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Ddoes a 2001 chevy cavalier uses clutch fluid vehicle will not go in gear

\015 Dose this car takes clutch fluid since its aautomatic\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Ddoes a 2001 chevy cavalier uses clutch fluid vehicle will not go in gear

... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 96 Chevy cavalier is leaking clutch fluid and my clutch was going to the floor so I put dot three break fluid and my clutch would work right I had to keep refilling it so my car would work but today I get in my car all the fluid was empty I filled it up and nothing I couldn't drive my car wouldn't go into gear

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My 96 ford F150 sat out in the below freezing weather for about 2 days. I started the vehicle and let it run for about 12 minutes then pushed in the clutch and put it into gear, i then backed out and used first to get out of the drive, when i shifted to second on the highway the clutch stuck to the floor but the truck still had power. I turned around and came back home and made sure i had fluid, which i did but the clutch never regained pressure, even after pumping. Any ideas?

Have the slave valve for the clutch checked. It's usually on the side of the tranny bell housing, but some fords have them mounted on the inside of the bell housing. ... 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a '97 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 L. For the past few days the resistance in the clutch pedal has gotten worse and worse and now it's a really struggle just to shift gears. Could I just add hydraulic clutch fluid somewhere just so that I could get the car to a shop 20 miles away?

Ya thats the best bet if it is fluid activated other wase your on the hook ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 96 chevy cavalier 2.2l 5spd manual transmission...new clutch 3 months ago...fluid level is full...shifts with no grinding...but when u release the clutch... It takes a minute for it to start pulling... It started whining ...this happens in all gears and rpm ranges...if u rev it high it will engage tranny hard...like it's automatic with a 4000+ stall converter... Any advice would be appreicated

Sounds a lot like the throwout bearing is binding on the input shaft and not releasing the pressure plate. In any case, it needs to come apart to look before anything else gets damaged.. ... Chevrolet Cavalier

2006 4cyl manual 5 speed transmission 30K miles, light use with no problems. Will not go into any gear with engine running, goes smoothly into every gear with engine stopped. Clutch pedal feels fine and the clutch leaver on slave clutch cylinder actuates in response to clutch pedal. Brake fluid reservoir is filled (is the sameas clutch reservoir?) If I put the truck into first gear with engine stopped and then start engine, the clutch feels finefor a normal start off (clutch feels good) Thank yo

Well, there is only one thing I can think of in your situation. Your pressure plates just simply are not creating enough pressure to allow the gears to engage. Either you have a defective clutch and it needs to be replaced, or possibly just needs a t ... 2006 Toyota Tacoma

My honda odyssey transmission went out and i am having it rebuil by a local tran shop and the initial quote was $3600 to replace the fluid pump, some gears that were bad and the seal kit with the clutches due to overheatin because there was no fluid flow. I personaly saw the bad gears and the burned out clutches. when i refuse to do it the manager told me que will re-check the quote then he come down to $2500 using some rebuilt parts and not newones. but he still including the $400 turbine which

Call around or go to the Web and look up LKQ location in St. Augustine FL. If they do not have a transmission, they list all location where one can be found. Odyssey has a decent performance record with transmissions, so you can get a good one with ... 2002 Honda Accord

Can I adjust the clutch on a 1998 chevy tracker in any way? I am needing to replace it in a few days but want to continue driving it until wednesday. pressing the clutch in and starting the car in gear the vehicle lurches forward and is difficult to get into gear when driving, car will die if at a stop light with car in gear, clutch to floor and brake engaged, the car wants to keep going.

