Having problems with your 2001 Kia Spectra ?

Squealing my 2001 spectra has started sqealing constantly.i bought a new alternater and replaced all belts.any suggestions

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Let me know what you figure. I have changed alternator , water pump and belt on my daughters 2002 Spectra. . Still squeals. Currently assessing battery condition.
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Squealing my 2001 spectra has started sqealing constantly.i bought a new alternater and replaced all belts.any suggestions

Let me know what you figure. I have changed alternator , water pump and belt on my daughters 2002 Spectra. . Still squeals. Currently assessing battery condition. ... 2001 Kia Spectra

I have a 2008 dodge avenger and the power window regulator went out so I bought a new one and replaced it. Now the control modual won't work so I bought a new one of those. And back windows will go up and down but drivers side and passenger won't! Any suggestions

... 2008 Dodge Avenger

I have a 2002 Ford Escape. I bought it used in 2006, I in 2008 the alternator went out, had it and the battery replaced. 2 weeks later had to have alternator replaced again. all was good until March of 2010 alternator when out again. This one was replaced with a brand new one with lifetime parts warranty, this one lasted til december. No shorts found, everything appears to be operating normally. Any suggestions?

Hi steve61380, If there are any aftermarket electronics installed in the vehicle like stereo equipment (cd changers, amps etc.), or an HHO cell, or performance electronics like high energy ignition system they could be overloading the stock alternato ... Ford Escape

I have a 94 Buick LeSabre with 109,000 miles that I just bought. The car idles rough, and at low speeds. It has had a tune-up, new fuel filter, new ignition wires, new PCV valve, I replaced the 3 coils and nothing has helped. Occasionally it will stall when coming to a stop. The engine has good pep when it is running at normal speeds. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Its probably a vacuum line problem or EVAP or possibly the Mass Air Flow Sensor. Make sure that is hooked up as well. Examine all lines to see if there is a rip or tear or anything loose ... 1994 Buick LeSabre

Bought this 2001 honda S2000 in march had a blown engine replaced the crank shaft and the clutch. New clutch went out in less than three weeks. Had car back now for 5 weeks and clutch just went out again. I have driven a clutch for over ten years treated this car like a baby. What could be going on with this car. I have been told it is the way i am driving it. I had a toyota corolla for over ten years and never replaced the clutch. Any suggestions.

I know it is not you.\015\012It is most certainly, the folks doing the work on your vehicle,that is a fact.\015\012What work,in detail, is being done,and by whom?\015\012You surely must find this incompetent at best.\015\012 ... 2001 Honda S2000

Rough ride - I had the struts and shocks replaced twice, bought new tires twice, replaced the front axle. All this was done within a 12 months period. Car is absoltuley riding rough - mechanics tell me it's just a rough riding car! It didn't used to run like this - now I feel every bump in the road. Any suggestions what else I can get fixed in order to remedy the problem?

... 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante

My vehicle stalls everytime i take off after being stopped at a light, stop sign etc. I have had the alternator replaced, the engine flushed, the cooling fans and censor replaced and still no success. I have even bought a new battery. Any suggestions. Its a 2004 volkswagen beetle.

Try cleaning the mass air flow sensor. You can buy the cleaner at any auto parts store for around 5 bucks. ... 2004 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible

I have a 2004 (bought new) honda crv. a couple of years ago i replaced the tires with the same tires that came with the car: bridgestone dueler h/t d684 bl p205/70r15 95s 40,000 mi warranty. the first two sets of tires were a perfect ride- smooth. about six weeks ago, i went in for new tires and the dealer i have always used (with free balance and rotation) suggested a 65,000 mile warranty tire: firestone 047150 fr710 ws p205/70r15 95s. i said great and left the car with them. within a few hours

I recommend taking your vehicle to a shop (any shop) that use a Hunter tire balancer. These machines can detect all variables that affect ride quality by not only spinning the rim, but it uses a roller to inspect the tire itself for its "road force". ... Honda CR-V

Timing Tensioner Hi Again, Well I found out it's not a rod bearing going out, the timing tensioner bolt broke. Now my problem is, how do i get the rest of the bolt out? I bought a new tensioner and bolt to replace it, also a new water pump and timing belt. My husband drilled the old bolt and used an easy out, but the old bolt isn't budging, he sprayed it with ez blaster to try and loosen it but that didn't work either, sooo anyone got any other suggestions? Thanks a bunch for any help.

