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2001 s10, fuel pump would not come on. i replaced with new one, fuel pump still wont come on. what is next

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I ran into the same problem and solved it. To replace the fuel pump I had to remove the bed since the fuel tank is under it. I had to disconnect the tail light wires including the ground wires. One side had 1 grounding wire and the other had 2 grounding wires. After a month of messing around with fuses and sensors I found out that one of the (Two ground wires) next to the left tail light was actually the (Fuel pump ground wire). So if you don't know which one I am talking about, make sure you connect ALL the tail light wires and plugs before cranking up the engine. This was my luck with the s10 2001 and good luck to you :)
Does the fuel pump come on for a few seconds when you first turn the key to the on position? How about the fuse? Could be the fuel pump relay.Computer or ground or wire problem.Plugged fuel filter is also possible.Did you put fuel in the tank?Stupid question but I have seen it happen.
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2001 s10, fuel pump would not come on. i replaced with new one, fuel pump still wont come on. what is next

I ran into the same problem and solved it. To replace the fuel pump I had to remove the bed since the fuel tank is under it. I had to disconnect the tail light wires including the ground wires. One side had 1 grounding wire and the other had 2 ground ... 2001 Chevrolet S-10

03 suburban ,p0300 , car wont start and didnt hear the fuel pump kick on so replaced the fuel pump and filter . still wont start . checked fuel pressure and no pressure , checked at fuel filter , no pressure but fuel comes out of lines before and after the filter . im not sure what this means or what to try next . any help would be greatly appreciated . thanks in advance

Hopefully you checked the fuse and relay for the fuel pump before spending the money to replace those items. If you're not hearing the fuel pump kick on, you aren't going to have pressure. P0300 is a misfire code that was probably stored due to the e ... Cars & Trucks

Fuel problem i put in ignition coils today on 2000 kia sephia and also replaced the fuel filter the pump is running and i am still not getting any fuel possibly a bad fuel filter because after i replaced the ignition coils it would run for 10 seconds or so then cut off which lead me to the fuel filter which was really dirty so bought a new one and now it still wont stay running.

Is there muck in tank\015\012take filter of and tip contents into jar\015\012and see if clean ... 2000 Kia Sephia

Code P0113-P0183 I replaced whole new fuel pump, i clear is code, drove 50 miles after i toke my van for emission but it still failed still showing P0113-P0183, after replace fuel pump and FTS one thing is clear my van no have fuel pump or fuel temperature sensor problem at this time (because of new fuel pump) problem is still some thing else , what i can do next, any idea ?.

DTC P0113 - Intake Air Temperature Circuit High Input.The powertrain control module (PCM) monitors the temperature of the air entering the engine. The PCM supplies a 5 volt reference voltage to the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor. The IAT i ... 2005 Nissan Quest 3.5

Wont start 96 ford explorer 4.0 v6 was running great . car was taken good care of. then one day it would'nt start coming out of the super market. acted like it ran out of gas. i sprayed quick start fluid in the throttle body and it starts right up in fact it will run if i keep spraying. i tried a new fuel pump relay. (nothing) same thing. i tried reseting the inertia switch. (nada) same thing. i had just replaced the fuel filter a couple months ago. my question is: how many fuel pumps does it ha


I have a 99 escalade and the fuel pump went out of it but before i replaced that i replaced the fuel pump relay fuel filter and also the fuel pump its self and it still wont start. i tested my harness and only 2 of the 4 wires are getting power (the gray one and the bigger black one). i am out of ideas and and hepl would be great. thank you

There should be 2 power and 2 grounds. gray is for the gas gauge, power all the time. purple is fuel pump power, you need another person to cycle the key while you test it with a voltmeter. it will show battery volt and then drop to zero. that means ... Cadillac Escalade

Starter went out replaced it, then truck would turn over but upon releasing the key it just dies as if no fuel. Has fuel, pump coming on, has spark, I have replaced the intake( which is made of plasti), throttle postion sensor, checked fuel pump presser,still to no avail it still won't crank can some one please help

Check the Camshaft Position Sensor or the Crankshaft Position Sensor. Those are the modern day Distributor Caps of the 21st Century, if neither of them are working the ECM (Computer) does not know what position the Crankshaft is in so it will not be ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

