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Toqueconvertor do i need fluids or new one service engine is on and the code is torque convertor

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This code usually comes on when you have a bad tourque convertor solonoid problem, not the tourque convertor itself. You may notice it when the car is running and you come to a stop or when you are taking off a lot of times it feels like a dead spot in the transmission.
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Toqueconvertor do i need fluids or new one service engine is on and the code is torque convertor

This code usually comes on when you have a bad tourque convertor solonoid problem, not the tourque convertor itself. You may notice it when the car is running and you come to a stop or when you are taking off a lot of times it feels like a dead spot ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

96 Chevy C3500 6.5 turbo diesel with a 4L80e trans. Service engine light was on, checked the code po751 shift solenoid stuck closed. I changed both 1-2 and 3-4 solenoid, new filter, new fluid, cleared the code drove the truck about 5 miles and the service engine light came back on. Pulled same po751 code. Any suggestions?

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My 2005 Nissan Pathfinder Service Engine Light came on at 80,495 miles.I took it to the dealer and after $403.78 worth of repairs code PO455 was replaced an cleared. One month later at 81,159 miles the Service Engine light returned and after $524.73 later, codes U1000 & P0403 were cleared and I was told that my vehicle will need BANK 2 CAT CONVERTER at a cost of $1200.00. The Service Engine Soon Light is on again at 81,700 miles. Is this a realistic cost for these repairs? How long do I have to

Are you the original buyer? If so I would have contacted nissan because most states have what is referred to as a lemon law. According to Statelawyers.com, Lemon Law refers to the statement from the government that was created to protect consu ... 2005 Nissan Titan

I have a auto Hyundai excel that doesn't move in any gear. it think it is slippage in the gear box. I brought it of some one unregistered. i took out about 4 liters of extra transmission fluid but there is still too much. I need to service the engine and when i service the engine i am going to service the g-box to. can you tighten the bands and do you think that servicing it and putting in the correct amount of transmission fluid in would work?

... 1994 Hyundai Excel

Hello, I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT V6 3.0 that the service engine light soon has come on. A mechanic put his diagonistics machine on it and the error code P0135 - Heater circuit, bank 1 sensor 1. I got a new O2 sensor from a friend that works at Mitsubishi that used my VIN to ensure correct part. I changed the O2 sensor on the top of my exhaust manifold. There is also a lower one and one near the firewall more on the left side pf the engine as you stand in front of the car. For the code,

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Vauxhall astra 03 1.6 engine management light been on for ages but had driven fine some one has earthed the Ecu before I got the car. went out to out yesterday morning battery was dead. put new battery on went in to limp mode, turned engine of and on again was fine, temp got above 90 in traffic went back in to limp mode , turned engine of and on again it was fine. Tends to be when it gets warm it does have various fault codes its sending about five in total do I need a new ecu.

NO, you need not a new ecu, but a diagnostic tool for your diy work. i recommend you this one ... Cars & Trucks

I have a nissan xterra 2005. the service engine lite came on 2 days ago.the code came up po340.also at the same time the vdc and slp lite came on.the code p0340 is the camshaft position sensor from what auto zone told me.i dont know where it is located also dont know if i need a straight one or curve one.sometimes going down the road the car cuts off.i just a simple backyard mechanic that needs help on how to fix car.it is also a 4wd if needed to know. thanks.

I bought Nissan when i drive its showing 4WD oilfilter sign and when i spped up 70mph its hickup and slowdown, advise whats wrong with this car, thanks ... Nissan Xterra

Have a 92' GMC, XC, K1500, 4X4, 5.7 350 engine with transmission fluid leaking from the torque converter cover. (Has a 4L60/700R4) I thought it might only be needing a new conv or possibly a new front pump seal. Then I drained the pan and the oil smelled burnt. No shavings but was told the clutch plates could be burned up and I will need a rebuild. What could have caused this...aside from being old or overworked?

