperature sensor or relay tells the engine to shut down, but then resets. These are the e

I have a similar issue with a 94 DeVille. Runs for a while then shuts down. Fuel pressure is good (I drove around with a pressure gauge attached and it still shut down with no drop in pressure). I've replaced the idle control and ignition module - no ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 1995 chev lumina 3.1 engine. The car always starts and runs fine when cold. After driving the car for a while and the engine is hot it will restart right away after turning off. BUT if the car sits for 15 minutes or more after shutting off it will not restart. Fuel filter ok fuel pump running ok.It will try to start but sputters out like all cylinders arent firing. Once it cools down enough it starts fine again????

It almost sounds to me like your EGR valve is full of carbon and not able to open properly so your engine is running rich. ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

1984 RX-7 13B, When engine is cold start fine. Runs great. Upon driving 5 minutes or so. if engine is shut off engine will not start. Starter, battery cable, wires, distributor all new. To start usually jumping with another vehicale will work or just let car set a half hour and it will start.. Help

Check mass air flow senser ... 1984 Mazda RX-7

Hey ive got a 1991 buick regal 3.8L just a couple questions. #1 when the car has been running for awhile Idle or driving and then been shut off when it is re started in the near future before the genine gets cold it will shake and shutter. i found a fix for this by putting it in nuteral and pushing the gas at a low rpm and it will stop. or driving for a few secconds will stop it. exasut back up? idk. # 2 my chk engine light is on for a camshaft sensor. replaced the sensor so its the magnet or th

Get the fuel pressure checked after you change the fuel filter. The magnet on the came gear will most likley need to be replaced. The timing cover will need to come off to do this. While you are in there replace the chain, cam thrust spring and ten ... 1991 Buick Regal

I start my Volkswagen Golf 1.9s tdi and it dose not work properly on 1 off the injecters, i drive it for 1/2 a mile turn the engine of re-start and it runs properly all day the problem is on cold start.

Funny geezer, if repairing the car is not an option, have it scrapped, DVLA will give you 50 quid or so.By the way replace spark plugs, and if you have a code reader at hand, scan the computer codes, and publish results here, this is all we can ... Volkswagen Golf

Battery, brakes and check engine light came on but the car will still run when driving with the problem lights on the car transmission would shut down but the engine still runs if you shut the car off it won't start back up and the engine turns over as if the battery is dead. After towing it home and in my driveway the car started and run fine and the only thing on the dashboard is the check engine light.

Year make and model ?On some cars the brake warning light and battery warning light are on the same circuit. A problem with either system will turn both lights on. The check engine light means there are trouble codes in the computer that need t ... Cars & Trucks

Engine shuts off while driving down the road. fuel pump was just changed. what's the next step? runs great as long as it is cold. when it warms up is when the problems start.

Distributors have been known to cause this ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1998 5.9 starts when cold but shuts down during driving when engine reachs 190 degree operating temp. Restarts and runs fine after.

Have the codes checked.The engine speed and crankshaft position are provided by the crankshaft position sensor.The engine will not run without the signal from the sensor.It is located on the top of the engine block behind the right cylinder head.This ... Dodge Ram 1500

2001 mazda tribule with DXV6 Engine, when its cold out or damp raining day it takes 5 minutes to run smooth, if you try and drive before the 5 min it will shut off on you. thanks for any help you may give me.

May be condensation under distributor cap.After running awhile it could dry out. ... 2001 Mazda Tribute

1991 Pontaic Trans Sport , 3.1 engine - Won't Start when hot. Description of problem: When first starting when cold,starts fine,runs fine but after driving for a few miles or hundred miles after heating up when van is shut off will not start,cranks over and over.After waiting about 15 to 30 minutes van starts up as there was nothing wrong. PLEASE HELP !

