Having problems with your 2001 GMC Sierra Crew Cab ?

Had 2001 GMC Sierra in 4WD Auto and went to put in 4 hi. then Service 4WD light came on and selector wouldn't let me select anything and the truck stayed in 2 hi.

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Answers :

On the full size, the front actuator is electric, not vacuum.

When in 4wd mode, a switch on top of the transfer case conducts 12\015\012volts out to the actuator. Wire #50 (brown) is the 12v feed, and it\015\012conducts to the light blue wire (#900) to the actuator.
When shifted out of 4wd, the switch opens up and no voltage goes to the actuator.

Check voltage at the connector for the front actuator (at the\015\012front differential - it looks like a large bullet that threads into the\015\012front diff.) If it has 12 volts, the actuator is the problem. If it\015\012does not have 12 volts, check the transfer case switch and the power\015\012feed to the transfer case.

I'll assume it is the actuator, if the plug to the actuator is getting 12 volts when in 4wd.
The way this actuator works, is it is a sealed chamber that gets heated\015\012by voltage. When it heats, the pin in the end swells and pushes a shift\015\012fork in the front differential. The shift fork engages a spline on the\015\012passenger side of the differential, and boom! you have 4WD.

GM offered an upgrade to this actuator that is a motor instead of a\015\012heated device. However, it requires a small harness addition, a spacer,\015\012and a new actuator. It is about a $150 to $200 option.

Good\015\012luck. The actuator is usually the problem 90% of time but recheck all\015\012of the wire harness just to maker sure there is no short before\015\012replacing any parts.
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Had 2001 GMC Sierra in 4WD Auto and went to put in 4 hi. then Service 4WD light came on and selector wouldn't let me select anything and the truck stayed in 2 hi.

On the full size, the front actuator is electric, not vacuum.When in 4wd mode, a switch on top of the transfer case conducts 12\015\012volts out to the actuator. Wire #50 (brown) is the 12v feed, and it\015\012conducts to the light blue w ... 2001 GMC Sierra Crew Cab

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This has two service actions for it... One to change the steering column and electrical... And the second item. Check to see if changed and you hear a whistle sound in the car after you turn the car off. Does the sound come from the fuse panel area ... 2003 Land Rover Range Rover

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Call douggy from trucktech he can bypass the system ... Isuzu Cars & Trucks

Truck was idling high at 2200 rpm.I replaced the air control censor.the truck is a little hesitant taking off when cold.during this time the ck engine light comes on.letting the truck idle for about 5 to 10 min.the light will go off. the idle is around 1200 and seams to be holding smooth.I filled tank and added Lucas fuel treatment.I took battery cable loose for 15 min and then let idle for 15 min.light stayed off until I drove it .ck eng light comes on and stays on.what next? 1990 ford pick up

I would check vacum lines or system for leaks ... Ford F-150

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I have a 2004 Ford F250 Superduty V8 Turbo Deisel. I attempted to put it into 4WD (due to snow) and nothing happened and no indicator light came on. I followed what I usually do by turning the control knob from 2WD to 4WD High while the truck is in motion and I saw no light come on and it didnt even feel that the 4WD was engaged. I'm assuming that a burnt light bulb would have nothing to do with the 4WD not engaging correct? What could be the problem?

Hello nasenterpris\015\012You would notice somthing if the transfer case engaged, even if the hubs did not. The first thing I'd do, before crawling in the snow is to stop by my mechanics or an autozone and have the OBDII\015\012scanner ho ... 2004 Ford F250

I have a 2004 Ford F250 Superduty V8 Turbo Deisel. I attempted to put it into 4WD (due to snow) and nothing happened and no indicator light came on. I followed what I usually do by turning the control knob from 2WD to 4WD High while the truck is in motion and I saw no light come on and it didnt even feel that the 4WD was engaged. I'm assuming that a burnt light bulb would have nothing to do with the 4WD not engaging correct? What could be the problem?

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I have a 2008 Dodge Ram that came with the tow package. When I plug in my 7-pin trailer (with electric brakes) everything works fine until I turn on the truck lights. When I turn on the truck lights, I loose both of my turn signals and brake lights on the trailer. The running lights stay on. I unplugged the brake controller and still have the same problem. I compared my trailer plug diagram to my trucks manual and everything appears to be wired correctly.

If you have amber signal lights & red brake lights, it's 2 separate circuits. You'll need to buy a small converter that you wire into harness to correct that. Not expensive, try autoparts store or RV/trailer sales, should have them. ... 2008 Ford F-350

2992 chevy monty carlo....security light comes on...stays on...all else srms to be functioning fine at this point...how can this be fixed..it was just in the shop for several other things including fuse for the lock system....trunk wouldnt open doors wouldnt lock or and when opening door it was acting as if i was stealing it...i never has so much of a money pit of a car in my whole life..the fuse did get fixed and all locks function now..butr security light came back on again today and stayed n.

The security system can end up shutting your WHOLE car off. http://vatspasslockpasskeysecurityhelp.yolasite.com/ read this.This link explains the whole ... 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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First of all you were very smart to let it cool down first.you can get burned taking of the cap. but the cap is the first thing to ckeck. put it on a pump and pump it to at lest 17lbs make sure it holds what is marked on it. you can use the same pum ... 2003 Ford Explorer
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