Having problems with your 2001 Mazda MPV ?

My 2001 Mazda MPV is vey slugish, and has no get up and go. The tranmision seem like it takes a long time to shift.

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Could need filter change ever been replaced trans fil. that is
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My 2001 Mazda MPV is vey slugish, and has no get up and go. The tranmision seem like it takes a long time to shift.

Could need filter change ever been replaced trans fil. that is ... 2001 Mazda MPV

Hello, My transmission slips in 2nd and 3rd gear. It feels like it slips. the RPMs go up and then it finally gets into gear. I cant hear anything wrong. I am wondering if it is a computer problem more then a gear problem. Be fore i take it in i would like some advise. It mostly happens on hills. It also seems to have a hard time down shifting when i pull up to a stop sign. It doesnt happen all the time but enough to make me concerned. Thank you

Rarely is slipping, something that can be resolved,other than rebuilding the trans\015\012\015\012You might want to give out the vehicle,year,make,model,next time ... Jeep Wrangler

My car has been acting up for a few months now and i bought a new fuel filter and got an oil change but the problem only got worse. at first it only seemed like the car didnt want to shift gears but after it a while it grew worse. now it doesnt want to get over 5 mph without losing power and the rps are all messed up.when i push on the gas pedal it doesnt want to accerlerate. sometimes it does get up to speed but it takes it time to actually want to get past 10 mph. i drove the car to kentucky f

Hard to say. You say the "rps are all messed up", but did you mean the RPM?If so, then you could mean that the automatic transmission is not shifting right, and you should check the ATF for level, color, and smell.But i ... Hyundai XG300

Clutch feels firm but will shift hard in any gear, If i sit to long with the clutch in and try to put it in gear i will have to let it out and push it back in quickly to get it in to first gear or while driving have bled it several times, seems like it has air in the system never get any air out of the bleeder have checked for leaks found none any help would be great thanks

It could be a faulty clutch master cylinder, there is a valve in the master cylinder that traps the fluid to be displaced to the slave cylinder. If this valve is not trapping the fluid or if the rod connecting the clutch pedal to the master is not pr ... Toyota Pickup

I have a 2002 Mazda MPV. When I start it and drive it revs really high. Sometimes i can take my foot off the gas and it will still accelerate, A LOT! Also when it does this it shifts really hard and there is a jerking motion. As well when i shut car off like to get gas i cannot start it immediately. I have to wait 5 minutes then it fires right up. Its like it is beeing flooded. Any ideas?

The transmission is slipping, have it checked for low fluid level, if that is ok then you need the transmission rebuilt or replaced with a factory rebuilt exchange unit. ... 2002 Mazda MPV

Gear gets stuck when in park. i can't click the button on the gear shift to move out of park. i have to pump the breaks several times and it "seems" like if i release off the brake at a certain time, the gear will ease out of park, but it takes a lot of playing with it. doesnt stick everytime, but a LOT!!

... 2001 Lincoln LS

Trans.problem when you step on the gas trans. acts like it it starting out in 4th gear and takes a long time to get up to speed and well not down shift when you step on the gas .Also service egn. light is on. I pulled ecm fuse out for a min. the light is still on but the trans. shifts fine .

You would need to have the computer scanned for trouble codes first. ... 2004 Nissan Quest

I have a 98 maxima 3.0 automatic it seems when you try to step on the gas it has no power and takes a long time to get up to speed. also in traffic or low speeds, or going up ridge it seems like it wants to go into passing gear it jerks back in forth. also same problem when it sifts into 3rd gear it makes a loud noise and you can feel it.

You may need to have your transmission fluid drained and changed the filter. If that doesnt work, you may need additional tranny work. ... 1998 Nissan Maxima

2001 toyota sienna ce, runs good at idle, takes long time to get up to speed (1 mile to get to 40mph), when at 50 and going up bridge, it will slow down 10-15 mph. if accelerated quickly then it will seem to miss or slip. codes p1135, p1155, disconnected battery for 30 minutes, codes still there. note: transmission shifts good if gradually accelerate.

