Having problems with your 2001 Mazda Tribute ?

When it rains, car sputters and check eng. light comes on. replace 2 of coil packs and plugs but still having same issue.

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Answers :

Frequently high humidity or rainy weather can cause poor performance, usually because of a problem in the ignition system. Moisture and condensation may be forming iaround or in the coil packs. Also, the ignition (suppression) wires may be old and arcing from one cable to another, causing timing issues and misfire problems. That problem is aggravated by moisture and humidity. Look for old or loose plug wires loose plugs, etc.Look for ways to dsplace water in these ares. Sometimes there isn't anything to be done and it will cure itself after warmup.\012\012
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When it rains, car sputters and check eng. light comes on. replace 2 of coil packs and plugs but still having same issue.

Frequently high humidity or rainy weather can cause poor performance, usually because of a problem in the ignition system. Moisture and condensation may be forming iaround or in the coil packs. Also, the ignition (suppression) wires may be old and ar ... 2001 Mazda Tribute

Coil issue My 2005 forester x threw a p 0301 and 0302, I replaced plugs and wires and it didn't work . The car would still sputter and stop! I went to Subaru for a replacement coil $140 and after installing it,I turn thee engine over the car goes z... And then the power no longer works unless you un plug the negative on the batt and re set. Is there something I'm missing that would cause the new coil to behave like that? Like a reset? Use more electric grease? Spark Wires are in the correct ord

Code p0301 and 302 refer to cylinder I and cylinder 2 misfire detected.--- causes--engine mechanical fault--wiring---ignition/ fuel system--injector--ECT/MAF sensor ---ECM I would have had a fuel pressure test done as miss fires from injectors not g ... Subaru Forester

I am having the same issue as talked about above, but with a 1998 ford escort zx2. i have replaced the spark plugs and the wires and getting misfires on all cylinders. Then also just replaced the coil pack and car us running smoother, but the engine light still coming on with all 4 cylinders still misfiring. Wondering if there could be anything else that might be causing the computer to say the engine is misfiring, thanks.

When is the last time the car has had a timing belt could it be bad?? ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

My 2002 Dodge Neon has been have a hard time starting every day, and recently it's been stalling at stop lights. I push down on the gas, but it takes almost a good minute for the car to get going, and when it does, it sputters. Now, the check egine light is on. It reads misfire 1 & 4, my brother replaced all spark plugs and I bought a new ignition coil today and he replaced that for me. But the issue is still existing. Can any please tell me what more we can do, or what exactly the codes mean fo

Sounds like you are having trouble with the fuel pump on the car. Not enough fuel pressure to the injectors causing the car to sputter and die. If at all possible check the fuel pressure at the fuel test port on fuel rail, or if no test port will hav ... Dodge Neon

My Windstar is reading lean on the left and right banks, and a misfiring plug. I have replaced plugs and wires, put in a new coil, a new ERG valve, a new manifold, new plentum gaskets and am still having issues with sporatic shaking at around 25, 45, & 65 MPH. I don't think it is the transmission, because it also sputters sometimes at idle. Any ideas?

Have your injectors cleaned, if they are clogged it can cause sputtering and plug misfiring. You can try putting some Lucas fuel treatment in your tank, but it sounds like its time to have them cleaned.\015\012\015\012the shaking can, an ... 2000 Ford Windstar

My 2000 Pontiac Grand Am has been sputtering for a while, it has trouble gaining speed and will miss several times while driving. Once the RPMs catch it will gain speed, but it still misses. My ABS light and "trac off" light will come on but will go off. I've replaced the coil packs, spark plugs & wires, as well as the fuel filter.

