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Wont start i wnet out to start my van and nothing! batery is good,when i turn the key nothing happens. there is a clicking noise comming from the intake

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Sounds like the starter is going bad
Hi, check your main fuse in the engine bay, (even the ecu fuse) might be blown
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Wont start i wnet out to start my van and nothing! batery is good,when i turn the key nothing happens. there is a clicking noise comming from the intake

Sounds like the starter is going bad ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

2000 Olds intrigue: When i turn the key nothing happened. All the lights came on (like they would if it normally started). There was no clicking noise - nothing. I tried shifting the car from park thru the gears and back to park - nothing. I waited for a couple of hours and tried again and at first try - nothing, but turned the key a few more times and it started. I drove the car home, turned it off and started it several times without issue. This is the first time this has happened.

If an ignition switch fails, sometimes you can jiggle the key and it will start right up. its very hard to tell. but if you can start it by bypassing the ignition switch, then its the switch itself. go to this site for more detailed info--- aa1car ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I posted this a little bit ago but forgot to mention The car would not crank. I started the car and it just dies. Wlould not start or even crank. When I put the key in the egnition (and NOT turning the key) you hear a clicking sound comming from the passenger side rear wheel well. Opening and listening in the trunk the clicking is defently comming from the wheel well area. Turning the key to start the car, nothing happens. The interior lights stay bright so I don't think there is a draw on the b

Check to make sure yu have 12v at the battery, once you do turn the ignition to start, if nothing, check the fuse and relays that control ignition, if all is good then the click sound is coming from the starter, have the solenoid replace. ... Saturn SL

I have a 2009 Ford Escape that intermittently will not start. I bought it used from the dealer for my daughter to drive to school which is a couple of miles from home. This is what happens. I put the key in the ignition. When I rotate the key, the dash lights and gages all turn on and light up. I continue to turn the key to the start position and nothing happens. No clicking noise, nothing. I tried moving the turning the wheel, moving the shift lever through the gears. No start. All of the other

Believe it or not I have found that one key will start my 2009 Ford escape and the other will not-even after replacing the battery in the key. I though it was a dead battery or possibly the starter but it is the key. I haven't figured out how to get ... 2009 Ford Escape

I own a 2005 chevy aveo. The car had been sitting out the majority of the day not being used and the temp outside was minus 23. I went to start my car and the key turned properly but nothing happened, no clicking noise no revving.... nothing. So I turned my wheel a bit and tried to start it and nothing happened. The problem is I turned the wheel again after that a little too hard and it put my car into LOCK. I was able to remove my keys just fine but now its in lock mode and i dont know how to g

So my understanding is you turned wheel and locked wheel and now cannot turn key ? need to turn the wheel some to remove the pressure off the lock and then turn key while holding wheel. ... 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

I ahave a 1992 deville, bought it not running, had engine rebuilt by friend, ran for a couple months and forgot to start and runit for about a month. Now nothing happens when key i turned, I charged the battery on slow charge charger and still nothing, battery is new but absolutly nothing happens when key is turned, no noises or clicking sounds. Any suggestions Please????? Thanks Ron

The most expensive battery money can buy will die out in 3 days when tempertures are below freezing if the battery is not used in any running vehicle\015\012\015\012your battery is dead forever I must tell you if this is your case\0 ... 1992 Cadillac DeVille

My car won't start ill turn the key the radio, lights, etc. will all turn on i checked the battery, its good its only 4 months old, i just replace my ignition wires and coil pack about 4 months ago. Its strange there's no clicking noise like the car is trying to turn over or nothing, i turn the key and nothing happens the only thing that happens is the radio headlights and stuff like that turn on, no engine. could anyone help?

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. ... 2001 Ford Mustang

I have a 2000 Toyota Camry 4cyl - the back-up lights aren't working. It's not the bulbs, it's not the switch(put in a new one and still not working). Also, not sure it they're related, there are times when I turn the key on and nothing happens (it doesn't start). No clicking noise, nothing. If I turn the key back one notch and then try again it ususally starts right up - any clue?

