Having problems with your 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD ?

2001 ram 1500 2wd 5.2l truck hesitaion on startup and pinging

\015 I have 2001 ram 1500 2wd 5.2l truck with 90 k on it. I have done all things related to tune up and still get 11-15 mpg and the truck hesitates and jerks when first started up like the choke is off on an old car. once warm runs well. also knocks a bit with anything less than 89 octane and seems to consume 1 quart per 1k miles or less. I currently have no codes coming up so it's hard to diagnose for me. what is the deal? I can't find an EGR valve on here but I was thinking of replacing that if it has one and then figuring out how to check to see if I have a intake man. leak. are there any computer updates that will help this truck run better? better mpg tips? this is also a 5spd if that makes a difference.\015\012Thanks! this truck is my livelyhood and supports my family so I really want to make sure I'm doing all I can to keep it running and lasting. I also put platinum plugs in but have heard it is better to put in copper is this true and will it harm anything to wait until next scheduled plug change (this had no negative or positive affect I could tell on the previous problems)?\015
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Answers :

It sounds like the intake manifold plenum pan gasket is leaking..open throttle plates and look for engine oil pooling inside intake manifold..if there is,you have to remove intake manifold..there is a pan/cover bolted to bottom of intake..gasket will look like it's out of place..you need to replace this gasket and bolts..you can get these from your local dodge dealer..you will also need new manifold gaskets..this is causing your oil consumption and spark knock issues..there is also a software update for the engine controller for spark knock..let me know what you find
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2001 ram 1500 2wd 5.2l truck hesitaion on startup and pinging

It sounds like the intake manifold plenum pan gasket is leaking..open throttle plates and look for engine oil pooling inside intake manifold..if there is,you have to remove intake manifold..there is a pan/cover bolted to bottom of intake..gasket will ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

I have an automatic 2wd 06 Dodge Ram 1500 with only 55,000 miles and I rarely haul anything. My truck's check engine light came on and it all of a sudden will run only one gear in "drive". Reverse and 1 and 2 still work. But the truck moves when I put it in any gear. I took it to the dodge shop and got a code p0700 & p0750. They were too busy to diagnose the problem and i need a ride but am nervously wandering how serious the problem is. I did put a front leveling kit on it the day before and cr

OK P0700 is just the computer alerting the check engine light software to turn on the check engine light due to a transmission electrical fault, this problem is due to a failure of shift solenoid "A". \015\012here are th ... 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 91 chevy, 2wd with a 350. My oil pressure gauge reads 0 at idle and goes up to 30 when I get on it. Truck runs great no pings or knocks. Took off the valve cover, usually oil just trickles out of rockers in my past trucks, it was shootin out, actually got some on my exhaust manifold and fenderwell. Looks like I have great oil pressure, but gauge says otherwise, should I be worried?

Sounds like you have good pressure but would not hurt to put a mechanical gauge on it to verify that. Chances are that the sending unit is going bad or a passageway to it is obstructed. If pressure is good, change the sender and put some marvel oil i ... 1991 Chevrolet C1500

I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 2wd w/4.7L Engine. My transmission experiences two problems. Problem 1 is that sometimes (not always) when letting off the gas at a slow cruising speed the downshifting od the transmission causes the truck to buck back and forth. The second problem is that sometimes (not always) when traveling at interstate speed the transmission shifts in and out of the higher range gears. This happens even when traveling on flat roads with a steady throttle input. When shi

Try some tranX. My transmission would drop out from 2nd and 3rd , I put this in and with in 3 days it quit slipping. and shifted normally. It's been over 2 years now without a problem ... 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

1995 Dodge ram 1500 V-8 5.9 litre 4x4 short bed is feels like it is bumping when the truck shifts into cruising gear and RPMs drop truck smmoths out when you speed up bumping goes away if you shift overdrive off transmission guy says transmission si fine the truck is not firing on cylenders 1 and 3 after a full tune up and intake gasket replaced (and 1,000 dollars later) truck continues to do same thing guy who replaced intake gasket says it may be valves not properly seating and suggest install

Perform compression check between cylenders #1 and #3. These are right next to each other. \015\012You might get away with a head gasket replacement, if the compression between these cylenders is the same, indicating a blown head gasket between ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

I just bought this truck off of ebay and it is great except i had to change the o2 sensor circuit high volt bank 1 sendor 1 & 2 and the crankshaft, now i'm getting the p1762 code and i need to get fixed so i can get truck registered, i live in tn where you have to pass emissions before you can register a vehicle, the truck runs fine, a little slow on the pickup and go but other than that it runs fine, i have a 1998 dodge ram 1500 quad cab 5.2 motor 318 automatic, any help would be great