No you can't adjust this problem. You have a problem with your hydraulic portion of your clutch or your pressure plate so you need to get it fixed. ... 1998 Chevrolet Tracker

I have a 2002 chevy cavalier z22 standard tranny, 2.2l. Ive been getting this grinding noise in the low RPM'S of first and second gear, only when i keep it at 1200-1700 RPM's. The sound only comes in those gears, and stops when the clutch is pushed in. the sound isnt present while idling. I crawled under and didnt see anything obviously loose, except for the air conditioning part seems to be rattling a little. my clutch is working fine, i dont have any gear slipping and the car works well even w

I have a 2004 that did that, im sorry to say this but you are going to need a new transmission eather really soon or a lil ways down the road but you need a new one the problem is your syncronisers in your transmission are starting to go bad witch i ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

1997 Chevy P-32 step van (panel van, delivery van) with 4L80-E transmission: Truck drives and shifts properly in gears one through three, but slips as soon as it shifts into fourth. It will not pull at all in fourth gear. This vehicle shifts into fourth at 52 mph, and must be allowed to slow down to 38 mph to get back into third and start accelerating again. Is there any fix for this trans, such as tightening the fourth gear clutches without removing the trans from the vehicle? I can get another

The fourth clutch is burnt probably due to a bad 4th clutch piston seal... if you can get a good trans that cheap then you should just put one in it unless you are familiar with internal trans repairs... ... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

Hope someone can help. I have a 98 Dakota, 3.2l v6 with a manual 5 speed transmission. with the engine off, I can depress the clutch pedal and throw it into any gear. With the engine running, I can not engage the transmission (I physically cannot "push" the stick into place). If I start the truck in first gear, its as though I'm not depressing the clutch. I believe that my vehicle has a hydraulic clutch, and may simply require fluid, but I'm not sure where to look.

Under hood next to master brake cylinder.it dos sound like a clutch / or clutch fluid problem / there will be a black rubber in it that you have to remove to add fluid / it is round / hope this helped Good Day. ... 1999 Dodge Dakota

I have a 91 Chevy silverado with a 700r4 transmission that has been shifting hard and late for a few months. Over the choose of a few days it began getting worse until it wouldn't shift at all (like in neutral.) Upon inspection the fluid was black and smelled burnt and the clutches were destroyed. Replaced the clutches, filter, fluid, and torque converter. The pump looked fine. Now with it installed I still have no pressure at the oil cooler lines and still will not go into any gear. Torque conv

Were the lines flushed before reinstallation? If not, old clutch material may be blocking the lines, or buggering up the pump. ... Cars & Trucks

On my 1996 chevy silverado, i have problems shifting in to first gear, as i start pushing forward to clutch into first, the truck starts to move forward as if im pushing it when im trying to clutch in, and it failes to clutch in sometimes and sometimes it works perfectlly. this morning when i went to start my truck, my clutch peddle had no resistance/pressure when i step on it... it does come back up by itself though. and i check my clutch fluid and its full , and also it looks black, like merke

It hyd clutch the fliud could be to full take paper towol get some out then tray you might have to replace clutch mastercylinder tray bleed at slave cylinder could have air in system ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I am in the process of changing my tranmission fluid on a 2003 chevy cavalier automatic. i cannot find where to check the level fluid. i have already drained the fluid, and also what is the proper amount of fluid to use?

Hi Helen; ash here.\015\012\015\012huh question mark \015\012\015\012i am amazed af the question. but i will take as true. although i have never known an automafic trans. to have a drain plug. non the less, all info should be ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

1983 chevy pickup four speed 4X4 have hard time getting it out of fourth gear after you come to a stop,can get it out of gear while moving without using clutch,but once you stop without taking it out of gear you can't hardly get it out of gear

You most like have a worn locking ring on the 3rd/4th gear syncronizer. If your mechanicly inclined this is a project that can be handled. ... 1983 Chevrolet Silverado

I have an 84 Honda shadow vt700. The clutch was working but would slip when hot it would get to where I could release clutch with bike in 1st gear and nothing would happen! It would just continue to idle! Upon going to bleed the line at the bottom bleeder line and I had fluid, however after this I lost the clutch completely! I put in the master cylinder replacement kit and bled the system, even used one of the vacuum systems! Still have no clutch at all! Please anyone help if you can I am at a l

