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Cruise control works intermittently on my 2003 Elantra GT. Won't work at all when it's cold. Is their a sensor that needs replacing?

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Cruise control works intermittently on my 2003 Elantra GT. Won't work at all when it's cold. Is their a sensor that needs replacing?

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2001 I30, gas pedal must be held down to set idle from cold start. My mechanic says the ECM and IAC must be replaced. I found a place that will reprogram my ECM and they say that will work but I also will need to replace the Throttle position sensor and Air intake temperature sensor. My mechanic said the sensors are fine and don't need to be replaced. What do I do?

Hi! Used to work on one too and I agree to your second mechanic. ECM may need to be reprogrammed, throttle position sensor, air intake temperature and the MAF (mass air flow) sensor may need to be replaced. The MAF has big contribution on engine perf ... Infiniti I35

I need to replace my temperature control on Cirrus 2000. I lost the heat, it only blows cold air. How hard is it to change the control? It worked fine until we tried to reach for the cigarete lighter cable to see why the lighter is not working. One shop told me that I broke the lever behing the temparature controll, and that this is huge job to replace. They siad it may be up to $ 400.00 to fix it. The control it self cost only $ 7.00 --Help--

... 2000 Chrysler Cirrus

I need to replace the temperature control module in my xterrra I dont know where it is, the unit works but they said that the temperature control module is bad, it work for a moment and stop.. b;lowing cold air, it being recharge and tested but still doesnt work.. they said its the temperature control module?

... Nissan Xterra

I just replaced my 3.4 liter motor in my 2004 monte carlo and I need to figure out why the other motor over heated and blew a head gasket. Before I replaced the motor the heater was blowing cold air and now its blowing warm air out the passengers side and cold air out the drivers side. At normal running temps 1 hose to the heater core is hot and 1 is cold. I've backflushed the core and put a hose to it to make sure there was no blockage. The coolant sensor is working fine and I've got adaquate c

A little tip is to "vent" the topmost hot hose whith the engine running to clear any trapped air in system.....loosen the clip,whilst under pressure,wear rubber bloves cos it bloody hot....... ... 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

The odometer on my 2006 Ridgeline does not work in cold weather. Once the car warms up it resumes working. Is there some type of control module that may be affected by the cold and needs to be replaced?

... 2006 Honda Ridgeline

When i plug in a scan tool it says no communication. when i first start driving it when it is cold it runs fine then after about five blocks it starts to load up as if it runs rich. i have replaced the dist, tbi, map sensor, coolant sensor, o2 sensor, detonation sensor and the electronic spark control on the intake manifold, all with genuine GMparts. it seems to happen after it goes into closed loop. it never sets any codes the ses light works. i'm lost. wondered if it could be a bad ground but

Check your fuel pressure regulator--first try with engine running by pulling off the vacuum line at the regulator --if you see fuel there --means you have a busted regulator.replace that. ... 1991 GMC C1500

My 2002 Chevy Prizm has blown fuses. I need to know which fuses to replace. The dash board instrument panel, wind shield wipers, blower fan, radio, cruise control, AC, defrost, and all rear lights are not working. I welcome your assistance. I have a two hour drive home and it's very cold, I need to fix my car before I can drive. Thank you.

Please explain about how these fuses got blown ,or are they? sounds like the battery has a problem? ... Chevrolet Prizm

Have a 2002 Honda Civic HX that when idling the heat stops working and the engine begins to overheat, when revving the engine heat kicks in and temp goes down. Intermittent problem, will go hundreds of miles with no problem. Extreme cold seems to trigger the problem. Have replaced thermostat, radiator, timing belt, and water pump, system flushed. Do need o2 sensors replaced.

I would check o2 sensors but to tell you the truth my dad bought a new thermostat that was suppose to open at 160 degrees his temp. got to 220 degrees before but check o2 senors and thermostat ... 2002 Honda Civic

Just replaced fan blower motor on ac, only passenger side vents blow cold air and stronger than the drivers side. it only works on high speed and it will also change fan speed while driving without changing the control. i changed the control panel last year. I need help this is the second new blower that i have put on this car. the reason for this second one is water was in it, i guess someone didn't do something right??? water was pouring in the floor board too...

The water problem is a drain hose is plugged up.should be a hose hanging down for moisture to drain out from under the evapoator. try running a small plastic tube up it and see if it will clear it. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

My Mercedes C270 CDi has very low power on a cold start. I need to drive a few km's, switch off and restart, then everthing is 100%. If I don't do the restart the low power problem never corrects. When I say cold start, ambient temp is around 15 Celcius. I suspect a fuel supply problem or a sensor that does not work correctly until the engine has warmed up. The agents want me to replace the injectors and the turbo. This seems illogical to me as the car drives perfect once I do the warm restart.

E 270cdi 2002 sometimes has low power,sometimes works normal.what is the problem? ... 2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

1999 firebird v6. Have had problems with "reduced engine power"light when car is cold. After warm-up it runs fine. Last week it died (very cold here) and would not restart. Mechanic says it needs throttle body assembly ($900) and actuator control module ($850). I have heard that I could just replace the position sensor & fix the problem. Any thoughts would help. Thanx

$900? $850? You could get a new engine for that price. If the car has this condition only when it is very cold then I suspect that during that time it is operating in a condition controlled by an engine temperature requirement. When it ... 1999 Pontiac Firebird

Overheating My 2002 mercury villager a/c would stop working and overheat on the dash gage when idling. I had the thermostat replaced and no problem for about 2 weeks. Now it is over heating on the dash light without a/c on within 2 miles of a cold start. Is it the waterpump maybe? The service guy told me a hose with a sensor needed replacement and that it is only available from the dealer.

