Having problems with your 2001 Chrysler Town & Country ?

I want to do a tune up on my 2001 town and country.What do i need to do to get at the back spark plugs?

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Answers :

They are often easiest to change from underneath at the backside of the engine which is very hard to do unless you have it on a hoist.
We have a mechanic friend that wouldn't even touch changing the spark plugs on our '01 Town and Country. We had to have the oxygen sensor replaced and had that mechanic change our spark plugs at the same time.
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I want to do a tune up on my 2001 town and country.What do i need to do to get at the back spark plugs?

They are often easiest to change from underneath at the backside of the engine which is very hard to do unless you have it on a hoist. ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

Just wanted to know how to expose the spark plugs on my 06 corolla. The front bolts that hold the cover on, you just need to unscrew them, but the back ones are different and I dont want to break the knobs trying to get them off. Is there some special tool to get the cover off? If you can help, it sure would be appreciated. By the way, The engine is a 2.8L automatic transmission. I also have a dodge dakota 4.7L v-8 and would also know how to get to my spark plugs as well. It doesn't look like th

On the Corolla, undo the 2 nuts. Lift the cover straight up. ... 2006 Toyota Corolla

I have a 1999 S320 benz I have done all tune up on it. Spark plugs fuel filter even fuel ijector pro cleaning. The problem is that some times when I turn off the car like to go in the supermarket or something for like 10 or 20 minutes and get back and start it tries to start and take a while to start and after that no problem sometimes all day no problem and sometimes everytime i turn it off and start again it happens. Also my radio system is in german and need to make it english I keep getting

... 1999 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

I have a 1999 S320 benz I have done all tune up on it. Spark plugs, fuel filter, even fuel ijector pro cleaning. the problem is that some times when I turn off the car like to go in the supermarket or something for like 10 or 20 minutes and get back and start it tries to start and take a while to start and after that no problem sometimes all day no problem and sometimes everytime i turn it off and start again it happens. also my radio system is in german and need to make it english I keep gettin

... 1999 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Oops, me and a friend tried to do a tune up on a 1994 E 350 HD Ford Van that has a 5.8 litre engine in it. My friend seems to have mixed up the spark plug wires and we are now wondering how or who would know about how to find out about firing order. I've already been to the Ford dealership in town and they told me they only went back 10 years and couldn't help. Ouch. Need help quickly. Going on trip in a couple of days. Please Help.

HI. Here is a diagram of the firing order as designed. Follow this picture carefully to place the wires in the correct order. ... Ford E-350 Super Duty

I have a town and country lxi. Just got it back from a want to be mechanic from the car lot i am buying it from. It starts and runs a day to a week. Then it won't start at all. Something about a plug behind the dash. Now it is making like a ringing noise. It started to burn the belt. The pulleys are all turning. I am a mother with a grandbaby on the way any day now. I need to know what to fix. I keep getting a run around from people who think they know what to do. It is still sitting.

Turn the a/c off sounds like compressor is locking up or some other pulley thy that ... 1998 Chrysler Town & Country

My 2005 town and country surges and if we give it more gas it like backs down . the parts store told me it needed a tune up i put a coil plugs and wire but didnt do any good . spark comes out the 4 corner coils but not out of the center coil it a coil pack

That is a faulty Crank Position sensor. It is not sending the vehicle computer the signal to fire those cylinders correctly. Replace the crank position sensor. A vacuum problem will cause it to bog when accelerating as well so check your vacuum li ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

Missing car my car is missing and i believe it needs a tune up how do i get to the back spark plugs. My water coolant light is also on and its not overheating.

If your car is missing and you have a coolant leak and you coolant light is on let me the first to tell you that your intake manifold gasket is leaking , GMs finest intake manifold gaskets are made of some sort of plastic and they love to leak, espec ... 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Need to replace spark plugs on a 2005 Ford Freestar mini van, not sure how to get to back spark plugs #1, 2, &6 how do I get to them.

You have a coil on plug or COP. to get to it you'll need a 1/4 drive extension.with a swivel socket and a 7mm socket youll just have manuver your way in , now if anything is in the way and your confident of removing what is the way you will suceed in ... 2005 Ford Freestar

My ford f150 is flooding out, gets about 4 mpg, spark plugs last about 1 month, ive changed egr valve, o2 sensor, fuel pressure reg, tps and still no luck really need some help The colder it gets the worse it gets, it has a terrible miss to it, it feels like the motor wants to jump out of the truck, from no throttle at all to about 1/4 throttle it has a dead spot and just wants to die

I would check for excessive fuel preasure, and or preasure relief valve ... 1991 Ford F150

Well, one day I wanted to change the spark plugs on the 2000 lincoln navigator, I need to remove the the starter solenoid so I could be able to pull out the last two spark plugs on the right side of the engine. I wasn't able to remove the starter solenoid with the battery connected because there was a lot of sparks coming out, so I could shorted out something. In order to remove the solenoid I had to disconnect the battery. One to two hours later when I putted the battery cable back, i try to st

If you dont have any dash lights when you turn the key on then you have blown the MEGA FUSE ... 2000 Lincoln Navigator

How important is it to replace a camshaft interruptor? While getting an oil change on Monday, they noticed an oil leak so they sprayed degreaser to find out where the leak was coming from and the spark plugs started to spark (big time). The mechanic suggested to replace all 6 plugs so he did. He said to come back later to determine where the oil leak is coming from. Then I went in this morning, Sat., and he said it was the camshaft interruptor that needed to be replaced. My mother (whose car th

You don't accually replace it there is a gasket underneath it but if it's just a very small leak i wouldn't worry about it and it's not something that i would recommend just anyone doing because it's got to go back together EXACTLY how it comes apart ... 1998 Ford Windstar

Wanting to replace number 7 and 8 spark plug on 2000 f150 4.6 triton. fuel rail seems to be in the way. Does it need to be removed? My haynes manual says nothing about this. So easiest way I can ask, How do I get the number 7 and 8 spark plugs out so I can replace them?