I would change the transmission filter.if clogged it will slip and loose power on steep upgrades try that it is inexpensive. If that don't help you may need a new transmission. ... 2001 Toyota Sienna

My 91 mazda mpv 4x4 van won't start. we were driving and the engine stalled, this is the second time it has happened, when we go to start it- it wants to start soes not seem like it gets enough fuel.

Check the fuel filter and the fuel pressure from the fuel pump. It sounds like either a plugged filter oir a weak fuel pump ... Mazda MPV

1994 lexus es300 i just changed the rad and put new rad cap on, it just seems like the upper rad hose is very hard, it takes long time to get to normal engine temp

It sounds like your thermostat is not functioning properly. If the thermostat is stuck in the wide open position, too much coolant flow is allowed to circulate through the system. ... 1994 Lexus Es 300

Thottle spring on pivot arm under transmission what does it look like and size takes a long time to shift high gears and truck seems to be running slugish out of tune

Plz send me compaq sound card ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

96 mazda mpv minivan 165k mi. Ran fine until one day just died.Had towed home.3 mech.tried diagnose gave up wouldn't start-turns over-no start. Last mech.replaced timing belt&idle pulley. Still no start but turns over good acts like going to start but doesnt -$550.00 later!!! Help! Is thier some trick to timing belts? Also threw no codes on OBD 2scanner.Ads by Google Mazda MPV Reviews Research, Reviews, Pricing & More Get Mazda MPV Discount Prices www.Edmunds.comMazda Keys & Remotes Replacement

I was browsing unsolved problems. If you still have the problem, I'll try to help you. But it's going to be awhile trying to communicate back and forth. First...Check the engine for spark. Take off a plug wire and stick a screw driver in the wire ... 1996 Mazda MPV

The e4od trans sometime does not shift into reverse. it now stays in first gear for a long time before shifting to second. it also takes a long time shifting to overdrive. it seems to slip when shifting from drive to overdrive but pulls good after it shifts. any ideas about this problem

Its possible you have a code stored in the computer to help guide you. \015\012\015\012Its also possible its time for a rebuild. Someone will have to remove the pan to see if there is any wear on the clutches.\015\012\015\012 ... 1996 Ford F350 Crew Cab

My 1999 acura 3.2l tl is having transmission problems. It seems as if it is slipping really bad. But not all the time. Its kind of like when it gets hot that the problem worsens or continues. Sometimes to the point that it almost will not shift into gear at all until I either turn it off or stop completely and put into park until get back to 1st. Then when accelerating slips real bad until gets past a certain speed. Sometimes manually shifting works, most of the time slips. When I say slips I m

Jour clutch and felfbody is the problem and u need to rebild jour gear box sory ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 95 gmc k1500 5.7 tbi i have no power it seems to take a long time to start full pump seems to run for ever befor shuting off (gets up to presshure) changed the fule pump a few months ago with no change changed the fule filter at same time just cant get no power out of this truck it is very slugesh wont even turn the tires on gravel had no codes cuming up changed the modual under the distributor , knock sensor, coil, cap ,rotor,wires,plugs,coolent temp sensor,run seafome through it ,spre

If catalytic converter and muffler not stopped up.the throttle body injector unit fuel pressure regulator could be faulty its built in the throttle body unit.you have to replace the whole unit.also you could have a intake manifold vacuum leak.or your ... 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

I have a 2004 rx330 and when I take off after about 10mph there is a constant roar sounds like the transmission is not shifting. However the tranny is shifting fine it seems to be coming from the drivers side reare? Hub bearing assembly??Thats the only thing I can think of. When I weave side to side it seems to lessen then get worse lessen and then get worse

Sounds to me like either the drive shaft axle bearing is wearing out or the rear end gear on the left side uis going out. check the rear end for gear oil level if its low that could mean your rear end is about to go out. ... 2005 Lexus RX330

I have a 1991 corolla and i'm having a problem while starting...you have to step 3 times on the gas then start after start the engine seems like it is low in RPM,if you do not step on the gas after you start because of too low RPM the engine will slowly stop..its like a diesel engine you have to warm up first the engine...and the other problem is while you are already taking 1st shift then 2nd shift up to 3rd shift if you will step on the gas gently its like riding a horse until you step hard on

