Having problems with your 2001 Chevrolet Blazer ?

How do i know if its the fuel pump

\015 Engine cranks but won't start\015
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Answers :

You need to do a fuel pressure test... on the fuel rail of the engine there is a valve that looks like a valve stem for a bike tire. remove the cap install a pressure tester and turn over engine. if pressure comes up to 60 psi then pump is probably good. check fuses and check for spark...
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Fuel Pump I don't know much about cars at all, but recently my fuel pump went bad on me and I found someone to replace it. Next thing I know he calls and says the entire exhaust system is rusted and can't replace my fuel pump. I was wanting to know, how true is this? Can I have my fuel pump replaced without my exhaust being there or will I have to get the exhaust system taken care of first before the pump is replaced? When my fuel pump was working, I never noticed anything else wrong with the ca

Exhaust has to come down in order to remove fuel tank to replace the fuel pump. ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

I have an 06 nissan sentra 1.8L i used to hear the fuel pump now i dont. It cranks like a champ but it doesnt start. I changed the fuel pump and the fuel pump relay and fuse. Still didnt start. I used a tester to see if the wires to the pump were hot and they are not. I took it to the local nissan dealer and they told me it was the ecm and the ecm relay so i took it home and replaced those with a used ecm i know works. Well the problem persists. I dont know what else to check for. Fuel pump is g

The used ECM needs reprogrammed for your vehicle. ... 2006 Nissan Sentra

My 2000 kia sportage is having fuel pump problems sometimes the fuel pump doesnt pump at all. ive checked the ground on the fuel pump, the fuse is good, and i dont know if theres a fuel cut off switch. sometimes it starts and then at times it wont i dont know whats wrong with it

It sounds like the problem is the pump itself.you will probably have to have the pump replaced to correct the problem.this is how a bad pump acts when its worn out and needs replacing.replace the fuel filter at the same time ... 2000 Kia Sportage

7 months ago. I replaced fuel pump for my 98 chevy s 10. The other day. Went for a drive. Went to go start it after shutting it off. It wants to turn over. But know sound of fuel pump. An it wouldn't start. I got the warranty. Replaced fuel pump. Still know sound of fuel pump. An still won't start.

Check the wiring and replace the pum with a good brand or from the dealer \0121997 astro van the original fuel pump last 12 years the auto parts pump 11 months \012there is a fuse and a relay also signal comes from the computer \012 ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

1992 lexus sc300 with a 1jzgte twin turbo, i think the fuel pump is dead, it wont make any sound when you turn the key on also i want to know where is located the fuel pump relay it may be bad, the car wont start. please if u experts know where is located the fuel pump relay let me know it would be helpfull..

... 1992 Lexus Sc 300

I have a 1988 F150 with a 5.0 4x4 duel tank, now heres my problem, i have no fuel pressure at all, i replaced my fuel pump that is on the fram rail and both fuel filters, and my fuel pump relay, im going to buy a eec relay tommorro but i would like to know how to bypass the eec power so that i can put power strait to my pump and then ill know its the eec relay cause it holds the power for the fp relay, but i dont have a book at all with no diagrams i just bought this truck 4 days ago and it sat

You should hear the fuel pump by turning on ignition, for about 4 sec. sounds like the pickup sock is stopped up inside your fuel tank. seen it many times ... You can bypass eec at relay notice relay holder has only 4 wires leading to it , two large, ... 1988 Ford F 150

I need to check power to my fuel pump on 98 Expedition, which color wires goes to the fuel pump? this is the only way I can make it run after five months being a prisoner at home without my beautiful truck....;-( sad face? please tell me what color the wires are in the fat little harness that goes down the frame past the fuel tank, I know some are brake n turn signal etc, plus the fuel guage but I need to know what color are the ones to the pump itself please???? thanks and god bless!

Pic, Hope you can read it. ... Ford Expedition

1993 lumina 3.1 engine. shuts down while driving,sometimes bucks at 50 m.p.h. checked plug at fuel pump harness and one pin had about 5 volts other 3 dead.swapped fuel pump relay and same thing.jumped relay and checked plug terminals again,found terminal with approx 5 v and one with 12 volts. reinstalled relay and plugged pump harness together and works fine now,need to know what controls the relay.(fuel pump was replaced about 30k miles ago.I know it's possible it's bad but I'm leaning toward a

The computer is what sends the signal to the fuel pump relay. Check the harness plug at the fuel pump again they tend to get loose. there is an updated replacement plug for this. also make sure the terminals on the fuel pump relay are clean and not c ... 1993 Chevrolet Lumina

