Having problems with your 2001 Lincoln Town Car ?

My 01 lincoln towncar- i turn on the a/c it says it is turned on but it does not blow any air what could it be ?

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If it does not blow any cold air the system may need to be recharged. But if it does not blow any air at all you may have a bad blower motor, checked the fuses first to make sure it's not that. You may also have a wiring problem. Good luck.
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The A/C is blowing hot air. The compressor comes on, the fan is turning for the A/C and a local Firestone put freon in saying it was low. The Firestone says the compressor or evaporator is bad. I have searched troubleshooting experts whom have told me that it is either the evaporator or a switch (?), not sure of name, could be bad. Because the compressor is coming on and the fan is turning and the unit blows air, hoping it is an inexpensive part. Could you advise, Thanks.

Could be pressure switch. When the guy put 134a in...find out what the pressure readings were on the suction line to find out if the compressor was working. May as well hook up the high side as well to get both readings. If there's a decent sepa ... BMW Z3

My 01 lincoln towncar- i turn on the a/c it says it is turned on but it does not blow any air what could it be ?

If it does not blow any cold air the system may need to be recharged. But if it does not blow any air at all you may have a bad blower motor, checked the fuses first to make sure it's not that. You may also have a wiring problem. Good luck. ... 2001 Lincoln Town Car

My 2007 Mazda 3 AC will stop blowing cold air while the cruise control is on. The green light will stay on but warm air comes out. If I turn the fan speed switch off then on, it will get cold again and sometimes blow cold air for a while before going warm again. The engine thermostat says the car is not getting warm. What could this be?

... Cars & Trucks

Heat my 92 does not blow air @any level. I have checked the relay. not it. fuses have all been checked. not it. before it completely stopped, i would be driving (in summer) and it would just come on, all the way to high. it would not shut off until i turned the car off. now it does not do even that. it also would not come on when i hit the buttons for it to come on. now when i turn it to high it says it is on high it just doesnt blow. also could that have anything to do with why my cigarette lig

You need a new blower motorI had same problem ... 1992 Oldsmobile 88

Heater I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. V8. The car has had all the typical jeep issues I have replaced the tail lamps and the entire air conditioning system. Just recently when I turn on the heat it blows cool air. The blower is fine as it blows according to the setting. However, I turn the temperature dials to HI and still blows cool air. When I turn to defrost the air gets barely warm, not warm enough to melt an ice cube. What could be the issue?

Your blend doors are broken a common problem for the jeeps 1999-2004 e mail me at [email protected] and i will send you a link to a web site for a repair kit that will cost les than the ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have an 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee. When you turn on the air conditioning air does not blow out any of the vents except a small amount of air (cold) will blow out the defroster vents by the windshield. If you turn the dial to reposition the vents weather it be the floor vents or the dash vents air still will not came out any vent. You can hear the blower blowing but it just will not come out the vents. When I say air will not come out any vent I literally mean no air, not hot or cold, nothing

Behind the center counsel between the floor and the heater housing is a part that is called the blend door actuator. these usually go bad and have to be replaced. ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

A/c and heater problem A/C will sometimes blow cold air for about 20 seconds then start blowing warm air. Then when using the heater it will blow warm air for about 20 seconds or so then start blowing cool air. I can turn the temp knob from one side to the other or turn the fan to off and it seems to help the problem for a while. What could be causing this problem?

Sounds like you may have developed a leak in the system, when the pressure in the system is low it will cause the compressor to cycle off and on. Have you tried to charge the system? P.S. Dont know if you are aware but hte compressor kicks on when th ... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

A/C promblem i have a mitsubishi 01 galant sometimes the air conditioner works fine and sometimes i turn the car on and it just blows hot air. Its either hot air immediatley, then i know to turn a/c off because it won't blow cold, i know this because i could drive around for 20/30 mins and no cold air will come out.

You may need to have your A/C recharged again which you could get done at almost any place that does a little more than just oil like Firestone. ... 2001 Mitsubishi Galant

2002 jaguar s type 3.0L I started having problems two years ago with my heater not blowing hot air until i turned the thermostat to high then it would send the heat. Now recently since its been hot outside, I've been running the a/c on 72 and it started to blow hot air. I could turn it down to 67 and was cold again. Now it has to be on LOW to get cold air. Is it an actuator?.

