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What cooling system thermastat should I use? My heater is not working. Water temp is 175 to 185 degrees.

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Answers :

Your run temperature is within spec. Your problem possibly is in the heater core itself.

Check the hoses going to the heater core and make sure both are warm when the car in at run temperature and the heat is turned on.

If one is cold and other warm you have a flow problem in the heater core that must be corrected.
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What cooling system thermastat should I use? My heater is not working. Water temp is 175 to 185 degrees.

Your run temperature is within spec. Your problem possibly is in the heater core itself.Check the hoses going to the heater core and make sure both are warm when the car in at run temperature and the heat is turned on.If one i ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

I have an Audi A4 1,8T 2005; kilometerage is about 70 000 km. The problem is that the heating system does not blow warm air inside at all, only cold air of the same temperature as that outside just now In Finland i.e. 20 minus degrees Celsius! Terrible! The motor thermometer shows plus 90 degrees C. which is normal. However, the hot coolant water does not seem to pass through the heater core, although the heater blower works alright. The automechanic at an Audi repair workshop seems not to know

U need to look more into the heat/cold control head and test air door actuator control motor. if the engine isnt warming up to operating temp than u need to change thermostat. ... Audi A4

Heater works fine when warm temp gauge on 90 but when cold outside the heater only blows warm temp gauge goes to min had water pump and thermostate replaced water clear and level ok just seems to be whrn its zero degrees out side and below the heater doesnt work any ideas headgasket fine with no over heating issues

Year?????? ... Cars & Trucks

My 93 jeep wrangler 4 cylinder temp gauge doesnt work right. when driving the gauge reads 0 when i step on the gas the gauge moves to the right temp. i have installed a new therm. new water pump new rad.new temp sen.and the gauge still works the same. I have been told the guage is working right. need help????

Depending on how fast, this happens, could be an air lock in cooling syste, or a bad head gasket, or head. does the gauge ever go too high? can you hear gurgling in the rad, and does it ever push out coolant? ... 1993 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2000 dodge ram 1500. The air conditioner blows just warm air. The system was working when engine was shut off but did not work properly upon restart today. The AC/Max A/C switch seems to work but the temp control setting seems to make no difference. The tube from the compressor is ice cold with water dripping out the drain tube. System evaporator recently replaced and recharged 2 weeks ago - has been working great until today. Any suggestions or is this a trip to the dealer?

If the compressor is outputting cold freon maybe the vent in the dash is not opening to allow the air to flow thru the condenser. Try operating the heat/cool switch and the recirculting air control in an effort to get it to open the damper. ... 1987 Dodge Pickup 2WD

1993 cherokee limited 5.2 v8,runs hot when outside temp is over appx 68 degrees, runs 210 to 230 sometimes goes all the way to 260 resevoir boils over.no leaks in system, got a new 160 therm. 18 pd radiator cap, flused system,have anti-freeze,new top hose,clutch fan seems to be working,has resistence, when i turn it by hand,so it seems normal,engine runs good, and all over systems work,heater,fuel electrical ect., im baffled by this problem and im afraid to go long distences.I blew the top hose

Sounds like a bad water pump. ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

97 transport 3.4 engine- New radiator, thermostat,temperature sensor, water pump and new low coolant level sensor. Temperature guage goes to 260 degrees but engine does not over heat. Bled air from cooling system, serpentine belt is on correctly. At idle, temp. goes up to red, When driving or accelerating, temp. goes to a steady 190.No water in oil, no oil in water, no smoke and no leaks or loss of coolant. Help me as I am baffled.

Are your cooling fans working? that will definately be a problem if not working. if they are working shut car off and feel the radiator is it the same temp all over or is it hot in only top or one smaller area. if you do not have same temp feeling ... 1997 Pontiac Trans Sport

97 transport 3.4 engine- New radiator, thermostat,temperature sensor, water pump and new low coolant level sensor. Temperature guage goes to 260 degrees but engine does not over heat. Bled air from cooling system, serpentine belt is on correctly. At idle, temp. goes up to red, When driving or accelerating, temp. goes to a steady 190.No water in oil, no oil in water, no smoke and no leaks or loss of coolant. Help me as I am baffled.