1996 4dr Blazer is it the Fuel Pump or Fuel Pump Relay??? Just tonight "check guages" light came on and truck stopped running. Happen to be near repair shop, mechanic said its the fuel pump cause he couldn't hear it running. I want to know how do I know before spending $200 plus bucks if it could be the relay. Thanks

Spray gas into your carborator. Try to start it. If it starts and dies instantly, it is probably the fuel pump. You can also check the voltage going out of the pump. It should be near 12 volts. If it is not kicking on, it is probably no volts. Check ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

What are the 5 fuses under the hood? Anything related to my fuel pump? I know that the fuel pump is under the back seat but didn't know if one of the fuses that are out in the front could be effecting this? Trying to find out before I buy a fuel pump. Please Help!

Try running power to the fuel pump before buying a new one. that way you'll know. But google in the key words: fuel pump fuse bmw. It really doesn't say what model bmw you have in the question. ... 2001 BMW 5 Series

1999 ford explorer just died not getting gas is it possible to hear the fuel pump run? I cant hear the one on my ranger and it works fine. Could it possibly be the fuel filter? or is it most likely the pump/ Plus is the pump fuse protected I dont have the manual to know what fueses are what, or know where the fuel reset switch is. Thanks Steve

How many miles do you have on it? The fuel pump is in the gas tank, I have a 97 explorer and around 75k miles the fuel pump went out. After talking with other Ford truck owners this was pretty common. Its not a cheap repair unless you are willing to ... 1999 Ford Explorer

Sorry, I can't afford to pay for expert advice, I'm disabled! I have posted a question and received answers, so I'm hoping for the best! We have 1995 Dodge Dakota 318 5.2ltr - and we've tested fuel pump, it's good! Short story is that we no there is NOT power at the connector, where it plugs in to the fuel pump. Since 3 yrs ago, we bypassed ASD to pcm for the same problem, now we don't know what to do, cause that bypass is still good, but don't know how to get power to the fuel pump!? Thanks for

If ur dakota has good oil presure ,check to see if oil sending unit is leaking oil,if so replace it ,it needs replacing any way. very low oil presure will not allow fuel pump to come on threw this sending unit ... 1995 Dodge Dakota

What all do you need to do to convert a 1992 ford 5.0 out of an f150 from fuel injection to a Carb.? I know that you need a carb, intake, and fuel pump. I'm putting this motor in my 1984 mustang it had a carburated 302 that was junk, but can i use the distributor from that motor on the new one? I have a holley carb and edelbrock torker 2 intake, and i know i need an electric fuel pump on a switch, because of no oil pump hole in the block.

There are special electronic fuel pumps you can get for this kind of conversion that wont put to much fuel pressure in the carb and blow the bowls. \015\012\015\012As long as the distributer is vacuum advance and for a 302 it should be able to ... 1984 Ford Mustang

Fuel pump issue with 1993 dodge dakota. New fuel pump. Fuel lines unhooked at filter key on and crank. No action noted from fuel pump. Took fuel pump out of tank replugged to harness repeated turning on key and cranking, still no hint of pump running. Test the five wire plug that connects to pump. One of the five wires had power to it. The second wire in from o side. Also switched relay fuse to see if it had an impact. Not familiar with system. I know the relay clicks when ignition turns on but

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. You should have power to more wires then one. If I were you, I would run a wire straight to the pump from the battery to see if the pump will turn on. I know one wire is for the fuel gauge. Then the out and retu ... 1993 Dodge Dakota

Fuel pump I want to pump bad fuel out of my 2001 Yukon, so I unhooked the fuel line from the filter and I need to turn on the fuel pump to pump it out of the fuel tank. I tried to turn on the ign. switch without result. Can you tell me where the harness is located or how to jump the wires. I know that it will pump fuel while cranking.

Get a long wires and just jump your fuel pump and it should run like a champ.... ... 2001 GMC Yukon

So my 1995 Rodeo will sometimes not start. When I turn the key to the on position, the check engine light comes on and I can hear the fuel pump pumping, but every so often, the pump doesn't pump and the car wont start. The only way I know that the fuel pump has pumped is by the check engine light coming on. I was wondering if it would be best to just rewire the fuel pump or if it is the fuel pump itself.

First things first...Rewiring the fuel pump will only put a "Bandaid" on whatever the problem really is and will most likely create a situation where wires are draped across places where they shouldn't be, causing all kinds of future electrical probl ... 1995 Isuzu Rodeo

My 2003 Galant isn't getting fuel to the engine. I replaced the pump yet I'm still getting no fuel. The fuel gauge is still reading a quarter tank of fuel. I check all my fuzes and all are working. So, now I suspect the fuel pump relay that my manual talks about but doesn't show me where the relay is located. First, I would like to know which relay controls the fuel pump. If that doesn't work what else would cause the vehicle not to pump fuel to the engine?

