Having problems with your 2001 Chrysler Voyager ?

Battery warning light on all the time, low power, have replaced the alternator, could it be we replaced it with another faulty one

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Answers :

Could be, or a loose connection in the charging circuit, check the battery connections, the alternater to battery charging wires for breaks and damage in general.The belt could be loose or worn, or the voltage regulator could be faulty.
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Battery warning light on all the time, low power, have replaced the alternator, could it be we replaced it with another faulty one

Could be, or a loose connection in the charging circuit, check the battery connections, the alternater to battery charging wires for breaks and damage in general.The belt could be loose or worn, or the voltage regulator could be faulty. ... 2001 Chrysler Voyager

In my Chevy Equinox LT AWD 2007 i have good power steering but the traction control and stabily trak warning light is coming on every time i start the ignition and drive my car, saying to service this system, and the tire pressure sensor of the right front tire is broken not working and its replaced by another one not reading the tire pressure. so could this sensor be the reason of traction control and stabily trak warning light.

The tire pressure sensor has nothing to do with traction control. need to have system scanned and see what codes are in it and we can go from there ... 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LS New Cars

My alternator went out saturday, so I bought another on Sunday and put it on without replacing the battery, and that one burned up. So I had another one ordered and I replaced the battery, and I got that one on it seemed to be working fine. I drove it to the parts store to let them check it out to make sure everything was working fine. The battery checked good, starter checked good, but the alternator said the diode had failed. So I was driving home and you could smell the alternator burning up

... 2001 Nissan Maxima

I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. One and a hlaf years ago had the MAF & EGR valve replaced, 1 month later another MAF put in. Two weeks ago I had MAF put in as engine light came on, drove 20 miles and it shut off. Had it towed as it would start and shut right off again and they said it was a defective MAF...again. Engine light came back on next day and it ws the intake manifold & gasket...had them replaced. Engine light came on yesterday on my way home, I made one stop and could not g

Hi Dawn.I don't believe that your MAF has ever been the root cause of the problem to begin with. They don't often fail on their own and especially after only a month. If it is due to an electronic problem then it will be instant. The o ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

Battery light on dash goes on and off at least 3 times a day, lonest time on about 2 miles down the road. Alernator new (probably got took on that one by Midas), battery ok..what else could cause this? Car at Dave Arbogast now in Troy, OH. I've had drivers window replaced every 4 years, socket in turn signal done a few weeks ago, alternator last week and belt, today headlight and day lights and tires..Radio light went out a long time ago. (meant Alternator). 2nd Sunfire, never owned one past 8 y

Replace the charging relay ... 2002 Pontiac Sunfire

The alternator failed on my daughters 2002 ford taurus, I replaced it and when I did the charging light went out but after a few seconds it came back on. I checked the voltage output with a meter and had none. I took it back to the auto supply and they replaced it after testing it and finding no output. I installed the second one and had the same result as the first one. Do you think I got two bad alternators or do I have another problem to look for?

Check out your car's connector to the alternator on fords it's very common for that connection to cause all kinds of problems and the replacement parts are very easy to find.....ps. buy a GOOD QUALITY alternator for a taurus t ... 2002 Ford Taurus

First my ac fan was not blowing as hard as normal still cooling just not blowing, then two days later my battery warning light came on,10 minutes later while running the electrical system just shut down. The lights were on and the power windows worked but the car wont restart . The Serpentine belt appears tight. Battery was replaced 6 months ago. I sprayed out the engine compartment a day ago also. Could the alternator be shot?,or the belt too loose? How much should an alternator replacement cos

Sounds like the alternator has gone bad. Jump start the car and check the voltage at the battery. You should see around 14 volts if the alternator is working. If you see around 12 the alternator is not charging. Labor rates and parts pricing ... 2005 Honda Accord

ML320 while driving battery light came on and as battery voltage dropped all warning lights came on. Service center put tester on system and determined alternator to have failed. Alternator replaced, no joy! 12v at sense wire when disconnected from alternator and ignition on. Wiring connected engine running, 6v at sense wire and 11v across battery and at alternator out put post. Cleaned all battery and ground connections. Battery cells checked not great after charging but 5 are fair and one i

You have a short in the wiring - the sense voltage indicates that. Since this happens only with the engine running it must be related to either the ECM or the dashboard. ... Mercedes-Benz ML320

My brake lights aren't working so I bought new light bulbs to replace the old ones, but when I put the new ones on the lights still don't turn on. Could there be another problem with the brake ligths?