Check the operation of the cooling fans at the radiator. While idling disconnect the coolant temp sensor at the top left (drivers side) of the engine. It will be a 2 wire connector near the thermostat housing. When disconnected the coolant fans shoul ... 1997 Pontiac Trans Sport

94 olds achieva 6 cyl coolant problem: after startup water temp keeps rising past 195 degrees; as it does i instantly lose my heat. temp will get up to 40 then it drops back to 185 and when this happens my heat comes back hot. it will go thru this cycle 3 or 4 times and each time the temp wont go quite as high and finally runs at a normal tempature. i changed the thermostat, flushed the system and bled out the air ( it seems like air in the system )

A few things come to mind from reading your problem, first your right about the air, it could still have some in it, i know from experance they can be a bear to get all out. secound if your sure you got all air out, the only other thing it could be i ... 1994 Oldsmobile Achieva Special Edition

Cooling system the low water emblem comes on and the temp gauge reads about 230 degrees,and sometimes it redlines,but returns to normal. i have never had this problem before, the temp gauge always stayed at about 195-210 degrees. i recently replaced the fuel pump,would this have anything to do with this?

Maybe the ECM got deprogrammed. did you disconnect the battery / if you did disconnect the battery negative terminal and leave it for a few minutes the re install it. It should reprogram the computer Module.If not check you coolant level or themostat ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

1995 Intrepid, 140,000miles, 3.3L engine, auto, A/C, ABS. When the outside temp gets hot some of the electrical system will not work. Power windows, A/C, interior fan. The Airbag and ABS idiot lights come on. All gauges work fine. When the outside temp cools off everything is back to normal. This happened last summer and its starting again this year. This has been a great car. Very few mechanical problems just a water pump and a few other small items. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Than

The age of your vehicle might suggest that wires in your interior fuse box have either come loose, corroded or shorted out.  The high current once like A/C and interior fan may have caused the wires at the back of the fuse box to become embrittl ... 1995 Dodge Intrepid

1995 Dakota 2.5 cylinder. Runs up to the hot mark then comes down to about half. It continues to do this. Replaced the thermostat, coolant temp sensor and heat sensor for the temp gauge, has proper coolant levels, has been tuned up. Nothing works, heat dont work. Im thinking about flushing the system and replacing the water pump. Any suggestions?

I would flush the heater core out: open the hood and look on the \012firewall. There should be 2 rubber hoses going into the \012firewall and into the truck. If factory they will have spring clamps just\012 like on the radiator hose. Re ... 1995 Dodge Dakota

I have a 93 Toyota 4 runner that I had to replace the head gaskets on do to the recall work over torqeing the headbolts. After replacing the gaskets I can't run it with the thermastat in with out it over heating. I put a new water pump,radiator, and thermastat in to since I had it apart. I can run it without a thermastat at a normal temp. without over heating. What could be the problem?

1. I would in the first place try to isolate this problem to a faulty thermostat and /or wrong fitment.2. Get a new thermostat that is the correct spec for the vehicle. If you don't know check with the dealer.3. Make sure ... 1993 Toyota 4Runner

Hey, I've go a nissan b14 1995, and the cooling system isn't working. The fan turns on when it reaches the mid temperature but after a while of using the car, the water on the tank starts boiling and coming out of the water tank. there seems to be no leaks of water. bad thing is I cannot drive long distances... and the car shows that the temp is always normal... (never goes up from the middle) any suggestions?

Check temperture with thermometer if above 210 degrees check thermostat for correct operation and one easy way to check this is to drive at hyway speed then quickly check for boiling if not thenypou might have a blown head gasket /when car isnt ... Nissan Sentra

Didnt have ant-freez in coolent system just water, just had a week of freezing temp, water pump was not working before, was gonna replace water pump but want to know what kind of damage i might b faceing

Well if the water pump was already inoperable prior to the freezing temp ,and assuming that vehicle was not severely overheated when water pump went out, This should just involve the changing of water pump and addition of proper antifreeze to cooling ... 1993 Ford Crown Victoria

Overheating. Water pump appears to be good to go and thermostat was changed and the engine seems to be pushing the temp up when climbing a hill. I jumpered the fan relay switch so fan runs every time I start the engine. I found the relay was back and will replace. I still get a hot temp when climbing a hill even though fan is running. Why does the engine get so hot? I tested the old thermostat and it opened at 180 degrees. I have to turn on heater just to get temp down while driving to work. I p

The core pipes in your radiator may be blocked with particles of junk. There is no easy way to clear them other than to remove the top and bottom tanks of the radiator and push a rods through the individual pipes to push out the junk. \015\012Y ... 1990 Toyota Corolla

