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2001 stratus coupe battery light and red brake light stay on

\015 Its has 3.0l engine. Had it tested and it said high voltage 15v no load and 14.65 loaded.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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2001 stratus coupe battery light and red brake light stay on

... 2001 Dodge Stratus

My 2001 Stratus Coupe R/T is having electrical issues. The battery and brake light flash or stay on, the service engine soon light stays on and the car sputters while driving. The heat/ac is also not working and makes the car sputter more when I try to turn the heat/ac on to get any type of air... do you know what kind of electrical problem this could be and around how much to fix?

A diode may be out in the alternator and will cause many electrical issues especially the rough running and alt light coming on. ... Dodge Stratus

I have a 98 cavalier. The car starts and runs fine and does not stall. The problem is the theft light stays on red brake light and amber abs light stay on the airbag light is on and the lights flash on and off. I cleaned the battery ground but have same problem. What is my problem/

Think it may be an earth problem on the back of the dash on the printed circuit like the earth ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

2004 pontiac aztek rear red tail lights will not go off the brake pedal is just short of being full return can move it up to get lights off or disconnect battery howver when i do pull brake pedal up it won't stay up and tail lights come on again

This is caused by a defective return spring or a spring that has become disconnected. \015\012I am not completely sure the type this car uses. There are generally two ways this is done. \015\012The more common way today has the spring in the Mastercy ... 2004 Pontiac Aztek

Headlights blinking and battery light and brake light on dash turn on and off as well as radio on 2002 dodge stratus r/t coupe

... Dodge Stratus

This morning the 97 960 sedan was fine. This afternoon, car cranks up normally after sitting in 110 degree temp all day....except that the idiot lights in the dashboard all come on and stay on until my wife starts to drive it. The ac is blowing hot air, but not much, and all the lights have gone out except the red light with the battery symbol. Put on the brakes and the ''abs'' and ''srs'' lights come on. Car does not run hot and sounds normal. Has 110,000 miles on it.

Please there are multiple problems with your car though not too serious but requires urgent attention.1. The alternator (Charging system)2. Brake system3. ABS Sensor4. SRS (Air bag)But I recommend you run a s ... 1997 Volvo 960


The circuit in the cluster is made with a thin ribbon material that gets hot and fuses with other circuits. If your mechanicly inclined you can remove the cluster and see a burnt spot that will be the shorted area. take a razor blade and scrape ... Honda Accord

I have a 1992 Toyota corolla for about a day the brake and battery lights stayed on while driving and then I stopped at a red light and it died. When I go to start it nothing happens

When brake lights stayed on surely you have a brake light switch faulty.- It is above Brake Lights Pedal.If you have battery light on either the alternator belt is off or the alternator is faulty does not charging. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1999 mitsubishi galant someone was messing with the battery and all of sudden as i was driving home the check engine light came on the gasoline sensor turn on and the brake sensor turn on and when i was driving up a hill it turn off. After that i noticed that the needle on the meter would not stay on 0. What should i do about this because i don;t know if this is supposed to be on 0?

Try disconnecting the battery cable for 30 seconds and the reconnecting it. This show clear the codes. ... 1999 Mitsubishi Galant

The battery went dead after replacing headlight bulbs and when starting again the dash warning lights for ABS, Anti-Skid, Brake and engine management light stays on - it feels ligjht the transmission is stuck in second or third gear - i suspect a fuse went 0 any idea which one?

... Cars & Trucks

Instrument panel needles goes nuts back and forth then stop sometimes all at once, sometimes only one or two. all or most of the lights on instrument panel come on like ABS, BRAKE, BATTERY, ENGINE STAYS ON. The RPM needle was pegged and blocking the red plastic gear indicator and preventing me from shifting from park to drive, until I forced it and now the indicator is detached. The needles still go crazy, so can't tell how fast, how much gas, etc. brake fluid levels were low, everytime I added

Same thing happens with my 2000 windstar, if you could take the instrument panel out, and unscrew the the back of the instrument panel that covers the circuit board and clean the circuit with a brush, pure bristle brush is best 'coz they're stiff and ... 1999 Ford Windstar

Hi, my abs, traction, and brake light have been staying on upon starting my car, I've recently had problems with my brake sensor switch, which causing my brake lights to stay on, and i had to disconnect the battery everytime I stopped my car, so now these other lights are starting to come on, could it be something with my battery? I would really appreciate any information.

Unless you are experiencing any other problems(ie., car stalling or constantly losing all your radio memory, then no it wouldn't have anything to do with the battery.It would not hurt however to re-inspect the battery cable ends and just make sure th ... Buick LeSabre

Brake light on dashboard lights up RED. Stays on a few seconds then fades then lights up again. The red light on the dashboard reads BRAKE so I'm calling it a brake light not sure what it is known as. Do I have a brake problem, a switch problem, or is it an indicator that my actual Brake light is abour to go out? thanks

First check your brake fluid..it most likely is low...ONLY add BRAKE FLUID in it NOTHING else...if it is low there is Only 2 reasons for it...one reason is you have a brake leakage..get it looked at...second is you need new brake pads or shoes ... 2003 Ford Focus

94 altima brake lights won't go off draining the battery. I disconnected the wire to the brake light switch on the pedal and the brake lights stay on. I unplugged each rear tail light assembly and the third brake light stays on. The only way to get it to go off is to pull the fuse. Any suggestions?