Hi yes have a look at the switch under the dashboard where the brake peddle is, look at the top of that and there should be a switch with 2 wires on it, check ( dependent on type as there are 2 types) to see if either the plunger ( if that type) is s ... 1995 Buick Regal

Alternator Problems Hey guys, i have a 77 f250 4x4with a 351, recently i replaced the alternator but ran into a problem,the alternator i had on had three wires to it and three spots to hookup to, the new one had five spots to hook up to so i wasnt exactly surewhere the wires needed to go, the only one i was sure of was thebattery wire, since i have hooked it up all the lights get brighterwhen i give it gas and today i was pulling out of my driveway and myheadlight blew, could i have mixed up the

You have two get the correct alternater, it is presently running at full charge all the time and not regulating. If you continue to drive it this way, it will burn out more things, including the battery. To warn you, this is what causes batteries t ... Ford F-250

Service stability system warning light and service tire monitor warning light come on alternatively. Tire pressure is properly set although dash indicator reports varying pressures from 26psi in one tire to 35psi in another with no psi indicated for the other two tires..Sometimes when the stability warning is flashed, it is accompanied with what feels like a sudden braking or downshifting for just a second.

... 2004 Cadillac CTS

Took my 2004 kia amanti in to replace head light and fog light. Instead they had to do a diagnostic check. Discoverd that the function box is faulty and will cost $600 to replace. I just took car home. Now the electric is out on my dash (odometer) and lights do not turn on at all. Taking it to another mechanic. Could there just be a wire loose or something?

... 2004 Kia Amanti

Electrical problem My battery is new, my alternator is 2 years old. My car doesn't start sometimes. It won't crank...no clicking noise...lights work, radio windshield wipers too. Wait about 30 minutes then it will start. it is very embarassing at the gas station because I can't move the vehicle for another one to pump gas. Is it the alternator...no check engine light is on. Is it the starter relay? I've replaced door lock relays and window motor and relays. How much is the starter relay?

Chances are it is the starter itself ... 2000 Ford Contour

I think my car is possesed so I call it Christine. Every week something is wrong with it. I dont get one thing done and another happens. Alot of electrical items. I have replaced my alternator two times in six months. My battery also. I burn light bulbs weekly. My window motors burnt up and my heater blower motor burnt up.I have replaced multiple scensors and it just keeps going. Now it is the ps last week it was the brakes. My service engine soon light will come on and if I fill that fuel and p

Not to knock the ability of the mechanics where you have your work done, but with all the electrical problems you're experiencing, it would be money well spent to take the car to an electrical specialist. He can track down shorts and maybe get a lot ... 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 2002 nissan primera sve 2.2. battery light started flashing charge warning on screen come on got new battery still did it put everything on and it stopped it was over charging put another alternator on then 120amp fuse went put new one in warning light on all the time now batt. charging at 15.2-15.4v anybody know why

... Nissan Primera

Hi. My 2000 Nissan Altima, started giving me problems yesterday. I tried turning the key, and wouldn't pull over. All the lights lit up on the dashboard, along with my headlights coming on. So I know it is not the battery. Sometime ago, I had the same problem, and had the starter replaced. The starter replaced was a referbished one, and did work for a little over a year. Could this be the reason as to why this is happen? Or could it be something else? An alternater, or a faulty wire leading to t

Dash and headlights don't draw as much power as a starter, so simply having that doesn't mean the battery has enough power to turn the starter over.\015\012\015\012However, I would say that if you want to pinpoint the problem quickly, tak ... 2000 Nissan Altima

Dash lights have gone out. Called local dealership said could be any one of the 5-7 modules or clusters that could be faulty. How can this be corrected without replacing each one of them?

