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Front tire waering

\015 My front wheel on the pasingers side is waering to the out side,and the drivers side is ok,when you are driving you can let go of the wheel and it will not pull eather way, and the drvers side is not waering,( ondly one wheel is waering) this is on a 2001 astro sport van\015
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Answers :

Need wheel alignment, when out of alignment is does not always pull to one side
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2007 audi a4 avant. My front tires were wearing on the outside edge. We replaced tires and aligned car. The new tires are the correct size but, are waering on outside edge too. Slight wobble too. Dealer says nothing is wrong.

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Front tire waering

Need wheel alignment, when out of alignment is does not always pull to one side ... 2001 Chevrolet Astro

I have a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix, the rear tires are almost bald, the front tires are measuring a 3. I do plan on replacing them this week. About a week ago my TPMS warning light came on and my DIC told me to check the front left tire, so I checked the front driver tire w/ a digital tire gauge. The digital tire guage is reading 35ish, but the TPMS system is reading between 20 and 24. The only sensor reading a problem is the Front Left Tire. I did check all of them and they are all around 30 to 3

I would wait untill u get your new tyres fitted before reseting the light and also the tyre place you get them fitted at could do it for you ... Pontiac Grand Prix

At 1500 miles the front end was in need of alignment and the outside edge of the front tires were wearing down excessively.We took to the dealer and they aligned it When I went to rotate the tires at 5500 miles they were worn so bad that I didn't want to put the rear tires (which still looked brand new) on the front. I took the car to Sears they told us the front end was way out of alignment so we had them align it and rotate the tires on 9/13/08.Today I looked at the front tires and they are sh

Once a were pattern is worn in tire s unless you rotate tires to the rear they will keep wearing you should rotate your tires every oil change especially if you do alot of around town driving i am willing to bet you that good year lied to you about t ... Pontiac Vibe

I drive a BMW 525ix. It recently started to pull to the left. Afetr a front end alignment the dealer rotated my front tires. Now it pulls to the right. They tell me I have a bad tire and that I shoould change the two front tire to stop the pulling. Can I simply rotate the tires to the back and not have to purchase new tires at this time?

I'm worried for your safety here danig513, having tires that are unpredictable could be very dangerous, especially while cornering in wet conditions or on the highway. Also, with a 4wd car, you could be increasing wear on various drive line component ... BMW 525

2000 Ford Focus SE makes a loud pop in left front tire area when making left hand turns. I did the CV Joint test by doing a constant left hand turn in a large parking lot, and it only popped once upon the initial turn. Suspect strut/shock/spring assembly. Maybe spring broken. Any other other suggestions? Oh, the left front tire seems to wear on the outsides near the tire wall, but only the left front tire.

It could be your wheels they might have a splinter or you migth have broke a spring likie you said but you need to throw a car about quite a bit to break a spring ! ... 2000 Ford Focus

I have 94 CHEVY SUBUBAN K1500 4wd. I have had it aligned 2 times, new front tires and the outer edge of the passenger front tire keeps wearing uneven. The driver side front tire is fine.Chould this a wheel bearing going bad or should i take it to a different alignment shop. I have also replaced all front ball joints and tie rod ends before the alignments were done.

Check if your shocks are leaking. Jack up the car and with the right wheel off the ground check it for play in the bearing if it is tight and not grinding it is good. I would try another alignment shop if you dont find anything. Oh by the way dont le ... 1994 GMC Suburban

This problem is about our new Bridgeton tires (275 60 19) on the front of our 2000 Lexus SUV (LX 470). After about 500 miles the right front tire is showing unusual wear on outside edge of tread. At time of getting new tires, they were all (4) balanced and had a front alignment. This SUV is carefully driven and maintenance is meticulous. Any ideas as to what may be going on ? Tire installer is puzzled..offering no explanation. Thanks for any feedback you may offer. Jerry

Wear to the outside of the tyre could indicate to a tyre specialist that the car recieves some serious cornering g-forces. but if this SUV is driven carefully then that should not have happened. when driving down a straight flat road let go of the st ... 1996 Lexus ES 300

I am haveing a problem with a 2003 ford explorer 4x4 it started makeing a grinding feel and sound in the front end though its not loud and it will come and go but is gettin worse. there is fluid comeing frome some where around the front tires witch soaks the inside of the finder wells the substance is kinda oile but dries fast i have checked the brake fluid and it is full. this substance will run down the running boards and leaves spots in front of the back tires as well as behind the front tire

