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Mini one - remote central locking not opening drivers door

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Have you checked the battery?
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Mini one - remote central locking not opening drivers door

Have you checked the battery? ... 2001 Audi A4

My mk4 golf has a problem with the central locking..it locks fine,but when you unlock it opens driver door with one press of the remote fob,,but does not open rest of doors (after pressing remote twice) was ok this morning???

Try disconnecting your vehicles battery for about 5 min[remember to have your radio code].reconnect battery and try the central locking again. ... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

Help.... i have just bought a honda accord 2000 with central fob locking. i locked the car with the remote key fob and now the drivers door is stuck, locked shut. all other doors respond from the key fob but this one is just dead. cannot open by pulling the thing up on the inside of the door either and there doesnt seem to be a key hole in the outside of the door. just a metal circle. please help as i am disabed and finding it almose impossible to climb over from the passenger side and hubby ha

Hiit could be a number of things stopping it from opening. I cant offer a definate solution but I have some things for you to try.Firstly get some one to push the car door inwards that is closed position while you press the remote f ... 2000 Honda Accord

I have a 2001 honda civic ex 4 door. Only the drivers door lock goes up when the remote is pressed. The same happens when the inside door lock switch is pressed. I can not get any door other than the drivers door to open with the remote or the inside door switch. This happened gradually with the rear passenger door not locking or unlocking and then the front passenger door and rear drivers side door not opening. Is it an actuator? are there actuators on each door or will one actuator control all

... 2001 Honda Civic

Central locking stopped working passenger door and drivers door but can open rear doors from inside i have a problem with the central locking i put my key inside and is just locking on the driver door but the other ones doesn't but when i open them they work..if you can help me please by reply or send me a email on [email protected]

Change solenoid in drivers door. ... 1999 Daewoo Nubira

I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra. The remote locks the doors but sometimes it won't unlock the doors. I have to go to the passenger side, press lock on the remote, then press unlock (I can hear the 'clicks' for lock and unlock) and then use the key to open, climb through and unlock the driver's door. At one point it seem to help if I used the key and opened the trunk. The other doors will not unlock with the key. I replaced the remote batteries and even tried another remote. Same results. Happens i

Possible issue with the remote controller unit - main board or sub assemblies. The intermittent behavior seems to indicate that the board is erratic to detect at the same time the individual locks work at times.\012So ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

My 99 s type jag's central locking... front passenger door will not open and is locking driver's side and rear doors on closing driver's door, without using the key... give up on remote long ago. Have to turn the key quickly and lift handle so as to open the driver's door before it locks again?

... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

Central locking not working new battery in remote no help my car is now super locked and I can not open the lock for any door except the drivers side and then only with the key... this has become a one person car... and I need it for the snow we get here in NH ... any solution?

There are 2 possibilities. First, if you have the EKA code, this is the emergency key access code, a 4 digit number. You must lock down the car including windows and then with the key enter the code using the door lock on the drivers side. Note that ... 2003 Land Rover Discovery

Hi, my drivers door lock will not allow the key to go all the way in as if something is stuck in the lock and the door handle has to be opened released then opened a second time to open the door, to lock the car i have to use passenger lock (central locking not remote)and the same to open the car. any ideas as to what i can do to fix this, a friend of mine suggested kids may have jammed an object in the lock itself but i am unsure on this, thanks dave, oh the car is focus 1999 (v) 1.4 petrol 5 d

Goto a locksmith and see if they have any sneaky tricks they could do. Worst case scenario the lock on the door will have to be replaced. ... Ford Focus

I have a 2002 C240 4 door Mercedes. My remote key will not lock the doors. The only way to lock the car is to hit the manual while leaving the drivers door open and the drivers side passenger's door open. Then I have to manually lock the drivers door from the driver's passenger door and then close the driver's passenger door. This locks all 4 doors. I can open the door just fine with the remote key.

... Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Grand Voyager 2005 Limited, Australia. Central Door locks don't work, tailgate from remote OK, opening sliding doors from remote OK. What does drivers door locking device look like, is it combined with door latch / lock? Greg

... Chrysler Voyager

I opened the golf td1 3003 mk4 and the drivers door opened but the alarm started going for a bit. after that the remot control wont work as with the electric windows , however i can open the doors with the key in drivers door but boot wont open . the key will go into tailgate/boot but it wont turn at all, the 10amp fuse keeps blowing and i have used about 6 of them so far car works but elec windows and central locking and boot stuck fast. tried to get the boot plastics apart from inside but can

Sounds like your convenience module is on the fritz ... Volkswagen Golf

Hi, I have a 5-door Daihatsu Sirion 2010 and would like to know if it's possible to change the central locking. Currently all the doors open when pressing the remote, I would like only the driver

No that is not provided for. ... Daihatsu Sirion

I have a viper 160xv instaslled at best buy many years ago.The van will always crank over but will not start up all the times. I have viper remote for start and lock and open driver and passanger doors.. i also have a honda factory remote to open vans doors. could one remote have interfeared with the otheror what is the problem?