This may be totally off base but my 2002 Lesabre with the 3.8 litre engine was running like this and it was the ignition control module. It is under the coil packs. The engine would start ok and idle ok but run like heck when trying to drive it. A ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

My Oldsmobile 88 Royale is intermittently running rough. I have tried to track down the problem but haven't found it, yet. I got the diag codes from the computer and it showed a 48 (misfire diagnosis. So I replaced the plugs, wires, and coil pack. Now I am not getting any codes and it still runs rough. I did notice that it seems to correspond with an issue I am having with the radio. It seems that when the car runs well the radio will not output at full volume. You have to turn it up more t

Hav u inspected the distributer system--also the ignition module-these things wear car is gitten up there! dont forget fuel delivery pump,injectors etc buy a haynes manual at a parts place ... 1990 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

Car misfireing on 2 cylinders on left bank, subaru impreza 1995 1.8 non turbo, non import, replaced spark plugs and coil pack, still same issue

... Subaru Impreza

I have a 99 grand am SE 2.4 4 cylinder and my problem #2 misfire, repalced spark plugs with AC delco rapid fires, replaced coil packs, replaced coil pack housing, changed spark plug boots, had ignition module tested (passed), still #2 misfire, i am at a loss...

A misfire doesn't always have to be ignition... it's just the most common cause. Faulty or plugged injector, low compression. You need to check fuel pressure and test the fuel injector flow. Then check compression. If you don't have tools for the ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Sputtering when idle replaced plugs, wire, coil pack.

Yep ... 2001 Subaru Legacy

Got a 2001 Chevy blazer 4.3L cranks but does not start. got 62 psi at the fuel rail, replaced plugs and wires, got good spark at coil, replacing car and rotor! if the cam sensor or crank senor are bad willi still have spark and fuel is there a way for me to check injectors? was gas on plugs when i changed them. sprayed either in plugs and still no fire. so I'm leaning toward spark issue and help would be greatly appreciated.

... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

2 problems. first problem, once the truck is started it won't shift out of park. i have to shut it off and shift into neutral and start it again and then shift into gear. second problem, the truck sounds like its missing and then it sputters badly when accelerating. hooked it up to a computer and it said number 4 plug wasn't firing. i replaced all the plugs and plug wires and still got the same problem. replaced the coils and it still didn't work.any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The shifter problem sounds like the shift interlock is not releasing, check to see if your brake lights work, if not probably a fuse or brake light switch. Your misfire could be a bad injector or no compression in cyl 4. You probably had code P0304 ... 1998 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a 96 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE, V6 3.3 engine. It's not getting spark from the 3rd and 6th ports from the Coil Pack. I have changed the coil pack, plugs, wires, and even tried a different PCM. I went ahead and changed the crank and cam position sensors too. It's still not getting a pulse from the same plugs. Could it be a wiring, or wire connector issue? Could a bad relay keep those specific ports not to fire? Please help, I am stumped.

Have your ECM (Computer) checked out, it coiuld be bad. ... 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager

No spark I have a 2000 lesabre. I have the random cylinder misfire code. I have replaced plugs and wires the problem is still there. I have determined it is only running on 4 cylinders. There is no spark to the 2 cylinders they both run off the same coil, so I replaced the coil pack and I still have no spark. any ideas?

I had the ignition module go bad on mine. Bought a new one at advance for 130 bucks. Problem solved. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

Electrical failure My B4 has a history of problems. I replaced the O2 Sensor and spark plugs about 1 year ago. Last year it started to sputter and was like it couldn't get any gas. That was when I replaced the O2 sensor and spark plugs but I still had issues. The problems resolved spontaneously after the weather warmed up and I had no problems all summer/fall. Recently the same sputtering started. I took it to a mechanic but due to the language barrier (I'm in Okinawa, Japan), all I gath

It seems like a major ground wire is loose. You have to follow the negative wires from the battery and make sure they are tight and free of corrosion. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 ford taurus SE, coil pack has been replaced because Advanced Auto ran a diagnostic and said my coil pack was bad. Well its not and im still not getting fire on #3 and #4 spark plugs. changed the plugs and checked the wires. Could it be crankshaft sensor, which im guessing would fire all not some, camshaft sensor but that regulates fuel, a break in wiring harness but is it common or should i look towards EEC(pcm)?