My 92 sunbird will run untill it starts to get warm and then just dies. I when I try to start it after it dies and the car will just keep turning over and wont start. it sounds like the fuel pump doesn;t come on to. but the next day when I boost the battery and turn the key the fuel pump comes on and the car starts up and runs again untill it gets warm. and cuse of this problem I replaced the fuel pump and the relay (I think it was the right Relay. I don't know exacly what what one is the fuel p

Thers a oil psi senser that wont let the fuel pump run at low psi when the car worms the psi gos down ,the fuel rely only runs the pump for about five sec as a primer then the oil psi senser takes over thirs a plug righi behind the oil fliter for t ... 1992 Pontiac Sunbird

Van running rough at first starting. drove to work shut it off, end of shift would not start. turned over but did not start. Replaced fuel pump twice (2 New Ones) Still no gas to engine. No electric to pump motor. Switched relays still no juice to pump motor. I need help here. motor spins just fine just no gas from tank. Switched relays, new pump relay, even though not sure needed, I need fresh ideas. Second damn Ford I have owened & got rid of for gas problem Motor light on all the time does no

Check to see if FUEL SHUT OFF SWITCH Went BAD..............Located in Passenger side kick panel. will have red button on top. Unplug it. take paper clip and complete circut. If car starts , then replace fuel cut off switch.It is an INERTIA SWITCH,sim ... 2003 Ford Windstar

My friends 2000 mazda mpv will not start. They replaced the fuel pump and I checked the fuel pump relay. I cannot hear the fuel pump when ignition in turned on. What else can I check to diagnose. The van was running one minute and not the next. Should I attempt to jumper the fuel pump relay to see if new pump is working? What else can I try? Your help would be greatly appreciated as I am getting frustrated. Thank you

... 2000 Mazda MPV

Ok i got 87 ford ranger 2.9 v6 tank got sugered month ago i since cleaned tank replaced all of the next with new parts gas tank fuel pump,fuel filter,fuel pressure reg,injectors,coil,valve cover gaskets,plenum gaskets, cleaned out plenum and ports,new comp system, oil filter/oil,pluggs/wires/distrubutor cap/rotor/map sensor so you would think it would fire up n purr like a kitten hell no my plug tester shows yellow spark insted of blue and it wont start and i hear clicking sound by distr cap can

The ignition module-is it a TFI module? I would check that. If not that, maybe the pick-up coil inside the dist? ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 malibu was dead a week ago would not even jump off os i bought a new battery, ran fine for 4 days then it would crank over but not start changed out the fuel fuess and it started right up 2 days later samething happened crank over but not start the next morning dead car,so we jumpit and it all came back on but wont start changed the fuel filter out today and it still wont start, now battery dead again, jump it and we can get the car to crank but not start..I can hear the fuel pump

The quickest way to check to see if you have a fuel pump issue...since you said it blew the fuse, is after your battery has been trickle charged for at least a good six hours to insure "max voltage"..have someone spray some starter fluid in the intak ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

Replaced bad fuel pump, installed new relay and fuel filter, engine turns over but is not firing on..... positive the fuel pump is pumping gas and checked to see if gas was going thru fuel filter. Tried small amount of gas and start fluid to engine to start. It still wont "fire" on. Not sure what to check next? changed distributor cap and spark plugs less than ten thousand miles ago?

Hi, Ok you have confirmed that it's not a fuel problem. You need to check for spark. Pull the coil wire off of the coil(secondary lead-looks like a spark plug wire) Have some one crank it over and listen for a popping sound. IF yes, spark is at the c ... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

My 1995 ford taurus wont start i replaced a new fuel pump and still wont start i needo help in finding the exact location of the fuel pump fuse if there is one please.

He 1995 Taurus has a fuel shut off in the trunk. Look on the drivers side for red reset button\012Apr 05, 2014 ... 1995 Ford Taurus

Fuel pump will not kick on, I replaced it with a brand new one and still nothing. I checked the fuel pump relay and Ignition control module and both were good. I ran power straight to the harness on the fuel pump side and it turned on. I'm clueless as to what it might be next. =(

Try checking ground on frame they are know to have a bad grounds from time to time ... 2000 Chevrolet Astro

Can you test the ignition control module? i have a 1988 chevy g20 van w/5.7 motor it sat for a long time . it ran good and then one day it would start i put in a new fuel pump,fuel filter,coil,plugs,dist cap,rotor,sparkplug wires,one fuel injector, cleaned fuel tank and put fresh fuel in tank, also took apart to make sure timeing chain didnt jump a tooth it was ok still wont start it has spark wha tcould it be

