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My 2003 Yukon will not start - I ran out of gas, bought a jerrycan to refill tank (filled 5 gallons). Now, when I turned the iginition key on, nothing happens...the starter is quiet and the engine doesn't start. Battery voltmeter is at about 12V

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Answers :

The pci 20 amp fuse (or pcim) I forget is what burned up when I ran out... Popped a ne won in after putting a gallons back into the tank and away I was off... Easy fix (it is the one above the (PRIME) print on the fuse board.
I would try to get it jump started first it should give it enough power to turn over
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My 2003 Yukon will not start - I ran out of gas, bought a jerrycan to refill tank (filled 5 gallons). Now, when I turned the iginition key on, nothing happens...the starter is quiet and the engine doesn't start. Battery voltmeter is at about 12V

The pci 20 amp fuse (or pcim) I forget is what burned up when I ran out... Popped a ne won in after putting a gallons back into the tank and away I was off... Easy fix (it is the one above the (PRIME) print on the fuse board. ... 2001 GMC Yukon

91 Seville 120k mi solid car good runner Recently, shift lever movement causes the engine to kill. It's random - P to D or P to R or D to N, whatever. When its starts, engine, trans, accessories are fine. Moving the Shifter could at any time kill it. When it dies, it won't restart for several hours or overnight. Turning key from Off to Run to Start does nothing. Instrument panel lamps do not light up, starter is dead quiet, no solenoid clicks, no spinning. Accessories not tied to ignition are OK

Remove battery cables from battery and clean them, replace bolts. ... 1991 Cadillac Seville

My 98 saturn sl1 will not start. gauges light up battery tested and good with 12v and 630crankamps. there are no clicks when starter switch engaged the muti meter says starter has juice strong 12v to it?? so my problem is just that starter has juice battery is full charge no clicks and no engine warning lights. i have noticed the starter switch has been giving my key some problems like not turning or key getting stuck upon removal. have recently had a new key made for it and thought maybe it ha

Sounds like the starter motor. ... 1998 Saturn SL

I have a 97 jetta 3 2.0l 8v the engine code ia AFW,well it all started that when I drive it would normally cut out,hot or cold and sometimes doesn't...when it cuts off it only gives an ignition spark and no spark futher and the fuel pump is quiet...after a while when you turn the key you hear the pump and it starts?now its just dead?started first time and swithced off now nothing...there is no spark after ignition spark...changed the coil and starter...pump is fine please help

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94 Chrysler Town and Country won't start with key. Battery and cable connections are good. 12 volts directly to the starter solenoid starts the engine. All gages come on turning key to start position but only a click and no start. Replaced ignition switch and starter relay - no change. Traced 12V wire from starter solenoid to fuse box and the starter relay and wire is good. Applying 12 volts to the socket of the starter relay results in starting the engine. Is this a failure of the PCM?

Has it got an immobiliser / if so there is a fault there. If not an ignition switch itself. ... 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a Hilux SW4 2.8 diesel from 1995. It always has problems starting but they seem to be different over time. When I turn the key the first time to ''Start'', the headlights stay very bright, but the voltage at the cigarette lighter goes to zero and the starter motor does absolutely nothing. If I immediately try again, the starter turns strongly and the motor starts immediately. However, when the engine is hot after a short drive, the problem gets worse. So first key turn, nothing, then the

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1999 Isuzu Amigo V6 2wd: Car doesn't start always. Turn the key, lights come on, radio on, etc, but no clicking noise, no engine trying to turn over, absolutely nothing. I put in a new battery, but same issue. Some days it fires right up and other days, nothing when the key is turned. Just keep trying and eventually it starts, but it is taking longer for it to decide to start. Where do I trouble shoot first? Starter relay (is there one), starter itself, ignition switch? Any ideas?

... 1999 Isuzu Amigo

Engine does nothing when key is turned no power getting to starter , starter and battery were replaced, smoke comming from engine compartment when key is turned

Sounds like a positive wire or ground wire has come loose and is burning on something causing no power to the starter and also causing the smoke ... 1992 Pontiac Grand Am

Have a 2004 tahoe z71. engine wont turn over. igition lights come one but when turn key to acctualy start engine nothing happens tryed cleaning and tighting battery cables but didnt help.. checked fuzes and they are fine. tryed tapping on starter while turning key over and still nothing. any tips or trick in what the problem might be?

The only thing i can think of is test the small wire to the starter if the wire has power then its the starter if it dont the the ingtion switch ... 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

2000 Saturn SR2 - My son was driving it and it stopped (not a real good story from my son on whether the car stopped running or the trainy failed) Any ways, engine will not turn over. It is not crankin the engine over at all!. I put i a new starter and nothing. There is a good 13 volts hitting the starter motor and a good 12v hitting the solenoid when the switch is turned. I even pulled the new starter out, and checked it on my work bench with voltage and it works fine. The engine is not turning

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2001 ford Taurus. Will not start. Turn key and nothing. All power seems to be there. Turn the ignition key on but nothing happens. No clicking as to may indicated starter. tried turning the engine over with lights on still nothing. Help.