... 2002 Ford Taurus

Mazda misfire My car wouldn't start about 3 weeks ago. I replaced the distributor, as there was no spark, and it started right up. It sputters going uphill, or if I accelerate too fast. I replaced spark plugs and wires, fuel filter, fuel pump, and am still having the same issue. When I took it to autozone (before replacing the wires) their codes came up as a misfire in cylinder #4, and O2 sensor 2. Could an oxygen sensor cause this? After replacing the plugs, the code for the misfire didn'

Yes. If the O2 sensor is faulty, it can tell the computer the fuel mixture is too rich when in fact is is too lean. ... Cars & Trucks

2000 Crown Vic Police, 107,000 miles, sputters on rainy days and does not improve after driving/warming up. Wants to stall out at lights, but slipping it into neutral helps. I have replaced the Rt. side cat converter (it was bad anyway), did an oil change (also, badly needed), replaced 1 and 2 coil packs, replaced 1,2,3 & 4 spark plugs, replaced PCV valve. The gas milage has shown ~some~ improvement, but the spitting and sputtering, (especially on rainy days), is driving me crazy... also, I noti

There are cheap fixes for a leaky seal, but they're not worth the price because they are chemicals designed to soften rubber and they cannot differentiate between rubber that should be softened and rubber that shouldn't. as far as your sputtering goe ... Cars & Trucks

This vehicle has a popping sound in the air cleaner housing,also has code po301 cyl 1 missfire,also engine rpms fluxuate after 3,000 also runns poorly in wet weather. I have replaced spark pluges but had no plug gap info,replaced plug wires,coil pack,intake plunium "o" rings and just now replacing the masf sensor which still has made no diffirence.

Without knowing your model and year and engine, check and make sure no wires are damaged, while running unplug the alternator and see if the problem stops a short inside the alternator can cause an electrical current change causing the problems if so ... Ford Freestar

My 2003 hyundia accent is having issues with the coil pack goin bad. I have replaced all plugs and wires also the coil but the coil continues to go bad. I have replaced it 4 times. What would cause it to keep going bad and how to fix it?

... 2003 Hyundai Accent

2007 kia Rio Engine shuts off intermittently. History: 1 year ago we had an issue with rough engine and power issues (Approx 150k). replaced spark plugs and same issue. Engine light codes reported misfire on cylinder 3&4. replaced both coil packs for those cylinders and no problems since. Then out of the blue a couple of months ago the engine would just shut off randomly, no bogging or rough idle, just the engine would stop running. this would happen usually when slowing to a stop, making a slow

The\012engine and the automatic transmission in this vehicle are computer\012controlled and in most cases when a fault occurs a fault code is\012stored in the memory of the computer control module. There are\012exception to this, such as the Ma ... 2007 Kia Rio5

Problem with my saturn Ion 2003 - code states that misfire on cylinder 4 - changed spark plugs, plug "boots", and coil... still drive rough as if "sputtering" was bad before then made the replacements on plugs,boots and coil. Little better now but not running as it should

... 2003 Saturn ION

My name is Danielle and Im trying to help my bf fix his 1990 Dodge Dynasty 3.3L V6 The problems he is having is that the car will start but wont stay running I told him to replace the spark plugs replace the battery And replace the stale gas and add some b12 to the tank since the car had been sitting for 2 years I know right? so the issue is that the back 3 spark plugs arent firing at all I was thinking it could either be the coil pack and the timing is off or both? and also inside the vehicle o

I am not trying to be mean at all. With the problems you are describing I would get rid of the car. It will cost more money to fix than the car is worth. ... 1990 Dodge Dynasty

4th cylinder not firing but have visualy seen spark by plug...replaced spark plugs...spark plug wires...coil pack...thought maybe cloged fuel injector...replaced,still missing and engine light on

Have check engine checked at an autozone for free. it could be an egr valve or a stuck lifter or numerious other things testing needs to be proformed to narrow it down. ... 2003 Dodge Neon

Just changed spark plugs, around 150 miles later noticed a sputter or mis-fire between 45-60 mph. pulled the plugs when i got home, no obvious issues with the plugs. problem continues to persist and the truck is progressively running worse. the check engine light just now came on. runs rough at idle and all the way through highway speeds. removed all the 10mm bolts to the coil packs and pulled each out one by one. even swapping the packs that were thought to be bad. getting an intermittent spark

Hi, I recommend you get a free scan at your local parts chain and write down the trouble code. I suspect you have a bad crankshaft sensor, but the scan will confirm. Send us the trouble code if you would like further assistance, and thanks for usin ... 2003 Toyota Tundra
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