Having problems with your 2001 GMC Yukon XL ?

I have a 2002 gmc yukon. When i press my brakes my antilock brakes go off and stopping is tough. what could this be?

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Answers :

You need to connect a diagnosing scan tool and go for a drive. during an ABS event, watch the values of the wheel speed sensors on the scan tool. chances are one will not be accurate, causing the abs to activate. the sensors are integral to the wheel bearings, and are changed as a complete unit. this is a common failure. good luck!
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I have a 2002 gmc yukon. When i press my brakes my antilock brakes go off and stopping is tough. what could this be?

You need to connect a diagnosing scan tool and go for a drive. during an ABS event, watch the values of the wheel speed sensors on the scan tool. chances are one will not be accurate, causing the abs to activate. the sensors are integral to the wheel ... 2001 GMC Yukon XL

My rear brakes on my 1996 GMC Yukon lock up fairly easy (pads are good) when the brakes are applied. It's like they get most of the stopping power vs the front brakes (new pads/rotors). The booster is new, however, the problem was happening before it was replaced as well. What could cause this?

W hen the rear work fasterr than the front or any wheel grabs faster then you need to check the brake hoses. In your case the front brake hoses could be starting to clog up. they deteriorate from the inside and collapse ... 1996 GMC Yukon

Hi i have a 1998 gmc yukon it has disk brakes in the front and drume in the back. it has a 350 motor the problem is when your doing 5miles an houre or so when you step on the brake it like stops real short you just have to touch the pedel and the wheel like gos into a skid.anybody know what the problem could be thanks

Sounds to me like your ABS is not working. ABS keeps your vehicles wheels from locking up and skidding out of control by controlling the brake pressure that is applied to your cylinders. There is a valve body on the driver side fender well near your ... 1998 GMC Yukon

My 2004 GMC Yukon Driver Information System is stuck reading "English...French...Spanish....English..." and pressing the Personalization button has no effect. The DIS started acting funny about a year ago by shifting into different languages but it could be reset. Incidentally, the automatic door "Unlock" function stopped working last year.

... 2004 GMC Yukon

I had my wheel bearings replaced 2 days ago. After getting the car back, the brake pedal seemed too easy to press. Then the following day, I could hardly press it in at all. It felt as though the brakes were constantly grabbing. Then it stopped. Today, it happened again. I called my father, he asked if I could drive in reverse, and I couldn't. Then, again, the brakes seemed to release after a while. I have an SL1.

It sounds like the brake calipers are not releasing properly, no matter what that is a safety concern and you should have the car taken back to whomever worked on the bearings-the way to check it is to jack the car up and turn the wheels by hand (car ... 2002 Saturn S-Series

My 1997 Honda Accord makes a grinding noise when in motion. When I press on the brakes it stops, when I release the brakes it starts again. The grinding noise continues pretty consistantly when in motion, and only stops sometimes when I turn right. What could be wrong with my car. What could I do to fix it? How much do you think it will cost?

... 1997 Honda Accord

Antilock brakes not funtioning properly on "hard" stops

Yes, I never did like ABS brakes because of this. What you have experienced is the ABS system working as it is designed to do. I know, it doesn't seem like you should still be moving after slamming on the brakes, but here is how it works;\015\0 ... 1997 GMC Safari

Steering/brake chatter when i stop fast for a yellow light, after that i get pulsating in the brakes and steering, baking up and going forward even if i am at a stop with brake pedal on and tunring wheel from left to right, did brakes 2 years a go they look really good.sorta feels like the brake pedal wants to come back when i press it in and the wheel wants to turn the opposite way that i want to turn it,could this be a power steeting pump or a hydro boost? dont want to spend money guessing. li

What you describe could be warped brake rotors or bad wheel bearings. Doesn't sound like the power steering pump. ... Hummer Cars & Trucks

When I am in stop and go traffic, the brake pedal vibrates when I press it. It will stop if I stomp on the brakes, but I really do not enjoy the whiplash that comes with it. I have a 2002 Vue AWD with antilock brakes.

The slides in your calipers are probably sticking. Remove the front wheels. Remove the caliper bolts. I have not worked on one of these but the principle is the same. There will be hard ware with a rubber boot and some kind of pin that the caliper is ... 2002 Saturn VUE

My brakes are not stopping and they sound like air when pressing on them. I got new front brakes pads 4 months ago. The scary thing is that the brakes would not stop when I was driving down a hill. What could be wrong? my car is a 1995 Dodge Intrepid with a 3.5 engine

Check your brake booster vacuum hose and check valve for leaks,if no leaks could be bad brake booster if pedal is hard when pressed with engine running. ... Dodge Intrepid

Brake pressure lost all pressure when press on brakes, have to tap the brakes to stop, nothing is leaking when I look, please help? I have the same problem but have checked the brake fluid and it seems to be holding in the system, but I still get no brake pressure. No evidence of it leaking anywhere either. The brakes need to be replaced, I know that...could worn brakes cause a loss of pressure somehow?

Yes, when your brakes are worn the extra heat can boil your brake fluid and put ait and moisture into the system, which will give you no or a soft pedal. you need to replace the worn brake pads and rotors, flush and bleed the brake system- you should ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

When coming to a slow stop-2mph- brakes go into antilock mode. Lately when I press the pedal its like stepping on a brick-I have to slam them a couple times to get them to work. Is this the antilock brake sensor- and is it a difficult repair.

