Having problems with your 2001 Isuzu Trooper ?

My ac/heater fan stopped blowing, where is the fan located? The air is still cold just not blowing out.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Verify the fuse first!! the blower is located behind glove box, see it under it and only need to remove 4 phillips screws!
I have a 2001 bmw 325i and a few months back the a/c / heater fan stopped working. i didnt really care then but now that is summer in bakersfield ca 100 degrees outside i cannot even drive my car w/out a/c too hot. i turn on the ac and it doe not blow any air at all. any help? please
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My ac/heater fan stopped blowing, where is the fan located? The air is still cold just not blowing out.

Verify the fuse first!! the blower is located behind glove box, see it under it and only need to remove 4 phillips screws! ... 2001 Isuzu Trooper

During a three hour drive back home, our AC stopped blowing cold air. If you stick your hand in front of the vent, you can feel cold air, but it doesn't blow. If you turn the fan up all the way, you can hear the fan running, but the air doesn't blow. Also, there is an occasional vibrating sound in the engine compartment when the AC is running and, in the last 1/3 of the drive, there was a clicking sound when the AC was running. Is this a belt issue or something else?

Sounds if the fan itself has broken off the blower motor, you can't just replace the fan, ... 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor

Volvo S60 2003 blows warm air at 15-20 min of driving, I turn off for 2 min . Turn back on blows very cold air again. Use to only blow warm air at a complete stop sitting more than 5 min. Now it happens daily. No messages on dash . Temp of car good. Nothing turns off fan still goes and blows. My freon is very cold when ac works properly.

Compressor clutch is a common problem for intermittent a/c on these models if freon charge is appropriate and temperature control flap in heater box is fully functional. I do not believe this model has a evaporator temp sensor. ... Cars & Trucks

Hello, Replaced the A/C compressor, expansion valve and dryer. Flushed entire system, vacuumed the air out and filled with oil and 45 bmi of refrigerant. Car blows cold when driving, but warms up at idle or stop. I hit the accelerator to bring up the RPM for a min, then the fan kicked on and started blowing cold again. What do you think I should look into? Im thinking some kind of sensor that turns the fan on to send air to the condenser. Oh it is a 2002 VW Beetle. Thank you, Je

... Volkswagen Beetle

My ac I have a 96 sentra 1.6 i notice that the ac dont stay blowing cold air i think when the fans are off it's stop blow cold air, i also dont know if both fans on that car should be working at the same time because this one are i thugh it should work one at a time can you help me

The second fan shuold work on and of not all the time and you probably need some more ac frion in your system. ... 1996 Nissan Sentra

2005 tahoe will not blow air in the front when at idle or setting still. Setting still you can run 2000 rpm still will not blow. When you start moving about 20 mph it will blow but only 1 speed (about mid speed) no matter what you set the controls on. Slow down to stop and it stops blowing. The temp control works so if you set it on 60 degrees it blows cold on 75 it is warmer. If you turn teh heat on it blows hot but only when moving and you can not control the fan speed. Rear air works fi

... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

My 2007 Mazda 3 AC will stop blowing cold air while the cruise control is on. The green light will stay on but warm air comes out. If I turn the fan speed switch off then on, it will get cold again and sometimes blow cold air for a while before going warm again. The engine thermostat says the car is not getting warm. What could this be?

... Cars & Trucks

1993 Cutlass supreme air conditioning fan has quit.. i had a ressistor replaced a few months ago. the fan would only blow on low.. but now does not blow at all! The air gets cold but will not blow out. Any ideas on what to do? And where is the fan located?

I just had this problem last week. the fan is located under the dash on passenger side.the motor is shot. took it to a shop to be replaced. 238.00 ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

This vehicle is a 2002 nissan sunny singapore model. The air conditioner system is fine, the air blower(fan) located in side the vehicle is continuously blowing air regardless of the blower switch position. The only time it stops blowing air is when the ignition switch is off. the air conditioner control circuit is fine. I tried tracing the wires from the blower which goes to some power unit, but this I cannot locate. Those wires are blue and are of a thick gage. I have deduced so far that the p

... Cars & Trucks

The air conditioner stops blowing cold after about an hour. The fan runs high but does not blow the air out at full force nor does it blow cold. The thermastat has been replaced. S60 2002 Volvo Do you know what the problem could be?

... 2002 Volvo S60

Air conditioning My ac blows pretty cool air for the most part. It just will not pull the cab temp down to an acceptable level even on Max AC with fan on high. Upon occasion, it will stop blowing cold all together for a few minutes. It will then blow cold again. I have a cheap gauge and put it on to check the leve of r123a, but it shows it to be at the max range or just a fuzz above that. Any help here?


My 2001 chevy cavalier was serviced last year for over heating and the a/c unit not blowing cool air. It has a new radiator but the fan has stopped turning and the a/c blows hot only. Ive tried re-charging the unit it seemed to be full or clogged it blew cold for a couple days now back to hot again. Ive had a new coolant reservoir air filter put in and a new head gasket and thermostate put in not to long ago could I have blown something out again by the fan not working

Might just be a bad engine coolant temp sensor , it tells car computer engine temperature and computer controls fans , as for recharging a/c , did you pull system under vacuum ? to check for leaks ? vacuum also helps remove air to get a better charge ... Cars & Trucks

The air-conditioner on our GMC Yukon does not blow cold when stopped at a light or such. The fan still blows, but the air is not cold unless the Yukon is moving. Can this be fixed?