... Cars & Trucks

I was driving for about an hour and half and I went to change gears and my foot went straight to the floor when I used the clutch and the gears would'nt move. After about a minute everything was ok again and I finished my journey about 1/2 hour but the gears were very stiff and it was a very stressful journey. When I arrived at my destination a friend topped up my brake fluid and everything has been ok since. I was really worried on my return journey thinking the same thing would happen on the w

Fluids/levels should be checked every 1000 miles.you may need to bleed system if you encounter spongey pedal... ... 2001 Hyundai Accent

I have a 2000 Chevy 1500,4.8, manual transmission. Seems like it is slipping in 1st and reverse. I can smell the clutch. It will shift in all gears. Is clutch shot or need adjustment? Hydraulic clutch fluid level is good. No leaks.

If its slipping it needs to be replaced there is no adjustment if it was a hydraulic failure it wouldn't go into gear ... Cars & Trucks

1999 cavalier gears stuck in 4th after accidently put transmission fluid in clutch reservoir

... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

1995 Chevy Cavalier Fluid leaking somewhere from hydro clutch line..need diagram that shows the system. There is a small container that is labeled Clutch that was empty.

There are only three parts to the system...the "container" that is the clutch master cylinder, a line between that and the clutch slave cylinder (which is the third part). It works same as your brakes ...step on the clutch and pressure from the mast ... 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier

97 manual cavalier. No resistance in clutch and hard to get it into gear. Added brake fluid to what I think is the transmission fluid container up near the windshield on the right hand side? It fixed the problem but wondering what could be making that leak? It's happened twice now.

I am having the same problem, and have had the Slave Cylinder Fixed twice and the master once. For some reason its not as bad, but is still not fixed. Any suggestions as to what else it could be???? ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

1995 Chevrolet silverado 5 speed transmission. Drives great and runs great . Just started having trouble with the shifting of gears. It has more resistance on the clutch pedal and it takes an excessive amount of force to get the gears to change, it seems the longer i drive the vehicle (stop and go) the worse the situation becomes. after i let the4 truck cool off the shifting works almost a good as normal! I have checked the hydraulic fluid resevoir and it is full. please help confused

I located a web site that offered a technical assistance without any sin up fees or cost and they helped me. ... Chevrolet 1500

Purchased a used 2002 Cavalier LS. Manual transmission. If stalled (teaching kid how to drive a stick) sometimes the vehicle doesn't start for about a minute. No click, no turnover, no anything. Wait a minute, starts up with no problem. Doesn't happen all the time, seems to be more when she pops the clutch. Spoke with dealership as there was a recall re: ignition issues for this year vehicle but based on VIN it doesn't apply to ours. Any suggestions??

Sounds good. Let me know what the out come is after replacing the part. ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2001 Audi A4 5-Speed Quattro. I think I have a clutch problem, but as an amateur to vehicle repairs, and a greenhorn to foreign cars, I need help figuring it out. The big symptom is that when I try to accelerate my tach flies but there is no extra power to the wheels. It used to shift smooth like a down comforter, and now feels jumpy when changing gears even with the most precise interchange of clutch and accelerator. I have to flutter the gas and ease it up to speed; most attempts

Hey ya buddy, sorry to hear of your sad experience, but from your description of the symptoms, you need a new clutch disc. The parts for this are usually a fraction of the labor, due to having to remove the transmission in order to replace the clutch ... 2001 Audi A4

02 toyota camry le 4cyl. i get code P0775 from the engine control module and the transmission is slipping into third gear at time. i believe the codes is for the sl2 solenoid. put a used valvebody in the vehicle 1 1/2 weeks ago due to a broken spring on one of the pistons in the valvebody. maybe the c3 piston but not sure, it was the center one though. the trans fluid was burnt smelling. vehicle will drive good at times with little or no slippage into 3rd. any info or guidance will help alot th

... 2002 Toyota Camry
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