Having problems with your 2001 Ford Mustang ?

I recently changed the fuel rail pressure sensor, spark plugs and wires on my 2001 mustang 3.8l engine. My question is " Do I need to reset my computer and if so how exactly do I do this?

\015 The ignition coil was also changed, but the CarMD device still reads the same codes. Car spits and sputters under acceleration but idles ok. Any help is greatly appreciated.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

You never diagnosed the codes using the proper reference
material, to find the real issues

Codes have nothing to do with changing parts

Codes don't tell you what is wrong or to change a part

You use flow charts & factory manuals to diagnose the
system with the fault,then component test

Need experience & the proper test equipment to work
on your car
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I recently changed the fuel rail pressure sensor, spark plugs and wires on my 2001 mustang 3.8l engine. My question is " Do I need to reset my computer and if so how exactly do I do this?

You never diagnosed the codes using the proper referencematerial, to find the real issuesCodes have nothing to do with changing partsCodes don't tell you what is wrong or to change a partYou use flow charts & factory m ... 2001 Ford Mustang

94 s10 pu 4.3l cpi engine drives fine till it warms up then idle goes crazy. new map,iac,cap,rotor,plugs,wires,fuel filter,etc. i believe I'm down to the computer and the 02 sensors. my question is, since the engine light isn't on do/will i need to replace all the 02 sensors? if so is there 3 or 4? i found 3 but haven't gone under close to engine so not sure.

Just 3 sensors . u need to check throttle body bolt make sure tight/no vacuum leaks/plugged pvc/or camshaft lobes worn/leakin head gasket do compression test ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10

I have a 2005 cavalier. Just replaced the enging with a chevy malibu classic engine, came with a different fuel rail, so replaced the gas lines to match the fuel rail, replaced coil pack, coil pack module, spark plugs, spark plug wires. Showing random misfire. Anyone knoe what this problem could be? Does the computer need reset since it was a mailbu engine? Thanks for any help!

Is it misfiring ? if not reset see if comes back ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Need computer reset sequence for 2001 Protege LX, 2.0 Liter. I changed plugs, wires, 2 new ECMs and 2 Oxygen sensors. Still with code P 0421 and check engine light on.

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Earlier I posted a question regarding my 1992 chevy 1500 truck and since then I went out and drove it again. I thought earlier that it was skipping a couple of gears when it went to shift but actually it is just shifting too soon. It shifts to the next gear at about 1600 RPMs each time it shifts. Is there an adjustment or a bad sensor telling it to shift too soon or do I just need to have a shop reset computer settings or what? This truck just had a new engine installed and this problem started

I think that as this is a 92 vehicle ,it has a cable for the kickdown control and when you had the new engine fitted ,this cable has not been reset correctly and its over adjusted which means their is no slack in the cable causing this problem,locate ... Chevrolet 1500

I have a 2003 Cruiser that will not start. The engine cranks at normal cranking speed, will fire a little but not get going. Code 0441 Evaporative purge flow system was in the computer, and 0522 Oil pressure sensor low voltage was added after cranking awhile. The fuel pump makes a normal sound. Spark plugs were changed as they needed it, old ones normal but worn. Gas was dribbled into the intake with little effect. A timing light strobed OK on multiple plug wires. Questions: Will the 441 code pr

... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have acquired a 1985 Subaru GL-10. The wiring was ripped out of the car and I would have found most of it but have no idea how wire parts of the like the head light switch turn signal and a few other parts. I need to find a accurate wiring diagram for the car. where can I find one? My next question is I am thinking about just replacing the engine in the car but have only found engines for newer cars. would the basic wiring be the same between the 85 GL-10 and a 05 impressa engine?

Definitely not, the wiring is nothing similiar between these two models. For a wiring diagram for your 85 model you should be able to find a Haynes manual for the GL-10, it should cover everything you need. ... 1984 Subaru Gl

I need the correct firing order for a 2001 mustang with the 3.8 engine. i also need instructions for plug wire replacement having some problems since i replaced the plug wires with the engine running correctly.

See if tis helps ... Ford Mustang

Had a 94 4g92 in a cb4a replaced with a91 4g92rnmivec on old engine has 4 wires but on other engine had 2 wires mivec is not working wot can i do heads and cams r different every thing else on two engines seems the same do i need to get old computer and put two more wires in the loom

Get computer and engine wire harness ... 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer

2001 sonata, rats got in engine and chewed up wires on back row of fuel injectors and the engine knocker sensors. car still started after this. How ever car sat for about a year before I could get to replacing chewed wires, also replaced plugs and plug wires since intake was removed. removed old gas and replaced. Since all this has been done I can't get engine to fire. Is there something I missed or needs to be reset ? thanks Don

... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

All the insulation on my map sensor pigtail wires has burned off. A friend of my cut the wires near the computer and I bought a new pigtail... but the wires on the new pigtail are all white and I need to connect them to the original wires by the computer. Can anyone tell me the order that the wires go in on the pigtail? It's a 1998 Olds Achieva with a 6cyl. engine.

