Having problems with your 2001 BMW 325 ?

Hi When I turn the ignition on on my BMW 325Cu the horn sounds constantly. Any ideas why this is, I have had to remove the fuse.

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Answers :

The horn switch is probbably faulty in the steering wheel, or may be the horn wire has gone to earth.
\015\012You see there is ign live straigh to the horn then on the outher side the wire goes to the horn push where the switch puts it to earth (fools alot of people)
\015\012so eater switch 0r shortted wire..........
\015\012or perhaps some one has fitted a self earthing horn! you know the type with just the one contact as opposed to the two mmjust a thought!
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2001 BMW 325

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Hi When I turn the ignition on on my BMW 325Cu the horn sounds constantly. Any ideas why this is, I have had to remove the fuse.

The horn switch is probbably faulty in the steering wheel, or may be the horn wire has gone to earth.\015\012\015\012You see there is ign live straigh to the horn then on the outher side the wire goes to the horn push where the switch put ... 2001 BMW 325

My 1995 Taurus Ghia has a constant current drain (leak) of ~ 1A. Temporarily removing fuse #2 (Juction Box) fom the Engine Bay box, reduces the drain to ~ 0.02 A. Removing fuse # 27 (battery saver) from Instrument Panel box does the same but Power Windows and Interior lights are disabled. What is the Junction box and where is the Leakage occuring? The entire Steering column was replaced ~ 3 years ago becase of a damaged ignition switch. Fully recharging the battery removes the "Service Engine So

Hello, Seems you have done some good work in tracing the problem. It could be a bad Diode in the Alternator, disconnect the plug on the Alternator and see if the Voltage drops(engine off). But the tracing of the problem to the Power Window circuit ... Ford Taurus

My confort control blower remains running when ignition switch is off and key removed from ignition switch. the only way to shut down the blower is to remove the large fuse from the box under the hood. also there is no fan speed control, blower remains at constant speed. this problem occured suddenly.

... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

My son has a Kia Sportage 2001. The door ajar or door alarm beeps contantly showing an open door, when all doors are closed. It started intermittantly now whenever the key is in the ignition, the beeping is constant. I would go crazy listening to that while I drive. He said that he removed all the fuses one at a time and it didn't stop but I know he somehow missed one. It has to have a fuse that can be pulled. I am trying to get a diagram so I can find which fuse to pull. Can you help me?

Look under the hood drivers side ... 2001 Kia Sportage

I have a constant draw on my battery that goes away when I remove the 15 amp radio fuse. Any ideas as to a possible short in the miles of wire? The truck is a 2000 silverado, 4x4, 4.8 engine, extended cab, std shift. I have unwired my fire/rescue light, radio and electronic break system. I removed the radio and the draw still is their. None of the guages in the instrument panel seem to be shorted. They are all functioning fine. Thanks Mike

Check the ground for your rescue lights and trailer brake...and then RE-DO them anyway.Good Luck ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

Hi, I have the following problem with my 93 Buick Park Avenue. The heater/AC cannot be turned off. I turn it off, it the panel displays that it is off, I pull the ignition key and the heater/blower is still going. I checked every fuse and relays in the engine compartment and interior( both passenger and driver side) The only way that I can turn the blower off is by removing the 20 amp AC fuse in the engine compartment on the passenger side. Any Ideas? Thank you in advance Roman

Replace blower motor resistor ... Buick Park Avenue

I have a 2006 chevy silverado... the climate control blower is always on in the high position even when key has been removed from ignition. I have removed 40 amp blower fuse to shut it off. Any idea how to correct this issue?

... 2000 Chevrolet 2500

91 park ave wont't turn over with the key, checked battery, starter, and Fuses which were all fine. Engine starts when jumping at the solenoid then dies whenremoving the jumper. I thought it was the ignition switch,but when trying to remove it I noticed the neutral safety swicth was hot as a fire cracker. I tried to by pass it with a jumper wire and burnt up the jumper. Any idea?

Faulty ignition relay ,try changing ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

Have a bmw z3 2.2l 2001. fitted alarm, since then speedo not working, fuel gauge goes to full when ignition turned on, brake warning light and airbag warning light on. Steps already taken, removed alarm, checked all wires, checked fuses, put back to pre alarm status. still no joy

Another case of boy racer alarm problems ,this vehicle is fitted with a factory immobilisor ,if i wanted to steal this car the alarm wouldnt stop me i would just lift vehicle up with a flatbed breakdown truck and no one would even look twice .best de ... BMW Z3

On a 1997 BMW Z3, several electrical thimgs quit wotking all at once. My brake lights quit working, all the onboard computer functions such as clock, temp, mpg, etc., the fuel gauge went to full empty with the low fuel warning light on, and the coolant temperature gauge fluctuating wildly. No previous history of anything like this, and it was perfectly fine last time out. I checked fuses and they appear fine, after removing them and checking with DVOM. Anyone have any ideas what failed?

... 1997 BMW Z3 Roadster

The interior fan on my 1999 saab 93 will not turn off.it blows at full speed even when it ignition is turned off.i can adjust the temp no problem.i have removed the fuse to stop it,any ideas?

It is not the switch. it is the fan regulator which is located behind the left hand kick panel in the passenger compartment. replace that regulator and that is all that is needed. Be careful, the fan staying on too long on high may melt the fuse a ... 2001 Saab 9-3

Wipers do not turn off and continous stream of washer fluid is maintained when ignition is switched on. Therefore, fuse removed to render the wipers and fluid inoperable. Any idea what could be causing this problem and how to fix it???