Unfortunately, you hit the nail on the head, i assume being a 1992 model, that the transmission has not been overhauled or rebuilt in it's almost 20 years of service. If it hasn't you have done very well.\015\012It is normal wear and tear in yo ... 1992 GMC Sierra K1500

My '96 Explorer (Eddie Bauer) 4x4 will no longer shift. It got very hot and started spilling burnt black fluid out of the pan. It has been going for some time ( I have to let it warm up) and when the o/d light comes on the code is :shift solenoid stuck open. There is no metal in the fluid, could this only be a sensor/solenoid problem? Do I need a new one? Or can this be fixed, the b/f is a mechanic and has replaced a sensor before...If I do need another tranny, what is the model #? I know they f

... 1996 Ford Explorer

Hi, i need too replace my rod bearrings in my 2001 f150 ford pick. it is a triton. with a 5.4 engine .my question is ,is there any special torque requirement, or can i simply remove my old ones and replace them with the new ones, do i need any specials tools. thank for your time

... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

I have a 1997 saturn sl2 and my service engine soon light is on. I got it scanned and the guy said that two codes came up one was a misfire where I need the spark plugs and wiring fixed. the other code was a sensor internally in the transmission. I am getting the spark plugs and wiring fixed now but if it does go on and again and I need that sensor how much would it cost?

... 1993 Saturn SL2

Had the engine control codes retrieved because engine light was on. code was p0410. i was told i would need a secondary air pump system but only the dealers had this particular part and they would be the ones to install it. is this true? will i have to have service at a dealer? any idea what this should cost? the vehicle is a 2001 olds intrigue.

Expensive. Depending on whether it's just the air pump (usually) or solenoid valves, couple to several hundred bucks. Others can fix this, but need salvage or ebay parts. ... 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue

So this is my problem....i own a 2004 crown victoria unmarked police unit. it all started when the check engine light came on. i got the code, it said something about the spark plugs. i changed all 8 with ford motorcraft sparlplugs. cylinders 3 and 4 both have oil on them. after cleaning them the oil always ends up back in them turning the check engine light back on. do i need a new head gasket or valve cover gasket...pcv i mean what??? some one help!!! engine misfires obviously

Are you sure its oil? Ford claims to have had the intake manifold problem fixed in '02, but that is pure garbage. Leaking (cracked) intake manifold or a bad intake gasket allow coolant to meander its way into the spark plug holes and snuffs out the s ... 2003 Ford Crown Victoria

Hello, I need some help. I have a 1996 Honda Civic ex (automatic) D16y8 VTEC engine. Today I had a mechanic replace distributor with a new one (not rebuilt) from an auto parts store. The mechanic did not set ignition timing after replacing. When I went to pick up the car I test drove it. The car looses power when driving. It also shifts at high rpms. Also, a check engine light came on for a knock sensor code. The mechanic replaced the knock sensor, and I drove it again. The check engine light

Yes, the ignition timing could be off enough to cause the symptoms and the check engine light.I would take it back to the shop and tell them to set base timing, clear the code, and refund you the cost of the knock sensor and labor. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 pontiac grand prix v6 with 152k, i just bought the car and the service engine soon light is on. I brought it to the transmission shop and its for a p1811 and p1887 codes. One being a long shift adapt code and the other a torque converter clutch code. I was told that i could replace those two parts but because the high mileage on the vehichle it may not work. And ide be better off having my transmission rebuilt which will cost 1800 dollars. I cant afford that! What do i do?please he

I bought 2003 grnd prix 134000 for $2500.00, other car die cost to fix $3500.00 ... Cars & Trucks


I think P0420 is catalytic converter efficiency, Bank 1. You will need to replace the converter to fix it. But if you live in an area that doesn't require emission testing you can just ignore it. It won't change the way the vehicle runs. ... 2003 Chrysler 300M

Engine problems I have a 94 dodge ram truck. I recently had the transmisson rebuilt and a new torque convertor put on. My problem is the check engine light is coming on. It will spit and sputter at take off and then it will usually run fine until you stop or it gets hot. It's not overheating. It is showing codes 12 and 37. If anyone can PLEASE help me I would be very thankful. Thanks again, Amy

If my codes are correct 12 is battery disconnected...likely because it was while doing job, 37 is converter clutch malfunction...Don't see a connection between those and your problem, unless a harness is pinched or disconnected. Have the shop that di ... 1994 Dodge Ram

