Having problems with your 2001 Honda Odyssey ?

No power to the lighter out let front and back

\015 Is there a fuse other then the one under the dash.\015
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No power to the lighter out let front and back

... 2001 Honda Odyssey

Cigarette lighter/ Auxillary power not working in front or back. 2005 Buick Rendezvous... I have checked and replaced the fuse under the hood (#32).. is there some car language I dont understand that there may be another fuse i need to check that doesnt say something obvious in the owners manual like "Auxillary Power, Cigarette lighter" ??

There may be more power distribution boxes with more fuse's under the dash, and under the rear seat, drivers side usually. ... 2005 Buick Rendezvous

Cig lighter works but the other power ports do not is there another fuse to replace for the back power port and the front passenger port?

There is a fuse panel underneath the drivers side back seat ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I charged my cell phone in the front cigarette lighter socket and tried to run a 400 watt power converter in the back power source at the same time, now my Rendezvous battery won't hold a charge. What did I blow out?

A fuse. check them all pay no attention to what label says its for. replace all blown ones. if you do find a blown fuse then you probably found the problem ... 2002 Buick Rendezvous

When i put the jumper cables to the front of the car the car has power then i put the cables to the battery the lights will turn on but when u turn the key back to lock and then to start the power is gone nothing i could let the car sit and charge for hrs but will not start . The starter is newand so is the alternator they both have been checked and are good .pls help

Year make and model ?And you are saying you can not crank the engine even with jumper cables ? ... Cars & Trucks

I plugged a phone charger into the cigarrette lighter and when i took it out i had no power going to my dash,alarm and locks unless the key is in the ignition. And my mirror lights, driver side power window and the inside lights in the front and back wont turn on. I check all the fuses replaced the ones that were blown and still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

Above the fuse box are a few "extra" fuses I know that one is for the windows.Check out there these are really easy to overlook. ... 1993 Volkswagen Passat

It started at about 6 months ago that my gaskets and plugs were needing changed 1by 1 and it was $200 a pop, well my car felt like it was doing it again like bogging down and losing power, took it back and he said my be the converter he was get a machine and let me know, he still hasn't got back to me yet but now the rear end in lower than the front and it bounces like ur riding a horse, i was told it could be my air suspension fuse and it would just needed changed out. I need help, and also I w

This may not be a complete solution but please have your tires checked before assuming it is a suspension problem. The cords on tires will sometimes seperate causing a bounce that is sometimes worse at certain speeds. Also no reputable shop is ... Lincoln Navigator

Power Outlets (cigarette lighter) will not work front or back

It sounds like the receptical has shorted out. Remove the receptical and make sure the ground wire (black wire) is in tact, and make sure the wire to the center of the receptical (power wire) is securely attached. If both are secure, the receptical i ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

My back window will not let down and the power lock doesnt work on it. My cigarette lighter wont work. My dome light went out. HOW DO I REPAIR/ REPLACE THESE THINGS

Check your fuses. Look at your lighter element. A dirty or damaged element could cause shorting that blows the fuse. A new element can be purchased for less than $5. Check your owners manual and see if these items are all powered by the same fuse ... 1996 Toyota Camry

I do not get any power from the front or back cigar lighter outlet. I have checked the smaller fuses and they all seem to be fine what do I look at next?

Under the hood there is a power fuse and relay box. Look at the layout printed on the cover. See if there is a power outlet fuse check and replace as necessary. ... 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

My 99 Buick Century blinker is constantly burning out! It's usually the front left blinker light. It was burning out every 2-3 months but recently has been burning out about every 2 weeks! I had the electrical worked on 2 years ago but they didn't fix the problem. Seems like there are a lot of elecrical issues with this car such as back power windows and cigarette lighter not working. Recently my odometer and gear shift light also went out.

As you already know, if one wire is bad, it leads to all kinds of problems. Same problems with a 96 Sebring. As far as your blinker, it could be bad sockets or faulty wires. To do the test, you need a voltage reader and a wiring schematic. It is just ... Buick Century

Having problems with drivers side power window, will not go up as it is going up crooked as if something has let go inside. Back goes up first. Window will only close if you pull up on the front while closing it. do you know the problem (have been told it is common on hyundai vehicles) approximate cost to fix?

The window guid has come away from the glass, very simple job ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

The back door locks and hatch lock will not work with the remote or with the switches on the front doors. have power on back locks when trying them. I check the back door lock and it gets power when useing the switch on the front door.

I have a friend who had a Jeep with power lock issues.We ended up replacing all the power lock actuators,one at a time over a period of two years.Put one in, all is good, another one dies.make sure you have SWITCHING power and ground, not just power. ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Power Windows I have a 85 Buick Century. I took the front drivers side door panel off and when I put it back on, the front power windows stopped working. The back ones still work and the relay for the front windows is fine. Someone told me it was probably the switch, but I was hoping to see if there was a way I could test the wires without replacing the switch.