If its making a grinding noise that's usually the sound that worn brake pads will make when there extremely worn.As far as fluid that is leaking there are only 4 things that are fluids that would leak.A gas line,brake fluid, water and th ... 2003 Ford Explorer

2004 ford expedition.4x4 eddie bauer. I have a thumping noise as I accelerate. It feels like a bad tire or bent shaft . I jacked the truck up and check all wheels,tires ,shafts, u joints It started doing it after I used the 4 wheel drive a little. With the 4 wheel drive off the front tires still spin the front drive shaft. Is this normal on a 2004 as I do not think my 98 exped 4x4 did that. Is there an actuator like the 98 exped that could be not working? The front axle looks different th

The actuator is in the transfer case rather than in the front differential. I would say that the truck is not coming out of 4wd. This actuator is more than likely your problem. Here is a picture of the actuator. ... 2004 Ford F150

OK i have a 2009 nissan xterra first off I love it, 2nd off i got 2 brand new tires put on the front and the ones from the front put on the rear. Well the tire man told me i needed an alignment bc it was eatin the inside of my front tires well i went and got that done problem is that it drove better before. The steering wheel bobbled back and forth and i veer to the right and to the left when im still going the same direction. I took it back to the guy that done the alignment and he jumped down

I would get a second opinion. Apparently the tire guy may have got the alignment right, but didn't check for loose suspension or steering parts that will cause your problem. Have your inner and outer tie rods checked for wear and looseness. Also th ... 2000 Nissan Xterra

I have 31x10.5x15 tires on the rear and stock 15in tires on the front of a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The front end is trying to lock in 4 wheel low. Is it because of the different size tires? Can I disable the speed sensor on the front end?

Tire size is critical on any jeep but especially so on ones with quadratrac transfer cases. If you run different size tires it will cause the fluid coupler inside the case to overheat and fail. (big$ to repair)Don't drive it that way and get a ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi I had my car on the road for 4 straight years (2004 to 2008)without any problem with the tires until it was observed worn out. Anyhow, I replaced all 4 tires back in Dec 08, and until Aug 09 one of the wheel front tyre was observed to have unbalance worn out. Tire rotation/alignment/balancing was made on that month, and in this month May 2010 both the front tires was observed to have worn out. meaning to say I hve 3 tires require for change out. My question is how come in the first 4 years I

Obviously something is worn,or several things,that are causing the tire wear. You needed to get a start on diagnosing the problem about a year ago. I can not speculate on anything without the vehicle. The first four years,your vehicle was newer and d ... 2004 Nissan Sentra

My front left tire is wearing down to often and feels like it is jumping on the road when I have tread wear what could be causing this? It is a smoother ride when I put a good tire on it until the wear begins and the tire shows wear as if the tire was jumping on the outside of the tire, also had a friend see this side in motion and he says that it looks like it is going to jump off I had someone look at it and he said i needed major front end work anyone person looked and said it was bushings to

Yes,replace the front struts and have your tires balanced. ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

I have abnormal wear on the inside tread of the front end of a 2009 Cadillac Escalade EXT with AWD, 18" OEM wheels, and less than 33,000 miles on it. It is a program vehicle. When I bought it the front tires had this wear. I had the wheels rotated and balanced at the local GM dealership and requested that they check the front end alignment and was told all was well. That was about 8,000 miles ago. I now have the same problem with the front tires that were originally on the back. Is this a "norma

Tire wear as you outlined is caused either by incorrect toe in or camber setting. Both are components of wheel alignment. Regardless of what you were told, there is no other way that happens.As to who gets to pay for it depends on your agreemen ... 2009 Cadillac Escalade EXT

Both front tires are not strait up and down when looking at front view, and is eating tires like crazy, I was told i need a new pitman arm and tie rod ends, and my question on this is there a way that i can adjust the arm and or tie rod ends myself, So that i can save my tires until next payday? I just want to bring the tires back to level.

