Having problems with your 2001 Hyundai Elantra ?

Brakes low brake pedal car dont stop right away when you applied sudden brake. brake shoes & pads are new & so are the drumbrakes.the mechanic already adjusted the rear brakes but problem stll exist when i can replace the brakes drum

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Answers :

Check the wheel cylinders they could be leaking.they are located on the back break drums.
The first think I would do is check to make sure you have enough brake fluid to operate the brake caliper. Should be a simple fluid check under your hood. If it is low, then your brakes will be spongy and the car will take much longer to stop. If problem persists definitely have a mechanic or the dealer check this out as it is very dangerous when you can't stop!
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Brakes low brake pedal car dont stop right away when you applied sudden brake. brake shoes & pads are new & so are the drumbrakes.the mechanic already adjusted the rear brakes but problem stll exist when i can replace the brakes drum

Check the wheel cylinders they could be leaking.they are located on the back break drums. ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

1) I replaced the brake shoes on my 2005 Escalade EXT. 2) I made sure the cable all slid in the covers, 3) I cleaned the mechanical actuator and applied new grease. 4) I adjusted the shoes so that they just drag after the drum is adjusted. I adjusted the equalizer for the twin rear cables. The pedal still goes to floor when applied and the brakes do not hold the vehicle.

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Brakes low brake pedal car dont stop right away when you applied sudden brake. brake shoes & pads are new & so are the drumbrakes.the mechanic already adjusted the rear brakes but problem stll exist

Sounds like air in the fluid or low fluid level. Check the brake fluid level under the hood and make sure it's adequate. If not, top it off. If it is, have the brakes bled and the fluid topped off again, and you should be OK, as long as nothing wa ... 1999 Saturn SL

1990 Buick Century custom, 3.3 V6, 4 door automatic. I have replaced the linings, wheel cylinders, both rear drums on this vehicle. When the linings are tight to the drum the brakes seem to operate correctly. I have often experienced a "locking up" of the right rear brake. It seems as if the brake shoes become loose (out of adjustment).I have used the parking brake to try and "self adjust the rear linings as it is my understanding that this is how they work.Since I purchased the vehicle used I e


I just got my front brakes replaced on my 2000 Toyota Camry. It has less than 80,000 miles on it. The mechanic said that there had been only 1/32nd" left on the front, but the back brakes were fine. However, there were a few other problems that came up. I would just like to know if what the mechanic said was just a way to get more money, or if there really is a potential problem. Here's what he said: Front & Rear Strut Replacement Rear brake clean and adjust Brake fluid flush Alignment Fuel Filt

To test struts use your body weight to bounce the struts if the vehicle bounces up and down instead of stopping bouncing straight away they need replaceing.If rear brakes are drum brakes then wouldnt hurt to clean and adjust however when you reverse ... 2000 Toyota Camry

When I apply the brakes on my '02Dakota only the forward brake shoe moves against the drum. Have replaced wheel cylinder but makes no difference. Both shoes move when I loosen adjuster cable. Have this problem on both rear wheels. Everything is new. Drums, shoes, all hardware. Seems to be a lot of tension on the adjuster cable. This is causing a horrific squeal in rear brakes.

Some parts on my rear left and right drum brake on my 92 dodge dakota just fell off when i took the tire off to check the brakes--it was grinding real hard on my way home today--some kind of spring fell out of it with a skinny thin metal tail ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

Replaced the rear drum brakes and turned the drums. Adjusted the drum brakes. Parking brake doesn't work. Need to know how to adjust parking brake to operate properly.

U adjust the parking brake two ways, one by backing up and repeatedly taping the brakes, this moves the shoes out, also u can adjust the park brake cable on the underside of the van (u will need to jack it up in the air, support it with ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2003 L200 sedan. I took my car to one mechanic to have the rear brakes fix. He only put on the brake shoes. When I got my car back, the brakes were very low and soft. I took it to another mechanic who said they missed parts and the drums had to be replace. Do I have drum or disc brakes? When I got my car back, the brakes were perfect. I just want to make sure I wasn't charge for something I don't have.

If the drums were replaced then you have drum brakes the l200 saturns had two options for brakes anti lock brakes it has all disc brakes without anti lock it has disc on front and drum on rear hope this helps ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

Problem with brake system on 2002 dodge dakota brakes replaced, new rear drums, brake fluid drained, flushed and replaced, wheel cylinders replaced, brakes adjusted, no leaks at master cyclinder. Brakes good for 3 days then brakes started locking up again causing truck to slide instead of stopping, at times it would slide then grab then you would leave rubber on the road or parking lot because of them grabbing. Dodge dealership doing the work they have advised they really don't know what the p

A 2002 should not need a new master cylinder yet. If it is the rears grabbing, they probably installed something wrong, or they did not get all of the air out of the system which would be my best guess. A professional brake ... Dodge Dakota

Brakes grabbing, thudding when brakes are applied. just had brakes checked and work included (front brakes) replacement of one ceramic brake pad, 2 brake rotors, cleaned and lubed sliders; (rear brakes) cleaned and adjusted have returned to the mechanic twice and have gotten a second opinion. both deny they hear or feel anything at all, except that the tie rod on front right had to be replaced. this grabbing and thudding does not occur every time brake is applied, but when it does occur it can b

Sounds like the caliper mounting bolts are tightened all the way down causing movement when the brakes are applied. Simply remove the tires and check the 2 mounting bolts that mount the caliper to the bracket. ... 2002 Dodge Neon

How complicated would it be to change rear drum brakes? I'm not a mechanic but I am mechanical. My rear drums and shoes need to be replaced. Thought I could do it and save the cost of the auto shop. Thanks Wayne

They are not that complicated but if they are not done correctly it could cause an accident which could result in injury or death.Some people don`t take brake jobs serious because they are easy to do but can result in people getting hurt if you mess ... 1990 GMC Sierra

I have a 1997 F-250 2wd with rear drum brakes and an auto adjust park brake pedal assy. I've replaced the brake shoes and left and right park brake cables. The problem is the park brake pedal is all the way up aguinst the rubber stop but the park brakes act as if they are applied slightly. QUESTION: How do you get the pedal assy back to a beginning or starting position after it has auto adjusted like it should over the years?

