Having problems with your 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis ?

Headlights are foggy inside how do i clean them

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Answers :

The fogginess is caused by oxidation on the outside. normal wear and tear.
\015\012This is what i did on my honda civic 1996- bought three sand paper 600-1500 and 2000. Bought plastic shine from autozone and some plastic gloves.
\015\0121) I cleaned it with diluted soap to get all the dirt out. Use soft cotton cloth to do this.
\015\0122) get some clean water and dip sand paper(600) and start sanding the headlight. sanding should be done in the same direction throughout. I used horizontal strokes. Don't let the sandpaper dry out.
\015\0123) clean it out with water so all the sand particles from the sanding is cleaned out.
\015\0124) start with the next grade sand paper and repeat the process till you are satisfied and the fogginess is gone.
\015\0125) clean it thoroughly with water and let it dry fully.
\015\0126) put in gloves and rub plastic shine all over the headlight and leave it to dry. Make sure it does touch the paint!! you can mask the sides to avoid that.
\015\0127) clean it with soft cotton or polishing cloth. It really works!!!
\015\012Also, stay away from direct sun while doing this. Having the hood up is helpful.
Try waxing them
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I have one too, I dont believe what he is saying. The lenses get hazy on that model bad. I used the lens cleaner polishing wheel kit that Summit sells. It made mine much better then a good dose of polishing compound, after. The plastic they used was ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Headlights are foggy inside how do i clean them How do you get the plastic cover off the head lamp to clean it. they have been foggy for about 6 years with moisture and dims the light. The solution given does not fit the problem. 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis

Hello , i no what your talking about , but they cant be cleaned they must be replaced sorry , and god bless ... 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis

Foggy inside headlight lens, how do clean inside the lens

They usually have a vent on them to air out the moisture, I don't know if you can get the bulb out and have enough room to get a rag on a stick in there to clean anything, but that might be the only way. ... 2002 Honda CR-V

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Replace them. ... 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis

Are the headlights supposed to be foggy looking? They aren't as bright as I would like them to be, and I have tried cleaning them but it seems the problem is on the inside. Is it supposed to be like this? Or does anybody know of anything that I could use to make them brighter?

As the get older they get corroded inside. they do make a cleaner you can get that does correct it ... 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

Headlights are foggy inside how do i clean them

The fogginess is caused by oxidation on the outside. normal wear and tear.\015\012\015\012This is what i did on my honda civic 1996- bought three sand paper 600-1500 and 2000. Bought plastic shine from autozone and some plastic gloves. ... 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis

How to remove headlight lens on a 1999 ford taurus. They have become foggy and I heard some where you can clean the inside.

The lens isn`t removable, you can buy a kit from the auto parts store to polish them from the outside without even taking them off, works very well.Good luck ... 1999 Ford Taurus

The inside of my headlights on my 2002 vw passat are dirty,it looks like dry water marks.do i have to take the headlights off the car to clean them,and dose the lense detach from the rest of the light,if not whats the best way to clean the lense inside ?

They are NOT detachable,if they are showing signs of flaking(streakes)you will have to replace them..... ... Volkswagen Passat

Cleaning Headlight The headlights on my 1997 Lexus ES300 have be come dirty from the inside and I was wondering if I couild open it up to clean it from the inside.

Remove headlight and use CLR cleaner from you local grocery store. ... 1997 Lexus ES 300

How would i clean the inside headlight console? The inside "Glass" where the headlights are dirty. Dirt somehow got into it & my lights are dim at night even thought the bulbs were replaced.

There is no way to clean them. are you sure they are not fogged over by the lens turning yellowish? if so these can be cleaned using a headlight restoration kit available at most parts stores ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Can the factory headlight lens covers on a 2001 Mercury Cougar be removed and cleaned ? I can remove the entire healight assembly and change the bulbs, but the inside of the healight cover is dirty and needs to be cleaned, I can't figure out how to take the clear plastic cover off the headlight assembly. Thanks for an input.

The lincoln LS had the same problems, and the lens was held to the headlight assembly with a sticky glue.\012To remove them, some guys were successful by warming the headlight assembly in the oven untill the glue softened up enough to be pulled ... 2002 Mercury Cougar


Cleaning this plastic is usually useless. You can replace it with used or new from aftermarket parts store. I believe this model has 2 clips you pull up on to remove the assembly. A haynes manual from the autozone will tell all usually. ... 1996 Mercury Sable

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The light housing in not made to be taken apart. you can get replacement lenses of the internet (e bay) pretty cheap. ... 1999 Ford Taurus

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Well some of the pundits claim that if you remove the headlight assembly from the car, you can actually unsnap and remove the front lens and clean it that way. I did a Malibu and I did not see anything which made me think that would do anything but b ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Change headlights and clean inside the lens

You cant really get inside of the lenses because they are glued together and usually break when you try to disassemble them. the lights should just turn slightly to the left and pull right out no special tools required. ... 1999 Dodge Stratus

1994 escort lx has one piece llens on headlights-need to clean inside of it does it come off

Vy difficult to remove the clear lens from the housing. They are sealed to the housing however, it can be done. I'd use a heat gun but be careful not to melt the lens or housing. ... Chevrolet Equinox

Cleaning foggy, oxidized headlight covers on my 2000 Subaru Outback with household items?nck AWD, 4 cylinder wagon...with?

... 2000 Subaru Outback

My 2007 Toyota RAV4's headlight covers are oxidized on the inside of the cover. How do I get to the inside of the cover to clean it?

... 2007 Toyota RAV4

1996 Chrysler Town and Country passenger side sliding door is jammed. The lock is jammed as well and won't move up or down. Because of this jamming the 'door ajar' dinging is constant as well as power locks going on and off constantly. How do I fix the door? Also, the inside of my headlights are foggy to a point where I am unable to drive at night. How do I change the headlights out and how much does it usually cost?

... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

How do I remove the headlight cover to clean the inside part of the headlight cover. It appears to be fogging making the lights seem dim.

If there fogged from the inside you'll need new headlamp assemblies. If there fogged on the outside they can be restored. I do headlamp restorations all the time. The trick is to know if the problem is on the inside or outside. Also if the "fogging" ... 2007 Toyota Corolla

The headlight covers on my 2002 camry SE are foggy. I tried using a cleaning kit, but didn't get very good results. How hard is it to replace the headlight assmbly? I'm a novice at this type of thing.

It is very easy to do this. Do not get intimidated. All you need is a simple socket set and a little bit of time. After putting your hood up, take a look at where your light assembly is on each side. You should see a bolt holding down the plastic at ... 2002 Toyota Camry

The inside of my right front headlight is all fogged up. How do I get inside to clean it ?

You dont, it is a sealed unit.the chrome goes misty with age.its a new one,im afraid.if its condensation then take out the bulb carrier and use a hairdryer... ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

Dirty headlights hi, could anyone let me know if their is a way of cleaning the inside of the headlight glass on a ford focus, they are dull and turning slightly yellow and wondered if they could be restored to their former state, does the lens detach from the light unit in anyway or something similiar, as much info as poss would be greatly appreciated on this subject, many thanks in advance to everyone on here what a great job you all do, dave.

Good Day;\015\012 There is a product that you can buy from any part store. You can remove the whole unit to do this. Now it depends were you live, will depend on the price. It is a time consuming project ... 2000 Ford Focus

How do you take the light cover off the headlight? It is all foggy and i need to clean. What should i clean it with?

You can pick up polishing compound from an auto parts store, removing the lenses is put of the question as they are sealed units, a little elbow grease and sealer then you're all set ... 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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