Okay here we go, there are three wires from the map sensor, if you look at the sensor there are letters stamped on the plug area, theres an A,B,and C the wires start from the sensor as orange/blk to terminal A then lite green wire to terminal B and l ... 1998 Oldsmobile Achieva

How do I re set the computer drive cycle on my 2004 suzuki forenza ? Wont pass e-check, I have no check engine light ,no reset of codes because they dont need reset ,I have driven the car over 100 miles . Computer wont reset on it's own . Does anyone know a way to reset the emission code so I can pass end-check ?

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I was told that my engine computer was damage. And that the memory keeps fulling up. This present throttling problem once the A/C is turned on.It the computer is reset by removing and replacing the battery terminal then the problem is corrected until about 400km afterwards where the same issue arise until the computer is reset again. Do you think I need a new computer?

Def'.. sounds like there is a problem with the ecu holding data, had the same problem with a Skooby. If you replace the ECU then ensure you get the correct data codes which are on the side! not sure if your immobiliser is coded to the ignition key! i ... 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara

I have a 1966 Chevy Blazer ,73000 miles.. I have had 2nd fuel pump in new trottle sensor, and wiring to throttle done. . I was told i need new muffler, tailpipe ,and fuel tube where the fuel goes in cause its leaking. The problem is the the check engine light comes on then later stall when at a stop or driving.. Now being told it needs a computer part possible.. Could any the parts needed be the cause or the computer part ?.. This a intermittant problem

... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

The Check engine light comes on, the speed modual has been changed and as soon as you disconnect the harness it resets and is fine for a while then the check engine light will come on again. The mechanic has reset it the computer and can not make the light come on. Any ides? He is thinking the transmission modual might need to be reprogramed/ reflashed. Please help.Also as soon as the check engine light comes on the vehicle does not shift correctly.

What code did the mechanic find? Get back to me on this and we'll take it from there. ... 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

My 1993 Toyota 4runner will not pass smog.The check engine light has been on for some time now. I went to a shop to have it cleared and the mechanic only reset the computer not clear it.I was ordered to a gold or test only shop.The technician at the smog shop told me instantly i had a bad engine or a few bad cylinders. Went back to same guy with code reader and after a 4 hour bill i was told i needed a head gasket job.I learned by watching him how to reset fuse for check engine light.When i res

Most likely the problem is a bad O2 Sensor. In any case a head gasket will run about $20 and 6 hours of work to replace but I doubt very seriously that is the problem. The check engine light keeps returning because the problem is still present that ... Toyota 4Runner

Check engine light comes on and car idle's and drives with a shudder around 2500 rpms. First time check engine light came on put it on computer and said it was misfiring, so changed plugs and plug wires because both needed it. Check engine light came back on after a few starts. Plugged it back up to computer and says it is still misfiring.

I found this; if it helps. \015\012The injectors need to be cleaned, if an engine is experiencing any of the classic symptoms of dirty injectors, such as lean misfire, rough idle, hesitation and stumbling on light acceleration, a loss of power, ... 1999 Dodge Durango

Need engine wiring diagram for Ford Mustang 95 cobra 302 engine

Http://www.veryuseful.com/mustang/tech/engine/ ... 1995 Ford Mustang

A/C Problem 2002 explorer my ac was fine until i had some trans work done now it will only blow out thru the defr and floor but nothing else i was told i need to reset the pc how do i do that? That was the original question.......I appreciate the the help,... but apparently it isnt the computer needs resetting.....do you have any other suggestions for why the it wont switch to any other settings? Thanks

There is a vacuum line from the engine into the dash that supplies vacuum through the selector switch when commanded. When vacuum is missing, the dash defaults to the defrost and the floor. Check to see that the vacuum line is still connected.It usua ... 2002 Ford Explorer

I need a engine wiring diagram for a 1990 ford mustang with 2.3 NON TURBO I need the injector wiring please help where can I find it thank you

... 1990 Ford Mustang

I have a 97 ford thunderbird lx and the service engine soon light is on. i need it smogged soon but in order to do that, i need that light off. sometimes if i let my car warm up and drive it extremely slow and nicely, the light will turn off. ususally higher speeds cause the light to go on again. i scanned the computer and it said something about the emission control... i cant remember exactly. around 1900-2100 rpms the engine has a little bit of a shake. i thought it was wind resistance on the

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Changed computer in 1992 expo lrv and engine runs rough. The new computer was an exact match part # of the old one. Is it used on other models/engines? Check engine is on. I also changed the spark plugs. Could a plug wire be bad?

You need to pull the code out with a OBD I scanner to determine what code is being set. ... 1992 Mitsubishi Expo

I need a engine diagram for the wiring harness for a 1984 ford mustang. i need to know where all the wires go

... 1984 Ford Mustang

Service engine I had the computer device hooked up and changed the wires and plugs, but the service engine light went off after reseting it at checker auto parts. Is there a code I have to enter or a reset button

I am unclear what exactly you are asking.\015\012\015\012There is no way to reset the OBDII computer without a scanner.\015\012\015\012Once you reset the OBDII computer codes, you must go through whats called a road test which ... 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette

1 have 04 grand am the service engine soon light stays on computer says misfire on #2 cylinder changed spark plug an wire reset the computer it does good for a dau or 2 an then it stars the same thing again .what could the problem be .no miss in the engine at all

The ecm will register a cyl, miss that you cannot detect, nest step is to check the injector ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am
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