The problem would be the starter they go without any warning ... 2001 Ford Taurus

For: 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo There is an intermittent problem when trying to start the engine. The electrical system is strong (headlights are bright and all ancillaries function) but turning the key produces nothing from the starter motor. I've tried arming and disarming the engine immoboliser multiple times with no result. Eventually, without any intervention the starter motor worked and the engine started ... then died after just a few moments. Holding my foot on the throttle did n

How did you disarmed the immobolizer system? Key in door cylinder? ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Starts fine for a week or so then turn the key and nothing. Battery has checked okay have replaced a ground cable from negative to engine block. I tap on the engine at the starter and turn the key the engine starts

There is a dead spot in the starter when they do that, Starter will have to be rebuilt, Or get a different one for it, ... 2010 Dodge Journey

HELP! my 2000 dodge caravan died on my wife, and when i went to look at it and try to start it, i turn the key and nothing no sound or action whatsoever, did this a few times. Then i turn the key and it turns and turns pretty strongly like its gonna start but it doesnt. Then i turn it and the starter sounds like its clunking into place but it doesnt turn the engine. Everytime i turn the key it does one of these things in random order. I would think that its the starter except for the fact that i

Exactly, if timing is off the van is not going to run, fuel, compression, and spark are gonna get there at the wrong times. ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

My daughter has a 2006 Pontiac Grand Am GT. She went to start the car and when she turned the key on nothing happens not even a click as if the starter is engaging. The head lights are bright and all of the lights are normal. She jumped it and still nothing. I put a different battery in it and nothing. I put a new starter in it and the same thing. I put a wrench on the motor and it turns over so the engine is not locked up. Any suggestions?


Turn ingnition key, nothing happens. Replaced solenoid and when I hooked postive wire to it, the starter would not disengage. Put another solenoid and replace battery wires and solenoid to starter wire. Starter still kicked on. Nothing happens when I turn the ignition switch to try and start the engine. Car-1966 Mustang V8. Can you help?

... 1966 Ford Mustang

Truck stalled one day would not start when i hit the key i got nothing put new Battery and solenoid dropped starter had it tested all good turn key on i have lights but when i turn the key i still have nothing no sounds at all if i pop the hood and cross the solenoid i get the fuel pump to kick on and a click noise but still the engine does not even attempt to turn over any suggestions please

If the starter is ok and tested ..there must be a bad chasis ground ..or the starter isnt grounded properly ..the starter is grounded to the transmission housing ... 1990 Ford F250


Just a wild shot in the dark are the battery cables on real tight also you should get @ 13 vdc on a good battery ... Ford Taurus

My 1991 6 cyl automatic Toyota sat for a year with the battery disconnected. I hooked up the battery, turned the key and did not get the engine to even cough. I charged and then tried jumping the battery and still nothing. The head lights come on, also when I turn the key the radio lights and dash board lights come on but the truck will not fire. I replaced the cylanoid, still nothing. What do I check next. Could it have anything to do with distributor or spark plugs? I changed the starter just

Tina-does the car turn over, that is, does the starter turn the engine over? If so, check to make sure the MaP sensor is plugged in-it is inline with the airfilter housing and the throttle body (the tube from the air filter to the engine) andi it ha ... Toyota Pickup

New starter and tune-up on 1994 dodge spirit. Turn key and I get nothing. Had starter tested and all i hear is the fuel pump when i turn key. Engine not spinning. What might be my problem?

... 1994 Dodge Spirit

I have an 04 grand am with the 3400 v6 i have all my dash lights,accesories, headlights everything except when i turn the key it will not turn over, no noise, no starter, nothing, i have checked the fuses and batt voltage (12.39v) sometimes i have a security light sometimes not, if i leave the key in the run position most of my dash lights go out except the service engine light oil light and battery light, i assume that is because the engine is not running

To beat security problems that turn off the starter, check out this link. http://vatspasslockpasskeysecurityhelp.yolasite.com/ ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

1998 lumina, does not start up with key ignition turning nor by hot jumping the starter solenoid. battery is good because hot jumper wire to starter gets the engine to turn over just fine but still wont start up. Turning the key igniyion only gets the dash lights to come on, but nothing else happens.

Is your security light flashing ?if so you have a problem with the anti theft system.Leave the key on for 10 minutes ,then try this should reset the anti theft system ... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

Sensonic gearbox Sensonic - I have no clutch 5 gears My SAAB Will not turn over - battery fully charged / ignition on with key,all the right lights etc light up - turn key to start nothing - dash still all litup. With ignition on -I can supply external power to starter and the the engine turns over and starts. Now with engine running no gears can be sellected. Please help Regards John

Hi had same problem last Friday you can put a fuse in (30 amp) for gearbox and it will start when you turn key but you will not be able to select a gear I'm 100% sure it's the sensonic activator box you can pick one up for about £150-200 second ... 1996 Saab 900

My 1998 bmw 528i won't start , I got dash light , lock and unlock , radio works , fuses in glove box have power , fuses and relays in trunk have power , I just turn the key and nothing happend, no cranking. I tested the 3 wires to starter and I don't have power in 2 when I turn the key to start, I put power directly to the starter and it's working, but the engine not running. I've been trying to reach some relays behind glove box. What are those relays for ? I don't want to damage some electroni

All those problem have to do with modules on the vehicle have the car electronically scann and it will tell you where and what ... BMW 528

My 1992 Buick Park Ave won't start part of the time. It isn't the starter, or the battery or cables to it, or the ignition. The engine purrs once it starts and it isn't an engine problem. It is just like there is nothing there when I turn the key, nothing happens. Then all of a sudden it will start right up, after lots of cussing and swearing usually. Is there a switch somewhere in the stearing column that might be the cause?

Yeah it could be the igntion switch, specially if you don't even hear a relay clicking. This could also be caused by a loose connection aroun the battery area, check all the connection around the main fuse under the hood, and around the battery area. ... 1992 Buick Park Avenue
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