It has been necessary to heat(hot) the old stud in order to free it, try a bolt extractor rather than an easy out worse case scenario would be to drill out the bolt to almost the diameter of the hole, if you damage the threads you may have to chase n ... 1994 Dodge Caravan

Hi, we just bought a used 2006 Subaru Legacy Outback and discovered that it has an intermittent overheating problem, most often occurring at times of lower speed and gradually disappearing at higher speed. CV joints and boots were repaired, Head gaskets have been replaced, thermostat and gaskets have been replaced, cooling system flushed, and yesterday a new sensor for the dash temp gage was installed. Just wondering about any suggestions about this problem.

Sounds like the electric fans are not kicking in easy way to find out is to let the car idle and see if they start up when the car gets hot if not ther will be a thermo switch in the radiator that you can replace and if that doesnt fix the problem it ... 2006 Subaru Outback

Sounds like we are in the same boat! Should not have bought a Nissan. I have a 2005 and am having problems with the car being at an idol and no heat in below 0 temps. This is not fun. It has been into the dealership 5 times now. We have already replaced all fuses, and the blower motor. Very flusterating and am looking for advise. Not fun when you have a two year old without heat in a new vehicle that you thought you could depend on! Thanks Nissan!

Hi, I just had this problem one month ago. It was a little cooling fluid leak. The garage fixed the leak and put some more fluid and everything works now. Best solution...don't go to the dealer! ... 2005 Nissan Xterra

1999 Ford Explorer Power Drivers Seat doesn't work. When I push and of the switches, it doesn't go up, down, forward, backward, nothing. I check the fuses under the hood and didn't find any blown. I checked the fuses on the left side of the dash and none of them were blown. I bought a new replacement power seat mechanism and installed it. When I put the plugs for the seat back inm it would not do anything either. My passenger power seat works but my drivers seat does not work. Suggestions?

... 1999 Ford Explorer

Thought my drivers headlight was burnt out. Went out and bought a new bulb. Replaced it and it didn't work. Tried 3 different bulbs and it still doesn't work. Any suggestions?

Get a test light and check the socket, if voltage is good check ground ... 2003 Ford Windstar

Problem: A co-worker has a 1999 Audi A6 Quattro. Her directionals stopped working and she's had to resort to manually moving the switch arm (the hazards work fine, though). Someone on the internet suggested the problem is the relay, since the switch works manually. She bought a new relay with the intention of replacing it herself, but can't find where it's located in the car. Questions: Does this car have separate relays for the directionals and the hazards? Does the problem sound like the dir

I think her problem is the hazard light switch this is how they go when they go wrong the indicators stop working ,their is no magic relay or seting dash lights --- not on such an old car ,the hazards work but no indicators ,they all use the same fla ... 1999 Audi A6

I have a 2005 Kia Spectra 5, 5 speed manual transmisson. Recently the steering is hard a low speed like slowing and turning and eases up a higher rates of speed. What's up with this? I bought the car new and have kept the oil changed, had 1 tune up and 4 sets of tires. There's 140,000 miles on the car and I have had 0 problems with it.

... Cars & Trucks

Old starter would spin but would not kick-out and turn engine. Bought new one and still the same problem. Tightened all negative connections, replaced ignition switch. I feel like its in the wiring because I tested the starter outside of the car and it kicked out and was spinning. I need suggestions please.

Have you checked your ignition fuse yet? ... 1987 Mazda RX-7

I just recently bought a 1994 Volkswagon Jetta and i drove it for 2 days and i went to start it today and it wouldnt start. The Radio, door chime, lights and everything worked. We replaced the battery and still nothing. Also my car alarm started going off when i opened my car door after installing the new battery and trying to start my car. ANy suggestions

Check the battery cables and the ground connections as the car is older and corrsion can give you troubles like this. ... 1994 Volkswagen Jetta

New starter on my 2000 Subaru Impreza Outback sport is going out again. I recently bought my impreza. The check engine light came on a few times and 5 days later it would not start, I tapped on the starter by suggestion of a friend, they siad it may free up the little fan inside (then it started right up for the next week untill I got the starter replaced. The check engine light cam eon again last week and then off and then back on for about a day. Yesterday it would not start so I tried the tep

Sounds like a bad starter. If your car is turbocharged then you might have gotten a starter meant for non-turbo application. Same thing happened to me but I couldnt get the right starter. Heat is the no.1 enemy of cars. Turbos run way hotter than ... 1999 Subaru Impreza

I've owned a '97 4Runner since new and although I've never used it, I need to replace the rear wiper blade assembly. Went to the local parts store, bought a 13" RainX assembly but cannot figure out how to remove the OEM without breaking something. Does anyone have any useful suggestions?

