Having problems with your 2001 Ford Windstar ?

Is there a fuse for the heater we have no heat

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Answers :

Are no blower speeds working? Any symptoms leading up to this?
\015\012Check fuse 120 (40 amp) in battery fuse box under hood and check blower motor relay in fuse panel in van.
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2008 Ford Taurus X, drivers seat heater w/n work. WHen you press the button for the seat heater to come on the light flashes and goes out..stays on as long as you hold the button down. When you release the button the light goes out. Seat does not heat. The passenger seat works fine. I checked the fuses but everything seems fine. Althought I did not see a specific fuse for "drivers" seat heater I did see one for "heated seat module". I swapped it out with a module of the same amp and there

The heated seat module is most likely the problem here. It acts like a latching relay to bring on the heating element in the seat. One push of the button latches the "relay", and another push of the button causes it to "unlatch". This may have a stor ... 2008 Ford Taurus X

929 Mazda (1992) No Heat But A/C Works I have a 929 Mazda 1992 year. Does not blow any heat. I noted that the 30 amp fusible link for the heater was busted. Replaced it but still no heat. A busted fuse means an electrical overload occurred somewhere, what do I need to look at to I.D. the problem? I have change a little heat filament up inside the blower and I have changed the heater control unit on the dashboard. My suspect the heater core but I need some help before I full this care apart. T

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On the diagram on the fuse box cover it says there is a fuse for the heater....when I opened the fuse box there is no fuse there...everything else is as it is on the diagram except for this...I just recently changed the heater core on the car and when I put everything back the blower didn't work...and it worked before minus the heat...read that it may be the fuse...could u please help

The fuse that you want is probably listed as blower motor. If it is good make sure everything is plugged back in and the controls are set to the right settings ... Ford Escort

The fan for my heater does not work in my dodge caravan. The heat works. I also plugged in a portable heater into the cigarette lighter and I think it blew a fuse because my radio system quite on me and the heater stopped. I plugged the heater into the back lighter and it worked fine. Are these things connected? Where is the fuse I need to replace that I blew?


No heat i own a 99 mercury sable, and no hot air comes from my heater. The blowers work but no heat at all. Ican tell that i am missing a couple of fuses but how can I tell which fuse is the one for my heat. please help, thank you

Check you radiator coolant level ... 1999 Mercury Sable

Flushed the heater core changed thermostat, water pump is good, changed fuse, heater was throwing heat but was over heating,checked radiator(flushed and added new fluid) now back to no heat

No, not special but you failed to stated engine, there are many engines.and some are very tricky here, like 2.0L.First state the symptoms, your post states its overheating, then no heat. (why?)old post. but others might Ill post ... 2003 Suzuki Vitara

I have a 2000 chevy silverado 1500 extended cab and the heater went out. It was working fine yesterday now it doesnt at all. On all settings I get no air blowing out (even on a/c setting) of any of my vents but when I put my hand over vent I do feel a little heat so I know it is not the heater coil. I also checked my fuse marked frt hvac in electrical panel and my fuse is good.........any ideas what is wrong and how to fix?

Sorry but your blower motor has went to the graveyard,its not to bad to replace ,but that has what has happened,..... \015\012\015\012Remove the blower motor insulating cover screws. \015\012Disconnec ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

M/B 1993 190e 2.6 - heater blower just stopped working without any prior telltale sounds of trouble - checked the fuses in the main box under hood on driver side firewall and the auxiliary black box in front of it. Are there any other fuses for the heater blower, if so where are they located? Could it be one of the two relays in the auxiliary black box? How do you test to see if they are working? Many thanks for any advice. Also the heating blower dashboard manual lever is stuck at level II. How

... 1992 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The heater on my 1996 Chevy 1500 truck blows but doesn't heat. Could it be the fuse? And where is the heater fuse?

This is a blend door actuator this changes the door from cold to heat. There is a second one for defrost operation. If all other controls work this is what ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 1997 Ford Escort Sedan 2.0 engine. For several years, the switch from heating season to cooling season has resulted in a blown fuse, whenever I move the dial from the ac side, past the off button to the heater side. It has been more simple to replace the fuse, when this occured, than to research the problem any deeper. We just made that transition a few weeks ago, and sure enough, it occured again. One day last week, though, when the AM was cold enough for heat, and the PM was w

Could u please shorten this up and clarify what is happening here, the AC doesn't work? not sure the post is a little confusing. ... 1997 Ford Escort

Air Conditioner and blower works ok, Turn to heat and there is no heat coming out of vents, only cold air. Line going into heater coil is hot, line out is not hot. Could this be a fuse or vacuum leak? Is there a way to bypass heater contol and verify this is not a wiring issue.