Check your break pedal.. I had the same problem. It wasn't the switch, it was the part of the pedal itself that presses the switch. ... 1994 Nissan Altima

Hi. I have a 2002 Ford Windstar. The ABS and Emergency brake lights come on often and stay on. I had the brakes checked and they are fine. It had some quirks, like the radio turning on or off by itself, tail lights staying on after the van is turned off. I replaced the battery since it checked bad and now it is worse. I have no dome lights, no brake lights, no left turn signals only a right front turn signal, the radio still turns on and off on it's own, only the right puddle lamp turns on. I h

Get a good manual with the schematics in it for starters is you are going to try to DIY. The rear light problems are from a common defective part call a REM Rear Electronics Module. Located in the right rear corner behind the jack access panel. The f ... 2002 Ford Windstar Cargo

The abs light comes on with the red brake warning light when I stop. the red brake warning light goes out quickly, but the abs light stays on, until the truck is turned off and restarted. It does not happen at every stop, or every day, and the brakes work. This has been going since a snowstorm came threw here.

It mite just be a ground wire. that goes 2 your calipers and grouns on the frame ... Ford Ranger

The positive battery cable on my 1988 tercel has a fuse link attached to it and the yellow 60 amp fuse burnt up the charge light and brake light on the dash stays on and my battery went dead. I changed the fuse and it still the dash lights stay on and battery not getting a charge from the altinater. what should I do or where can I get a cable with the fuse link on it. IT has 3 fuses in it. thank you

It's not the fuse link, replace the alternator and fuse and everything should work. The problem is a faulty voltage regulator causing the fuse to blow. ... 1988 Toyota Tercel 2 Door

After shuting off my 1997 Subaru Impreza, the brake lights stay on and drain the battery. The brake light switch at the brake pedal had a melted plastic plunger which closed the swith and allowed the lights to stay on. I replaced the switch with a new one and it melted too. There is a short somewhere up stream that I can't find. Anyone had this problem? Thanks for your time.

If the switch keeps melting, the heavy draw is down steam, not up steam.The most likely is too bright of bulbs in the brake light sockets in back.You can replace them with LED bulbs for only a little bit more, and it would probably stop t ... 1997 Subaru Impreza

My car's brake lights stay on all the time, and my gear shifter moves threw all the gears without the key even being in the ignition. What is the problem? I had been driving the car, but I have to disconnect the battery so the brake lights don't run all the juice out of the battery when the car is parked. Not to mention, its very unsafe to not have working brake lights...

Before anything, pull upward on the brake pedal, towards yourself & the seat & see if the brake lights go out. If it does, the return spring is weak or broken.\015\012\015\012Otherwise, the brake light should be fixed by replacin ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

Battery keeps going dead after a few days. Replaced battery, replaced alternator. Red battery light stays on in dash at night after vehicle is shut off and locked. Next morning, battery is dead. After replacing battery and alternator, Tahoe doesn't want to idle smoothly or at proper rpm range. Idle keeps shifting up & down, and when ever you stop at a red light, engine dies if you don't keep your foot on accelerator.Also, keeps blowing fuse for door locks.

Take out the fuse for the door locks. Then see if the battery still goes dead. If it does not go dead, then you know the electrical circuit that has the short. You could just leave the fuse out, not have power door locks but at least the battery woul ... 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

Our 2002 Subaru Legacy has a dim emergency brake light showing and the battery light is on. I have pulled and released the brake and it brightens the light when pulled then dims when released. the battery light is just staying on and is bright.

HAVE THE ALTERNATOR CHECK ... 2002 Subaru Legacy

1999 Chevy Silerado ABS & Brake warning lights come on and stay on Restart Engine and lights disapear sometimes during a drive the will both reapear (alway all 3 indication lights) the ABS and the 2 Brake lights that are red and one is a P and the other an I both with red circles around the letter any sugestions on the cause Thx Dave

The only real way to find out what is going is to have a diagnostic scan. You can go to auto zone and have it scanned for free but im pretty sure their scanners are for motor only, not abs. You need an abs scanner. Any garage should be able to scan. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My brake lights stay after the ignition is turned off. They stay on until the battery runs down. The ABS light is on also.

... 1995 Nissan Pickup

04 Ford Explorer battery light and abs light on and the battery doesn't seem to stay charged. Yesterday the brake lights were stuck on and then the battery went dead. I jumped and started it but the battery quickly went dead. So I put a new battery in and drove about 45 seconds and the car died completely. Had it towed home but this morning I went out there to start it and it started right up I drove for about 30 min and everything fine until I got home and the battery started draining again and

... Cars & Trucks

2001 dodge stratus brake and battery light on

... 2001 Dodge Stratus
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