There is a front cable also /and that is the one i have found to be the one that gits stuck first/ if you cant find any adjustments in the cable Assembly then make sure that cables are snapped in fully & back brakes have some free play in them . ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

Rear brakes locking(until abs kicks in) with little front brake application and very light pedal pressure. also have really poor hard/emergency braking response, vehicle doesnt stop as aggresively as it used too. front pads/rotors replaced using exactly same parts as last time, checked for glazing, checked for sticking calipers, bled brakes, adjusted rear brakes(drum brakes), scanned for abs faults, checked entire system for leaks/damage/abnormalities. everything i have checked has been ok. seem

Even if the proportioning valve is wide open the rear brakes should not lock up, this is indicative of the front piston not working on the master cylinder, if there was a problem with the abs it would throw a code so to chec ... 2002 Dodge Durango

Brakes rear I have a mercury villager 1999 for months or years i have a sound on rear brake shoes, i need to see a picture of how the assembly go. I already replaced everythin . Shoes,drum,cilinder,asembly kit.... can you help me. i need a picture of the rear brake system.

Raise the vehicle and check the rear wheel bearings,spin the wheel while putting your hand on the rear axle you should feel the noise or check for play or movement in the rear bearing. hope this helps,please rat ... 1999 Mercury Villager

I am trying to replace the rear brake pads on a vauxhall combo van, Y reg, I am having difficulty removing the brake drums, when I have done this before, there has been a adjustment screw which when undone allowed the removal,there is not one and the drum is catching on the brake shoe, is there any way of releasing the drum.

There should be two small threaded holes, insert the proper size bolt inside and screw the bolts in, alternating a few turns at a time. This will force the drum off the brake shoes. ... 2000 GMC Envoy

I was told that my parking brake on my 2002 Kia Sedona is not engaging properly, though there is good tension on the line. I've replaced the rear drum brake pads, and adjusted the parking brake cable that runs from the front to the rear brakes. After all this, the problem is still occurring, and if pushed with the parking brake engaged and the shifter in neutral, it will roll. Any suggestions?

... 2002 Kia Sedona

I just did a brake job on my honda fit 2007 I replaced the rear brake shoes rear wheel brake cylinder and drums i miked them to adjustment but it makes a noise while i brake a knockking noise

... 2007 Honda Fit Sport Hatchback

1990 Jetta Wolfsburg. replaced distributing valve, (rotted out) Master cylender and Passanger rear brake cylender and broken brake line. adjust valve to right it cuts off left side, adjust valve to left it cuts off right side, put in middle it cuts off both sides. It will not bleed the brakes properly My mechanic has the Clymers and the Haynes manuels plus has called Parts Place for Ideas why it will not bleed. I'd like to get my Jetta back someday. Any Ideas????? Who can we call?

Hi,Could you tell me if you have Anti-lock brakes fitted or not.I can then send you the required information....ThanksJason ... 1990 Volkswagen Jetta

How do I adjust emergency brake cable on 1999 ford taurus. I replaced rear brake pads, cylinders and drums, but now have no emergency brake so need to know how to adjust.

FIRST adjust rear brake starwheel while spinning tire FOWARD. then alongside drivers side of car find emergency brake cable adjustment (long threaded rod with nut) . hold one end of rod with vise-grips and turn nut until emer. brake cable has less s ... 1999 Ford Taurus

My rear drums and shoes were just replaced. I replace drums, shoes and hardware. I hear them rubbing when I depress the brake pedal and the pedal pulsates. What do I need to adjust?

Should drag when turn by hand, ... Cars & Trucks

The ABS sounds like it is coming on frequently in our 1995 Astro. It comes on when slowing even from slow speeds right before it stops. It has gradually gotten worse till now it is not stopping well at all. We are currently replacing the adjuster on the rear drum brakes as well as the hardware kit on the rear wheels. When that is fixed, should it eliminate the ABS problem? Front brakes were just inspected and are fine. I heard that the sensors for the ABS in the transfer case can get ruste

The sensor in the differential is a magnet it can crack and go bad but doubtfully rust out in the differential.Rear adjusters are probably not going to help with the ABS activating.Is this an awd or rwd? Things I would check would be the exciter ring ... 2000 Chevrolet Astro

No rear brakes, replaced rear drums and shoes. Adjusted and still no brakes?.

Have you bleed the brakes\012Have you checked the fluid level in the master cylinder\012Inspect the lines to make sure they are not leaking ... 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

1999 K2500 one ton rear brake over self adjust and lockup. Continually replacing warped drums.

... GMC Suburban

I have a 2007 jeep wrangler. I'm replacing brakes and rotors. The rear rotors are disc brake with internal drum and shoes for park brake. The rotor is free from the axle but catches on park brake shoes (I hear the springs) and wont come off. I dont see an adjustment on the backside of the hub. How do I get the rotor off?

... Jeep Wrangler

My rear brakes are snatching and making a loud grinding sound when i try to stop. I have replaced the drums rotors brakes and brake lines but still have the problem of my brakes adjusting out on their own. i'm not sure what the problems is i need help?

I had a problem with that. It may be moisture in the air causing the brakes to catch. What I did was just ride them for a while and they should go back to normal. ... 1999 Pontiac Sunfire
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