Hello nbabyak,\015\012\015\012First step would be to check all fuses, with a proper car manual that can be purchased and a few small tools you can eliminate a lot of the items mentioned to you by the dealership.\015\012\015\01 ... 1988 Cadillac Eldorado

2000 grand voyager se oil warning alarm, after driving about 5 miles this light comes on, one time it did start knocking but not currently and one time it died. However, if I shut it off and let it sit a minute it starts right back up and will drive for another few minutes before the oil light comes back on. Any feed back on what it could be? Took to Auto Zone and they hooked up the machine, no codes came up. Took to a dealership, they reved engine said it sounds good and didn't have a solution

... 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager

I replaced the alternator in my 2002 gt Mustang and the battery light came on drove the car for around 20-25 miles and it died. I tried to start the car and all I got was a ticking sound. I then had the battery recharged and the car started. The guage shows it's charing now but my battery light is on what could the problem be besides another bad alternator.

The alternator can be tested by most auto parts stores (usually for free) ... you could have a blown fusable link in the heavy wire that goes from the alternator to the battery .. they can test that by hooking up directly to the alternator output ..i ... Cars & Trucks

Hi, i havea 2002 sierra 6.0L. just replaced faulty ecm. new one is programmed for my VIN. cranks over good. no spark though, but the tips of the spark plugs are wet and smell like gas. no security light did the relearn steps correctly. fuel pump works. took skid plate off cant see any loose/bad wires. could the ecm be faulty again? got one error code p1336 thats it even after the security relearn steps and it wont clear either. absolutely lost

I suspect the CKP (crankshaft position sensor). The code is due to the PCM (ecm) variation is not learned, this is most likely due to no input signal from the CKP. I know the CKP have a testing procedure, but without a scope, the test is never trustw ... GMC Sierra 2500

Computer we have a 2003 grand prix. The ABS light, the trac light, the check engine light stay on. The cruise control has quit working. We have had a diagnostic done on it has we were told it was the speed sensor. We replaced it and the lights are still on. We had another diagnostic done and it comes up with nothing. Could this be the computer? If so, where can we get one and how much are they?

... 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2001 Pt Cruiser. The battery light came on all the lights went out the car still drove for about 4 min then it died. Replaced the alternator (the old one was bad) and still the battery light is on. Had battery starter and drainage tested no problem. No check engine light. You can drive it but only as long as the battery lasts . What else could it be?

Check wiring in your. I also own a Chrysler and the electric map manual says that it can be the battery the alternator or the car's wiring. Check for faulty wires and fuses, also for a short circuit (those can make battery die in a short time dependi ... 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I am replacing an old GM alternator, on a boat, with a Valeo 12v 60A (A13N110) It has a B+ and a B- terminal, the B- is common with the body of the alternator. In addition there is are spade terminals. Marked L and +. The old alternator only had one wire from the ignition warning light. Can this go to the spade + to exite the windings? How is it normaly connected? The new Valeo alternator was orriginaly (I believe) fitted to a Renault 5

Hi\015\012\015\012The following is how this type of alternator should be connectrd.\015\0121. B+ to the main battery supply\015\0122. B- to the earth of the motor.\015\0123. L to the light terminal wire which was the exs ... Renault R5

1991 geo prizm, battery light and brake light in the dash stay lit when you start the car. The car still runs fine just the dash warning lights stay on. The alternator was replaced maybe three years ago, could it be going out?

Yes, it could be. Or you can check your battery. And try adding brake fluid to your master cylinder. That sometimes will cause the brake light to come on. Or check your emergency brake. Hope this helps, James Booth. ... 1991 Geo Prizm

Wont start i was driving and the vehicle shut off. i got a boost, 5 min later the car shut off again. i bought a new battery, the lights came on. i tried cranking it but got nothing. i've had several mechanics look at it. one said it was the fuel pump. i got the fuel pump replaced that didnt help. Another said it could be the distributor,another said the timing belt, and another said its not getting any fire. Someone please help me.

Hay something is getting hot \015\012or you have a bad coilthe timeing belt if broke you wont know unless you pull the cover ... 1994 Mazda 626
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