... 1991 Toyota Corolla

I got a 97 vw jetta 2.0 mk3 transmission how do it get it to adjust wit self adjusting cable it seems like it isnt adjusting properly but it brand new cable when I get it to where it needs to b I can shift it into gear but when I try to move it it slips but it shouldnt cause of new clutch n when I got it adjusted another way it does let me shift into get gear while car is running and doesnt take up last 1/2 inch of slack on arm or cable can anyone tell me wat the problem is trans clutch n cable

... Cars & Trucks

I bought a 2002 grand am about a month ago and i am having problems. when my car has to shift gears it takes a long time to shift. i will be going down the highway and i am stuck on 50 and it won't shift. then finally when it does it like takes off. i am wondering if anyone can help me out on what this might be.

Check the transmission fluid level, per your owners manual. (Some transmission fluid levels need to be checked cold, some hot with the engine running and some hot with the engine off) Most hot with engine running.\015\012If your level is good, ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

Cant get spark plugs out of my 1996 Mazda Protege, I have a 5/8 socket and and extension that is long enough, but for some reason it wont grab the spark plug, is there a special wrentch for this model. My friend seems to think that I need to take of the valve cover to get the spark plugs out, that is just crazy, why would anyone make a car that you cant get the spark plugs out of without taking off the valve cover.

Your spark plug wires have a rubber boot on the end of them and some times they come off and stay on the spark plug to where you can't get the socket on the plug. If you have oil on your plug wires than you need to replace the valve covers. You can u ... 2001 Mazda Protege

Facts, please: '98 Buick LeSabre; 58,000 miles; no other engine problems or problems of any kind; no accidents Fuel pump first went bad? April 2008 What were symptoms? engine wouldn't start--after sitting a long time, short time or it doesn't matter? Does it turn over and not catch? What does 'it doesn't start' sound like? Doesn't seem to matter how long although the time duration has so far been anywhere from couple of hour to couple of days. cranks normally but just no fuel getting

Fisrt thing is having repeated fuel pump failures is real common. Several things can cause this. Chevy trucks recommend replacing the fuel pump harness also when replacing the pump or this can happen. Weak old wires can cause a voltage issue causing ... Buick LeSabre

Had a used transmission installed after burn-out of original trani on 1986 BMW 325es. Original burned up due to leaking connector hose. "New" one is noisey on shifting, a clunking sound at lower speeds and when entering freeway very heavy thump shift, like getting hung up momentarily. Slipped quietly a couple of times. Sometimes seems okay which seems odd. Also seems sluggish, draggy. What to do? Took it back in and he tells me noise is normal(?)!!

You still have a 24 year old transmission. You could try changing the fluid and filter but probably will need it overhauled. Try AAMCO. ... BMW 325

Transmission slipping I have a 1997 Mazda 626 with an automatic transmission. At times, the car feels as though it is going to stall, it is not shifting at the rpm's it used to shift at. This is not constant but it seems to be happening more & more frequently which makes me think the problem is getting worse. I did experience one time when I could not put it into reverse (that only happened once). I took it to a mechanic who tells me that until it does it all the time, he does not have an answ

I have th same car and had the same problem. I went ahead and had the transmission rebuilt. Even after I did this it still did it. So I went and had the RPM indicator changed and ithas not done it since. Till this day I don't now if I needed that tra ... 1997 Mazda 626

I drove the car in to Costco to get tires. Everything worked just fine. The week before I had the timing and serpentine belt changed. However, when we went to pick up the car, the man at Costco Tire said they had a hard time getting it in to the shop. They went ahead and put tires on it anyway. Ugh... Since then, the only way I could drive it was to put it in 2nd and get up to 25 miles an hour and then shift the car into drive. It just seems odd that it happened all of a sudden like that.

The simplest way to diagnose this problem is to take it to a dealer and get it on the diagnostic computer,(they dont have to do the work)the tiptronic gearbox is a computer controlled gearbox(auto mode)with a manual overide.i could give you lots of a ... 1996 Audi A4
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