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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2001 Lexus RX 300

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... 2001 Lexus RX 300

I have a 1995 Honda Accord Ex with about 220,000 well maintained miles on her. My car is an automatic and when she shift into gears at aroung 35, 60 miles per hour it seems like her gears are either slipping or sticking to the point that the RPM start raising up really high and it's driving me crazy. I need help. What do you think could be the problem because no one in this small town seems to be able to help me.

By your description, it appears that the higher gears are slipping in your transmission. What is the condition of your transmission fluid and filter? Slipping in higher gears could be indicative of low transmission fluid pressure, which c ... 1995 Honda Accord

Transmission not shifting when in drive dropped pan cleaned magnet and gaskets, filter put in new fluid and still not shifting when in drive not sure as to what else could be making it act this way... can't drive over 30 miles per hour and i know this is not good to drive this way need diagram of transmission and possiblities of what the problem could be

Odds are that the transmission is in the Defualt mode which mean you will have Park, Reverse, Nuetral, and what seems like first gear but is actually 2nd gear. Usually when this happens it is because of a mechanical internal failure or an electronic ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

How do you adjust the Speed sensor in a 1997 Ford Taurus? I need to know if you turn it or does it adjust in and out. I changed the sensor and must not have gotten in back in quite right because now my speedometer is about 5 mile an hour slow.

... 1997 Ford Taurus

Reads 40 TO 45 miles per hour but I know I am going faster and sometimes it will drop to 0 miles per hour.

This may be true....I am a tech at a GMC dealership and the only way to fix that prob is to replace the IPC ... 2003 GMC Sierra

Loosing power i have a 2003 chevy impala 3.8 engine. It looses power when im going up hills. prime example i was traveling on i24 headed from clarksville to nashville i was traveling at 80 miles per hour soon as i started up a steep hill the car started to slow down to 50 miles per hour but the rpm raised up almost to the red the check engine light came on so i had it hooked up to get a code the code read that it was misseing fire so i changed the spark plugs n wires and i changed the air filter

Wow, I just went through the same problem and guess what it was a clogged converter and a bad oxyegen sensor. The garaged fixed it up for me by putting an eco converter on it and a new O2 sensor. I have a 2003 Chevy Impala,V6 3.8 engine. Good Luck!! ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

I need to know why my 1985 blazer is idling so bad. i know the plugs are bad in it and that it has many miles on it. is my plugs the only thing i need to change? i have a new altenator. i have changed the oil, which hasn't been changed in 7 years. it has a brand new starter and brand new air and oil filter. and i am also about to put new valve cover gaskets on it. i dont know if any of these things could have helped it. and i wanted to know it the old oil could have hurt my motor.

I good tune up may cure your issues but is not garanteed. with a vehicle this old I would change the ignition module(located in the distributor), ignition rotor, ignition cap, ignition wire and the spark plugs and oil change. Check the pick up coil ... Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

My 2007 Lincoln MKZ has 84,000 highway miles on it (90 mile roundtrip daily thruway commute to work) and just started having a hard bump when it shifts from first to second gear (2000 RPM). It never did it before. The dealer reprogrammed it but says we need a new transmission. We put 220,000 highway miles on a Sable without needing a transmission. I am livid. Please advise. Should we go to another dealer? I should have bought a foreign car with a 100,000 mile warranty. Now I know why American ca

Probably best for a second opinion. Did you purchase an extended warranty? ... 2007 Lincoln MKZ

Very bad gas milage;1995 buick roadmaster willnot pas inspection ,Need to know were to start as to the first thing to replace myself,Also need to know about how many miles to the gallon it might get at 175,000.return information at,[email protected]

... 1995 Buick Roadmaster

I got a new transmission at 6,000 miles and again at 96,000 miles. Now out of warranty and doing the same thing at 117,000 miles. Hard **** around 20 miles per hour. Upside down on the car and I don't want to put a 3rd transmission into this vehicle. Many other problems also.

Either you are very hard on your transmissions, or the car has a recurring problem that is going to keep coming back no matter what you do. So, #1, ask yourself honestly if you are hard on your vehicle. And #2, if it's really a lemon, may ... 2004 Kia Optima

4000 rpm at 70 miles per hour

You should have another gear "5th" at 70mph your tacho should read about 2500 rpm.\015\012Make sure you don't need to depress something or push the gear stick against a spring to select 5th.\015\012Is there a gear layout on top of the gea ... 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

My problem is that my car drives great and then out of the blue while i'm going like70 the rpm will suddenly shoot up to the high fifties and the car wont drive ne faster than 40. and then if i try and stop and go, same thing but worse. i'mg oing like 15 miles per hour and the rpm is at 50

Well, I have had similar problems with my girlfriends car. The car would struggle and have a real hard time moving. As it turned out it was missing transmission oil from a leakage in the oil cooling lines. I replaced the lines before connecting the r ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

My dad wants to reset the computer on a 1997 Nissan Pickup but he needs to know how many miles the truck needs to run. Help?

... 1997 Nissan Pickup

I need help with my 94 honda accord it's been running pretty good, but a few days ago while i was driving it at 55 miles an hour the engine shut off, i had to pull over and i started again without any problems, but it happened again the next day and i was driving it at 75 miles, i pulled over and crank it but it didn't start until a few more cranks, and i keeps doing more often,even when i'm driving very slow,i think that the problem is the fuel pump but i'm not really sure so if someone knows a

Well when you turn you key on can you hear your fuel pump come on in the back? you should... does your key switch give you problems putting the key in or out or even turning it. it could even be your ignition switch.. both of them can run up to 200 b ... 1994 Honda Accord

Engine surge to 4k rpm and sticks there. 1992 Cadillac Eldorado touring coupe, 4.9 liter engine so I will be driving along at about 45 miles per hour the rpm kicks up to 4k also as a temp fix I have to shut the motor off and then start the car in park, after shifting into drive it normally returns to normal idle speed.