These are not as bad as you might think or as bad as they look. You do not need to remove the fuel rails, Unplug the the fuel injector wire pigtail and the coil harness to gain more access to the bolt that holds the coil down, remove the coil retaini ... 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab

Starts and runs OK from a cold start, down the road a few miles after it reaches operating temp starts to miss. At stop light wants to die.. Clears up and runs OK. part 2.... How in the heck do I get to the back spark plugs Please???? I changed the front three but have no clue as to how I will get to the back three.... HELP Please

To get to the back 3 plugs its easiest to have the van on the lift and go up from underneath beside the exhaust. thats about the only way to get to them ... 1998 Ford Windstar

Tune up I need to do a tune up on my 2000 Pontiac Montana van. What is the best way to get to the spark plugs to change them. Also my transmission seems to be slipping. Could this be because the filter and fluid needs changed.

Slipping tranny can be caused by that. Rule of fixing cars is if not sure start cheap. Replace the Filter and fluid. Also it wont hurt to put in Lucas Transmission Additive with the fluid change. Change plug 2 ways if it has motor mounts on top t ... 2000 Pontiac Montana

I am getting p0300, p0301, p1300, p1315 codes on my toyota tacoma, need to have a smog check. need to fix the problem. my check engine light is on. i changed the spark plugs and the light went off for about 5 miles, then back on. i used my scanner and got p0301 code again. i switched the ignition coils to find if that was the direct problem. the i got p0300 and p0301. i switched the coils back and forth now my final reading is all 4 of the readings above. what do you think, i am frust

... Toyota Tacoma

My husband did a tune up on my car yesterday and now it wont start it will turn over like it wants to start but it wont he said that its miss firing we have bought 3 new coil packs and still will not start he has also changed the wires and spark plugs back out to the old ones to see if maybe the problem was the new wires or spark plugs but still is miss firing what could the problem be?

Sounds like he switch or mix up the firing order. The plug wires need to fire in a certain order.\012If the #1 wire is not on the right plug it won't start up it will just turn the motor.\012You can go on line and look up the ... Pontiac Grand Am

Need to change spark plugs on a 2001 chevy venture minivan. how do I get to the back 3 spark plugs

The back three plugs look mind numbingly impossible, but you can (if you\015\012 don't have meaty hands) get to them from underneath... you need a 3 inch socket extension\015\012 for the plugs and, I used a full length handled 3/8 rachet. A stubby \0 ... Chevrolet Venture

I need to know how to change spark plugs, on a 1998 Windstar, on the Firewall side of the Motor? I can get to the front three, but can't see how to get to the back three plugs.....Help

I am a Ford tech and have changed the plugs in this model many times, the front cylinder bank as you know is easy, but the back or rear bank is tough task, well the recommended way is to remove the rear 3 plugs from under the Van, if u d ... 1998 Ford Windstar

I need to change the back spark plugs in my 1998 pontiac transport montana. How do I get to the back plugs? Any easy suggestions?

The best way I can suggest is --\015\012Us a long extention on the ratchet.. Also - use a unaversal joint just before the socket end.. Or maybe a combination of few shorter extentions combined with the univeral joint in between the extentions.. ... 1998 Pontiac Trans

I have a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe with the 6 cyl. engine. I wanted to change the spark plugs. I can get to the front ones easy enough, but the back ones appear to be under the intake manifold. How would I best remove the manifold to access the spark plugs?

Don't take the manifold off....... see if perhaps the window wiper dip tray will be enough room to access the rear plugs.....do not remove intake. ... 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

96 dodge carvan rotates but won't start I have dodge grand caravan with 3.3 1994. The problem is the engine turn but do not start,I took off all the spark plug and do a compressure test. The compressure range is in the front of the engine spark plug 90 psi,55 psi,75psi and in the back of the engine is 40 psi, 40 psi and 55 psi .What is problem with this engine that does not want to run? I need yuor help:

Sounds like the timing has jumped ... 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan

1999 Lincoln continental starting problems it will turn really fast like it wants to start but no fire is getting to the spark plugs and it is not back firing. change the spark plugs and the boots but not the coil pack's done the value cover gasket. run and engine diagnois said miss fire in cyclinder 4 coil pack looks bad could it be the timing change

No timing has not changed i would try crank sensor ,and change number 4 plug and coil pack ... 1999 Lincoln Continental

1998 ford taurus spark plugs needing changed. Easiest way to take them out would be helpful. The back plugs are in the back and hard to get to. Thanks

You need more tools.\015\012Different plug sockets,extensions,etc.\015\012On a rare occasion, you can get them from below,if the vehicle was raised up.\015\012I think you just haven't done a lot of transverse engines\015\012I ... 1998 Ford Taurus

97 mpv died while driving. getting gas / spark but know start. seems to be cranking very easily. rotor turns when trying to start. maybe jumped time? or blown head gasket. i need to check the oil. if no water in oil, then what. plugs seemed to be soaked with gas, so obviously flooding out, but is definitely getting spark. things replaced- filters, FP, tune up regulars,.....could it be TPS or IAC valve? MAf?

If it sounds to be cranking much faster than it did before or just an overall different sound then a good chance that the timing belt has jumped. That is unless the abnormally fast crank is due to low compression caused by washing down the cylinder w ... 2003 Mazda MPV
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