Replace crank sensor. Just above oil pan between engine and transmission. ... 1991 Pontiac Trans Sport

My truck is a 1970 chevy c20 with a 3o7 engine and a two barrel carb it turns on good and when cold runs decent but stumbles and wants to shut off after a short drive what could it B

... Chevrolet C2500

When driveing truck in cold weather you lose throttle going down the road but it will still idle and you must stop and put it in park shut engin off recrank and it will run until it does it again

Im assuming the reduced power message comes on where the odometer is, try cleaning the throttle body with some throttle body spray cleaner.the carbon build up in the t.b.i. will cause false throttle position sensor readings .if indeed the reduced po ... 2003 GMC Sierra 1500

Won't start 2002 sebring driving down road sputtered like running out of gas, then shut off. when trying to start just clicks once then nothing. interior lights work,power windows work,radio does not. Have not had any issues prior. was after a real cold spell not sure if that matters or not. a few people who have heard it say it is locked up, need a new engine. I would have expected more warning signs if that is the case.

Try Jump Starting, If That Doesn't Work Check For Leaking.If Not Leaking Engine Is Locked And Transmission Is Locked.If Leaking Engine Is Busted,and Transmission Is Broken. ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 2000 town and country. A/c runs cold for about 1 hour on a trip, then it blows warm. If you shut off engine for about ten minutes,it will run cold for another hour. Around town, on short trips it works great. I was told it was the compressor, but it sounds more like a switch problem, since it is fine after 10 minutes of shutting engine off.

I had the same thing happen with mine. This went on for about 1 1/2 years before the compressor completely froze up, breaking my serpentine belt (on the freeway no less). \015\012\015\012I would recommend having the compressor checked: ... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

My 2005 Silverado 4.3 starts and runs good. The check engine light stays on. It will continue to run good as long as I do not shut it off. When I shut it off for a few minutes and then restart it it hesitates severely and misfires. Also the check engine light flashes. After a few minutes of driving in this condition it suddenly runs right again until I shut it off. Replaced the mass airflow sensor, crankshaft position sensor, catalytic converter, checked fuel pressure. Codes read anything from r

If no evidence of anything wrong with the codes your being told to check. It might be your ECM is bad, I had a friend had similar problems and they put a new ECM in it and it ran great again. ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

I have a five cyl 2004 Chevy Colorado that will not stay running on a cold morning. (anything below freezing) The truck will start and then shut off within 10 seconds. The engine light comes on and after I wait 45 seconds the engine will start but shut off again after 10 or 15 seconds. If the temperature gets down near zero I may need to go through this process 20 times before the truck will stay running. When the truck does stay running the engine light will stay on for an hour or so and

Could have an air temp sensor going bad,it controls air fuel mixtures at different temp.I would start there. ... Cars & Trucks

The engine backfires, it hesitates while driving, engine stops running while driving just for a short fraction of a second, but starts up again while driving. It will stop completely for a short minute and will not start up for a while. One of the fuel injectors seems to be not functing properly, for spark plug number 2. Plug is fouled and dirty very quickly. Engine runs very rough.

... 1992 Lincoln Town Car

My 2000 Grand Prix GTP Supercharged was running fine but it shut off with a "check guages" warning. The gusges were fine and the car will start but it shuts off right away. The engine will stay running if it is kept at or near full throttle. As soon as the engine slows, it shuts off. There doesn't seem to be any engine miss and I was able to drive it home by making many restarts and hard accelerations. I did observe (on a long stretch of road) that the car would only go 90MPH.

Check fuel pump resister. its conector is by the batt. pump runs through it in run, not for 3 sec. when key is turned on. thats why it will start and then quit this happend to my 99 gtp ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

1993 mercury cougar 3.8. I believe I'm having problems with my transmission. When i drive when the engine and transmission are cold, i have no problems with the car whatsoever. But lets say i go into the store or shut the car off for a while, if i come back and drive the car and it is still warm, after a few minutes, the transmission will "bump" slightly and the check engine light will go on and off. but no matter how long i drive it when it is cold, drove it about 75 miles yesterday after cold

Either the torque convertor is going bad not giving enough fluid pressure to the front pump. Or it can be the front pump as well that is directly behind the torque convertor ... 1993 Mercury Cougar
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