Wiper switch is faulty and needs replacing. ... 1996 Volkswagen Golf

Alternator went out and killed the battery. Replaced the alternator and car ran fine for a day. The battery charge light came on and stays on constantly. Also, the fuel gauge does not move. I have checked all fuses and replaced a couple of blown ones. Alternator is working fine (cranked car, removed positive cable from battery, car continues to run). Out of ideas.

I cannot access the wiring diagram, but one of the wires from the alternator usually goes to the dash light. It may go through the computer or other circuitry on the way. If you can trace that wire, you may find the problem. Sorry I can't tell you ... 1996 Mazda MX-5 Miata

2002 F-250 super duty, door ajar light comes on, radio and power windows continue to work with ignition off and any door opened, all exterior lights come on when it gets dark enough and headlight switch is in auto position. I can get everything back to normal if I remove one of the fuses then reinstall it for the Vehicle Security Module. Have any ideas what to do?

The first thing i would look at is the door switch on the driver door this is the most common one too go badand is also the master switch, if it doesnt tell the module that the door was opened it will not kill the power, the switch is in the latch as ... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab

2004 range rover . blower motor continues to run even after car is turned off and key is out of ignition. thoughts on which fuse to remove or other ideas on how to kill the blower motor before it runs the battery down

Either the blower motor resistor or blower motor relay! most likey the resistor! ... 2006 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

When i turn the igniton key to on the fuse for the heater/ac blows.at first the turn signal stoped working when the heater /ac fuse blew. I replaced the fuse. the turn signal and heater worked for 2 days then the fuse blew. I removed the fuse for the heater/ac and the turn signal worked for a day. now the turn signal does not work and when I turn the ignition on the fuse blows immedietely. I downloaded a fuse box diagram from wjjeep.com/fuses and it states that fuse # 20 10amp controls ignition

The ignition run is to the ECU or Engine Control Unit. And the blinker sense is for the blinkers to chime when left on for more than one minute. Finding these kinds of problems are very hard. Because from what you said earlier that it ran for 2 days. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ignition switch how do you remove and replace the ignition switch in a 94 jetta i can start the car if i push it off and pop the clutch i have all ready changed the starter and the ignition coil and nothing happend my next choice is either the switch or the fuse but i could not find the starter fuse and the only fuse box i could find is under the drivers side dash. Id realy appreciate the help.

... 1994 Volkswagen Jetta

My 2004 Cavalier has two issues 1) parking lights will not go off when i turn off the car and remove the key from the ignition. I had to pull out the fuses for both main headlights. 2) my main headlights will not turn on even when we replace the fuses back into the fuse box. In short, the light switch on the car has no effect on the main headlights, however the switch still turns on the dash lights. And the parking light will not go off untill i remove the fuses... I am at a loss..... pleas

... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

2003 GMC Envoy-the blower motor will not shut off even when key is removed form ignition. It continues to run even when relay in fuse box is removed. I have a similar problem with the A/c blower not shutting off. The only way I can stop it form running all the time is by removing the fuse. Took it to te dealer, I'm told that its either a control module issue or a resistor issue. Could even be some wiring damage. I'm told that the approximate cost to fix it would be about $400.00. If someone know

The connector fpr the resister which should be located close to blower motor counld be melted from overheated resister. you should check and replace resister and connector.this should be your fix. thanks and good luck. ... 2003 GMC Envoy

Constant horn i have a 1994 subaru impreza and i was sitting inside my home and all of a sudden, the horn starts blowing at a constant rate and wont stop. i removed the fuse from the fuse panel that powers the horn, but i have another problem. the fuse that powers the horn also powers my brake lights. So i am driving without brake lights as well as no horn. PLEASE HELP!

The ground side of the circuit has shorted against something somewhere ... 1994 Subaru Impreza

I have a 2000 grand voyager se. when the ignition key is turned to the on position(no starter engaged) the 20a ign fuse blows. If i remove the fuel pump relay and the associated fuel pump fuse the ignition fuse 20a stays good. Could i have a shorted fuel pump and how would i check short of replacing it

Put the fuses back in,and unplug the fuel pump from the tank,and turn the key on,if it does not blow the fuse,then the pump is the problem.Rate this if it is helpful,thank you. ... 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager

1999 Ford Taurus Se with U engine. When turning car off and removing the key, the oil and ABS light are still illuminated, also the chime to alert you that the key is in the ignition chimes. I solved the chime problem by removing the ignition key tumbler and removing the sensor that causes the chime that was loose. No idea why the oil and ABS lights stay on when the car is off anf the key is out.

Well if the ABS light is still on when you turn the car off you might want to check the brakes especially if you have drums in the back. check the oil level too. also the oil pressure guage might be bad along with the abs sensor. ... 1999 Ford Taurus

I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring 4 door sedan. The Fuse #1 under the hood ( 40 amp ignition switch ) keep blowing. The only way I found to keep it from blowing is to remove the power windows / sunroof 30Ac BRKR #19. from the fuse panel inside the car( left side ). I can also remove the Power window switch driver door and the fuse will not blow

... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

My GMC safari 2004 has been blowing Ignition 1 fuse (40 amps) at the moment I turn key to start position,even without starter disconnected it blowed but i replaced the fuse and i removed the starter r

... 2004 GMC Safari

My heater switch lights stay on in my 1995 honda civic even when the ignition is turned off. I thought it might be the heater switch because one of the times I turned the ignition off the heater as well as the lights (the ones on the buttons that control where the air flow goes and comes from) stayed on. But in subsequent trials the fan turned off and the lights as well but then they proceeded to turn on after a minute by themselves; they also flicker. I checked the fuse panel to remove the fuse

... 1997 Honda Civic del Sol
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