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Might as well if ones gone the others bound to go soon anyways
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Might as well if ones gone the others bound to go soon anyways ... 2001 Lexus RX 300

I have a "97 Town and Country Van. The air conditioner is not working. It blows hot air. I have had it tested 3 or 4 times for leaks, and the mechanics can not find the leak. They all said that it may be the evaporator coils. There is one in the front and one in the back. The dash board has to be removed to get to the front coil. I'm not sure how they will reach the rear. I asked if the mechanics if they could test the coils first to tell which one needs replacing. They all said it had to be tak

They're giving you good information. (I'd start in the front}. ... 1999 Chrysler Town & Country

Mazda sting We did the front and back brakes, there was no brakes, we replaced the one steel pipe thingy at the left back wheel as the brakefluit was leaking there, still the brakes was very low, then we saw on the right back wheel the siliner thingy is also leaking, we bought a new one and replaced it, last night there was no brakes again, and the brakefluid light came on, as we checked we saw that very same silinder thingy was leaking again, what cane

... Cars & Trucks

My 2004 f150 does not always work in 4 wheel drive but I replaced a vacuum line that goes to the front acuator on the front axel, then i replaced the right front hub assembly with a used one and the 4 wheel drive seemed to work fine,but the used hub was warped so i put the old one back on temporaraly and now the four wheel drive does'nt work. how does the hub affect that. need to know. mike m,

The IWE is operated by a common vacuum system. When you say does not work, not sure what you are getting at ( only 1 wheel locks into place, or neither ).Could be you had the vent and vacuum lines reversed, and this did not keep the IWE ... 2004 Ford F150

Continuation of 1998 Plymouth Breeze Stiff Steering Issue Well, we ended up replacing basically all of the front end of this 1998 Plymouth Breeze because it was totally worn out. We replaced the front motor mount, the rear motor mount, upper ball joints, front struts, both CV axles, both control arms (lower ball joints), the Rack & Pinion and Tie Rod ends We even replaced the water pump and timing belt because the water pump was leaking and since we had it open, we replaced the timing

First, the mechanic has no idea what that switch is most likely. I have several Rack and Pinions for dodge and Plymouth vehicles and none have any electrical on them however I have seen some that do and having looked at these I'm pretty sure it is a ... 1998 Plymouth Breeze

I got all 4 struts replaced within the past 2 weeks. My car now has a slow oil leak coming from the front driver's side of the car. Also, there is a metal on metal grinding sound coming from the front drivers side. Should the place that replaced the struts be responsible to fix these problems free of charge? I have never had a problem with oil leakage before this. It is a 2003 Nissan Altima

They might have damaged something while jacking it up... \015\012if you can prove they damaged the car then they have to rectify it. \015\012simple as that. \015\012\015\012Oil leak could be sump or gearbox - depending on where they put the jac ... 2003 Nissan Altima

I replaced my front brake router and brake pads today. when i bleed the front left brake, a line which im assuming is a brake line near the rear left tire burst and is leaking brake fluid. when u tried bleeding the right front brake the pedal is going right to the floor when i pump it up. and the pads arnt tighting up around the router and no fluid is coming out? would the leaking line at the back wheel be why its affecting the bleeding the front brake?

First, there is NO Pumping of the brake pedal\015\012involved in bleeding brakes\015\012\015\012I think your smart enough to know you\015\012need to replace both rear brake hoses,\015\012before you proceed with the bleed ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Code check=number 5 misfire code check=warm up catalyst system (lh) efficiency below threshold 1st one says lean air/fuel ratio, weak ignition system , engine mechanical condition, vacuum leak affecting one cylinder. 2nd one says exhaust leak, check other codes, faulty catalytic converter I have replaced #5 spark plug, solenoid and boot. still trips computer. help please?

