Having problems with your 2001 Ford Explorer ?

01 explorer going to work engine died code (po174) system too lean bank 2. what would i be looking for.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Clogged fuel injector. For its age its time to replace all injectors now
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01 explorer going to work engine died code (po174) system too lean bank 2. what would i be looking for.

Clogged fuel injector. For its age its time to replace all injectors now ... 2001 Ford Explorer

My check engine light is on, I got 3 error messages. The first two are "system too lean bank one" and "system too lean bank two". the third error message is cylinder 1 is misfiring. What would cause these messages, and what might be the cost to fix the problem. The car is a 1996 mercury grand marquis

Look for intake leaks, espeically near #1 cylinder. sounds like major intake leak. ... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

Hi I have Peugeot 307 SW 2.0 litre diesel (2003), engine - DW10ATED. Time has come to replace a timing belt. I would like to do it myself. Read through many forums but no exact work instructions could find. Read through Haynes manual but if I follow it, I would have to take half of my car apart just to replace a cam belt (i.e. remove whole exhaust system as if it is not removed, the front pipe flexible section will be damaged when the right-hand engine mounting is detached). Looks strange, bec

There is specail tool set for this job, the set includes the tensioner setting tool, without that tool u run the risk of breaking the belt or haviong it come off, here is a link to the tool set.\015\012here is the number of kit\015\012 ... Peugeot 405

Check engine light flashing runs rough not firing on all cylinder2000 lincoln navigator with large triton engine Hooked up diagnnostic and it said 1. system too lean bank #2 2. Unable to bleed up fuel tank vacuum 3. system too lean bank # 1 4. cylinde # 3 missfire detected 5. cylinder # 4 missfire detected 6. cyclinder # 2 missfire detectd I installed a new mass More 2000 lincoln navigator with large triton engine Hooked up diagnnostic and it said 1. system too lean bank #2 2. Unable to bleed u

This could be a bad cam sensor that hasnt gone yet. It would explain why you are running to lean. ... Lincoln Navigator

Rubbing sound I have a check engine light code that says p0171 bank 1 system too lean i however just repaced a fuel filter so would you know what would be wrong? I also have a rubbing sound as the wheel turn on the right side would you be able to tell me what that is?

Check the o2s sensor that comes off the exaust manifold, more than likely it came disconnected or is defective and as far as the rubbing goes there is a plastic cover inside the fender well and when you turn it rubs. probably the cover is loose or if ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

I'm looking for a fuel system diagram for my 1999 Nissan Frontier to check the fuel connections from the tank to the engine 3.3 V-6 I recently replaced the fuel pump,fuel sending unit and fuel filter. Not getting fuel to the engine,however the truck will run on ether in the breather and the fuel pump is working. Any additional help would be appreciated. Thanks.Much R. Newberry

Get a noid light hooked up to the injector (Injectors) This will tell you if the injectors are getting the signal from the computer to let fuel out.\015\012You can have a good fuel pump, and still no fuel if this signal isn't good.\015\01 ... 1999 Nissan Frontier

My car is having difficulty idling, this morning it died on my way to work but started right back up. The check engine light has been on for about 3 weeks. I took it to a garage to have it ran on the machine, it came up with code P2187 Lean O2 sensor on bank 1 and bank 2. I was told that cheap fuel can cause this code and the guy pretty much told me it wasn't worth fixing. The car is having trouble idling, but the guy said if I replaced the O2 sensors it would pretty much just do the same th

I had that problem, my MAF was dirty so I cleaned it. I have a CAI (Cold air intake) so it was easy for water to get to it, I moved the MAF sensor to a better spot and it stopped my vehicle from Idling at crash ... 2003 Mazda Mazda6

Recently had my smog done check engine light w 3 codes??? help me please p0430 catalyst system efficiency below threshold (bank 2) p0171 system too lean (bank 1) p0174 system too lean (bank 2) please help w/ any advice to get my car to pass smog i have til oct 3 the car runs ac great 100k barely did spark plugs and wires???still haunting me with chk engine...

