Having problems with your 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class ?

2001 C320 Benz: The key was reprogramed and started the car. the car was shut off then would not start; The key keep loosing the program. Any help would be appriciatged.

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2001 C320 Benz: The key was reprogramed and started the car. the car was shut off then would not start; The key keep loosing the program. Any help would be appriciatged.

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Ford focus 1.8 tddi engine overhaul book required or if anyone knows if the crankshaft timing chain gear shaft is seperate from crankshaft as the crank pulley bolt came slightly loose and i lost timing can see roll pin keeping gear onto shaft but when bolt is loose gear and shaft has play is it keyed or tapered fit like camshaft ! would appreciate any help

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Why does my car just shut off..the passport censor has been replaced as well as the fuel pump and any loose wires have been repaired as well,no real reason why this keeps happenening..Was told put key in ignition turn on,but not all the way on,so it can read the key and it will start back up,but no one knows why it keeps doing this..Was driving down a very busy interstae when it happened ,lucky for me the truck behind was a long ways back..Very desperate and finding a solution,plse help me..bren

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I bought a 2001 Vw Golf, mark 4 and the key has a button to push for the immobilizer but it does nothing when i press it? The immobilizer in the car does keep flashing so that certainly still works? The light which sends the signal (i think) keeps falling out of the key so it was sellotaped together. Would this be part of the problem? Help much needed, Thanks!

I have the same key but the button not for immobilizer>>>it is just lighting led ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 96 Nissan Maxima. The locks on the doors keep locking and unlocking. The only way to get in the car is to put the key in the door and with the key still turned open the door. If the car is running with any of the doors open the locks are locking and unlocking until the door is shut. How do I fix something like that? I unplugged the battery for a minute to see if that would help, but it didnt.

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My vw mk4 golf gti keeps cutting out, it can happen at traffic lights or when driving, the car looses all power it will start up soon after; I have replaced the fuel pump and filter and cleaned out the fuel lines but it still cutting out. I?m about to loose my mind any help would be appreciated.

Try the mass air sensor....... ... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

I need a wiring diagram for a 1983 Dodge power ram 150 4x4. Can anyone help? Motor would crank and run only when the starter is engaged as soon as the key is switched back to the run position from start it looses power and cuts off. Some butcher has been under the dash and hood cutting and splicing, so I figure the best thing is to trace the wires and from one end to the other and fix the butcher's damage. Can anyone help or tell me where I can get a free diagram to solve this problem ? Thank yo

Its your balist resistor you will find it on the firewall,its useally made of white porcelin and has a 2 wire feed ... 1983 Dodge Pickup

1993 Buick Roadmaster keeps on blowing fuel pump/ecm in-line 20 amp fuse. Car stalled out in a parking lot, would not start, no fuel. Changed fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pump relay. Found fuel pump/ecm in-line 20A fuse keeps on blowing when I turn key on. Looked all over for shorts, disconnected oil pressure/ fuel pump cutoff switch, changed fuel pump relay, fuel pump is disconnected at tank at present, still blows fuse. Please help as I cannot afford to take car to shop and presently working

You said the fuel pump is disconnected at present and the fuse still blows so I am thinking you have a dead ground in the fuel circuit maybe a wire is pinched after the fuse and before the pump. Check along the frame for this and make sure all of you ... Cars & Trucks

Got a 1997 Ford Ranger 3.0 V-6 with automatic. The transmission would not shift well,the nuts on cable holder under dash were loose,the tried to adjust cable,but it would not loosen up-when I put the trans in drive and held lever in drive I could not line them up. Just put in park underneath,but now the key turns easily,but will not come out or start truck? It is tough to move the auto trans lever from park to drive,the pointer seams to be off. Any help?Thanks

Take it to a tranny place they should not even charge you for a little fix up ... Ford Ranger

My 2008 ford fiesta looses volume in stereo and speedo drops to zero. Does it up to three times on trips to work and on three occasions engine stops and looses power steering while all electrics keep working. Once safely pulled over I turn the key back and car starts straight away. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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My sons 1990 626 ran great. I change the oil and reconnected the speedometer cable that had vibrated loose. took it for a drive to make sure I didn't have any oil leaks. It ran for about 5 minutes and just died. Left it set for a couple of hours, it started right up and ran great for about 3 minutes and shut off like I turned the key off. I disconnected the battery to see if resetting the computer would help. I reconnected the battery after about 3 hours. started right up again ran for a while b

My car was running fine, stalled in traffic once, restarted it without a problem, drove a few more miles and it just died - wouldn't start, still had lights though. Sat for a few hours, had it towed to my mechanic, he got in and it started up, right ... Mazda 626

I have a toro lx 425...battery died so jumped it. It ran for a few minutes then died. I replaced battery, but there is no power at all..turn the key and nothing. I checked to see if any loose wires, everything looks fine Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated

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I have a 1998 Craftsman cv16s. My blue 15 amp fuse keeps blowing and at one point when I turned the ignition off it kept on almost trying to start itself even with the key out.I replaced the fuse and it was fine for a few minutes and it blew again. Any help with this would be great.Thanks!

