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My impala keeps dying out, what could be the cause?

\015 My car is basically a hit and miss right now, at times it will start and run perfectly then after about 15 mins or so it just dyies out. Once it dyies out i will not start unless i press the gas peddal,\015
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My impala keeps dying out, what could be the cause?

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My 2000 impala will not start. I've had my starter, batt, & engine all replaced. I've begin to suspect my auto theif system as the reason its not starting after a lot of online research, but after replaceing my engine my repair man sugested that my air compressor pump "not spinning" could cause my 2000 impala 3.8 engine not to keep running after a start? it started but stop running after about 3min. could this pump keep/stop my engine from starting/running???

I had a Nissan doing this to me a little while ago, but couldn't figure out the problem. A couple weeks later, the lady told me she took the car to a shop and they replaced the crank and cam sensors. My bet is that it was the crank sensor. ... Chevrolet Impala

My van keeps dying on me and other then my battery what could be the cause it goes dead and when we charge it it works fine but when we turn it off and then leave it over night it dies again and we have to keep jumping it off but before we jump it off it kinda has like a ticking sound to it and it wont crank

Sometimes batteries will get to a point where they can't hold a charge either at all, or for very long. So i wouldn't eliminate a battery problem right away. Though if this issue started when you had a new battery (not just working but actually new o ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

Need help i have an 89 accord lx 4d carb. manual trans. my car keeps dying even while holding the clutch down i have to keep rpm up when i stop my ac raises the rpm so i just leave it on while driving and it works fine but i wanted to know what this problem could be my guess is the carborator, distribution cap because it shocks people, or the altenator, what do you think got to fix it cause i keep runinng stop signs to keep my car runnin

Try replacing the fuel filter is this does'nt work it may be your TPS ... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

98 Frontier battery keeps dying, replaced alternator and battery. Had system check at advanced auto, checked good. Battery died again. What could be causing the problem?

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What could be causing my 2005 mazda 6 to keep dying while I am driving it?

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My 2000 buick regal keeps dying out there is power but it will not turn over it has been looked at twice and both mechanics say there is nothing wrong with the battery starter alternator or that there is no draw from the battery while it is off. It will run for a week at a time and then give us trouble again. What else could cause this problem???

... 2000 Buick Regal

Have a 2004 corvette coupe that didn't start the other day. Had AAA come out and jump start me and was able to keep vette running the rest of the day. AAA told me my battery was dead and that I needed to get another one. I bought a sears Die Hard Gold. After it was installed my vette started right up. Now, this morning the same thing happened. I put the key in and no response. No lights, no codes, no sounds. What could be causing this. My vette has been running perfect with no problems. I need

Something is draining the battery you need to take it to a dealer or a electrical shop ... 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a 2010 maxima and the battery keeps dying. What could be causing this?

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Where do I find my fuse box??? I have a dodge caravan 2001 All I can find is the box under the hood that has relays in it. Please help me. As well my battery keeps dying every few days, we have put in a new alternator/belts, new battery as well. What could cause that?

Have your battery alternator tested parts store will test them for free if you ask them did you hook it up your self the alternator and battery alternator puts out certain amount of amps to charge your battery a simple alternator battery test will te ... Dodge Caravan

1982 Honda Prelude wont stay running and keeps dying when i stop what could cause that?

Try the control for the egr valve and check the egr valve if open\015\012car will not idle from a 85 civic owner that did just a egr replacement and it was fixed ( ebay new egr valve was only 22.00)\015\012parts store 69.00 ... 1985 Honda Civic

I have a 1994 88 Oldsmobile and it keeps dieing out but then it will crank right back up i have took it to many different places and they cant fix it cause the check engine light don't stay on it just comes on and goes off so they cant read any codes. i have changed everything you could think of except the fuel pump might have something to do with wires or something some one told me the coil module

If the check engine light comes on, there should be a code stored in the computer. Exception being that the shut down was caused by a non computer problem, in which case the computer thinks you turned the engine off on purpose and will not set a code ... 1994 Oldsmobile 88

I have an 05 Chevy impala that blows out cold air and the hot coolant temp light comes on which causes my car to decrease in speed. The car isn't over heating, there are no leaks, but antifreeze keeps running low. What could it be? Btw I put a new coolant sensor on already.

Possible heater core poss. thermostat ck. both heater hoses at fire wall 1 hot 1 cold its the core ck pass side floor wet its the core Maybe head gasket ... Cars & Trucks

1996 Dodge Dakota 3.9 Starts and then shortly after dies. I can keep it running by giving it gas. I have cleaned the throttle body and replaced the PCV Valve. Does same thing. What other problems could be causing this?

