Having problems with your 2001 Dodge Durango ?

A/c problem 2001 Durango 4.7 V8 131520miles, the a/c heat des not blow out anything, no cold or hot air, have checked fuses all are fine.

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My 03 durango front vents were not working - Could feel heat coming from the vents but was not being blown out was just there. The rear vents (on seperate controls) were working fine. I just replaced the blower resistor - which is above the foot space on the passenger side. The cost for the piece about 13 bucks from dealership new (dont belive car shops carry it). time it took about 5mins. The amount CarX wanted to do it: 190 bucks
I had the same thing with my rango Up under the drivers side dash is a ground one of mine melted and caused the no bus wouldnt start and kept blowing the engine fuse also check your grounds on the pass side fender by the pcm and see if any are loose
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A/c problem 2001 Durango 4.7 V8 131520miles, the a/c heat des not blow out anything, no cold or hot air, have checked fuses all are fine.

My 03 durango front vents were not working - Could feel heat coming from the vents but was not being blown out was just there. The rear vents (on seperate controls) were working fine. I just replaced the blower resistor - which is above the foot spac ... 2001 Dodge Durango

2005 GMC Yukon Denali XL - Climate Control issue- Rear heat blows cold, Front heat working fine. Rear Climate Control worked fine in summer in a/c mode. Problem noticed when turning rear temperature from cold to hot â?? outside temperature 24 degrees. No difference between using driver overhead controls or rear passenger center console controls - checked fuses. Blower fan controls working fine, and floor versus roof air flow directional controls working fine. Tried removing 10 amp hvac/ea

Are you aware of any codes that may stored in the body control module and do you hear a clicking or ticking noise in the rear? ... 2005 GMC Yukon Xl Denali

Hi, my air conditioner was working fine, blowing nice and cold air. I went to the store and when I got back in my car it wasn't blowing any air out hot or cold. Seems like the compressor kicks on, I checked the fuses and they all look good. Any suggestions?

Sounds like your blower motor when out, check voltage at the blower motor connector under the dash passenger side under dash, with key and blower on, if you have voltage blower motor out, also tap on it some time it will turn it on, but if it happens ... 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

Fan in car works fine have checked the fuse is fine all i get is cold air blowing no hot air volvo s40 1999

Check the coolant in the radiator or resevoir. it's probably low ... Volvo S40

Me problem is that my 2002 Alero heater controls do not work, But let me clarify what i mean. The knobs that turn for fan speed, hot or cold, and defrost all work fine, but the push buttons below to circulate the air, the a/c button and the rear defrost buttons do not work. So i checked the fuse from under the hood for the htr - A/c and it was blown, so i replaced it with another 10amp fuse and it blew that one also, Now i know there is a short or something someplace. And the other part of th


99 Kia Sportage, 2wd, automatic, 4 cylinder. The a/c will not work with the a/c switch in, blower on any setting (blower motor is fine at all speeds) temp control on coldest blue area. Have checked all fuses - every fuse is good. If I jump the compressor with 12 volts, the a/c pump will come on, will get very cold air inside, low pressure side lines will get cold sweats.... so everything in the a/c system is working fine cold air wise......it just won't come on (operate) when you push the button

A/c control unit/module seems to be defective!!!!! because its the one that switches on the compressor! ... 1999 Kia Sportage

Having problems no heat in a 1997 dodge caravan. The heater blower is fine and it blows cold air (very cold air). I have been working on it for a couple weekends now and this is what I have tried. 1) checked to make sure the heater core is hot, and checked both hoses and they are hot. I also did a flush on the heater core to make sure there was no debris stuck in it. 2) Changed out the thermostat and the radiator cap and topped off the antifreeze levels. 3) found the little motor actuator

I have the same problem and i change the termo and even the heater core and still no heat but there is a clicking noise coming from under the pass side dash im working on rite now so im hoping thats my problem engine get hot like it suppose to but no ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

Well first the front air conditioner quit blowing all together... thought it was the blower motor ordered it didn't drive it for a week went replace the motor and it was blowing just not cold... but the rear air was working fine... now neither will blow cold.. and I checked the freon pressure with the front apron and the clutch would cycle on n off the stay on and the pressure would read 15 to 20... between I turn that off and check Tue rear air it doesn't read anything...