... Cars & Trucks

Remote locking failing. Drivers' door only one unlockable. None of other doors open even from inside. Tail door opens on remote. Taking car on holiday in two days... arrgggg!!!

This is a common fault on the series 3 e46 model and is usually down to the General Module 5 or GMV. Usually a relay problem. This item is situated behind glove box and is not to difficult to replace.\015\012BMWpart about £240.00 Can be f ... 2003 BMW 325

Had a problem with remote button opening the drivers door. Other doors ok. Used key to mechanically open drivers door until the lock failed. Replaced lock with special ordered factory unit from Munich. Still won't open with pushbutton. Opens with some resistance with key in lock. Can hear click when button is pressed. It does lock ok with remote. Has only opened 1 or 2 times ok with button. Is it something I can try to fix after removing door panels?

Ok here they areStep 1 ... 2003 BMW 325

My car is a 320i SE 2005. My central locking is just not working. The keyfob still activates and deactivates the alarm, it still opens the boot but only the drivers door will open with the actual key, but no other doors. the keyfob will then lock the drivers door but will not open it again. you cannot even open the other door from inside the car and the locking button inside the car does not open or lock the doors either ,only the drivers door will lock using this but will not open again. Any Id

Hi.There is a fuse for the central locking, check the user manual and find the fuse.If the fuse blows again , then it is one of the actuators in the door, that is shorted and must be replaced.If the fuse is OK and ... BMW 3 Series

The central locking is not working on my 1992, 200e, 124series.When I lock the drivers door with the key, only the drivers door locks.I then have to lock the other doors by pushing the plungers down. On opening the drivers door with the key, only the drivers door opens. Yet if I open the doors via the boot lock, all the doors open. I would be most grateful if you could solve my problem.

I had this problem a few days ago and found i had a blown fuse.\015\012all fine. ... 1994 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

1999 suburban ck1500. Two questions. 1. Front driver door will not open from inside. Press the remote or door lock/unlock button will lock all door plus the slide lock on the driver door. When I press the remote or the door unlock or the mechanical slide into the unlock position I steal can't open the drive door. I can roll down the the driver window and open the door from the external door handled. What is the most common failure in this door, linkage, actuator, ect????. 2. My alternat

The most common problem on the door is the plastic connector that hooks the interior handle to the main latch breaks.\015\012\015\012On the alternator issue, you really need to see what the alternator is doing, via a voltmeter. If the vol ... 1999 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a mini cooper 2004 my central locking will lock both doors but will not unlock the passenger door. Once i have opened the passenger door from the inside it doen't automatically lock as i drive off as the drivers sides does?

Did you find a solution to this A's I have exactly the same problem ... 2002 Mini Cooper

1996 Explorer anti-theft system won't disable The anti-theft system on my 1996 Ford Explorer will not not turn-off with any normal method. Electronic keypad unlock on driver's door will not disable, starting the car will not disable, unlocking with remote will not disable. I can push the electric lock button on the driver's side open door, leave the car and close the door and the alarm system horn will stop. But just touching one key on the electronic keypad on the door, or unlocking the door wi

Try re-setting the computer...Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery and leave off for 5-10 minutes. This will allow the computer to reset. The charger may have interupted the signal or something. ... 1996 Ford Explorer

When i lock the car via the remote fob it will not stay locked it just clicks away the problem seems to be the top lever on the drivers side door opening device does not lock you have open the passenger door and reach across and push it manually then when you unlock the car via the the remote the drivers door remains locked until you open the passenger door reach across and pull the top lever

Central locking soliniod faulty in drivers door fit a new one. ... Jaguar S-Type

Central locking 98 honda accord. When I use remote to open doors, 3 will open or close when I want, but the front drivers side door works about half the time I want. The other 3 doors all work fine.

... 1998 Honda Accord

No remote or manual central locking,lights on doors do not light,interior lights only work with ignition on when doors are open and dash board lights go out when drivers door is opened.

First change rear light bulbs and clean the bulb sockets and re adjust the spring clips to the bulbs.\015\012Vitally ... 2003 Kia Sorento

I have a 1999 BMW 328i (E46). The central lock does not work (use remote key) when the car is in hot weather (park in hot open area. I can only open the driver's side door is use manual unlock. The rest of doors can not be opened by all methods (either push the button on shift gear or handle). Passengers have to crawl to seats. Everything back to normal after the car cools down. Do you know why?

Click this link directly,there are few instructions mentioned .try them \015\012http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=2006122 ... BMW 328
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