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Front main seal oil leak - 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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Front main seal oil leak - 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Main seal Hi all, I am new here, I need to know where the main seal is on my Malibu, the oil light kept coming on at 500 RPM, when I hit the gas at 1000 RPM the light goes out, check the oil level 20 minutes after car is parked let the oil settle, got an oil change, they reported that the main seal had a severe leak. 1. will main seal additive help with a temporary "fix?" 2. how difficult is the replacement of the seal 3. where in the engine is this seal Thank You, Patricia **97 malibu 2.4liter

First is it a front seal ,or rear main seal,(front seal,being were you see the pulleys and fan belts,,you have to look at the bottom pulley,follow the shaft to the motor,where the shaft goes into the motor is the front seal,the pulley and everthing b ... 1997 Chevrolet Malibu

Oil leak? My 1996 Volvo 960 takes 7 qts. of oil up on a oil change. after 1,000 miles, the dipstick shows no oil. Add 1 qt. it is full again. Another 1,200 miles, same outcome. I changed the 3 seals in the oil filter housing, changed the coolant hoses that connect to the housing, also the gasket on the oil pan drain plug. All of these places I believed were the main leak, but I was wrong. Still leaks. Please help me troubleshoot this problem.

Whoa whoa ... You've said that the car takes 7 quarts of oil. That's 14 pints. Depending on which engine variant is fitted, engine oil capacity is either:\015\012\015\012 5.75 litres + 0.4 litre ... 1996 Volvo 960

Oil Leak So I recently had my rear main seal replaced but oil still leaked. Took it to another shop and they replaced the left front axle seal but the oil leak still persisted. Now I want to know what type of repair will I have to make in order to fix this oil leaking problem?

... 2004 Lexus ES 330

2000 Ford Excursion Leaking oil. At first I thought it was the rear main seal but as I got under the truck to remove the tranny the oil seems to be coming from the right side of the engine and is dripping off the oil pan - heavily- on the opposite side of the drain plug on the oil pan sump which, of course, is about 8 inches in front of the transmission bel housing. Any ideas as to what may really be leaking? I have seen right side head gasket oil leak problems posted on the internet could th

To be positive about your leak get a UV lamp and a bottle of engine oil dye sold at any auto parts store. The dye is added to the engine oil and ran for 10 minutes or when the engine is at operating temperature. The UV laml is used to aim at the engi ... 2000 Ford Excursion

I can't seem to get to the bottom of numerous oil leaks both in front and rear. I have been told that the only solution is to pull the engine and start replacing seals and gaskets from the front of the engine (oil pump) to the rear main seal. Is this the right course of action? It is certainly an expensive one!

Here is an economical solution:1- Remove any mudguard cover from the bottom engine, if there is any, cars like Mercedes always have bottom covered. This way you can see the leak from the bottom engine.2- Rinse the engine very well with E ... 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

Oil leaks 87 jeep cherokee pioneer. not sure where the leak is coming from now. just changed out the valve cover gasket. still leaks. looks like from the front of the oil pan. can i change out the rear main seal from inside the oil pan without dropping the trainy

Clean off the area where you suspect the leak is then run and check. The only way to change rear main seal (and have it actually work) is by removing crankshaft. I have seen this attempted at least a hundred times and never seen one yet that didn't l ... 1987 Jeep Cherokee

2000 go tracker bad oil leal back of motor have changed rear main oil seal front trans seal oil pan gasket still leaking even changed crank sensor oil ring &sensor .

It has to be an oil pressure sending unit. There are two of them on that SUV but they are in different places depending on your engine cord. If you go to Advance Auto parts or O'Riley, they will tell you exactly where to look. ... 2000 Chevrolet Tracker

I have 1988 1200 C Sportster,, transmission fluid leak,, transmission fluid getting into my motor oil,, all started 1 day,, check both fluids and went riding,, when check my fluids again,, and ever since,, I have to add tranny fluid,, and have too much motor oil,, so came to the conclusion,, that tranny fluid,, is leaking into Motor oil,, how could this be happening,,, the only thing I can think of,, is a crankshaft seal, in primary case behind front gear drive, input would be appreciated,,

... Cars & Trucks

1990 volvo 240 front oil leak cam and crankshaft oil seals? problems with home repair leaking 1 qt in 2 days, getting worse came on quick engine damage if oil level is maintained?

It is not a solution, but as long as there is oil in there, you are good. Just make sure you keep a good eye on it, just in case it gets work. Best wishes. If you need anything, let me know Bob. I am always here. ... 1990 Volvo 240

Oil leaking from 350 vortec in a 1998 chevy silverado z 71. a friend told me it was the rear main seal but with closer observation it looks to be coming from the left rear side of the block right above the starter. doesn't leak a lot only about a quart every oil change but still would like to know what it might be and how to fix it.