Your best bet would be to go in and get an estimate from a shop for the fix. You can never go wrong with just getting an experts opinion, and they will usually be "dumb"/ nice enough to tell you what you need to fix it. However knowing this it is mor ... Dodge Durango

My 2002 VW Beetle's A/C stopped blowing out cold air. The compressor looks like it's engaging. It seems to be working fine except for the lack of cold air. I checked the 3 fuses on top of the battery and they were just fine (not burned out and not melted) but I changed them anyway. Nothing. Before I spend $1500 to have it fixed, does anyone have any ideas?

... Volkswagen New Beetle

2001 town & country limited blows cold air intermittenly. happens with both front and rear. Changed thermostat, radiator cap, both needed anyway. Temp gages are fine. hoses in and out of heater core both hot. When blowing cold air the front fan will not come on,back does, not sure if thats because it is cold or not. What next? water pump? I believe we can hear the door open and close for the air mix or whatever that is called but deffinately hear that. There is antifreeze in it and I checked tha

... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

I turn on airconditioner and it blows out hot air. I alredy checked the freeon and it is full is there a fuse for this problem. And another mechanic told me it was a little white box in the dashbord that switches it from hot to cold and i fixed that and it still blows hot air what else could it be

Possibly a switch concern, you will need to check the wiring from the switch to the blend door actuator to see if any breaks have occurred between the two. the continuity should be less than 5 ohms. ... 2004 Ford Crown Victoria

2002 Jetta A/C is not working.. It's blowing hot air (not warm, not air that's just 'not cold', but air so hot you can't keep your hand there long)... I had a problem with the radiator fans, but replaced them and they work fine, also just replaced a fuse (#5, which controls a/c, climate control, cruise control, that was missing), and it fixed my cruise control problem, but don't believe it fixed the A/C problem...

Well i have the same problem i did some test but in my case it loks like the magneric clouch is not working . i put direct power to engage the compresor and nothig. there is a module on the left side of the engine just under the bat it has 2 conector ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I have a 1982 Mercedes Benz 300SD for some reason the heater not blow any hot air. I check the fuses and are fine but is not coming any power to the electric water pump also I check the fuse and no power goes to the fuses ether. Could any body help me thanks

If there is no heat on the heater setting, that is usually caused by a faulty heater core. \015\012If you have heat but your heater motor is not blowing, then check the relay under the hood. Check power to the fuse with a voltmeter. Or you can ... Mercedes-Benz 300-Class

Air Conditioning My 2001 deVille air conditioning runs cold on the passenger side and rear seat systems, but is warm most of the time on the drivers side. When it is very hot outside the whole system will occasionally go warm, but cycles back cold without much change in driving conditions. I have checked the cooling system fluid levels and topped it off with DexCool. That didn't seem to change anything. I didn't think it would because the engine temp was pretty steady before. I don't think its a

Try changing the lower temp sensor in the air duct on the drivers side. I bought one and never replaced it. before the part arrived I took the lower sensor out and taped it up and put it back under the dash... not in the air duct housing were it bel ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

2004 dodge Durango, air will not blow, have checked all the appropriate fuses, replaced resistor, disconnected blower motor and checked it, it works fine....completely out of ideas. When the car is moving and windows are open cold air comes thru appropriately, but no power getting to blower motor.....

