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What fuse do I replace for brake light on 2001 ford focus

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2001 ford focus: only 1 headlight works on low beam, already replaced socket,also engine wont crank, new battery all fuses are good. also fuel pump not working! My brother was playing around in the fuse box compartment before this happened, and i replaced all the fuses! Before he did this the car worked! Did suspension work and fuel repairs, went to start vehicle and nothing happens, although all lights work, radio, brake lights, etc...

Start by getting the car to run...If you played with the fuses and battery, this is where to start. Clean the battery terminals and tighten them after cleaning...test the fuses-the tester is about ten bucks at most autoparts stores...If after that n ... 2001 Ford Focus

Car will not go into gear and brake lights are not working, have to override the gearshift by inserting my key in the small pop off tab , but still do not have brake lights, replaced the Brake switch and the fuse 10A and it ran well for 2 days again the problem arises. DESC: Ford Focus 2006 ZX4

... Ford Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 ford focus SE and the brake lights aren't working I've replaced the bulbs and checked the fuses. I was wondering where on the car is the brake light switch located?

That could be it..\015\012\015\012It should be located on the arm to the break pedal..\015\012\015\012Hope this helps !!\015\012Please rate me good ;o) ... 2001 Ford Focus

2003 Ford Ranger, XLT 6Cyl. Flashers, Running Lights, Reverse Light, Right and Middle Brake Light and Headlights are working. Front running/parking lights are not working. Signal Lights, Front and Rear are not working (replaced Bulbs already). Rear Left Brake Light not working (replaced bulb already). Fuses checked an all appear to be good. What do I do? State Inspection was due yesterday, getting all kinds of hand gestures and horn honking for slowing down to turn without signal lights.

Found very detailed assistance and instructions, FREE on the Ranger Station Forum. It is nice being able to go on-line and find lots of free information from fellow American Ford Ranger owners and not be asked for $$$.\015\012\015\012If ... 2003 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

What fuse do I replace for brake light on 2001 ford focus

... 2001 Ford Focus

Have trouble shifting out of park sometimes, also when i have this problem the brake lights dont work.have already replaced the fuse. 2003 ford focus

Sounds like you need to replace or adjust the brake light switch on the brake pedel mount. ... 2003 Ford Focus

I have a 2004 Ford Expedition 4.6L XLT. My brake lights do not work when I push on the pedal. My top brake light doesn't light up at all. The lights for the other two light up when I turn on my lights, but the brake lights don't work when I push on the pedal I replaced the fuse for the brake lights and they still don't work. Any ideas?

I am having a simliar problem! Mine is when I put the blinker on and apply the brake my blinkers don't work & then when I put my right blinker on my left and right one blink @ the same time! ... 2004 Ford Expedition

Ford focus iv got a ford focus st170, 53 plate, driver side back light is not working, just got back from halfords got them to change the light bulb, brake light works of the new bulb but when i but the lights on it still dose not work, wondering if it is a fuse

Only one light not working indicates a bad circuit at the plug on the back of the light housing or in the wiring between the light and the dash swith ... 2001 Ford Focus

Suddenly both brake lights went out on my 2001 Ford Focus SE (although the top trunk brake light works). All other rear lights work. I did all the obvious things. I checked the fuse (#54), checked the bulbs (both filaments are fine), and took out the pedal switch, jumped the lead with a wire and the top trunk light worked (as it does when I depress the pedal. However, neither of the side brake lights work.

Broken wire where trunk lid opens ... 2001 Ford Focus

1999 ford ranger - brake lights not working. I checked fuses, bulbs and replaced brake light switch on top of brake petal. Still no brake lights, any idea what else could be causing this?

There is a brake light relay driven by the fuse, should be under the drivers side dash on the left.\012Hope this helps. ... Cars & Trucks

2005 Ford F150 with 18K miles (no that is not a typo) has problems with cruise control not turning on and center mounted brake light not working. I thought it was a hard failure until I happned to try it again the other day and to my surprise both the cruise and brake light are working. I previously replaced the lamp for the brake light, which dichdn't solve the problem. Also checked the light socket for damage (but didn't do an electrical check) and checked all related fuses. The only thing

Does it have a remote starter? if so most likely a wire that goes to the switch on your brake pedal- known as the brake on/off or BOO switch. or it could just be that the BOO switch itself has gone bad. the low mileage makes no difference, some compo ... 2005 Ford F-150

My brake lights are not working and the car is stuck in park.... I know it is a fuse but none of them look damaged.... what fuse do I replace to fix the brake lights? 1996 Ford Taurus Station Wagon LX

If you cant find a blown fuse then you need a new brake light switch ... 1996 Ford Taurus

2006 Ford Focus. Left front signal blinks fast, no left rear signal. Mechanic said, "there's a circuit board in the back that may need replaced?" I replaced the bulb, to no avail. Fuses are fine, I'm thinking if it was a fuse, I would have no signals at all? Maybe a continuity test, or take a test light to the socket? I was wondering if these cars usually have a similar solution to this issue, much like the solenoid was on the older Ford trucks. Thanks for any ideas you may have!