Replace the back up light switch at the transmission. ... 2000 Toyota Camry

Starting difficulties My 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS does not start on the first turn of the key. It makes a clicking noise and nothing happens. After turning the key 2-4 times, the car will eventually start. All electrical components work, however the car just has a difficult time starting. A few times, it has caught and the begins to start but then quickly dies.

If your battery is good, its most likey the starter contacts, there not very expensive you'll need to remove the starter and do it on the bench. ... 2000 Toyota Avalon

03 eclipse spyder auto v6 .Ive cussed out my wife, broke my favorite flashlight and have wasted 3 days and a hundred bucks. So if anyone can help please do. It will not start. No crank no start. Put the key in turn to the start position and nothing. The only sound I hear is a faint clicking noise inside the dash fuse box. Here is the events that took place before this happened. how was driving the car turn the key off the car from the inside shut the door got out my wife is still inside she trie

Put the battery cables back on shut the doors and lock the drivers door with the key then unlock it with the key. This will shut the alarm off it it goes off and may get the car out of the lockdown mode it seems that it is currently in. If that does ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 cadillac Deville. I have had some problems with it not starting when I turn the key, it will do this when I try severals times then it'll will start. Now its not starting at all. Is this the ignition switch going out or is it the starter? When I turn the key there is nothing happening no click ,no popping noise, and the battery is fully charged.

Hard to tell sounds like the starter. ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 1999 mercury cougar with 2.5l v6. When I bought the car it had 2 chip-type keys that worked 1 factory, 1 aftermarket. Suddenly it stopped almost everything. The battery has been charged and checked the radio and inside accessories work. When you turn the key nothing happens no noise no clicking nothing the fuses and relays have checked ok and you can jumper the starter relay and the motor will turn but not start. Also I noted the security system indicater light on the dash blinks rapidl

This vehicle has the PATS anti-theft system in the ignition and key. It appears you've reset the PATS. The car does not recognise the chip in the ignition key any longer.The PATS (FORD'S PASSIVE ANTI THEFT SYSTEM) needs to be reprogrammed ... Mercury Cougar

1990 celica gt....turn the key to start and it just clicks....the car is manual and its pretty much like you dont have the clutch in far enough when you try to start the engine and nothing happens...only i know the clutch is in far enough because of the clicking noise so im wondering what it might be.

Your starter motor has gone, I think. If itsound like a clunk, definately. I f it is just a click it is the the solinoid.\015\012\015\012Regards,\015\012Dave ... Toyota Celica

When starting car sounds like battery was dying then did not start got a jump and started drive home turn off car and nothing no start. Got a new battery still new start got new altenator still no start lights and sound work. when turn key nothing no clicking now. when key off a clicking sound happens after key is off

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

Help needed with starting problems. 1998 Ford Taurus SE. After driving the car for more than one hour the car will not re-start. I will turn the ignition key and nothing happen, all of the auxiliary electrical equipment will work. After the car cools for an hour it will start and run fine as if nothing was wrong. The battery is newer, and, I?ve attempted to ?play? with the relays. Do you have any ideas?when I turn the key nothing happens, not even a click. All the lights , ac work when the key i

Check the wire harness to the starter solenoid, the wires could have a break in it or the solenoid could also be bad. The heat of the engine could be causing the solenoid to fail till it cools down. Try that first, good luck and keep me posted, be gl ... 2000 Ford Taurus

I have a 2003 N16 Nissan Pulsar sedan, 1.8L vehicle. Sometimes, when I insert my car keys into the ignition, and switch the car on, it doesnt start, and the car is making noises (trying to "rev"), but the car does not start. I then take the key out and try to start it a few times without success. However, I do notice, when I turn the key once to the first click, it makes a "click" noise, and then the car actually starts up normally. This is not the first time it has happened, and it seems to

Hi Kelly,sounds like your battery is a bit sick. Or it could be the starter motor solenoid sticking.The click you are hearing is probably the starter motor solenoid. If you hear a series of loud clicking its usually due to a flat battery ... 1990 Nissan Pulsar