I change the coil but not start where i can find the module in the ingene ... 1988 Chevrolet G20

Ok my 97 grand prix has a no start condition when the switch is turned the engine turns over its getting spark it has a new fuel pump. But the fuel pump doesn't come on when the switch is turned on and when the engine is cranked over the fuel injectors are not working. I got this car from a family member who drove it home from work one day and the next day it would not start that was a year ago. I think its something electrical because the fuel system is all that doesn't Work when the key is tur

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Honda accord 1993 car was running on the freeway 101 and the car start to slow down and die. during troubleshooting new battery installed,replace ignitor and all 4 spark plugs has ignition. the car still wont start. just crank but will not turn over. check the fuel line with ignition on and fuel comes out normal. so the fuel pump works. we even spray fuel starter in the intake and pass to butterfly to be able to turn it over the engine but engine just crank. wont turn over. what is wrong. why th

Hello! I need to understand the problem...Just a couple of questions to get started...When you say that you changed the igniter, do you mean the ignition coil? Have you checked for spark (hold plug to ground)...If there is a strong spark and fuel, th ... Honda Accord

My 1985 mercury grand marquis 5.0 litre tbi wont run. fuel pump wont come on unless you run wire from battery to fuel pump but car wont start with fuel pump running. new fuel pump because i wasnt getting pressure to tbi.was havin g to spray starting fluid directly on injectors for it to start and run and it would run fine.now im not getting nothing but if i straight wire fuel pump(new) it runs but injectors wont prime and spray. eec relay and fuel pump relay are good. took ecm out of ford ranger

... 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 96 acura integra and i would like to know how to install a new tps i already took out my old tps but what are the steps i have to do to install the new one do i have to hold the throttle open before i install the new tps for it to work right. One more thing how come when i try to put the car in gear but the lock is still on lock and it wont let me put it into gear unless i have the key in the thing. Don't know what its called but yea its next to the gear shiffing thing what the problem

Automatic or manual tranny ... Cars & Trucks

No power to fuel pump could it be pcm or ecm . already replaced fuel pump still wont start .cranks over checked relays and fuses all good power up to pcm but not at the wiring that plugs into pump followed instructions in haynes repair manual their next step is to take to dealer any help would be greatly appreciated

Check the oil pressure sending unit\015\012upon starting the fuel pump runs off a wire from the oil sender until proper oil pressure is achomplished. then the relay takes over from there ... 2002 GMC Yukon XL

My dash lights wont come on. when you try to turn on dome switch, the four ways and hight beam indicator lights come on and the seat belt light. I tried replaceing the dome and head light switch, but every time I plug in the new one or old one I get different light problems and still no dash lights. All external lights work fine. also when lights are on and I turn on turn singal my fuel gage goes up and down. all fuse are fine. can any one help? 1988 chevy s-10 pickup

Bad ground , check ground at headlight switch, or behind dash ... Chevrolet S 10

Wont start I just bought a 1989 jeep from my grandfather a year ago it ran fine the just wouldnt start, it will turn over but wont start I replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and the radiator. I drove it without a air filter for 4 days the put in a new one but it still wont start.

I'm sorry, but I'm a bit confused regarding your statement where you said, "I drove it without a air filter for 4 days the put in a new one but it still wont start." Please clarify. Thank you, jetski224 ... 1989 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 96 ford explorer. Driving one day and it just shut off. Replaced the fuel pump. It cranked over but did not start. Thinking it may be a bad pump i replace the new one. Still nothing. Replaced the filter and the fuel relay. Still nothing. Checked all the fuses,good. I can not hear the pump kick on. Reset the fuel reset switch. It does not pop out all the way. Running out of things to check. Its got good spark.

... 1996 Ford Explorer

2000 Buick Century wont start, new ignition switch with new keys and both used to work (replaced several months ago). Neither key will start the car. Seems like the security system. Been sitting for 2 days now and still wont start. I hear the fuel pump start, head and dash lights come on, window work. No engine action. Ideas?

Had similar problem on my Mother's '01 Impala. Try cycling the remote keyfob between "lock and Unlock" several times and see if this lets it start.From what I've gathered, this has been a significant source of irritation to GM owners fro ... 2000 Buick Century
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