Replace the battery ... 1996 Dodge Dakota

I have a 1991 Chevy Corsica. It will start up and die then start up and die. The third time i do this it will start up and run for like 5-10 minutes then die and won't start. Wait 1 hour and it will start up and do the same thing?? What could be causing this?? My temp gauge Goes up to half way and if i turn my heat on it goes down. I replaced the thermostat and it is still doing the same thing!! What could be causing this?? I need help Please??

Well the running issue could be the fuel pump it could be over heating but it also sounds like the crank position sensor as far as the heating issue it is normal to go up to half way but if it is over heating take the cap off once its warm you should ... Chevrolet Corsica

I have a 1991 nissan pickup 4 cylinder I installed 2 brand new alternators within 2 yrs. The second one died yesterday. What could cause this problem? The battery was brand new too. I've changed the oil, air fiter, gas filter, plugs, and wires. My sister told me when my brother inlaw put the radio in it started to die if she turned it on with the wipers or lights.So I took out the radio. It ran great for a while. But the second one died yesterday. Could a problem with my ignition, cause this, be

I would be checking the wireing from your altenator,with a voltage drop, example if you have a 30 amp alt and the wire going from alt to your battery (usally to the starter)will only allow 15 amps back to your battery,the alt will charge full blast a ... 1991 Nissan Pickup

Battery on 2006 acura tl keeps dying, could it be the alternator

... 2006 Acura TL

The coolant reservoir tank keep leaking on my 2006 Suzuki Reno. What could be causing this? It is nearly 100 degrees out so I am using the AC continuously which also causes me to lose full engine strength when first going from a stop & especially going up hills. I have to shut the AC off to go up a hill at a reasonable speed. What could be causing this also or is it just typical cause of the use of the AC?

... Cars & Trucks

Car dies When the digital gauge says theres 25mi worth of fuel left the car started acting like itwas going to die when stopped,had to keep one foot on the gas and one on the brake when stopped at light to keep from dying. Now it does the same thing except when the gauge says 100mi. of fuel left and the other day it finally died and won't start again,luckily made it to my block and only had to push a little way. Does this sound like the fuel filter? What else could this be? Does seem to be fuel

It does seem to be fuel related. It could also be intake air related. Try changing your fuel and air filters. Put a bottle of Seafoam into your gastank with the next fill up as well. Seafoam will do great things for your fuel injectors. If this ... 2007 Chrysler Sebring Sedan

Not starting recently my cobra has been having idle'ing issues. i would start it up and it would immediately die. I would have to rev it real high to just to keep it started. I dont know if there was a clog in the line or something or it was the fuel filter but it did it alot. I changed the fuel filter out and my fuel pump was good. shortly after it started doing it again and one time i had to keep giving it gas just to keep it from dying on me so I could drive it home. I stored it for the winte

It could be the spark plugs, but probably more serious than that. If you scan it for DTC's (trouble codes) it will probably narrow the issues down for you. The problem could range from the plugs, through the entire ignition system and maybe even the ... 1999 Ford Mustang Cobra

My suburban dies I am coming to a stop. It takes awhile to turn over. What can be the problem?When I start it in the morning, it always die. I have to keep my foot on the gas pedal to keep it started for a few seconds. yesterday, I was exiting the highway and it died on me doing 60 m.p.h. What could this problem be?

Could be a few things,,ck tps senser,,fuel pressure,,fuel filter??does it stumble when it dies or just quit,, ... 1995 Chevrolet Suburban

Could a bad PCM be intermittant before completely going out or could the fuel pump be bad causing the low voltage to the PCM and consequently causing a sensor to keep fuel from flowing to the engine?


03 tahoe engine stalls out while driving down interstate. Pulled off on shoulder put car in park and it starts right back up. did this 16 times on way back from fl to nc what could be causing this? Right before it dies it starts sputtering so i pushed gas to floor and it still died. Could it be fuel pump or fuel pump relay?

Dying fuel pump, causing insufficient fuel to reach injectors, when you try to accelerate. ... 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

I have just replaced my battery for my 2000 leganza and my car still keeps dying only to not start again like its a dead battery, so i want to replace my alternator. Also my timing belt needs replaced and i have no idea how to replace either of them. Is there another thing that may be wrong to cause my battery to keep dying?

You can have the alternator tested for free at your local parts store...easier if you can drive it to the auto parts store:) Sounds like it is the alternator...in rare cases the starter can have a short that causes this drain...but usually takes ove ... 2000 Daewoo Leganza

1990 3.1 liter firebird starts runs for a couple of seconds then dies.I had a problem with ignition switch heard about using a resistor it worked.The next day while I was driving the car it started dying out I was able to go a little then it would die got it home.Ive replaced fuel pump replaced bladder on fuel line above pump with 5/16 hose? could this cause this problem or could your tps go to the point of not running. Does a 90 firebird have a cold start switch or valve?What do you think. Mike

If you checked for pressure when you open the switch and it is ok. check to see what is causing it to cut spark out ... 1990 Pontiac Firebird
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