From what I have read up, faulty ignition coils are a regular issue with 2002 model onwards. Also a broken PCV hose. Please check that ... 2004 Mazda MPV

The compressor for the air ride in my 2003 navigator kicks on as it should when i start the truck and it airs up, but within minutes the air leaks right back out again from the front end. The back doesnt seem to have a problem. The compressor keeps trying to air it up but soon as it does, it leaks back out again. A friend told me he thinks its leaking from the t fitting in the front. Can I just replace the t fitting and if so, where can I get one? Do I have to purchase through dealer? Thanks for

I am an ase certified tech 34 yrs exp. working on one as i write this for the same problem. the running board has a motor and gear box bolted together.un bolt 3 bolts remove motor ck operation.my problem is in gear box slipping inside.after removing ... 2003 Lincoln Navigator

Power Steering Pumps (mine is a 1996 Camry 2.2 4 cylinder) are notorious for leaking fluid out of their o-ringed return line one bolt connection!! First of all - it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to access the pump -- I remove my front CV axle to gain clearance to get to this frickin' pump. I've had it out - replaced the o-ting with new TOYOTA ring - now it leaks worse than ever!! Any thoughts on maybe a slightly thicker ring? The ones I had to select from at auto parts stores are just too fat!! Won't fit

If the factory correct o-ring is not sealing there has to be a problem with either the mating surface on the pump or the line. Can you be certain that the line is installed correctly, it's flush to the back of the pump? Maybe there's a small crack in ... Toyota Camry

I recently replaced my front abs sensors. The front right seal is leaking out the hub oil. I have bought genuine original seals, but the hole they go into is too tight, I have bent 3 trying to get them in, is there an easy way to do this. I only have one good one left. The hole for the sensor and seal has a lip on it and it is smaller in size than the seal. Any ideas?

Yep. The manual always says replace seals, gaskets, etc but heck sometimes it does not need to be done and only creates problems. I took mine out and cleaned them up or sanded the insert trying to get the abs light off but I did not replace the sea ... 1996 Land Rover Discovery

2003 GMC YXL DENALI - "Service Ride Control" Error message - Compressor no longer kicks on at start up for the last few weeks - Kicked on once a few days ago and then stopped - Intermittent "Stability Control Disabled" Error while driving - Rear Suspension NOT sagging - Checked fuses I thought would affect Autoride - none burnt out assuming I checked the right one. - Recently replaced water pump that was leaking - was it leaking on any electrical components that could affect the Ride Control? -

Check youer air shocks for leakes and rear hight sensor ... 2003 GMC Yukon Denali

I have a 1985 s-10 blazer with the 2.8 i just recently purchased this truck when i got it the transfer case and front diff were leaking so i proceded to take them off i replaced the front diff with a new one re-sealing it before i installed it the transfer case worked fine just leaked alot so i pulled it also re-sealing it before i re installed it now as i accelerate hard there is a low clunking in 2wd and when i put it in 4wd it seems like there is something hitting on the inside of the t-cas

Well i have the same blazer and my transfer case is messed up...the older model chevys had alot of problems with the t-case because the chain inside them grinds against the inside of the t-case and will cause a hole and once there is a hole u have to ... 1985 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

1999 Chevy Cavalier Trying to get this ready for my kid to go back to college. Recently replaced both front tires, brakes, drivers wheel bearing and exhaust leak. The car makes a lot of road noise while driving. I do not believe it is exhaust, if cruising say at 55 put it in neutral the noise remains the same. Engine RPM doe not effect the noise. While cruising a long right hand turn will quiet the tone to almost normal left hand turns remains the same. Both front struts probally need replacing

I have the same thing going on with my 2002 cavalier. I replaced wheel bearings with no luck. My tires also wore uneven toe. Going to try alignment. I'm sure it's the same problem as you describe and it's really annoying. Right hand turns remains the ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have an F-350 Ford 2001...lost transmission after 4 years 80,000 miles...new one replaced at Ford Dealership at the cost of 4200.00. Now at 60,000 miles and almost four years, in two weeks,on this one...it has begun to leak at the front of the transmission. No problem with gears as of yet...but just noticed the leak. Do you have any suggestions?

