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2001 Kia Optima - Train sounding noise underneath

\015 When I am driving my 2001 Kia, I hear a very loud clickety-clackety noise from underneath. It appears to be coming from the rear. It is not the sound of grinding rotors or anything like that. It reminds me of the sound the train makes when riding over the railroad tracks. I am not sure if it is the axle or what? Any suggestions?\015
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Answers :

Sounds like the bearings are going out in the rear hub(s). Drive the car for a few miles (if it is safe to to do). Park it and check to see if the wheels are warm, or even hot, in their center cap area. This will indicate excess friction from bad bearings. Replace the whole hub. It's an easy DIY job, if you are so inclined. Part cost should be just over $100. per axle. Shop around to find a good price. I recommend Timken hubs. best of luck.
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2001 Kia Optima - Train sounding noise underneath

Sounds like the bearings are going out in the rear hub(s). Drive the car for a few miles (if it is safe to to do). Park it and check to see if the wheels are warm, or even hot, in their center cap area. This will indicate excess friction from bad bea ... 2001 Kia Optima

2001 Kia Optima - Train sound underneath

I had this problem it was the control arm in the rear of the car. ... 2001 Kia Optima

After replacing timing belt on 2001 kia optima and the other 2 belts the engine still vibrates and has that "roar" sound enough vibration to make rear view mirror appear to be shaking when looking in it-what is the problem-i really do not trust the mechanic's word. This is the 3rd belt I have had to put on this car, they said the tensioner was bad causing the belt to wear out. $800.00 and now this noise, it was making this noise when I took car in but now it is louder

It sounds as though the timing may be off. The belt may be okay, but if the timing is off, it will cause the motor to vibrate. Also... if your car keeps chewing up timing belts, there may be a defect in the timing gears or belt guides causing the bel ... 2001 Kia Optima

2002 Kia Optima has a knocking sound until the engine heats up and then smells like an overheated engine, lots of clicking noises after you turn it off. Checked the antifreeze level, at the top, there is turbulence while running. Gauge stays between the dots for safe temperature. Pretty sure it isn't the thermostat but haven't ruled it out yet. Any ideas why this happening?

It's possible that your oil level is low or it's time for an oil filter change.If not, it's possible that the rockers need adjustment, but I doubt it. Good luck ... 2001 Kia Optima

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G'day mate , sounds like exhaust hiting , posible causes are from the front to back , boken / deteriorated engine mounts allowing engine to move about , exhaust shields ( thin plate moulded to exhaust shape and bolted on ) rattling about , finally ex ... 2004 Kia Optima

I have what sounds like a grinding noise coming from the front wheel of my 2005 kia optima

Sounds as if your brake pads have worn down to the "screechers" These are small metal clips attached to brake pads that scrape the rotors to alert the driver that it is time to have the brakes serviced. Hope this helps. ... Kia Optima

There is a knocking sound and grinding sound coming from underneath my car. I know the grinding is my breaks. But When i hit the brakes it starts to knock and feel like a loose banging. I also have a sound coming from the front i think, could be back, underneath that is a loud obnoxious sound that sounds kind of knocky/screechy. I'm not sure what it is. My brother suggested ball bearings. Is he right? The noise is worst at a slow speed and right before i come to a complete stop.

By the sounds of your brakes, you will need to replace rotors too. Dont let someone "turn" them (machine them) it weakens the rotor and with the amount of heat generated by braking its not a good idea. ... 1995 Saturn Sc

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1991 Buick Park Avenue transmission issue. 26900 miles, was serviced for the first time 2 years ago and I immediately noticed a slight whining sound in the lower gears. 2 weeks ago hearing a sound difficult to describe but close enough to the sound of a playing card attached to a bicycle wheel. This happens only in first or second gear. A shop told me that there was a drive train chain which is becoming loose causing the noise. Other than this noise transmission performs as one should with 27000

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I have a 2008 V6 RAV4 that has had a noise in the drive train that sounds like an older car with a bad ring gear. The dealership knows about it and told me Toyota is looking into providing a sound suppression for the noise. Sounds like a poor fix. Have you any ideas?