You have air trapped in the system. very hard to "BURP AIR"\015\012\015\012park uphill on ramps if possible. With cold engine, leave radiator cap loose and fill radiator and reservoir. run engine until thermostat opens. squeeze upper ... 2002 Mercury Villager

Need to check the transmission fluid pressure sensor in the tranny. Can it be repaired or does it need to be replaced? The tranny will delay going into R or D when cold. It also sticks in gear "4" when cold. Recently changed fluid and filter and may have bumped sensor when replacing the tranny pan. Are they that sensitive?

Sounds like a fluid flow problem. probably need to change the fluid and filter in the transmission. If the sensor is bad it will have to be replaced. Hopefully it is that simple. If its sticking in gear and delaying when its cold I would prepare ... 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

My girlfriend's 2004 Jeep GC Overlandhas A/C that does not work. I have gone through the fault codes and nothing is showing up as being wrong. A look-see by a mechanic said that the compressor and freon (or whatever) is all good. They said it was the control module that was at fault and would need to be replaced. I'm not sure if I buy that. It blows......... it heats......... but does not blow cold A/C at all.

... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

While driving my 91 dodge dynasty the oil pressure is fine, but when i am stopped at a light, the oil pressure goes to almost nothing and it starts burning oil, (oil needed changed after a week,) when the car is cold its fine, but once it warms up is when it starts. when idiling before shes completly warmed up youll hear a loud knock and the oil pressure drops. I havent had the car very long and have replaced : Battery, thicker oil, thermestat, and one of the sensors to work the temp gage.

If this is a loud knock from lower part of the engine then its the crank bearings, I personally think that the engine is done. ... 1991 Dodge Dynasty

My 2002 Lincoln LS air conditioner has a good freon charge and when it works, it is very cold. However the compressor does not come on like it should. I sometimes drive about 10 miles before the compressor kicks on. Is there a sensor or switch that needs to be replaced?

Hard to say for sure, but if you drive a 2002 lincoln, you should just take it to the dealer. ... 2002 Lincoln LS

The Speedometer and Cruise Control on my 92 Chevy Suburban went out. I replaced Speed sensor, but that did not work. I need Help. Is their more than one area to find anything connected to VSS

... 1989 GMC Suburban

1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS 5 speed manual, non-turbo. Speedo and odometer stopped working. Replaced the sensor and it did not fix problem. Replaced the gauge and it did not fix the problem. Was told that whatever drives the sensor in the trans must not be working. Car needed a new transmission, anyway, so we replaced the transmission. Speedo still is not working. Mechanic is very good with Mitsubishi but says he is stumped. Odd thing is that there is actually some movement in the Odometer

Hello,Thanks for using FixYa.The problems is definitely a wiring issue. The most simple thing that you can do is to check the harness socket that goes to the gauge cluster. The speedometer signal wire might have gotten loose f ... 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2002 Jetta A/C is not working.. It's blowing hot air (not warm, not air that's just 'not cold', but air so hot you can't keep your hand there long)... I had a problem with the radiator fans, but replaced them and they work fine, also just replaced a fuse (#5, which controls a/c, climate control, cruise control, that was missing), and it fixed my cruise control problem, but don't believe it fixed the A/C problem...

Well i have the same problem i did some test but in my case it loks like the magneric clouch is not working . i put direct power to engage the compresor and nothig. there is a module on the left side of the engine just under the bat it has 2 conector ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I have replaced the internal tempature control, a/c and air volume, about a year ago. The a/c worked fine, but when you turned to heat it did not switch over. Once I replaced the part (from a juck yard) everything worked perfect. Until, yesterday, same problem, however now there is a click sound inside the car only when the heat is turned all the up from the control knob, but no heat comes out, if you turn the knob to the opsite direction to cool, everything works just fine. Do i need to

The ac control controls a door actuator motor that moves the temperature vent door,this actuator motor has gone out,or the vent door is stuck.It`s location is on top of the blower box.Open the glove box,and make it fold down,where it hangs down out o ... Ford Explorer

How do i remove the heat control to replace it?my heat/aircon is very inconsistent. I'm not sure if it is the control as it does work once in a while. At this time, my heat does not work in the winter and cold air does not work in summer...could it be thermostat but then again I have replaced it twice without success.

... 1993 Mazda 626

I have a 1998 buick And It recently started to stall while I would come to a complete stop. At first I thought it was the alternator so I replaced that, That didnt work, So next I replaced the Idle air control valve which didnt work, Then I replaced the mass air flow sensor then the Throttle position sensor, Cleaned the throttle body. And am still having the same stalling problem. I want to know what else to check and were to go because I'm confused

Did you clean the Idle speed control valve by spraying throttle body cleaner into the intake with the engine running? if u did replace the ISC vavle ... 1998 Buick Park Avenue

Been having several problems with the 5.4 in my 2000 expedition. Been battling codes for both banks being lean for a while. Originally cleaned mass airflow sensor. Worked for a while. Replaced Mass air flow when the codes came back. Found the codes only came back in cold weather (cold for southern california...60's or less). Replaced the temp sensor that sits just behind the mass air flow sensor. Codes were gone for a while, then came back along with a stumbling engine on idle. Cleaned s

You might also want to check for intake gasket vacuum leaks.You can do this by spaying around the intake with carb.or brake cleaner.Also clean the throttle body real good.There is another tsb for checking vacuum leaks with a smoke machine.If you can ... 2000 Ford Expedition

What is the easiest way to replace the heater control unit on a 2002 chevy cavelier . my heater control does not work in the first two levels, and the rear defrost is not working either. after checking and changing the appropriate fuses, to no avail, i decided to buy a used heater control and replace it, only to find out the whole lower dash trim needs to be removed, is this correct???? any easier way??

You are right on the money, with that much trouble you may want to get a new unit, why risk a used one ... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe
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