Best bet is go back to the local parts store and ask the guy to change it for you, after all you did buy it from them, its called customer relations!!! that way you go back and buy from them again? i do it all the time and most times they realy dont ... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

I live in Canada - I have a 2005 Kia Spectra. When the weather starts to get chilly, The car has problems... When I start it in the morning, the interior lights, rear defrost, brake lights, head lights, and door locks don't work until at least 20 minutes to 1/2 hour into driving... Another mechanic suggested a new battery, which I have replaced with no change... Help!

I am suprised that a mechanic told you it might be the battery. Remember this in the future: If the battery is strong enough to turn an engine over, it is strong enough to do every other possible thing you could throw at it in a car. It takes sever ... 2005 Kia Spectra

I have a 1998 Nissa Maxima with 277K+ miles. I bought this car new and it has run great over the years. Recently when turnig the key to start (cold or hot)the engine starts to crank but sometimes "kicks" back or cranking slows down like the battery is the problem. My mechanic first thought the cam and crankshaft position sensors needed to be replaced. We did that but the problem persists. When the engine does start it runs fine at all speeds. My mechanic now suggests the problem is a timing chai

Consider the cost of any work vis a vis the cost of replacing (your pet) bet it works out cheaper to recycle.......( you have to go to switzerland for euthenasia,wonder where cars go.....?) ... 1996 Nissan Maxima

I have a 91 Ford Ranger 4.0L 4x4. Yesterday, i went to work everything was fine. went to lunch, fine as well. After work, i went to start it and nothing. I get power when i turn the key and can compression start it. Also was able to jump the soleniod on the fender. So i replaced the soleniod and still nothing when i turn the key. I also bought a new starter and still nothing. I checked my fuses and ran my wires, everything appears to be fine. Any suggestions? Aaron

This may be a dumb suggestion, but have you tried changing out the battery? I had a similar problem and changed my solenoid, cleaned all grounds and wiring connections and after all that it ended up that a cell was shorting out in the battery. Someth ... 1991 Ford Ranger Supercab

Recently the radiator on my 2000 Toyota Avalon blew. The upper passenger side hose fitting just cracked and broke. Bought a new radiator installed it and it started over heating, never had this problem before (accept when idling in 110 degree traffic jam - live in Phoenix) Now even though we replaced the fan sensor (lower passenger side in the radiator) it still over heats. A mechanic friend of mine suggested it may be air pockets in the system and to raise the front end open the cap and run it

These are notorious air-pocketers..some crucial points: Must maintain a clean 50-50 coolant solution mix ratio, filled to minimum line cold...and to full line after warmed and thermostat has opened. If there is currently no visible signs of loss of ... Toyota Avalon

Truck randomly won't start. No clicking, no nothing. Has a new battery, starter relay, ignition switch, etc. Someone told me to replace the clutch switch/neutral safety switch. I bought a neutral safety switch and was told it went on the transmission (manual 4 speed). I don't see where it goes and there is no pig tail or wiring harness anywhere leading to the transmission. I know the switch is NOT on the steering column like some vehicles. Any suggestions?

When it wont start, turn your headlights on, see if they work if they dont, find out why. When it wont start, take a wire from the positive battery terminal and touch it to the small post on the starter solenoid, it should crank. If it now cranks, ... 1984 Ford F 150

I bought a new Tucson 2006. The battery died in Oct 2009 and I replaced it, died again in May 2010, I replaced it, died again in Oct 2010 and I replaced it. Jan 10, 2010 it has obviously died again. Tucson won't start and I figure it is the same problem, the battery. I bought this battery from Walmart and they continue to replace it. I wonder if they are using recharged old battery. Also where should I purchase my "new" battery from. This problem is really getting old. I only have 30,

If the battery was made in china, Which walmart likes to buy from, I would go to another store and get one that will work for more than a couple of months. PS Don't get one from autozone either. ... 2006 Hyundai Tucson
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