I have the same truck and it did what your describing, it's the front wheel speed sensor, one in each wheel bearing. What happens is rust gets under the speed sensor lifting it up enough to send a false volt reading which causes the ABS to come on an ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

When i just about get stopped my brake pedal jumps back at me i have a 2002 gmc sierra pickup its like the antilock brake system kicks in when you just about stop

Sound like you have air in the lines ... 2002 GMC Sierra

1996 GMC Yukon 5.7 Brake and turn signal lights stopped working. Fuses are all good. need information or wiring diagram of dash light switch and brake switch. Any ideas? Anyone have the 1996 Yukon 5.7 wiring diagrams. the Chilton's are not informative?

Here is a wiring diagram. Are the bulbs for sure good?hope you can read it. ... GMC Yukon XL

ABS light comes on sporadically. Then sometimes when at a slow stop lurches forward a foot or so. when I press harder on brake it stops. Have had mechanical of brakes checked and all seems to be well. Could this be a speed sensor in the ABS?

Hello, it is more than likely an air bubble is trapped in your ABS pump itself, if so, it will need to be purged! a speed sensor could turn on ABS light, but will have no affect on hydraulic pressure at a stop, only an ABS (skid) stop. good luck ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

I am having a problems with the brake in my 2004 ford taurus ses. First, a couple times since i had the car I went to press the break, the break pedal was stuck, it would go down at all and i had to step on the break as hard as i could to stop the car, after awhile it eased up and was fine. secondly when i press the brake pedal down and when i release i keep hearing a several clicking sounds can someone help me out. thanks

Need brake fluid and new pads and turn rotors repack wheel bearings and if the master cylinder ran out of fluid you will need a new master cylinder. Master cylinder cost $49.95 pads cost $40.00 to $60.00 and a quart of fluid is about $10.00 tur ... 2004 Ford Taurus

Brake problem i have a 2001 gmc yukon xl and my brake pedal is almost down to the floor when i brake to stop. I've bleed the system, replaced brake pads every year, no leaks on the lines or any brake system parts but i've noticed the brake pads hardly wear out every time i replace the pads. what else can i do to fix it? please help

Hi Tora, Go to the back brakes. This is where the prob could be. But with you bleeding the brakes, the peddle has went beyond its normal travel causing the rubbers in the master cylinder to get messed up. Happens too often! Replace the master cylinde ... 2001 GMC Yukon XL

1991 oldsmobile 98 touring brake pedal goes to floor but enough force pressed down car still stops did have brakes an havnt done any work on the brakes what could cause this besides the master cylinde

... 1992 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight

I have a 2004 GMC Envoy XL. 2 out of 3 rear brake lights stay on when the tail lights are on. We have checked power and the power turns on/off while pressing the brake at the brake lights, but when we plug the cable into the circuit boards they stay on. We have tried 2 new circuit boards, new bulbs, checked the fuse and also put in a new brake switch. Could it be the brake switch is not adjusted right?

... Cars & Trucks

I just replaced the brake switch on my 1994 gmc pick up.It keeps blowing the stop fuse in the fuse box when i push down on the brake pedal.Ive got the wiring harness unpluged fro the brake lights.The third brake light is still hooked upany ideas what could be causing this.

There is a short somewhere between the switch and the brake lights. I would inspect the light holders very carefully. This would be the first place that corrosion could start because of water and weather. After that you would have to follow and inspe ... 1994 GMC Sierra

I have a 2006 dodge grand caravan with 58,000 miles and the brake pedal feels real "spongy". I can sit a a stop light while pressing the brake pedal and it continues to go down. There is no fluid leads and the brake pads appear to be good. I thought it might have a power brake booster leek but I sprayed it with wd-40 and could not see where it was either sucking in or blowing it out. Any ideas on how to fis this problem?

If it was a problem with the booster the pedal would be high and hard as a brick. If you have no leaks and haven't had to add any fluid, I would say you have a bad master cylinder. The red brake light isn't lit up on the dash right? ... Dodge Caravan

While changing the braek pads on my 2000 ford expidition, the passenger side brake fluid line broke. I replaced it immediately and continued installing the new pads. I bleed the brakes but now when the truck is on I have to floor my brakes inorder for them to work whereas prior to changing out the brake line I could press around half way and stop the vehicle.

There is still air in the brake system.Bleeding needs to be done from the wheel furthest from the master cyl. and work to the closest.Hope this helps ... 2000 Ford Expedition

The running brake light have stopped working a long with the gear lights the radio lights and the speedometer lights.. We have checked fuses and replaced with new ones.. How ever the brake lughts work when i press on the brakes. They arent on going down the road at dark or sitting still.. What could this be if it isnt the fuses? I need help bad i got a ticket lat night so i have to have this fixed within 72hrs :(

... Mitsubishi Montero Sport

My Gmc Yukon xl brakes are pulsating when you press the brake. No brake lights are on. I have already replaced rotors and pads and it is still doing it.

The pulsating is due to your ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) activating prematurely. Most of the time this is due to one or more cracked reluctor rings: it's\012 one of the most common problems with ABS.The cracks are usually\012 invisible ... 2003 GMC Yukon XL

Its a constent hissing from my brakes in my Mazda 2001 tribute. The noise does stop When i press on the brakes but as soon as i let off them the hissing continues. Ive read it could be the brake booster. How much if that What you think it sound like is that? And how Do u replace it? Than u so much fir your time. I really appricate it. Michelle barker

It is the booster, but it might not be abnormal.Vacuum from the engine is supplied to the booster, and vented if the brakes are not being applied. When you step on the pedal, the movement of the pedal blocks the vents, allowi ... Mazda Tribute
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