Hi,To start with, Do you see check engine light being ON? If yes, kindly mention the error codes that would tell us what needs to be fixed.http://www.fixya.com/cars/r4008552-check_engine_light_beingLet me know,so t ... Cadillac Eldorado

Ever since we replace the fuel pump on our 97 Chevy Blazer the fuel gauge reads a quarter tank no matter how much gas is in there. Is their a fuse that may need replacing?? All the other gauges are fine, I just really need to know how much gas I have when i am driving...its really hard to determine this by miles per gallon??

Float assembly, called fuel sending unit.May be able to access under the carpet in the rear or you may have to drop the tank. If you replaced your fuel pump you probably saw it. ... Chevrolet Blazer

I unpluged my battery to get the corosian off and it was loose so when i went to admissions it failed cause i didn't have a certain amount of miles on it and they didnt tell me how many i needed and i dont know????? I guess i need them to restart the computer???

The term for resetting the emission monitors is drive cycle. normally, you can just drive your car as you do and the monitors will update within 100mi. there is also specific instructions for resetting. google "drive cycles" to see them. i can't say ... 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

Overspeed problem when driving truck doesn't sift doen in gear...at 50 miles a hour the RPM is up to 3000...then it overspeeds so i hit the overdrive button and it will let me go up in speed but RPM goes up to 4000 +. Sometimes it just start working but lately it doesn't. i have auto start on my truck but i don't know its affecting it.Can it be a blown fuse or loose wiring. Someone told me it might be the torque converter might have a loose wire. What can i do?

... 2000 Ford Expedition

Transmission Our van has just over 100,000 miles on it and I noticed last week that it seemed to hesitate a little before shifting into the next gear at around 35-40 miles per hour. Now it is not going into gear at all, the more you accelerate the higher the RPM's go, but it never goes into gear so for the moment it basically won't go above 35 mph. Had the basic check engine light scan done and came up with a code suggesting a problem with the transaxle control module. This has been replaced but

Chrysler van transmission usally only last 70,000 miles you were lucky the problem is the radiator is to small to cool the transmission fluid properly have trans rebuilt put after market trans cooler on & you should not have any more problems ... 2003 Dodge Caravan

I need to check the fuel hoses for a Subaru 2002 Forester. I need to know how many there are and where they are in and around the engine. I've already had the fuel hoses replaced once about 9 months ago, because they were leaking fuel in very cold weather, and I had the head gaskets replaced at about 67,000 miles (under warranty.). Now the gasoline smell coming from the front engine area and drifting inside the cab has become overwhelming. So far, I've tightened the clamps on about 6 short fuel

Try cleaning the mas sensor on the intake\015\012use electronics cleaning chem. from auto parts store.\015\012be careful with the o-ring ... 2002 Subaru Forester

Transmission Problems My care recently starting making this really loud noise. It wouldnt pull the hill to my house and now it wont go faster than 5 to 10 miles per hour..It will crank and when I put it in drive..it seems like it slams back into park and then cuts off. This is a rebuilt tranmission. Im not sure if I need to replace it or if there is a part that can simply be rebuilt again. I was told it was pin that needed to be replace. Does anyone one have any suggestions for me.

You will need to replace the transmission before you damage your motor ... 1996 Plymouth Voyager

Recently bought a '99 Mitsubishi Montero Sport with the check engine light on, has some rough idling, but does not die. P505 came up on diagnostic test. Cleaned the throttle body and put in new IAC. It is idling a little better but problem not completely gone. It also ''jumps'' when i get to about 35-40 miles per hour when it does that the rpm's drop by about 250-500 then immediatley jump back up it does that at other speed but that is the worst jump.Check engine light came back on 20 miles up t

Before I go any further with diagnosis and poss fixes P505 is not a valid code, all "P" codes have four Imbers please recheck this, love to help but need accurate information to do so. ... 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

I have a 2006 Dodge Charger with the 2.7 liter engine. I got this car free from my dad and it is absolutely beautiful but the engine needs to be replaced. I don't want to put a 2.7 liter engine back in since i have read to many bad things about it and my engine is gone and the car only has 64000 miles. Instead I want to put the 3.5 liter engine in. I don't know much about this subject so i would like to know if it is a lot more complicated to do or basically the same?

You can just put any size engine in any car as long you have the room for it however if you decide to put a bigger motor in you will have to do some modification on the motor mount where the engine will set firmly. You will ... 2006 Dodge Charger

Dodge neon se and when i turn my car on in morning it will start but go about five miles or so and turn off it won't start up again until maybe several hours later also had a couple of machanics tell me it a short and one said its the ignition switch and lock needs to be change car doctor put screw driver divice and hooked a wire to it and one end of it on my battery and the other touched the starter and it started right up and he said it seems to be a short but i need to know where also my reve

Check the wire harness to the neutral/safety switch located under the air filter housing. The engine and transmission oil damages the insulation on the wires causing a major short. If ok, then check the switch itself. The switch controls the back ... 2001 Dodge Neon

I have a 2005 mercury montego (six speed transmission) with the following problem. When it only had about 40,000 miles, the transmission had to be replaced. The recurring symptom was a "stuttering", like a jerking, at about 40 - 45 miles per hour. I thought it was an electrical problem or bad gas or something, so I was amazed to find I needed a new transmission. I have Geico mechanical breakdown insurance, so they have the option of putting a rebuilt one in, which they did. Now, I have what

... 2005 Mercury Montego
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