The fuel pump relay is under the hood on the driver side. There is a black box that will have a wing nut that takes the cover off. The cover will have a diagram of which one the fuel pump relay is. ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

Had a diagnostic done and it read the code p0453 had a new fuel pump so the problem may involve the fuel pump if the evap is in the gas tank so i am trying to find out where the evap sensor is located is it in the fuel tank or is it in the engine somewhere. if its in the fuel tank i am covered for a year and can get it fixed cuz the shop apparently put it in wrong or something but if its in the engine i am screwed but need to know where the sensor is located so i know whether to bother fighting

The code discription is evaporative emission control system pressure sensor high. the sensor is located on the top side of the fuel tank. perhaps they did not connect it properly, kinked a hose or blocked the inlet port. ... Ford Expedition

I need to replace the fuel pump and have done them before on other cars so i am aware of what needs to be done on that aspect, what i need to know is if the fuel pump is accessable from the trunk or under the back seat or if im going to just have to drop the whole fuel tank. i know its in the fuel tank just some vehicles have access and some you have to take the whole tank out.

The fuel pump is not accessible from any panel, there are none, you must remove the gas tank from the car to replace it, the car will need to be as high off the ground as poss, the tank is held in by two steel straps, put a floor jack under the ... 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have an 03 malibu what type of fuel pump goes on the car.The car just quit on me while i was driving.No warning just quit. My friend told me no fuel was getting to the motor. Now i know I need to drop fuel tank but i need to know what type of fuel pump that is.

You need not drop the fuel tank the fuel pump is usually in the top of the tank under the trunk carpet ... Chevrolet Malibu

How do you disconnect the fuel lines from the fuel pump (the lines connected to the plastic top of the fuel pump) without any special tools? 2002 cadillace sevills sls. The fuel pump is accessible from inside the trunk, I have already taken the access panel off and can touch and disconnect the wires to the fuel pump. I just need to know how to disconnect the two fuel lines without breaking any connections.

There is a special tool #J 37088-A for fuel connection removal. A well supplied parts store will have this tool for purchase. The tool press's the plastic clip on both sides at the same time to release the lines. You may be able to do this with two s ... Cadillac Seville

I can't find the fuel pump fuse for my 95 SC2. I want to replace the fuel filter, and I'd like to release the pressure on the fuel line by pulling the fuel pump fuse and then running the engine until it's out of gas. The under hood fuse box on the 95 SC2 shows all kinds of fuse labels, but nothing really looks like "fuel pump". I thought I'd be able to find a diagram on the web but not such luck. Any one know where the fuel pump fuse is?

... 1995 Saturn Sl

I have a 1990 Chevy Astro. The other day I got in it and it would not start. I sprayed starting fluid in the fuel injectors and I was able to get it home. I changed the fuel pump and the fuel does go to the fuel injection pumps. I know the pump is working cause I bypassed the relay and the pump does work and get fuel to the motor. What else can cause the fuel not to get in the motor.

Replacing the Engineoilswitch & fuel pump relay will get you going again for nothing else can be wrong ... Chevrolet Astro

I have a 1990 Chevy Astro. The other day I got in it and it would not start. I sprayed starting fluid in the fuel injectors and I was able to get it home. I changed the fuel pump and the fuel does go to the fuel injection pumps. I know the pump is working cause I bypassed the relay and the pump does work and get fuel to the motor. What else can cause the fuel not to get in the motor.

The relay works the fuel pump only after normal oil pressure is reachedThe engines oil pressure switch's 3rd wire primes the fuel pump the first 5 seconds after starting the engineThe fuel pressure regulator keeps a constant ... Chevrolet Astro

My 95 Pontiac Bonneville is not getting gas I've checked the fuel pump fuse, the fuel pump relay under the passenger side and replaced the fuel filter. Is there anything else that could cause the gas not to pump or should I take the gas tank off and inspect the gas pump? Also is there away to check if the gas pump is bad. All I know is that there is no pressure in the gas lines and that no fuel is getting to the injectors. Thanks in advance.

What you need to do is have an assistant turn the key on (not try to start, just turn the key on) while you have the gas cap removed and your ear down by the gas tank fill tube. When they turn the key on you should hear a whirl only for 3-7 seconds. ... 1995 Pontiac Bonneville
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