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2005 impala the ac blower fan continues to blow when the key is turned off. is there a relay that could be keeping it in? any help or suggestions on where to find a wiring diagram would be appreciated!!! thanks robbie

Blend door actuator has to be reset? ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

My battery went dead when i just bought it. i have replaced the alternator , the starter, the starter relay, the alternator plugs and the battery. i still keep loosing my battery. i have an 86 f-150 4.9l supercab. this problem is driving me nuts...any help would be nice. thank you.

Assuming all your parts are new I would be looking closely in your wiring for issues. Examine the first couple of inches of both your positive and negative cables, at the battery , at the frame, the alternator and at the starter, etc. I would be bet ... Ford F-150

I have a 1998 f-150 4.2l v-6 tryed to start it today it turned over and did not catch. turned key to try again it bumped the starter but would not turn the engine over. I tryed jumping it but I knew I had plenty of battery and that did not help. it just keeps banging the starter and won't turn over. 100,000 miles on engine.

When you say 'it bumped the starter but did not turn the engine over' and 'it bangs the starter' it sounds like you mean it hits the flywheel and will not turn the engine. If it engages and does not turn the motor you need to try to manually turn bot ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

1996 v6 model..loosing power but managed to get home working through the gears..but allways threatening to cut out..next day would not start at all,and key warning light kept coming on,auto electrician did not have many thoughts about what was wrong..engine turns over but no spark and i cant smell petrol after attempts to start car,hope you can help.

Even though it won't start it should still be possible to retrieve fault codes. On an OBDII car your going to have to have a code reader tool, so either have your shop scan it or buy a scan tool. Post up your codes and someone should be able to helkp ... Mazda MX-3

I have a 98 jeep grand cherokee 5.2l v-8 4x4, keeps blowing the #6 fuse for the overhead panel it also kills my turn signals and vic. I have checked all bulbs and wires I could see it happens when i turn the key on after about 5sec. any help would be great

Check for any loose or frayed wires either near the fuse box or further down the line. If this does not apply then I would put a fuse that takes a little more amps to blow. ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My pass key fault light keeps flashing on and off. Tried to crank it and it wont start. So I took it to the Chevy dealer and they told me it would be $685 to fix it cause something is wrong with my Anti-Theft Security Module. I think that is a little to much considering they are the ones who put a new Ignition cylinder in for me before this happen. Can somebody help me or give me some insight on this matter?

Your problem is either on your transponder or amplifer ring you need to get someone who can read your key or test your amplifer ... 1996 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

I own a 89 toyota toyopet truck. The EFI fuse keeps blowing every time I replace it and turn the key on. Tracked and tested all wiring related to this problem. All test good and look good. replaced all modules and sensors related to this problem. replaced altenator twice because voltage regulator is on inside, each time replaced truck would start and run for 20-30 seconds before the EFI fuse blows and truck dies. please help me fix my truck. my name is Tami.

I had the same problem with my 1990 P/u. It turned out to be the O2 sensor touching the underside of my box shorting and blowing the EFI Fuse ... 1989 Toyota Pickup SR5

Imobaliser problem i have problem i have a saab 9000 1994. when you put the key in the ignition the imobaliser do,sent allways turn off. i,v tryed both keys. sometimes if you keep swopping keys it will start. any ider what is cousing this problem? i was told the keys or at lest one of them has lost it,s code. can you help. i have tryed as sugested by a garage to wiggal the key in the lock as that nite help. but it makes no dirferance. reply.

Maybe a neutral safty switch ... 1994 Saab 9000

Car was running fine, then at work, left the lights on. Dead battery, tried to jump and took awhile. Started, but ran like ****, it would idle but when you touch the excelerator it would try to die. Finally got it going but had to keep pumping the gas to keep it started. Once on the road it would run smooth. But then when you let up would try to die. Thought maybe blew a fuse but all were ok, checked for vacuum leaks or anything else that might cause. I'm totally stumped. Any help would be great

Your 2000 VW Beetle use a group 58R battery that has total cold cranking amps of 580CCA.\015\012\015\012A DEAD battery has below 300CCA.\015\012\015\012I recommend you to check the YEAR TAG on the battery.\015\012Example: MODEL 58R-48 = ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

2005 malibu I can't get the key to turn in the ignition switch. Is there something electrical that would be keeping the key from turning? Thanks

Not that I am aware of. The steering wheel can be holding the lock, you might try turning the wheel both directions while turning the key.You might also try a spare key. ... 2005 Chevrolet Malibu

91 ford f350 gas on starting it acts as if u have to blow it out to keep it running pushing it full throtle then when it gets going it looses power if u dont keep throtle perfectly even if it gets to much it looses power if it don't get enough it looses power an it hits an misses an back fires we've ouy fuel pumps an it still does it so back to original pump an still it does it I put in new plugs an bug an cap, wires, fuel filter an it still is acting the same please help

... 1991 Ford F350

I own a 97 subaru legacy outback that worked fine until my friend filled up the tank with 93 octane. After this the car would keep stalling. It starts fine but after a few seconds it would shut off. If I hit the gas pedal to try and keep it running it will hesitate and then the engine will die. Any help would be appreciated.

\015\012Your vehicle does not need that high of Octane fuel but the fuel itself should not make it bog out. When is the last time you had a tune up plugs, wires, the whole 9 yards? \015\012\015\012\01 ... Subaru Outback
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