Sounds like you have done all the hard stuff maby its the switch inside [on/off] on the dash that is not working properly.. i hope this helps its the first thing i thought of... ... 2004 Dodge Durango

My blower for heat is only blowing cold air. I have checked all fuses and have changed the thermostat. I think its the control inside the dash that regulates how cold or hot the air is

If the heater core (2 heater core tubes at firewall) is hot and the interior is cold, then the blend door is causing your problem. It is controlled by electrical and vacuum components.\015\012\015\012Also, note that the heater core tubes ... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

My seats quit moving and I checked my fuses the circuit breaker for the power seats was very very hot...So i ordered another circuit breaker and when it came in I installed it. It was working fine..then it started to work when it wanted to. Now my heated seats wont work and when I went to take the relay out to get it replaced there isn't one in there. I also checked the circuit breaker for the power seats again and AGAIN it was hot...I really need my heated/power seats..I live in a cold tempe

I would have this checked out by a trained technician or your likely to cause a fire. these seats do go bad over time and most can't be fixed they need replaced. ... Chevrolet Chevy

I have a 1999 Caddac DeVille . The AC works fine during the summer but in the winter it won't blow out hot air unless I'm driving. I've let the car run in the morning to warm up but the inside is always freezing cold. I also want to know if the heat is suppose to blow through the panel vents because it only blows heat from the floor and windshield vents. and it only blows through the windshield and floor vents. If I'm parked it won't blow anything but cold outside air. What's the problem?

Your heater core is possibly stopped up if there has been a radiator leak and stop leak has been poured its definetly clogged or could be a faulty thermostat ... Cars & Trucks

2002 Ford F 150 Supercrew,,,,5.4. noticed cruise control stopped working.........next day,,turned on a/c ,,fan motor works,,,no cold air,,,,,,,,,,,,tried turning on heat,,,,,,fan works, no HOT air. checked every fuse that I could,,in dash and engine compartment,,,,,,,,all ok,,,, couldn't check modules, etc..... everything else electric:,,,mirrors,,radio, lighting,,wipers,door locks,,etc,,all ok. any ideas on cruise and climate control not working ? going out at the same time ???? what's

Try disconnecting the cluster fuse and the radio fuse and see what happen if everything work...u might have an open circuit or a short on one of the electronic in your truck ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a 2004 mitsubishi endeavor and my A/C, heater and defrost have stopped blowing. The A/C knob had blinked at one point. I have looked at the schematics in the owners manual and checked all A/C related fuses inside the cabin and under the hood.The A/c lines get cold and the hearter lines get hot when the switch is turned. Also cool air and hot air slowly leaks from the vents when selected. The fan does not kick on. you can hear the compressor kick on when you turn the ac unit on or off. Wha

... 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

I have a 2003 saturn L200,A/c blower was not working, messed with it a bit and put it on heat then it started working and blowing out air but only warm air even on cold setting with a/c button pushed in. The large fan in the engine also went out and is not working,and the clutch assembly on the compresser is not rotating either, but the car in general seems to be running and driving fine. all fuses checked out good. any ideas what this problem can be? or what to check next?

You need to replace the climate control unit in the dash. you can buy them on ebay for about $50. easy to replace. 1, apply emergency brake. 2, carefully pull off bezel surrounding radio, vents & climate control. ... 2003 Saturn L-Series

The AC clutch in my 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan won't engage. It worked fine last summer (2010). Now, February 2011, we turned the air on just for kicks and it doesn't blow cold air. l checked the fuse and the fuse is good.

... 2006 Dodge Caravan

1997 venture van. My van is not putting out heat fan works, radiator is fine ,thermostat fine. Will get hot sitting at light fuses checked. Switch on dash switches from hot to cold. Please help.

... 1997 Chevrolet Venture

My wife's car will not put any heat out of the vents. I have checked all the hoses, bled the system(just put a new radiator in), checked fuses, checked to make sure the valves for cold to hot actually opened/closed and to no avail.I have checked all the hoses i can think of relating to heating and cooling and all seem fine.

Have you tried to back flush the heater core, possible clogged heater core ... 1996 Toyota Camry

2003 Toyota corolla airconditioning not coming on. It was running fine and then all of the sudden the air was blowing hot air out and not cold air. Checked our air filter it was not clogged as this has happened in the past. Not sure what else it could be?

If it blows, but not cold, Either you have a leak in the system, the condenser fan isn't running (although it would cool on the highway forcing air through the condenser.. It needs a partial charge with UV dye so any leaks can be traced... ... 2003 Toyota Corolla
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