If line out is not geting hot then the core must be clogged ... 1989 Mercury Sable

2002 Acura Tl Heated Driver Seat not working. Where is the fuse for this? Where is the thermostat? Is there a overtemp safty? I don't know what harness under the seat is to the heating elements. If placed on high should not one of the heaters in the seat work since supposedly they are in parallel? Any help I will not be removing the seat to make repairs to the heater pad or replacement of the pad. To time consuming and labor intensive. I want to assure that it is the element bad or other problem

... 2002 Acura 3.2TL

Heater Have 1999 buick park avenue Heat comes out of dash all the time and no ac. Which is the heater fuse so i can stop the heat ?

Well its not quite that easy. You have an automatic system to control heat and ac. The control module may have failed, or it could be a blend door problem under the dash. You could try pulling the HVAC fuse or the blower fuse to stop the ... 1999 Buick Park Avenue

I have a 1985 Chevy 350 G30 Winnebago which I believe has all seasons air (on the dash is a temp control and a separate fan control). The system is totally separate from the heater. Will having the air on and the fan on high the fan and compressor stopped working. Looking at the fuse panel all fuses are ok but I noticed a rectangle plastic box that was plugged in the bottom of the fuse panel. When unplugged one of the connections broke off in the fuse box due to rust and over heat.. The box has

That is your high blower relay for the fan ... Chevrolet G30

AC,Blower,Heater,stopped working.Checked fuses and found 7.5amp fuse blown for heat and ac module. Replaced fuse and fuse blew again. Any solutions to this problem? Thanks AL

... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2004 Trailblazer - Clicking problems with heater. I also had a problem with a clikcing noise in the rear passenger side. I took out the fuse for the AC from under the rear seat fuse box and it stop clicking and of course I do not have AC anymore. I have not had the time to solve this problem yet, but now I am having a clicking problem in the dash of my vehicle and pulling fuses did not work, to find the isolated problem. I took the dash apart and it seems to be coming from heating system behind

You have bad control actuators. Not sure which one. You have one for the modes and one for the temp. Same on the rear. The gears strip in the actuators. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Heat works on the front and the back only works when I use the front controls to turn on heater.The back Heater control panel wont turn the heat on for thr back.but still blos hot air when turned on only by the front panel.is there a fuse for the back heat panel ? if yes where is it located ?

Here's what the system looks like. left rear panel\015\012please rate as fixya if this solves your issue\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1997 Ford Expedition

My 98 lincoln town car blew fuse dealing with heater and ac station were you can also see the temp , well I changed the fuse and then it blew so added bigger fuse worked a lil while now when that blew my speedometor heat station gas gauge and rear airbags wont lift what should i do?

A blown fuse usually means a short somewhere in the electrical system.It could be a worn component e.g. window winder or compressor or any other component that can short to Earth.Are you getting any codes from the dash, are any warning lights on?Rega ... 1998 Lincoln Town Car

Does the heater blower have a fuse for a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee ? And if it does, where can I find the fuse and the fuse box. There is no wind or air blowing out of the vents for heat.

... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I own a 2005 Chevy Silverado and yesterday my heater was working just fine and today it's not. All the led lights on the AC and duel contoll adjuster light up and i can even hear something when i change the knob for heat to my feet to heat to my upper half but no heat comes out. i've checked all the fuses i can find in cab on the driver's side and under the hood and all appear to be good. Can you help?

... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

My battery died in my 2004 Trailblazer and the person who jumped it hooked the cables up to the fuse box instead of the battery and blew a lot of my fuses inside the truck. All are fixed except a few things. My rear defrost and a/c do not work, my temperature control does not work (it only blows hot air) and I can't control where the heat comes from, it only blows at the top of the dash. I have tried changing the basic fuses for the a/c, heater, etc but that doesn't do it, any other suggestions?

Probably burnt the relays up also. need to check them. ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Have 97 grand prix and no heat blows out of vents. Tried replacing heater blower, resaiance switch, fan control switch only works on number five and still no heat.Also tried changing fuse have had four different mechanice and still not fixed. Someone said find out where heater box is and check that area for air vent not closing. Can't find out where heater box can someone tell me?

There is a vent door actuator motor,that operates the vent door top bottom vent.It is most likely on the bottom of the blower box,near the center of the dash underneath.And the blower only going to high speed,and no low speeds,is either the blower mo ... Pontiac Grand Prix

My heater does not generate heat. Could this be a bad fuse?

No, it is not likely to be a fuse problem. your heater core is probably clogged. you need to flush your cooling system. ... 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer

My 2000 grand prix is over heating and the heater wont work. We replaced the thermostat and a fuse for the fan.

It might be the thermostat ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

No heat My heater is not working, thats to say that I get a minimal amount of heat but only enough to defrost the bottom of my windshield. I checked the egine fan and sure enough it wasn't working.I hoped it was only a blown fuse but they're all good.Could a worn out thermostat cause the fan to not work. What should I try.

You may need a GOOD new thermostat. I had the same problem twice on my first generation Dakota. The problem for me turned out to be the DODGE thermostat I used to replace the old Dodge part. I went and got a Stant from local auto parts store using th ... 1993 Dodge Dakota
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