My 2001 Cadillac sts is having white smoke combing from the engine ( by the oil dipstick and where the coolant goes into the engine ) it smokes and my coolant is full. Also I sometimes where put my key in to turn it on and nothing will happen its not the battery since it doesn't make the clicking noise but ill turn the key to on and hold it and wait like 10 seconds and then the car will start does this every week

... 2001 Cadillac Sts

I turn the ignition key and nothing happens. No noise except for occasioanl clicking noise coming from the left side of the dash. When I turn it the second time, it will start. All of the dash lights and the radio do come on. Is it a dying battery, starter or ignition switch?

I'd have battery tested at any local parts store and clean battery cables - especially the bottom ends. The bottom ends are exposed to grease and road grime and are more susceptible to resistance. ... 1998 GMC Yukon

02 vw euro, 60k miles, intermitent no power to ignition switch. This symptom has only occured 6 or 8 times. Turn key...lights come on, no noise, no click, no crank, nothing....first occured. 2 months ago....then it started the second time switch was turned....as if maybe the key was not turned far enough to engage the starter....has not happened for a couple of weeks..then this morning after sitting all night. It took me about 30 or more attempts...in and out of park into neutral...jiggling the

... 2002 Volkswagen Euro

2001 chevy impala won't start. battery is showing 12 volts. turn key 'on' and nothing happens, no dash lights, no clicking, nothing. turn key 'off' and a rapid clicking sound starts (similar to turn signal) this may continue for 3-4 minutes, even if key is removed. when it stops, the door chime will sound until you insert key and turn 'on'. the only thing on dash that displays is the clock, but it keeps resetting itself to 12:00. What's up????

... 2001 Chevrolet Impala

My 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee won't start. When you turn the key nothing happens, no clicking, nothing, but all of the lights, radio, power seats, windows etc. work fine. The Transmission over temp message flashes quickly when you turn the key to off, but the temp on the guage never comes close to being high. The battery is fine and I've checked all of the connections. This has happened three times now and I just leave it for a few hours and it starts right up. Anyone know what this could be?

My man I know your pain... I have the exact same problem happening to me now... same make, year and model... I called a mechanic buddy of mine and he said I might have a "flat point" on my starter and if so this might happen intermittently... he sugg ... 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

2008 Ford Escape will not start. Wipers, dash lights, etc are good. Turn the key sounds like it might turn over then nothing but a clicking sound. Getting tired of all the problems with this vehicle. Just replaced transmission cooler last month, seam let go on the cooler and of course not covered under warranty according to Ford - $960.00. No recalls for this problem yet it seems to be happening alot. A week later another noise, took it to two different Ford dealers one said crankshaft the oth

It`s most likley a flat battery not sending enough amps to the starter motor if batery`s good the check starter motor but also check leads for any corrosion from the battery to the starter motor if all else fails i find a very big hammer helps :p lol ... Ford Escape

I turn the key on my renault clieo and nothing at all just a clicking noise comming from the glove compartment then after about ten attemps at starting it just kicks in

... 2003 Renault 181

2005 town and country Sometimes will not start and stay running..after a few times trying it will go totally dead, after a few min it's fine? While all this is happening either all the driver dash lights are totally out or they will not turn off, When they will not turn off (even if shut off with key removed) have no fuel gage spedometer nothing.. Also while messing up there's a clicking sound that comes from the radio A/C heater area, you hear this noise is the times that the lights do not sh

... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

Just got my ignition replaced with a used ignition and since then now and then I turn my key and everything in the car and outside turns on. Gas pump kicks in and everything then I go to start my engine and the key turns and nothing happens. No click, no nothing, I have gotten it in the past to turn over from rapidly turning the key to start the car and then randomly it would start up. But now it has finally stopped working. Anyone have any ideas?

Ignition switch went out, but that doesn't explain lights coming on. I would check for burnt wires under the dash. if none are visible you will have to cut into the harness. just be carefull doing so. you don't want to cut any computer wires ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue
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