Hi!!\012\012When your turn signal indicator flashes faster than normal on either side, is telling you that you have a blown or defective bulb that needs to be replaced on that particular side.\012\012Just replace your left rear signal lig ... 2000 Ford Focus

1984 ford F350 diesel...Turn signals stopped working...don't know which fuse...but replaced them all and new flasher. Brake lights work and flasher works...but no turn...replaced brake light switch earlier and then turn signals stopped working...

... 1984 Ford F 350

My 97 ford expoler is stuck in park and brake lights are not working my husband replaced the fuse and the brake light bulbs and the brake light switch it still wont come out of park the only way we can go anywhere is by clicking the key over once put it in netural and then start it then the gears work fine any ideas

U need to replace the turn signal switch also known as the multifunction switch in the steering column. the brake lights go thru there. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. The rear brake lights (which has a dual filament bulb) does not light up when the headlights are on but lights up when I hit the brakes... Fuses have been checked and are fine. Bulbs have been checked and the filaments look fine. checking the power on the socket I noticed that I'm not getting power to the bulb. the only time power is on the bulb is when I hit the brakes.. What does this indicate? What should I replace?

You have no power when the parking lamps are on. Do the front parking lamps work? If the front parking lamps work then you have an issue with the rear wiring. Use a test light to verify you do not have power at the sockets. ... 1988 Ford Thunderbird

I have a 2004 Ford Focus estate and when I brake, my front lights come on (the rear brake lights also come on fine). Any ideas why this may be happening? I think this started following my MOT being completed and I was told a rear brake light was replaced, could this have anything to do with it? Thanks.

Check the bulbs.mine were changed and some genius put wrong bulb in and i had exact same problem as you.make sure tail/brake bulb has double steel connectors.my drivers side one had bulb with single connector,i put new bulbs in both sides and problem ... 2000 Ford Focus

I have a 1997 Ford F150 4x4 Supercab Stepside with 5.4L and factory towing package. On the factory trailer wiring plug I am not getting power for turn signals or brake lights. Running lights and brake controller work fine. I have checked fuses, and one was blown, which I replaced to get running lights working. But I still do not have brake or turn signals at the plug. Is there something else I can check before tracing the lines?

No, check the wiring in the rear going to hitch plug, they may have rotted or broke,if lights work on the truck then i would say its wiring,test wiring moving backward until you get power, this way you can pinpoint break location area, good luck, ho ... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

1996 ford explorer gear shiftstuck in park no brake lights. have replaced brake light switch and no change. can shift to neutral with key in ''on'' position and then drive but still no brake lights. checked fuses all ok

Check for 12 volts at the switch if yes then check for 12 volts coming out the switch with the pedal depressed ... 1996 Ford Explorer

I have a 2002 explorer. The instrument cluster fuse keeps blowing, I took the truck into Ford and all they did was replace the fuse. The tech said the fuse would keep blowing. Now the the fuse blows as soon as the truck turns on with a new fuse. The rear running lights have gone out now. the hazard and brake lights are working. A strange bell/ring occurs every so often and the rear locks keep locking won their own.

... 2002 Ford Explorer

I have a 1993 ford f-150, the headlight switch shorted out to where the headlights would still come on but the tail lights and parking lights and dash lights would not work. My brake lights and turn signals still work. I replaced the switch and it still has the same issue. I checked my fuses and replaced 2 of them but that didn't fix it either. I then checked my bulbs and they were fine. Am i missing a step here?

Also check the fuses, there are 2 on in the interior fuse panel, over your left knee, and 1 in the "big" fuse box under the hood on the drivers side engine compartment, beside the overflow-washer box, and almost under the master cylinder, check em' b ... 1993 Ford F150 SuperCab

2000 ford focus No dash lights. replaced switch which ghas the dimmer included no joy still no dash light Shift lights do not light up either. could not find a blow fuse Is there a in line fuse hidden?

Its aprocess of tracing the wires on the circuit with a tester from the power sorce & checking along its path to the other ends!\015\012a bad earth or ground can also cause loss of continuity [result looks like no power] ... 2000 Ford Focus

I have a 96 ford contour and my break lights don't work but my third light works i've changed the bulbs the brake pedal switch, fuses are fine and i've replace the brake light sockets and i still got nothing

Replace the multifunction switch on the steering column (turn, dimmer, wipers.). ... 1996 Ford Contour

Horn, brake lights, tail lights, hazard lights, and turn signals all quit working on 1984 Ford F-150 after the ignition switch was replaced. Checked connections from installing new ignition switch, checked and replaced all fuses.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012I have a 89 F-350 and had same problem. Check your turn signal switch connectot, it may have come unplugged when replacing the ignition switch, turn signal switch controls all the lights you describe. If connector i ... 1984 Ford F 150

2005 ford focus try to start car and #20 fuse blows--have all panel lights,radio and all bells and lights, but replace the fuse and trys to crank and then fuse blows again--when it does blow there is nothing in the attempt to crank-Please help low on money and I am a do it yourselfer.

Hello! I'll have a solution for you asap..........Guru..........saailer ... 2000 Ford Expedition
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