Sounds like it ,could be the clima computer , ... 2002 Jaguar S-Type

'96 seville sls 4.6L, a/c seems to have a blocked passage. high presure line is hot, gauge has 300# on a 80 deg. day, the line just after the orifice tube is cold until freon enters the evaporator, gauge has only 5# then turns warm. took the evap & blew air through it easy. installed a new orifice tube & receiver dryer, both of them 2 items were clean & could blow air easily through them. also could blow air throught the remaining lines. this is the 1st time in 30 years that i have not been able

What makes u say ur ac refrigerant has a blocked passage? check the low pressure line by touching it with ur hand while ac is running/ it has to be freezing cold/ if not cooling it means ur compressor is weak and or refrigerant is low/ high pressure ... 1997 Cadillac Seville

The heater in my 2002 Fort Taurus only works for a few seconds then blows cold air. If i turn the heater off and wait a few minutes, it blows a few seconds of warm air when I turn the heater back on. Any ideas of what could be wrong?

Check to make sure your coolant is full. If it is carefully feel both of the hoses near the firewall that go to the heater core. Be careful the exhaust is right there and its HOT.\015\012With the heater on both hoes should be about the same, if ... 2002 Ford Taurus

I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota 5.2/ V8 4X4 and was told the Firestone service Rep that my water pump and thermastat were defective. I could smell coolant both outside and inside the truck. Also when the heater and defoster are turned on it blows only cold air. I replaced the Thermastat, Water pump, Radiator, upper and lower water hoses. But, it is still blowing cold air even when the care rearches standard operating temperature. Could this be the Evaporator/Heater Core under the dash that now needs

Check the coolant flow control valve which should be located next to the heater core. It may be electrically or mechanically controlled. After you get the blend door and housing off and can access the heater core, bring your engine up to operating t ... 1998 Dodge Dakota

Electrical problem??? 2 weeks ago I went to switch headlights from dim to bright, could not get it to switch also trying to turn the air conditioner on the blower motor would not work. After clicking the switch several times I turned the engine off and back on, this time I turned air conditioner on still did not blow, switched healdights from dim to bright and tried air conditioner again, it worked this time. It has done it several times since, but generally if I go through this process it works

Yup... electrical problem,,,, I'd start by checking body ground (only thing common to problems you listed) then, check sub-system power supplies for loose or corroded connections. Sometimes just unplugging and plugging back in is enough to get better ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

My air conditioning all of a sudden blows hot air especially on driver's side and when I turn off engine and restart (i.e., after I have been in grocery store) it will blow cold again for awhile before blowing hot again....what could be the problem? I know it is not a freon leak as that has been tested with the dye and the dealer replaced the a/c electronic control module and it blew hot air after only about 30 minutes. Any suggestions?

That sounds like there is a problem in the air direction chamber (for lack of a better word i cannot remember the true name). At first thought I would assume that the control switches were faulty but if that has been replaced maybe it is the valves a ... 2002 Ford Thunderbird

Air condtioner Hi, the air conditioner in my cavalier is blowing but it isnt blowing cold air, hubby put the Refrigerant in it, we jsut recently got the car it sat for a year, he says maybe there is air in the system but I don know,it was working it worked for a week then then just quit, could you give me an idea f what is wrong???

A person would be just guessing until you put some gauges on it. you can look at the compressor and hoses. when you have a leak it will leave an oily substance where the leak is.if the freon gets low the low pressure switch will shut down the syste ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

Air conditioning When on a long trip the a/c drips water inside the cabin. It also stops blowing cold air and it seems the air flos switches to the floor vents. I can turn the a/c off for a few minutes and it will again blow cold air and work ok for awhile. My question is could the condensor be freezing and causing the housing to sweat? Or is there some other answer? Around town and on short trips it works fine.

Yes. You need to clean you coil. I is also posible that you are low on freon. ... 1993 GMC Suburban

Heater and air conditioner works but does not blow strong air the blower motor is new what could cause this problem? when I turn on the recirc. switch the hot air or cold air performs slightly stronger. could it be a blend door problem?