I have 2000 and my heater sop working my first sympton was while driving at hig way stop blowing hot air and gauge go all the way to cold side nex day i repl thermostat and i road test car same condition then i flush cooling system recheck not ok but on hig way speed temperatyre get about 120 degrees when i drove on strets on stop and go conditions gauge gos to cold side and temp inside coming from outlets is only 90 degrees while nedle on gauge move cold and hot while accelerate my engine is

Is there circulation through the heater core? the inlet and outlet pipe from the heater core on the under the hood on the firewall should both be hot, if one is hot and the other cold then the core is plugged, if the core does get hot th ... Pontiac Grand Prix

I own a 1990 Chevy Lumina car. I had a new radiator put in it. Then I replaced the jhoses, water pump and thermastat. After refilling the system, I ran the motor for 7-8 minutes idling, then I ran it at 2-3000 rpm for a couple more minutes. 1. The fans never came on. 2. The water in the radiator overflow resevoir was boiling (I could hear it and feel it). Is this normal?

The water in the overflow reservoir never boils. For water to boil, it \015\012requires a constant heat source, since boiling uses up heat energy so \015\012rapidly.\015\012\015\012That appearance of boiling is from steam (or some other v ... 1990 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a 1993 honda accord 2.2. The speedometer does not provide the proper reading. It move across from 0 to 220 and then back to 90 and then 0 and seems to be running everywhere. After traveling for 2 hours plus, the car broke down. I checked for oil leakage, water, temp, battery and all are working fine. No radiator leakage too. What could be wrong with it?

... 1993 Honda Accord

1. Heater/ac/control panel not working. The push buttons lites on this panel started blinking prior to the system failing. 2. Speedometor - mileage & trip gauges / gas gauge / engine temp. gauge not working. thanks, Alex Peabody 1998 dogde caravan 3. liter 200,000 + miles.

... 1998 Dodge Caravan

Have a 99 Buick Regal. The 'outside' temperature indicator is nuts. It starts out saying it is 50 degrees outside (it is closer to 85). The AC works at this point. Then the indicator shows the outside temp dropping quickly - down to -38 degrees - and then the heater comes on! Not great in the summer. Is this just a sensor problem? or the whole heat/AC system?

I have the same exact problem! The temp sensor replacement did nothing for it either ... 1999 Buick Regal

High temp I have a 93 blazer with 4.3 vortec the other day I drove to work ( about a mile and half) I got there and noticed I was leaking antifreeze checked and found bad water pump so I changed it but now if I drive it a distance the temp will get real close to the 260 mark not quite to the red it used to always run in the 210 area could this be caused by a air pocket ( bubble) in the system and if so how do I get rid of it. It is full of fresh antifreeze. Thank you

It sounds like your thermostate stuck when it ran a little bit warm with that water pump going out.. \015\012check you thermostate.. good--luck ray ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

First a/c was blowing out cool on pass. side and luke warm on drivers side. Took to a mechanic that is a friend. Had the whole dash apart. Everything was working correctly. suggested that everything be put back and charge the freon. Well I have a/c on all vents now as long as I have the temp setting at LOW. If I go 1 degree (66)up it turns to heat automatically. Half my ditial display now doesn't light up either the side that displays the clock and outside temp. What a mess... any help out there


My heater doesnt work and there is a small leak in my coolant system somewhere. I dont notice any drips under the car and there is no smel of burning antifreeze either. The blower works fine but when I turn the temp up it still just blows cold air. Could there be a problem with my water pump or heater core? Or maybe a fuse somewhere that wont let the heater kick on?

First check the level of your anti-freeze when the car is cold it sounds like it is low and that could cause no heat. this is because of the leak you see! for the leak can you tell me what area it is in front of motor or back of motor? where under th ... Jaguar XJ8

Heater problem with 1994 Suburban. have replaced radiator, thermostat (3 times). Also flushed the system and have run water (via garden hose) directly through the heater core. the flow seemed good. The issue is that we get very little heat out of the heater. Watching the engine temp from a cold start, it will heat up to about 210 degrees and then you can see when the thermostat opens. It's a 195 degree thermostat. Even at that point not much heat from the heater. Once the thermostat opens there

If your temp is jumping between 150-200 degrees then I am guessing you have an air pocket in the engine where coolant should be. The air pocket moves through the engine and when it gets to the water pump, it looses prime and doesn't move the antifre ... 1994 Chevrolet Suburban
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