One month ago, I went to the Jaguar dealer because I got the engine warning light on. I did't have problem driving the car which was very smooth and fluid. They give me the code P0745 problem and told me that it was necessary to change the transmission. I asked for another opinion. They found that the transmission needs additionnal oil. Which was done. Now, the idle is irregular and too low, so the car is shaking slightly, when I start it. Plus, while driving, the engine "bucks" (sm

HI. This code is in reference to your transmission valve body functions. This is a major issue here, and will cause the symptoms you are experiencing at this time. This is electrical and not mechanical. You will need to replace the damaged solenoid p ... Jaguar S-Type

Check engine light is on I live in Angola west of Africa and i have I this problem with my car. I did use a All-in-one scan tool and the message was" Current DTC P1698 Manufactuer specific code, please refer to your vehicle's service manual for more information. Please i need held,I dont know where to find this service manual here in my country. my apologize for the mistakes my english is not good enought but i hope you'll understand me. Thanks Paulo Francisco

The code is a loss of communication( auto transmission)- there are two places to look at- first check at the rear of fuel rail by fire wall is a wire harness that sometimes unclips and falls on the fuel rail and becomes damaged if harness is resting ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2001 sentra (81k) started up short 7% grade hill - half way lost power and started to idle rough and check engine light started flashing. Proceeded about 2mi to destination. A couple of hrs later I checked all fluids etc. The following day took to my mechanic and was told I needed 1 new ignition coil and plugs were fouled too. Picked up after repairs put less than 20mi on it and check engine light came on (and stays on). Back to machanic, they checked code and said now is indicating ineffic

Hi!!!\015\012\015\012Every time there is an emisions problem your check engine light comes on and stores a code in the memory in which, using a OBDII scanner, it can be retreived later and proper repair should be made. If the code that i ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

I have a 1994 Honda Del Sol, the check engine light came on. I have checked all the fluids and they are full. I have taken car to Honda dealership, they say the computer is not sending a code. They said I need to purchase a new computer for the car, then they could get a code, and then tell me whats wrong. I have been driving the car for a couple of months now with this light on, can anyone tell me how to fix something when your not sure what it is. the car has 120,000 miles on it and has been r

Does it run bad? It could be a poor ground on the same circuit causing it to illuminate. If you replace the computer, it will clear any save data. Try checking all your fuse's( under the dash and under the hood). Good luck. ... 1994 Honda Civic Del Sol

Honda crx 1988 honda crx si Engine was driving errantically when under torque, yet would rev fine in idle. Let it idle, after 20 minutes it stalled, yet restarted, next day it would not start, yet it cranks fine and battery is fully charged. Main relay was clicking when igition switch was on, when I disconnected it, clicking stop, put in new relay, new one clicks also. ECU flashes quickly, yet does not give a code, and a Honda tech thought it might be the back side of the iginiton, electical swi

A common problem with a car battery is low voltage. As a battery ages it losses the ability to store electricity resulting in a insufficient flow of electrical energy to the starter. The starter is designed to operate on a high amperage 12 volt syste ... 1990 Honda CRX

Service engine light came on so I took to dealer. After scan, was told that the service code that came up was the first one they received. Was told Nissan has to replace both oxygen sensors and redo flashing? will cost $500. Is this a new problem that will be recalled or am I just "lucky"?

... 2007 Nissan Xterra Off Road

Security light flashing, does not turn over, do i replace ignition or ecm or both? Do i need new key if i replace ignition? I went to work car started fine. Then went to start the car and go homeand the car would not crank over and the security light comes on, the radio starts but the engine does not start. A friend said it is the transponder in the key and to get the dealer to check the code and cut a new one. Should that not work is there another logical explanation? Thank you

Your key has been deactivated, try placing the key in the ignition turn the key to on and leave it there for a minimum of ten minutes. then turn the key off and try restarting the car. this should recode the key to the car and it should start. If thi ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix

Code P1740 I have a 2001 dodge durango two days ago engine light came on with code P1740 torque converter clutch or over drive solenoid when it's cool shifts like new but once get hot stay on first gear and I can't go faster than 30 miles per hour, what I need to replace or fix to make work right?

I think you answered your own question.. torque converter clutch or overdrive solenoid. also your overdrive band could be a little worn and about ready to **** the bed for good but i'd check the other things. if you had transmission work done on it b ... 2001 Dodge Durango
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