Having problems with your 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 ?

Car is running fine. But, service engine soon light on. Car is a 2002 zx2 Ford

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Answers :

Need scanned the PCM to know wht FAULT CODE is stored there. With this code number we could den additional details.

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

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Car is running fine. But, service engine soon light on. Car is a 2002 zx2 Ford

Need scanned the PCM to know wht FAULT CODE is stored there. With this code number we could den additional details.Keep in touch. ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

I have a 2008 Beetle with a 2.5 litre engine. The engine service soon light has been coming on for the past 4 to5 months. We have replaced the spark plugs, number 5 cyl coil, changed the battery, serviced the car. We have had the car to a mechanic that works on high end cars and the Volkwagen deal and they cannot get the engine service soon light to stay off. The car now is running extremely rough and the engine service soon light is coming on. The interesting thing is the service soon light is

With the doors closed put the key in the ignition. Hold down the trip odometer reset button. Turn the key to the on position. You will see the service indicator light (wrench). Press the minute adjustment button. Release the trip odometer reset butto ... 2008 Volkswagen New Beetle

I have a 99 Ford escort zx2 and it only does it occasionally, but if I'm going on a highway at 65 MPH, it wants to slow down and only go around 50 MPH. Sometimes the wheel locks up and service engine soon, oil light, and battery light come on. usually I pull over and turn it off for a few minutes and restart it and it runs OK but it's a pain and makes me scared to take highways, city street driving it does fine. Thanks!

Sounds like a week fuel pump have the pressure checked at a local repair shop. Also if it has a lot of miles on it the catalytic converter could be stopped up also have the local shop check it out it is real easy to check. ... Cars & Trucks

Abnormal idle Hi I need help with my car, everytime I refuel my car and then run a few blocks the idle change and go up to 900rpm, so I need to stop and turn off the engine to keep the idle back to its normal state, because if I keep on running the "service engine soon" light will come on, or if i run and then stop and keep the the car in idle for about 10 minutes and run again a few blocks it cause the same problem, please help me.

Cahnge ur fuel cap it pressurezes the fuel system when the cap fails it can cause this ... 2003 GMC Envoy

I have a 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 with approx. 103000 miles on it. The "service engine soon" light is on and when you stop at a stoplight/sign the RPMs drop really low and the car bucks like it is going to die. It has died on occasion but always starts right back up. Autozone said the code meant it could be any # of things, probably an O2 sensor. Does this sound right? What could be wrong and how difficult is it to get it fixed?

You didn't call off the code they found but O2 sensers effect a lot of driving but not the idle. High or low fuel pressure a vacume leak an air bypass motor stuck shut or bad. are more likly . The auto zone guys are great but their not mechanics. ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

2004 Infinity QX4 Service engine soon light comes on. The right catalytic convertor replaced. The crank sensors have been replaced. It has had the oil replaced and the O rings replaced. The car runs fine, does not shake anymore, but the service engine soon light still comes on and stays on.

Check your o2 sensor or your MAF sensor, you can clean your MAF sensor if it's dirty there's a cleaner for your MAF, don't use carb cleaner it will damage it. ... 2004 Infiniti QX4

My dashboard doesnt work. Everything is on zero. The car runs fine and starts fine but I have no idea how fast Im going or how much gas I have left. The service engine soon light is on and the ABS light. When this first started it would occasionally happen and both lights would come on but then for no obvious reason the dash would work again and just the service engine light would stay on. I have had this to five different repair shops and no one has any ideas on how to fix it.

Don't know how handy you may be but would seriously consider removing \015\012instrument cluster, and checking solder on circuit board. Just did mine,\015\012 wasn't hard, maybe a couple of hours work. Nice small, pointed solder \01 ... 1998 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 97 ford thunderbird lx and the service engine soon light is on. i need it smogged soon but in order to do that, i need that light off. sometimes if i let my car warm up and drive it extremely slow and nicely, the light will turn off. ususally higher speeds cause the light to go on again. i scanned the computer and it said something about the emission control... i cant remember exactly. around 1900-2100 rpms the engine has a little bit of a shake. i thought it was wind resistance on the

... 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX

2004 Kia Optima has 3 check engine lights on for the following codes - 0741, 0455, 1529. Is this safe to ignore, or how soon to have serviced? Car runs fine, except when stopping for lights, then it kind of skips like it's about to stall but it stays running while I'm waiting for light to change and then accelerates normally. Also, car has hard time starting after fueling, but starts fine at all other times. Don't know if this is related to any of these codes, or just a dirty fuel filter.

Replace the purge solenoid. I did ... 2004 Kia Optima

2000 cadillac deville the service engine soon light comes on and the car runs rough for awhile and then the light goes off and the car runs smooth again

Need to have system checked to get trouble code ... 2000 Cadillac DeVille

I have an '89 olds cutlass cierra with a 2.5 litre 4-tech. While driving the service engine soon light will come on. At the same time, the car seems to run poorly and the speedometer and odometer stop working. The service engine light will go back off after a few minutes and the speedometer and everything else returns to normal. It also seems to get really bad gas mileage during this problem. What could this be? Ive heard sensors, wiring, and even computer problems. Please help!

... Cars & Trucks

1994 S10 Chevy Blazer 4x4 w/4.3 Vortec engine stops after 6 minutes. Car runs 6 minutes then stops. Fuel pressure, oil pressure, temperature and spark ignition all good. Fuel injectors not energized. Exhaust coming out of exhaust pipe when running. Service engine soon light doesn't come on. Wait half hour, car will restart for 6 minutes, then stop again. Changed ECM and still has same problem. Do you think ECM, PROM or sensor problem?

... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

We had our 1999 Ford Taurus wagon was put on a computer diognoisis machine and checked by a mechanic and it says it is not getting any oil pressure to the engine he also said that there were too many issues with the car and that it could be the head gaskets (it makes a diesel noice when running and the check engine light soon is on with the red light that tells it needs oil , he also said that it wasnt registering on the machine ,but there are no leaks under car and only once in awhile ther

Check your dipstick to see if there is oil in the motor. Check your water. There is an additive called Lubegard that may help. Seems this product is carried at Oreilly, Carquest, and NAPA stores only. Tell the Autoparts people what you want to fi ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Service engine soon light stays on and just had the oil changed, along with oil filter, fuel filter and air filter. Car was running rough prior to this now its missing bad and died while it was in park idling, service engine light still on and its scarring me. I havent driven it since it barely got me home 3 days ago. Havent started it and i dont of a good mechanic, one that wont mess it up that is. HELP PLEASE ASAP!!

If the car was built 1996 and after, you can get the codes scanned at Auto Zone for free (unless you live in CA) and they will give you a print out of the codes. Without knowing more about the car (you didn't put in any year or engine info, or sympt ... Buick Riviera

When I start my 2001 alero the anti-lock, traction light, service engine soon, service vehicle soon lights all stay on all the time. But my car seems to be running fine. Why is this?

The anti-lock and traction lights will come on together if there is a common problem with the two, since they are closely related. may be a wheel speed sensor or something similar. the service engine soon light indicates a problem with the engine co ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

Driver's seat will not move fwd/back, when pushing the elec button for the seat there is no noise and no seat movement... the passenger seat still moves fwd/back; also the interior "map" lights are not working (these went out same time as the seat) and today am getting 3 dash lights: TCS OFF, Service Engine Soon, and SLIP, the car turned off, the lights came on and are not lighted when ignition is off but do come on again whenever the car is running

... 2003 Nissan 350Z

Recently bought 2001 trooper 4wd at a used car lot car had servide engine light on engine ran with one cylinder missing mechanice removed coils and dried out water. Car then ran great & service engine light was reset engine code. We bought car and drove home, approx. 100 miles. Service engine light came on again. Car runs good with light on. Mechanie tested with scanner and said there was one horted plug due to wash in engine. What would be the proper testing and repair procedure and how

Best thing to do,is replace the spark plugs,and if needed,replace the spark plug boots,the codes will have to be cleared by a code reader,auto zone can read the codes,and clear them for you if you ask.If this is helpful,please let us know,thank you. ... 2001 Isuzu Trooper

Security malfunction none of the gauges on dash work and the security light is on,battery light,and service engine soon,car runs but doors wont lock or trunk open,or lights wont go out after i shut car off,how do u reset factory security,i have tried unhooking battery,and reseting codes with my code reader,but when i hook it up it says it cant link up.also when i lock doors they just unlock their selves. this just happened while my wife was driving down the road,she drove it the rest of the way

A failing VATS module should only cause the car not to start. It shouldn't cause the doors to unlock and the radio not to work as well as the OBD2 port. The VATS also has nothing to do with your dash gauges so that can't be the only problem, if the ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Car won't start--stopped running while driving appears to be fuel pressure did not overheat--trac off light followed by the service engine soon light came on while driving and within a couple miles the car shut off and wouldn't restart cranks well and tries to turn over but will not start battery is new (within the year) and we have replaced crank sensors, bcm, and ignition system all within 18mo as we were having passlock issues--we thought we had problems solved with this car then this

Check the fuel pressure.\015\012If no pressure, then check for power at the pump when cranking. If not, it is the fuel pump relay. You an pull it and put a jumper across the secondary leads to get it to run. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

93000 miles on 2002 f150 regular cab v6 engine. Service engine soon light on. Engine seems to be running and starting fine. How do I get the light to turn off without spending a a lot of money at the ford dealer?

The light came on for a reason. There might be something a little out of wack. \015\012\015\012\015\012Take it to a chain auto parts store (AutoZone, Advance Auto, Pep Boys, etc) and they will read the code FOR FREE. \015\01 ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Lincoln Town car 2003 Transmission problem .Ok,i really hope that someone could help me with Problem with the 2003 Town Car Ok,i really hope that someone could help me with this.2003 Town car ,bought it new has over 300k (i'ma limo guy)runs great. First, "service engine soon" light came on,then following day od/off light starting blinking.Tranny shifts great,smooth,fluid level fine.Mechanic checked the codes it showed p0705 & p1702 (transmission range sensor) replaced that and speed sensor (co

... 2003 Lincoln Town Car

Service Engine soon light stays on but car runs

Probably needs an oil change (if it already hasn't had one) and the light reset. If that doesn't help, take it and have a code scanner hooked up to it, to find out why the light is on.\015\012If there is an autozone or advanced auto near you, g ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

Why is there a hissing noise coming from my 01 ford escort zx2 engine? The service engine soon light also came on.

... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

Hi there my service engine light came on we had it tested and it was cylinder 1 miss fire and we had that fixed she was running rough but not as bad till i went to town and now the service engine light is back on and she is running rough again and missing,i bought brand new spark plugs and spark plug wires and a used coil pack and still running rough and service engine light is back on.And it also takes a while at times to change gear.My car is a 1999 Saturn Sl1 1.9engine single overhead cam cou

Ck compression on cylinder could have burned valve if no could be injector or coil ... 1999 Saturn SC

2002 Cadillac Escalade - was driving home from store when all of a sudden it seemed like I was running out of gas. Tank was 1/4 full. I filled it up. I was careful not to drive full acceleration so I could get home safely. SERVICE ENGINE SOON light came on. Car was NOT overheating or anything like that. No leaks either. No Car is 130K miles has a perfect service record, I change oil every 3000 miles. Also noticed secondary info control panel was no longer in english, looked fore

... Cadillac Escalade
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