Where is the leak? If its from the front of the pan just replace the gasket and refill the trans. If its coming from the front oil seal you must remove the transmission to replace the seal. Lucas makes a transmission sealer/conditioner that we have h ... Ford Ranger

Two of my freeze plugs popped out, I found one and replaced it but I can't seem to find the other one. They were both on the ground one almost in front of the other. Well I poured 50/50 antifreeze in and the antifreeze leaked or sould I say poured out. I got under the car and I found the one as I said earlier but I could't find the other one . I'am hoping it's not my water pump or the engine block cracked ? Well thanks hope I can get the help I need. OH did I metion that the engine is a 5.0 expl

... Ford Explorer

Coolant leak I've recently had my alternator, belts, and water hose replaced related to two previous coolant leaks. A pressure test was performed to locate the reason for the leak. Now only 2 months later it is still leaking. After getting down and looking at the leak it seems to be coming from the drainage plug(?) right near the front underside of the vehicle. After draining all the coolant out and checking the struts on the plug it seemed to be fine. Then after making sure it was re-screwed ba

I don't know what you mean by struts on the plug. If this is the plug on the lower radiator reservoir the cheap fix is to silicone a new plug and reinstall it. Don't over tighten. If the silicone doesn't work you may have to ... 1996 Nissan Sentra

I have 2002 Camry Le 4 cy.I was told that I need replace front pipe assembly & gasket (flex-pipe leaking) they said it would coast around 900 just for the part because there is catalytic con. but they put brand new one 6 months ago,and it cost around 700$. Is there cheaper fix for the leak and how danger leak is for my engine,.

The broken flex pipe can easily be fixed with a generic flex pipe for less then $100.The catalytic converter is after that, so has nothing at all to do with it.But cracks can also brazed or welded to fix.However, the reason flex pip ... 1996 Toyota Camry

97 Chrysler Concorde high idle speed A 1997 Chrysler Concorde starts fine, but idles at 2000 rpm. The idle increases to 2500 as it warms up. Vacuum is at spec, and no signs of intake leak. We have replaced the coolant temp sensor (previous code), idle air control motor (previous code), one front O2 sensor, EGR valve and control, and MAP sensor (previous code). The previous owner had the PCM replaced with a used unit, with no luck. We have not yet replaced the intake air temp sensor,

Couple things to check out. what is the throttle position sensor readings fully closed (should be .5volts). if it's above the pcm may think the car is not at idle. did you spray sections of vacuum lines and manifold gaskets with brake clean to check ... Chrysler Concorde

I need to replace the front struts on my kia sportage, how do I do it? Pictures would be helpful on the steps taken to remove the old structs and replacing them with the new ones.

You can buy a manual for about $60.00 off the net ... 2002 Kia Sportage

Can I replace the front air struts with regular struts and which ones would I use? Thank you, Joe

... 1993 Subaru Legacy

2002 chevy silverado hd 2500 power steering fluid leaking from weep hole in front of hydro booster - replaced unit - now new one leaking - bad unit or bigger problem?

... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

I'm working on a 1989 toyota pickup 4x4 I have a rear axle that leaks from the differental case I have taken out the seal and splatter ring and the front bearing but the front of the differental case still wont come off I have the gasket but I cant seem to get to the old one to replace it can you help me please.

Your doing it wrong ,first remove the half shafts ,then the propshaft .now undo the the diff housing bolts and it will drop out .not a difficult job but the EP90 oil ?? what smelly stuff so wash up well afterwards ... Toyota Pickup

I have a 2004 grand prix gt and having a problem with leaking water in the front passenger side floor along with the back seat floor too had my blower replaced last year and where the bolts are for the blower motor theres one thats leaking water

Sounds like your A/C drain tube is blocked. You will need to get it blown out. ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

Squeak when on the highway, between 55-75 mph, my car has a squeak coming from the driver side. theyve replaced the power steering gear and pump, the front struts and the driver side axle as well as both front wheel bearings, the radiator which was sort of loose....and the squeak is still there... it is difficult to describe but it almost sounds like metal rubbing on metal. my car was on a collision before i got it. for two and a half years, 30k miles its been fine till this noise popped up one

Check rubber cushion on your spring,I bet you the sharp end of the coil spring went through the rubber and hitting the coil spring seat ... 2003 Nissan Maxima
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