Make sure that your coolant is full. That is usualy the cause.When you are at idle there is not sufficent coolant to be pushed thru the heater core. ... 2002 GMC Sierra

Hi, It seems like the radiator cooling fan stop working on my 1998 VW Beetle. Shortly before it stop working, my AC stop blowing cold air. Is there a way for me to connect the fan directly with out having to go thru the AC. The light in my car is flashing that it's over heating. I'm not to concerned about the AC right now. But will like to fix the fan problem. Thanks

The aircondition or heater will not come on when you turn one of them on will not say anything are do anything ... 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

My 2005 jeep liberty 3.7L the a/c stopped blowing cold air when i was stopped in traffic, and the vehicle started to run hot.I did noticed that the radiator fan was not turning until i bumped on it, but did not appear to be moving ful speed.I changed both hi and low relays it then worked for a day and the problem began again,but sometimes sometime still workes when i am stopped. Is the fan the problem? I just hate buying a fan and that is not the problem.I also hot wired from the battery and tou

Try this replace your fuse for the fan see if it is messed up if a minor break it would cause this this just a idea but seems likely ... 2005 Jeep Liberty

My ac/heater fan stops blowing then it blows sometimes? The air is still cold just not blowing out. when it does blow it is cold.

Replace fan speed resistor block if this only happens on lower fan settings if it happens on high fan speed also, replace blower fan ... 2001 Isuzu Trooper

Just got heater core replaced and now have no heat from heater or defrost. Fans work, just don't blow anything beyond "cool". The heat in my car is coming and going. I want to know how to fix this? How do I change my thermostat and where is it located? It only blows some hot air when I have it turned on to the vent button but when I have it on defrost or the floor it blows cold air. Can someone help me please?

It sounds like when they replaced your heater core, that they didn't properly hook up the blend door contros at the control panel. I would take it back to the repair shop that did the work and have them go back over things again just to make sure. ... 1992 Mercury Cougar

I am having a problem with my 2003 Grand Cherokee Jeep with the cooling fan and a/c. Everything will be running fine then I notice the a/c stops blowing out cold air, but blower is still working and I checked the cooling fan and it seems to slow down(not blowing out like when I first checked it to see how it felt when problem was not there)and then the temperature goes up untill engine overheats. I figured I might have a problem with the cooling fan relay so I changed it out and found it not to

No wiring problems sounds like a simple thermostat or maybe the coolant temp sensor the computer reads the cts and controls the radiator fan speed yes it can be bad and not set a code i worked at a jeep dealership for 8 yrs ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The AC in my 2005 SilveradoHD has stopped working. The blower fan will not work, regardless of which setting I have it on, however when the truck is in motion, cold air will blow out of the vents (about the volume of the fan blowing on a 1 setting). The only warning I had was on a short drive the day before it went out, the fan took several minutes before kicking in.

First check the fuse. The next step would be to see if the fan motor is bad or the heater control module is bad. ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

My kia spectra was making a loud squeeling noise and it has stopped but now my Air conditioner will not blow cold air ( only blowing warm to room temp. air)...is it my fan belt?

Look at the AC pump. See if the belt is there, slipping, or the pully clutch engaging. \015\012The center of the AC pully can be standing still while the outside turns. There is supposed to be a magnet that grabs the outside and locks it to ... 2004 Kia Spectra

Hi, I am a Sri Lankan and drive a 1995 Mercedes E300 Diesel. Since a few days ago the Air Condition stopped working when the car was idling in traffic. But as soon as the car starts to move the Aircon blows cold air and starts working. I checked the outside radiator/condenser Aircon fan to see whether it works and found that it normally works. However I couldn't get down in traffic to check whether it has stopped functioning when the problem came. The outside air temperature this ti

Low on freon the 1st place to check if you have a manifold gage check it other wise add a small can of freon you can get at auto parts store.. ... Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Isuzu 200 rodeo only blows cold air while moving when stopped fan stops blowing

... 2000 Isuzu Rodeo

My 2002 3 series air just stopped working this week. It would not blow any air at all. After about a day it started working again. No problems for several days and then there was nothing blowing again, no matter what temp or how high you set the fan nothing came out - cold or hot. Started the car the next time and it worked fine. Any idea what is wrong? Thanks!

It could be the blower motor or the blower motor limit switch. ... 2002 BMW 3 Series

Hello, My air blow fan for A/c and heat does not work. Its located in the cabin filter comparnet right below the front windshield. I have to spin it with my finger to activate it. I've noticed that it stops working when the weather is really hot at noon day but i'm not for sure on this because it will also not activate at other times of the day as well. The problem starts when i turn my car on and then i turn the air on and nothing comes out. Once i spin the fan, it activates and runs f

The issue that you are having may be due to the fan motor is failing or there is a problem with the resistor. The resistor regulates the power sent to the fan thus controlling the speed. It is connected in series with the fan switch. Normally it i ... Pontiac Bonneville

The fan cycles blowing but not consistently cold air when set to air conditioning. I have to turn the ac off and on to get the cold air. The fan switches types of blowing and sometimes maintains the cold air and sometimes not. Performance varies. Does not consistently blow cold air. I already had the so-called "diagnostic" which ran the dye and replaced the Freon and found no leaks.

There is a actuator motor that turns the temp door from warm to cold,this door is most likely broken,and the actuator door is working,but the air flow difference in the blower box is moving the door back to the warm just enough to cause the cold air ... 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis
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