Having problems with your 2001 Ford Expedition ?

I have code p103 what is the estimated repair cost?

\015 I went for an emission test and the vehicle failed the test with a code P103. What is the estimate repair cost\015
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Answers :

Http://www.autozone.com/autozone/repairinfo/repairguide/repairGuideContent.jsp?fromSearchPage=true&pageId=0996b43f802e7729&partName=Mass+Air+Flow++MAF++Sensor&partId=0996b43f802e7729Trouble Code: P0103

MAF Sensor Circuit High Input
Possible Causes:

Check for a restricted inlet screen on the MAF sensor. MAF sensor signal circuit is shorted to system power (B+). MAF sensor is damaged or the PCM has failed.Click on link t view how to repair yourself..
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2001 Ford Expedition

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I have code p103 what is the estimated repair cost?

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2000 Isuzu Rodeo, 3.2, 112,000 miles, Service Engine Soon light is on, won't pass inspection till I get it cleared off. Hooked up a scan tool the only code is P1340 and it scan tool says it's a Manufacturer Specific Powertrain Trouble Code. Not listed in Haynes manual. Cleared the code with the scan tool and it came back within the same day about an hour later. Anyone have a reference to what code P1340 is? Something I can look into myself? What repairs need to happen? Estimated Costs? Johnny --

Well clear code and drive it about 50 to 100 miles to try reset the monters and see if light stay out if so go get it smog so the system that could couse this is a bad wireing harness this may be hard for you to diagnosis this system put if you want ... 2000 Isuzu Rodeo

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If this car is a second car why don't you find out if a shop would bench repair the bumper? You could take it off, have them recondition the part and then you reinstall it.\015\012If you have time and luck there may be a twin car to yours in a ... 2000 Nissan Pathfinder

My 2005 Nissan Pathfinder Service Engine Light came on at 80,495 miles.I took it to the dealer and after $403.78 worth of repairs code PO455 was replaced an cleared. One month later at 81,159 miles the Service Engine light returned and after $524.73 later, codes U1000 & P0403 were cleared and I was told that my vehicle will need BANK 2 CAT CONVERTER at a cost of $1200.00. The Service Engine Soon Light is on again at 81,700 miles. Is this a realistic cost for these repairs? How long do I have to

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Engine light came on. The dealership said it was diagnostic code P0420 and that it would cost @ $1,200.00 to repair. This seem pretty high. What is this diagnostic code about and is the repair rate

Hi, this code represents a Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold \015\012 (Bank 1). and the repair, considering that it will be repaired by the dealership, seems to be in the normal cost ran ... 2005 Subaru Outback

Brought my tracker in 3 times for a/c problems and finally they found the leak which should have been spotted the first time. leak is in suction line estimate for replacement is $800 they will not refund me the cost of the second repairs I figure they missed it they should allow me to deduct that cost for another job but they wont. they nwill deduct cost for only the same repair job...can they do that?

First, Yes, they should have found the problem the first time.\015\012I assume, You brought the car in for A/C NOT- working, The A/C technician I'm sure knew the problem was, low freon in the\015\012system. Added more and, th ... 2000 Chevrolet Tracker

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Very urgent... This repair will not be cheap. Try to find a new head on EBAY or in a salvage yard. This will be much cheaper. Its not to difficult to change the head, maybe have a friend help with it. ... 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I need an estimated cost for a shift seector cable for a 2001 mazda 626. Also, cost of repair because I think I'm getting screwed over with a total of $850 for parts and repair.

Your local auto parts dealer can get an after market push pull cable (manual) or selector cable (auto). That price is close, alot of work goes into replacing one. The part is around 50 to 100 dollars after market, and 250 to 300 labor. ... 1997 Mazda 626

I have 2 codes from my read out of my check engine light. P0011 check engine code Intake Camshaft Position Timing- Over-Advanced (Bank1) P0021 Intake Camshaft Position Timing-Over-Advanced (Bank 2) First off I have little to no knowledge concerning cars and was wondering what exactly they mean. Second is there a solid repair shop that doesn't cost a arm and leg to fix the issue in the Dallas market you know of? Thrid roughly how much do you think I would be looking at for this repair? Fourth is

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Head gasket repair estimated cost. 2.0L 2000 ford focus SE with possible blown head gasket. looking to see what an estimated cost might be

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Hi there - I went to get my vehicle smoged, it failed. I'm in the process of buying it, and it had a passing score in February. I passed on the 'Idle' portion: (my car read at 0.3, max is 100) I failed the '2500 RPM' portion: At 2404 RPM, the max allowance is set at 1.00, my car registered at 1.31. The repair place said it'd cost $200 just to give an estimate of repair cost. (is this a rip?) Also - On the report, They call my car a Truck, I thought the Jeep Grand Cherokee was an SUV, and if t

Try driving the vehicle around for 5 to 10 minutes before testing. the catalytic converter, which is what breaks down most of the pollutants, is heated by the engine exhaust and doesn't function efficiently until it is at about 1000 degr ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Estimated repair cost to repair front differential

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Thses codes came up on the diagnostic test. I found the p111 code. I need to know what these code are for p1637, p1642? The codes p0174& p0171, I think they are oxygen sensors. I am worried about the cost to repair all of these issues.

Ok here we go p111= IAT circuit range problem po171 bank 1 lean po174= bank 2 lean The other codes p1637 and p1642 have to do with the CAN system (Controled Area Network) could have to do with the type of scan tool used.Sounds like you might hav ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

Check engine code P01170 feedback A/F Mixture Control (Ho2S11)-cost estimate for shop to fix?

Oxygen Sensor (Bank #1 Sensor #1)Buy from Rock Auto.Com & replaceDo not need to pay a repair shop for a 20 min easy job.O2 Sensors get replaced at 100,000 miles,that way you don't have the issue you gotHas ... 1998 Mazda Millenia

2001 saturn sl1, was stalling, would cold start then want to die when on the road. Scanned codes and repaired disconnected wires to coolant temp sensor. Ran fine then died. Ran codes and replaced crankshaft sensor. Still not starting and no codes. Replaced engine computer and now security system won't allow it to start. I was told I had to have a Saturn Dealer to program the new computer which is about a $200 tow charge plus the cost to program. Is there anything else I can do?

You need to contact all the GM dealers in your area and see if any of them have the ability to do off board programming. (That is where they have equipment that will connect to your computer and program it. It may have to be a Saturn dealer. I wish ... 2002 Saturn Sl

Receiving a service code error of P013102 and my mechanic does not know what this error code means. He stated to take it to a dealership to get it diagnosed and bring it back to him to repair, however the cost of diagnosis is $225. How ridiculous. Does anyone have any idea what this code means?

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Our service engine light came on. code PO128. We cancelled the code. The thermostat is not registering anything. It did for a few minutes after we cancelled the code. My question is: where is the thermostat/sensor located on the 2007 HHR LS 2.2L engine? I have been trying to buy a repair manual but there doesn't seem to be one for the HHR except one that costs $188.00. Do you know of any? Thank you, Debbie Larson

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Two problems: One is that the two automatic windows on the driver's side (front and back) no longer go up or down. Second problem: Can only unlock the door from the passenger side. What would be the cost estimate to repair the two windows/motors, and the cost to fix the driver's door lock so I can lock/unlock the car from that door?

I cant say but ther are mobile techs that specialize in windows--if u like mechanics library has chilton books ... 1991 Honda Accord
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