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Key on engine off. I hear a humming/buzzing noise coming from underneath the 2006 toyota tundra I climbed underneath; the noise is localized to the transmission pan, and w I put my hand directly underneath the transmission pan, I feel a vibration and hear a humming and buzzing sound

There are actuators in the transmission that control pressure and shifting ... 2006 Toyota Tundra

There is a clicking sound that emanates from the driver side of my '05 Pontiac G6. It sounds similar to the sound an ignitor on a gas grill makes, only constantly. The noise goes away immediately when I turn the heater & a/c off (to 0), and conversely starts back up when the heater is switched back on. There are very few moments when the noise goes away on its on, but they are very short lived and far between.

Clunking noise front when turning left and does it right also but not as bad 2006 g6 at low speed and goes away as you speed up but always there i have replaced lower control arms both side still there ... 2006 Pontiac G6

Grinding noise when accelerating. I drive a 1994 Toyota Tercel automatic, and last night I was cruising the highway at about 75 when my left front tire made a slipping sound, and after that I noticed a grinding noise and a slight whistle. The noise is only present when I accelerate from 0 to about 30 mph, and also when slowing down without braking. While coasting at 50mph with constant pressure on the gas pedal, the sound went away. Is this a CV joint problem or something more serious?

It sounds more like your wheel bearing. If you jack the car up in the front grab the tire at 12 and 6 and try to wiggle it. If there is movement that will prove to be your wheel bearing or your ball joint. If you have someone look under the car at th ... 1994 Toyota Tercel

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Brake pads are sticking in the caliper or the caliper is seized up ... 2007 Kia Optima

Engine noise there is a noise sounds like a rattle sound coming form the engine just underneath the valve cover what are the possibilities and can we do it ourselves what would be involved also notice oil inside of sparkplug ports on first 2 of 4

Sounds like stuck lifters....check oil and make sure that it is filled to full and make sure the color is good (not dark/black)....unfortunately lifters are pretty expensive new...but before you go replacing them know that this is pretty common...hav ... 1998 Saturn SL

2006.5 v6 kia optima has a loud ticking noise back of motor

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2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Knocking Noise - Drive Train? Hello, I would like and share a question about my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix. There is a knocking like sound coming from the front on the car during the following situations: 1. When putting it into gear Drive / Reverse from a parked position, there is knocking sound or abnormal 'clunck' sound. 2, The same knocking sound. can be heard when pressing the accelerater while cruising down the street or Hwy.. It occurs and I let off the accelerater, t

If it only knocks or clunks puting in gear or gettingonit I would check motor & trans mount both upper dog bone & cross bars to core support ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

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I have a 1996 audi a4 quattro with a stick shift. When I push the clutch in, I hear a clicking/grinding noise that sounds like its coming from right underneath the car. I also hear this sound momentariy when I push the accelerator, I hear the sound and it disappears. But with the clutch in, or when its rolling in neutral its a constant sound. Any suggestions?

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Ok if the noise is there all the time then it may still be the alternator but do this if is not to check it yourself start the car turn the headlights on, if no nose, then turn on the heater, then turn on the a/c if the noise starts during any of th ... 2000 Kia Sephia

2008 Kia optima LX check engine light at 60000 miles when starts the engine shakes and makes noise like it will quit

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Today a noise started coming from underneath the hood of my 1999 Ford Taurus that sounded like a very loud lawnmower. It seems to do this both while driving and while idle, although the noise is significantly quieter while idle. The car has approximately 130K on it. The last few days before the loud noise started, it seems to accelerate by itself while at stop lights or any other time the car is not moving. Any ideas what this could be and about the cost?

Hello, This could be an indication your A/C is low on Freon or your Power Steering pump is low on fluid. Both systems are made to increase the idle speed to make the system work better. What happens in the case of the A/C, is the A/C compressor pu ... Ford Taurus

My 1999 GMC Jimmy makes a whining sound only when it is in gear. I got underneath and it sounds like it is either coming from the starter or the bottom of the bell housing. It starts up without a problem, but when I put it in Drive or Reverse it makes the whining sound. Also when I am driving down the road if I am coasting it will not make the noise, but if I give it gas it starts whining again and the more gas I give the louder it gets. The transmission shifts very smoothly. Any ideas?

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