It could be coming from the valve cover, the only way to check for sure is to clean the area with dergreaser then run the truck and check it closely, this may require a mirror and trouble light ... 1998 Chevrolet C1500

My battery light came on so i was inspecting my wiring harness for signs of ware.i found that my crank sensor harness was soaked in oil, leaking from the front main seal. i fixed the leak and cleaned the oil of the wires. i unplugged the quick disconnect crank sensor to clean it,but forgot to disconnect the neg. battery terminal.after rerouting the wire harness through the motor to the crank sensor and plugged the sensor back into the other end of the quick disconnect. now the car wont start

Unplugging or disconnecting battery will rest the computer every time. Here's a simple solution that should work for you. If the battery is in good shape and holding charge, then disconnect the ground to the battery. Allow 15 minutes to pass, ... Mitsubishi Mirage

1998 Buick Lesabre Limited with 58,000 miles is leaking oil. The mechanic said it was the rear main bearing seal. What would be the fair cost to fix this. We just bought the car in July 09 with 54,750 miles. It started to leak after our first oil change. The previous owner was a retired senior who drove the car little. It looked brand new. The engine is a 3.8L V6 with front wheel drive.

4 hours cost if you find a guy who does this in a experience and quick fashion ... 1983 Buick LeSabre

Front main seal oil leak keeps blowing the seal out....why?

... 1996 Pontiac Firebird

My 2005 dodge neon sxt has suddenly had an oil leak.... a major one at that. The check oil light never came on and the thermo stat always reads from 0 to about the 1st line after the cold area.... its over heated 1 time and the temp was normal.... after checking the oil it had almost none. As far as i can tell the firewall has oil sprayed on it all the back lower part of the car has oil the tranny has oil dripping off it from front to back..... im only at 78k miles..... dang what a clunker an

... 2005 Dodge Neon

Rear main oil seal around crankshaft is leaking oil. The rear main seal was changed by a transmission shop and then it started leaking. They redid the job and installed another new rear main seal and it is now leaking a few weeks later. The leak appears to be from the outside of the seal. ARe they not installing it correctly or is there some other problem?

The rear main seal and the oil pan is the only place oil can leak from that area. So yes they are not doing the job correctly just keep taking it back. Good luck!\015\012 ... Ford Mustang

2000 silverado changed oil pan gasket rear main seal oil pressure sending unit. Heard a knock in front of motor and lost oil pressure and found metal shavings in oil pan

Ouch. A main, rod, or cam bearing failure will cause these symptoms. Did this happen before or after this work was performed? ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Bad oil leak front main seal in 1986 toyota 4 runner

You need to walk the pulley off.You will need three long bolts that match the thread in the balancer.Undo the centre bolt about half way and bolt the puller to the pulley.the centr bolt is used so the puller has something to push on in the centre Onc ... 1986 Toyota 4Runner

Could bad pcv valve cause f 150 to loose oil like it was a rear main seal leak? Oil is blown all over front ,back,and oil pan.

... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Leaking Oil My 1994 Rodeo 3.2 V6 is leaking from somewhere up front looks like the front seal I put some CD2 oil treament with stop leak in the oil and it slowed to a tiny drip is there any way to stop this leak with out tearing off the balancer pully or do they make some additive which has better seal properties which wont clog up my oil pump ?

No,the only good solution is to replace the seal.I have tried different additives and none seem to hold up very long.Good Luck!!!! ... 1994 Isuzu Rodeo

A/c compressor front shaft seal oil leaks.. 1979 chevy c10 350 A-6 axial compressor ALL new components evap, condensor, dryer, lines, followed all GM service bulletins, and had proper amount of 134A charge ... after getting really angry with 2 over the counter Schucks remans profusely dumping oil out the front seal I went to GM and I cant get the A6 new from them so I got the GM reman... same problem but it now spits oil out front seal, no traceable refridgerant leaks. I see a double

... 1978 Chevrolet C1500

92 toyota cressida oil leak does the timing belt cover have upper and lower gaskets seperate? i bought gasket had it and front main seal gasket replaced still leaking though

Pressure inside the engine is the cause of most oil leaks. Imagine you having a mouthful of mashed potatoes. They probably won't leak out until something makes you laugh or sneeze, increasing the pressure. You don't have a gasket problem, you have a ... Toyota Cressida

Have a severe oil leak on my 1989 mighty max 2.0 ltr eng, have replaced the front main seal, still leaks real bad, please help.

... 1989 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

Change front main seal , leaking oil around timing chain cover. could be seal around harmonica balancer.

How do you get the crank gear off ... 1993 Dodge Caravan

1981 f100 2wd auto rear main oil seal is leaking. How do I get. To it once I back the transmission out is it a 1 piece. Or 2 piece seal

Remove transmission. seal is behind drive plate (what in manual trans vehicles is called a flywheel. You really need a $25 service manual when you do this kind of repair yourself...most likely a 2 piece seal in that truck...depends on motor ... 1981 Ford F 100
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