P0171 indicates a lean condition. The most common cause of\015\012this is a defective mass air flow sensor. Also check if any vacuum\015\012leaks.\015\012\015\012P0174 OBD-II\015 ... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 1997 Ford Taurus right-hand drive (residing in Malaysia). Car labeling says GL but engine cylinder head says "DURATEC 24 Valve V6" so not sure which Ford engine it is. Prospective problem is with oxygen sensor. Diagnostic codes (run twice) are: P0135- Upstream heated O2 sensor heater circuit fault (Bank 1, Sensor 1) P0155- Upstream heated O2 sensor heater circuit fault (Bank 2, Sensor 1) P0171- System Adaptive fuel too lean (Bank 1) P0174- System Adaptive fuel too lean (Bank 2) P070

Hello! I am sending two diagrams...#1 is O2 sensor location and #2 is a vacuum diagram...Before you spend a lot of money replacing O2 sensors lets eliminate other possible causes of heater circuit failure...O2's have heater circuits to bring them up ... 1997 Ford Taurus

Hi I have a 2004 Mazda 3 it has over 151K miles on it. I got a check engine light on for P2177 System too lean off idle bank 1. After a couple of days, went off. When I went to a mechanic, he said it could be O2 sensors, so I changed O2 sensor. After 3 days I got the same check engine light for same P2177 System too lean off idle bank 1 code. Interestingly this check engine light come ON/OFF. ON for a couple of days, again OFF for 1 day or two. Mechanic is saying that it could be your fuel filte

... 2004 Mazda 3

My engine light is on, and its code P0171 (System too lean Bank 1). Its toyota corolla VE 200. How do i fix it ? I am looking for mass air flow in my car ? I dont know where it is located ?

Remove the two screws that hold the MAF on the intake near the air filter, go to an auto parts store or electronic supply place and get a can of spray electronic cleaner, spray the inside of the air flow sensor, you need to get it into the smal ... 2000 Toyota Corolla

I have a Ford EFI V10 / F53 chassis installed in a 30' RV. "Service Engine soon" has come on twice when I am pulling a grades. With an EZ Scan 5000 I get the following codes P0171 pending code & P0174 trouble code (System to lean banks 1 & 2). How can I get the manual areas that would cover repairing this condition?

... Ford F-450

A diagnostic test showed I have both System Lean Bank 1 and System Lean Bank 2. There is also a burning smell coming from the passenger side of the engine that started when the check engine light came on. What could be wrong? If I don't get it addressed soon, will it do much damage to my Expedition? Thanks.


I have a 2004 Saturn Ion 2.2L. Check engine light is on. Has two codes, PO174 Bank 2 lean, and PO401 Egr Flow problem. I looked for the EGR valve, but there is only a plate covering the spot where it should be. Not sure where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Someone removed the egr. or someone replaced the engine with a non egr engine. if the engine was changed you ether need to put an egr system on it or change the computer with one made for an egr exempt engine. ... Cars & Trucks

Po171 system too lean bank 1 has come on for the past 2 years. I have had an Indy mechanic and the Dealership look at it and have made many repairs, including MAF sensor, hoses, Oxygen sensor and it is still coming on. The Indy mechanic says he measured it at various times: startup, after a drive, after a long drive and it is only slightly off at startup and not to worry about it. Any suggestions, I would like to sell it and I prefer to fix it first?