Where in there is your question ?\015\012just go and register it if it fails emisions thy will tell you to fix it plain and simple\015\012do it on a busy day or close to clsoing time where thy might over look a small problem :) cheers ... Dodge Ram 1500

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98 dodge ram 2wd why does the fuel sytem status read bank 1 closed and bank 2 disabled AND why short term fuel trim = bank1 = sensor 1 3.1% why short term fuel trim = bank 1 = sensor 2 99.2%

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2006 dodge ram diesel a/c quit comprssor clutch wont start any help is appreciated A/C clutch won't engage on my truck either. 1. Not refrigerant level, no leaks, too new of a truck 134 doesn't leak that fast. 2. everything connected and this truck has no relays. It has a solid state fuse box under hood. Probably Power Module, highly doubt the clutch is bad.

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P0442 Means you have a small leak in your EVAP system. P0455 is a large leak.The EVAP system prevents gas vapors from entering the air .This code can be set by a leak in the lines or a clogged ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

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P0123 (M) Throttle Position Sensor Voltage High Throttle position sensor input above the maximum acceptable voltage.Do not just go around replacing things. They are at high voltage \015\012because they are trying to over correct fo ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

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The transmission on my 2000 dodge ram 1500 truck,2wd 318 engine ,shifts into second gear while stopped at a light or stop sign. It only does it after the truck is good and warmed up .I can manually shift it thru 1st,2nd.then 3rd gear or just start out in low,then put the selector back into D as soon as I pull out and there is torque against the driveline and it shifts normally. Any help wil be much apprecieted.

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94-01 Dodge Ram dual Halo Projector Headlights. i need to know how to wire this up on a 2000 dodge ram 1500.the headlights only have 1 plug but my truck has 2.

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2004 Ram 1500 1/2 ton 2WD. Code P0068 is what is coming up. Truck will idle high/low at times and will die sometimes when I stop. Engine light is on, I have checked for vac leaks and cleaned the sensor on the magnum box (MAF?) This truck has a 4.7 v8. I am kind of stuck. Please help if you can. Thank you.

It's a map/tps sensor correlation code, essentially it means the map \015\012sensor reading isn't what's expected with the tps reading and vice \015\012versa! It sounds like your tps sensor is probably bad or the circuit to\015\012 one of those 2 s ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

I have 1997 dodge 1500 ram pickup 2wd. when the truck is first cranked up and driven the truck shifts just fine. but as the tempature starts to get to normal operating temps the automatic transmission will NOT shift into third gear UNTIL i let off the gas. then it will shift. it dont shift hard but it will not shift till i let off the gas. fluid levels are perfect. also i dont hear any roaring noises when it is running down the road. help

Your car uses a decent cable from the accelerator linkage to the transmission. This cable controls line pressure boost according to throttle position, hence, the harder you floor the gas, the later and firmer the transmission shifts.What is com ... Dodge Ram 1500

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Try to google it, you should be able to find something, or you contact your local dodge dealer and ask, but dont be suckered into them talking you to look at it, and still be in the same situation that your in ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

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Where are the spark plugs on my 02 5.9L ram - 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

Theres no spark plugs theres glow plugs they might be out because it has to ignite the feul sent to the engine for combustion ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

Where is the fuel filter on a 2001 dodge ram - 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

Your truck is not equipped with a "fuel filter". The only filtering device is a sock on the fuel pick-up in the tank. ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

Where is the fuel filter located at on my 2004 dodge ram 1500 2wd 5.3L. truck? I took it in to get a price estimate and was told that it is a not serviceable part. what do they mean by that? isn't all parts serviceable on all cars and trucks?

It does not have a replacable fuel filter ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

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I have a 1999 dodge ram 1500 3.9 ltr with 99500 miles on it. The code im getting is misfire cyl # 2. Ive changed the plugs wires rotor cap etc reset the code and it still comes back on after a second complete trip in the truck. Just to make sure my scanner was working i pulled the wire off of # 1 and sure enough i got two codes then. Misfire on 1 and 2. Reset the codes engine light went off and drove to work code came back on. Drove home from work check engine light is back on. There is no hesit

Check compression in cyl #2. If ok, the listen to injector on #2 with stethoscope and compare sound with other injectors. Remember also, that anything that slows the engine for a split second, ie acsessories can cause that crank sensor to pull up a m ... 1999 Dodge Ram

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