Take the door panal back off. Using a test light disconnect the window motor and run your test light across the two termails hook the switch up and run the switch up and down. If the light lights then the window motor is no good. If the light does no ... Buick Century

I can't get power to my lighter and 12v plug up front in my 2005 kia sedona

Remove the socket and check the connections, then test with a test light top see if you have power there, disconnection is the most common problem. ... 2005 Kia Sedona

My in cab 12v accesory power isn't working but the cigarette lighter does. The cigarette lighter never loses power and the 12v accesory never gets any. i've tried locating the fuse and replaced everything I could think of however Ford doesn't seem to like to label things in any manor making sense as there is nothing in the owners manual under the fuse diagram about 12v dash accesory power. I changed the cigarette lighter fuse the front power fuse and every other 20/10a fuse with no results. Is

They have thare own fuse ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2005 citi Golf. The rear wiper, front wiper (in any mode), water sprayers for both front and back does not work. The fuse/s is fine. When I test for power to the fuse box and found no power s

... Volkswagen Golf

I plugged in a Verizon cell phone charger into each of my vehicle's power outlets (front and back) and it blew them both. I have replaced the 20 amp fuse for the front power outlet and it is now working. I cannot locate the fuse for the rear (i.e. console) power outlet. Does anyone know where this fuse is located or maybe how it is referred to in the manual ?

Pqtrahan, I don't know where the fuse is located, but, my advice to you is to test all the fuses in the passenger and engine compartment and replace any that are bad. You may find what you are looking for. Good luck with this. ... 2008 Mazda Tribute

I have a 2000 chevy malibu. I recently replaced the front brake pads. After this when driving down the road when i hit bumps something in the frontend rattles, i can hear and feel it.. when i hit or ride the brakes over the same roads it stops rattling. As soon as i let off the brakes the rattle comes back. I have taken both front wheels back off and checked all bolts. The caliper bolts are all tight. I am using an impact on the wheel. They are placed back on, tightened then retightene

A loose pad could do it.Check the pad anti-rattle clips again. The pads should be snug in the calipers. Its possible the new pads are not the exact same shape as the old ones. ... Cars & Trucks

1998 4Runner Front Power Outlet. While using an air compressor for a tire in my front power outlet ( cigarette lighter? ), my outlet quit working. Ive checked a number of fuses (ACC,Power Outlet, STA) but none seem to fix the problem. Could it be the relay? If so, how should I remove and fix? Thank you.

Their is no relay on the lighter sockets ,i would suggest that you look under the bonnet near the battery is a electrical supply box with all the heavy fuses in it and the fuse your looking for is in this box but check it out as it could also be corr ... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

2003 Ford Explorer Passenger fonrt window is able to go down and won't go back up. I tried switching the master power switch, I tried switching the back switch with the front (to see if it was the switch that was bad.) all those effort were in vain, as I got the same result over again. The window goes down but can't go back up. I ran some wires from the batery to the power window connector and IT WORKED the window went UP. but now I am still confuse as to where is the problem! its not the s

You may have noticed the window goes both ways with the jumper wires,the moter run either way ,just switches the polarity.\015\012\015\012Check inside the DRIVERS door ,**** the boot that goes from the door to the body,I am betting on a b ... 2003 Ford Explorer

No power to front AC, back is fine and Power locks not working

If it only works on one speed check the resister pack for the fan motor,also if it is electronic it could be the control head/module,did the locks stop working at the same time ?, if so check the basics, the fuses,circuit breakers are usually for doo ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

Iam getting no voltage tto my fuel pump,front tank doesn't work,I changed the ignition switch,still no luck. the continuos power to my fuel pump reads 6.5 volts. From what I can tell my electrical sytem runs like this,my power control module relay from the relay it goes to the fuel pump relay then to the Inertia shutoff switch, to the Front and rear tank selector switch, to the back tank. Like I mentioned before I am only getting 6.5 volts at the fuel pump.

Poor earth connection most likely causing hifgh resistance voltage drop. \015\012\015\012Could also be a faulty pump. Run a separate power supply to it and recheck. ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab


... 1992 Suzuki Sidekick

I have a 2001 Chevy Camaro. The problem was at first the driver side power window and side view mirror not working all of the time. I can let the window down and up a little bit at a time. (It takes a while to get it back up. Also my radio goes in and out along with the window (Didnt have this problem before getting the radio installed. Today both power windows, mirrors and radio stopped working. After 2 min it came back on again. The window only goes up inches at a time then I have to wait

I would check ground wires. Be sure that there is a ground loop from battery, to the body. and to the engine. Be sure the ground straps are good and secured. This could be causing the problem. It is too coincidental that all these problems are ha ... 1997 Chevrolet Camaro
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