LET ME GET BACK TO YOU HAD TO STEP OUT. ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 2005 Ford Taurus SE (Flex Fuel), 3.0L, OHV. I recently had my A/C compressor replaced due to a clutch disc failure. The new compressor/clutch works great, engages/disengages properly, and blows COLD air! My problem is that when I come to a stop, wether in gear or in park, my car stalls every time I turn the air conditioner OFF? My check engine light is also on, with a P0174 DTC present (lean condition in bank #2). Any feedback on why the car is stalling would be great, and are the

Improve the FixYa experience for everyone by voting. I want you to let me know if the solution(s) suggested were of any value. Constructive criticism is welcomed.Hi,I'm Ben and -- hopefully -- I can provide some meaningful assistance. ... Cars & Trucks

Bank 2 o2 sensor 1 stays around 420 to 480 stuck in lean comes up with p1054 no activity replaced all 3 plugs on that bank very fuel fowled replaced heated o2 sensor a lot of carbon build up no change bank 1 o2 sensor working correctly switching from lean to rich. even swapped both o2 sensors then bank 2 sensor that was stuck started working perfectly on bank 1. engine runs smooth with new plugs not fouling yet. but will not go into closed loop ever

There is either a problem with the wiring between that O2 sensor and the ECM (Engine Control Module) or "Engine Control Computer" (you will need a DVOM "Digital Volt Ohm Meter' to test those wires) or the problem will be the ECM itself, and the probl ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10

In-laws towing camper with 1994 Ford Econoline, 220,000 miles on van. While driving on highway, van "shut off." The electrical still worked, but engine would not start. They coasted to side of road, tried to restart, engine would turn over, but not start. My father-in-law looked under hood - said the air filter had "fallen down" and was on top of the engine, but was "disintegrated." Got towed. They were 800 miles from home. Repair shop looked at the van the next morning, and it started.

... 1994 Ford Econoline

Thanks guru, were would you locate an engine number on a C5AE6016 motor and did they have a numbering system like we have today what system was in place back then, why i ask i have found an engine number on a different Mustang the same as my VIN number on my car Im looking at, strange or not, I was told the engine no. on the car Im looking at was C5AE6016 (5B11W) Thanks

On the edge of the block by the trans mount, or on the side of the block by the oil pan. ... 1965 Ford Mustang

2001 Ford F150 V6, Truck started spitting and sputtering and check engine light turned on. Originally I thought that I had a fuel problem and maybe needed a tune up so I put new plugs and wires and all new filters, none of these fixed the problem. I hooked up a code scanner and it told me system lean Bank 2. I changed out the O2 sensor and still the same. Could the miss and the system lean code be coming from a faulty injector on bank 2 or could something else be causing this.

I know that the 5.4l are known too misfire if you wash them because the water runs down between the coil and the heads. pull all your coilpacks and check for rust on the spring in the boot and use compressed air to blow any exessive mosture out of th ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

2003 ford ranger check engine code, P1150 1/3 Lack of H02521 Switch fuel trim at limit, P0171 2/3 System too lean bank 1, P0174 3/3 System too lean bank 2

... Cars & Trucks

Check engine light is on codes are po171 system too lean (bank 1) po174 system too lean (bank 2) so what can i do

Look for vacuum leaks,that are causing the O2 Sensors to go lean, and set codes on both banks ... 1997 Ford Expedition

Engine check light on error code 1 is P0171 system too lean bank 1 error code 2 is P0174 system too lean bank 2

P0171 system too lean bank 1\012P0174 system too lean bank 2\012links to information ... 2001 Jaguar S-Type

Hi, After changing my air filter & pvc valve and traveling a short distance my service engine light came on. I read the codes and they are PO171 system to lean bank 1 and PO171 system to lean bank 2. Anyone have an idea what the problem could be? 2004 Chev Blazer Thanks

Most likely if you didn't have it before,what you worked on, you have to recheck your work for a vacuum leak ... 2004 Chevrolet Blazer

OK, here we go. Ford F150 5.4L 3 Valve - 90K miles - so far all work done at Ford Dealer Engine was indicating rich on ECL codes after a spark plug change for a lean. Initially spark plug change yielded a lean condition, changed plug on #3 again - went to a rich condition. All this on bank #1. 20 hours of dealer diagnostics - finally yielded broken roller lifter on #3 intake, replace roller lifer and cam itself on bank one. Now runs nicely at speed, but intermittently engine drops

Need to put it on a smoke machine to check for vac leak if no leak sound like egr valve sticking open ... 2004 Ford F150
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