I would try replacing the switch first. It's cheaper and can cause the same problems ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

2004 trailblazer,with po410 code.replaced purge valve , gas cap , vent valve on gas tank . can here air pump come on start up , but seems to have a higher pitch than before problem with code started . I removed air pump and hooked to 12v and it runs fine , and really blows air . had thought maybe fan was broken . could I have a bad relay , that is not turning on pump as often as is supposed to cycle ? or could there be something causing backpressure , not letting air pump do its job ? code alway

P0410 secondary air injection valve malfunction..\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Just know that diagnosing this is time consuming since the "system" is only active for a few seconds on cold start.for ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My air blower seems to have died. Once before when I had this same problem it would not blow any air out at all. I messed around with the knob that turns on the air or heat and I heard a small click noise which then it started to work. Now it won't blow any air at all. what could this really be? Thanks for your assistance.

We also have a 2000 KIA Sportage. Today we had the blower go out. While we were checking out how hard the repair would be, we found a blue wire with a female spade connector just hanging loose. Can't see where to plug it in. ... 2000 Kia Sportage

This question is for my 1991 lincoln towncar again. my heat seems to be not working in the car. i turned it on and it only blew cold air from the outside, and the air will not blow on the floor with the switch on the floor setting. but if i put the switch on the floor/defrost setting the air will blow out on the floor and the windshield. every other position on the switch will work the air correctly. also my wipers will not work on intermitten, they will work and stay moving constintly but not

Hi\015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012Thanks\015\012for using FixYa. Try and check if the heater core is plugged. Find\015\012the 2 coolant lines going to the heater core. ... Lincoln Town Car

My 96 LHS has a couple things going on...first the AC only blows warm air (two mechanics say it's NOT the freon)...one says it could be the powertrain control module, another says it's a pressure sensor in the AC (and is stick on 500 lbs of pressure), 2nd thing is the air bag light is on (mech says it's the sensor in the bumper to the tune of $600) and 3rd is the cruise controlwon't work. The horn is working fine...are these things related and can I replace the airbag sensor myself?

If it is not the freon, then it could be the electronics that are supposed to electrically open the valve that lets the freon into the evaporator that gets cold. It is not a pressure sensor, but a valve.But yes, it is easy to replace the ... 1996 Chrysler LHS

Ihave a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 4wd. My air conditioning runs cool when low, but if I turn it to the max cool setting it blows warm air, not cool at all. If i start in max air then it might blow cool for a very short time, but kicks back out. Do you know what this could be.

Check fans in front of engine for proper operation,they haft to work in order for air to get cold,also the condensor in front of radiator has to be clean-check belt for tightness and theres a switch on ac lines that turns on fan and also shuts off co ... 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck

I have a 94 toyota v6 pickup, just replaced the radiator. topped off coolant, ran for approx 10 mins. temp gauge move to nomal operating temp. then turned on a/c to put a load on it, the temp then went up. turned off the a/c and turned on the heater. no hot air was blowing, just cool air. could this be a stuck thermostat? if so then where is it located..

Did you recheck the water level at the radiator filler cap after the engine was at normal temperature (ie after about 15 mins idling with heater control on full and fan on Low) because it sounds like there is an air lock in the system. Air lock shoul ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

I have a 96 volvo 970 sedan I turn the air on when i start the car. Cold air will blow out at first but after a little while (about 5-10 minutes) the air turns luke-warm.what could the possible problems and solutions be?

... 1996 Volvo 960

For the last few years the dash unit would flash leds, or not let you switch from circulate to fresh air. If the system was on heat when you turned the car on it would not go to cold when the thermostat was turned to the blue zone. The only way to get it to go cold was to shut off the engine, turn it to the cold zone and restart the engine. I could live with this, now it will only blow lukewarm air. I am thinking it is the dash unit, thoughts?

This control head can be tested for proper function by any Chevy dealer, as the control head is around $400.00 I suggest you do that, the problem is most likely the head unit based on my experience with this type of problem, but there is no guarantee ... 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe
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