No, if the pitman arm and tie rods are worn bad enough to cause the tires to be this much out of alignment, then this car is dangerous to even drive. If one of those parts comes loose you will loose any steering control and have an accident. You need ... 1999 Ford Expedition

I have a 1997 Ford Escort that I recently put (2) new tires on the front. After the tires the vehicle started pulling to the left very badly. I had the tires switched in the front left to right, right to left and it helped the problem. I also had it hooked up to the alignment machine at the repair shop and it said the left tire was out of alignment but they need to loosen the strut in order to realign. I was wondering does this make sense to you. Also can the rear wheels be aligned or only

Yes loosening the top strut/bracket is needed to adjust the alignment, the rear should be fine unless there is damage to rear suspension compontents that need replaced, however for that vehicle just the front. ... 1997 Ford Escort

I own 2009 Impala and just replaced tires at 30,000 miles. I did rotate tires but still had wear on front tires. I had a front end alignment the last time and they told me the camber was off because I must have hit a curb. I have never had that problem before so I question if there is a known problem with faulty cambers. I'm not a mechanic and I don't want these new tires to wear out. Is there a problem with the mechanics of the 09 Impala?

Well, the camber which is the vertical angle of the tires or wheels as the car is viewed directly from the front, is adjustable on these cars' struts.So, if the alignment technician performs a front wheel or even a 4 wheel alignment (whic ... 2009 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 1997 GMC Sierra. My front left(drivers side) tire wears horribly on the outside. (lookin at the tire from the front of the vehicle, the top leans out, and the bottom cuts in. The outside 6inches wears on the tire, while the inside tread does not wear at all.) I was told something about it being the inner tie rod was worn. But from my knowledge, that would not let the tire lean out like that. I was just wondering if anyone knew what the possible cause/repair-cost would be for that issue?

Align the truck, sound like the camber is out of adjustment the upper control arm is holding it out too much, or your lower ball joint is messed up and lets it tuck in. The tie rods on that truck have nothing to do with it. Ball joints are like 40 bu ... GMC K1500

Alinment I went and brought two front tires and the guy at the tire place said that I need to have a left rear control arm replace I was told that they rarely wear out. Is this true? Also I was told I now need outer tire rods by the mechanic who did my brakes in the front go figure the guy at tire place didn't catch that. Who's right

U need to find a good machanic and stick with him/her for all your automotive repairs. this way your less likley to be given the runaround. the tie rod ends are more likley to go bad than the control arm ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

2005 Jeep Liberty 2wd is having excessive tire wear on L front tire on the inside, even after having front end alignment done, tires were replace with approx. 30,000mi and now with 24k more miles am still having the problem and wondering what I need to get done/checked next as I can't afford to replace tires that often

Have the tire rotated to the rear and balanced. ... Jeep Liberty

Front tires seem to be locked up on a rear wheel drive pick-up. I jacked the car up and the tires still spin fine, but when i put the car in gear, the front tires seem to lock up and the rear tires just spin.

... Mazda B3000

Question on rims on a 1988 IrocZ28. the front rims have a stamp on them indicating 'front' and the back rims 'rear'. the tire size that came on the car when I bought it are P245/50/R16 (96T-mts). Im pretty sure the tires are due for rotation. what is the proper tire rotation in regards to the 'stamp' on the rim? does that make a difference? why? and what other tire sizes can I fit on the car? Are the ones that are currently on the correct size? Any help or suggestions are helpful.

Those wheels are what is referred to as "staggered" meaning different sizes front and rear. If you measure the width of the wheels the rear ones will be wider. I'm not sure what size you are supposed to be using but the rears should be wider. This ki ... 1988 Chevrolet Camaro

We have a Ford Ranger F150 Edge Truck. My husband changed the brakes on the back wheels and rotated the tires. After he was finished we took a ride and we notice that we heard a clicking noise and the truck started dragging. We where on the interstate and we were going slower and slower. When we got home the front tires where so hot. We thought it was the back tires but no the brakes on the front tires where so hot. I hope you can help us. thanks

That's strange! try bleeding the brake system. you can find procedures on the web. google ... 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab

Shaking when driving. bought new tires in front 18 months ago. bought the car 3 years ago it was already lowered bought back tires six months ago had alighned two months ago started shaking after and tires wearing on inside and outside took back and had rechecked said it was perfect switched front and back tires still problem put new shocks on seemed to fix for about 50 mjiles now shaking again what could it be

... 2000 Ford Mustang
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