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1999 vw beetle turbo diesel turns over but want start

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1999 vw beetle turbo diesel turns over but want start

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I have a 1994 Chev half ton with 6.5 turbo diesel, have problems starting, motor turns over, lots of fuel, fuel pump working, has a mind of its own, when it wants to start. Some times a few hours after trying to start it, & its starts,some times not. & in the past when it was running, sometimes it would just shut down, but would start back up, starting problem wouldnt make a difference if motor was hot or cold.

Need new glow plugs ... 1994 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

My 2002 vw wagon beetle wont start it turn over but wont start. it back fired once when a vacum hose blow out. replace the hose and now want start. it was a small back fire i just started and a minute later it shut off. it has the 1.8 turbo

Try this a vw mechanic told me about fasten the seatbelt than try to start theres a safety switch ... Volkswagen Beetle

My Isuzu KB 280DT '00 I started it and battled to idle once I took off it didn't want to pick up revs stoped try the manual diesel pump but to no ovail,the motor stoled and don't want to start again,engine turning but it seems to me its not getting diesel?HELP

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2006 vw beetle turns over but doesn't want to start. it did start a few times after several tries of turning over several times but it died once while driving down the road and once when i allowed the engine to idle. Also, the oil pressure light came on and made an audible warning only once while turning over. it immediately went off and it only happened on one instance of attempting to start the car

Sounds like limp mode \015\012go to yahoo do a code search look up and follow instruction and remedys \015\012\\ ... 2006 Volkswagen New Beetle

I own a 1997 dodge ram 3500 turbo diesel. I was having intermittent problems starting it and tested the starter by shorting out the solenoid and determined that the starter was bad (I put a screwdriver between the two lugs and when a second person turned the key nothing happened). So I replaced the starter (with a starter from auto zone). The truck started fine for couple days and now will not start again. It turns over strong (two new batteries) but will not start. Although, It did start

No it doesn't mean that you have a problem.When you cross the lugs with a screw driver no matter whether you have the key on or not it will still engage the starter.The reason being that you have the hot wire from the battery going to on ... 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck

I have an 1983 HJ60 Diesel Landcruiser with 4.2 N/A Diesel Engine. During the day it runs fine and starts fine. First thing in the morning it just keeps turning over without starting until the battery is dead. It then takes 2 linked Ford Falcon 4.0 Engines to crank the thing and fire up. Once first started it isnt a problem to re start. Have cleaned the injectors, fitted a 600 AMp Hour H/Duty battery and removed all possible power drains, ie alarm and radios! Still doesnt want to start.... any s

Have you fixed this problem? if not ,here we go ,hj6ocruiser had 4lt a,2h engine if you have a 4.2 ltr engine in yours it will be ,a 1hz motor and a bugger of a job to fit(i have only done one and even though i have been asked i wont do another) the ... 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser

I have a 1980 rabbit diesel 1.5L truck, there seems to be no glow plugs. i turn the key and press a button on the left of the wheel and it starts up. sometimes it doesn't want to start and i hear the starter grinding, i used ether starting fluid and it gets it started, it idles kinda high then settles down. I let the truck idle for a few minutes, then i take it for a drive..i turn the fan on so it doesn't overheat...i notice airbubbles in the fuel line, i changed the oil, fuel, and air filter...

... 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup

1996 G M C 3500 w/6.5 turbo diesel stalls the green turn signal indicator dash lights come on starter,fuel pump will not work will not turn over will not start hook up o O B II analizer will not read anything turn key with analizer hooked up it will start and drive unhook analizer motor will die instantly What is wrong?

... 1991 GMC G3500

I have a turbo diesel 1995 C2500. Truck will start properly after it heats up and you turn it off the motor will either not start at all or it will start but turns off. I have replaced the batteries and starteralready

... 1995 Chevrolet C2500

I have and 1995 850 turbo. Yeasterday I started my car and it was idling really high, I let it run for a min. but it wouldn't come down at all so I turned my car off. When I tried to start it, it sounded like it wanted to start but just wouldn't turn over. What could it be?

Remove and clean throttle body clean or fit new spark plugs should be ok now if not get a diagnostic check done could be coolant temp sensor at fault ... 1995 Volvo 850

2006 Beetle with 32000 miles. Had dead battery a week ago. Took it to shop and replaced the battery, test of starting components showed no problems. Today car wouldn't start and it appeared to again be a dead battery. No power to lights, radio, etc. Hooked up jumper cables and everything came on but car still would not start. Cranked briefly then just clicked, engine wouldn't turn over. I'm concerned that this is going to turn into a major repair and want your opinion before towing it to

It sounds like the alternator is shot.If your battery is dead after a week,it is not charging.Crank briefly then just click is typical of a dead battery.When you hooked up the jumpers and everything came back on,that is another sign,however,your batt ... 2006 Volkswagen New Beetle

I was driving my Grand Vitara 2.0 Diesel Intercooler normally. After a short stop of about 30 min. - when I wanted to return home, the glow plug indicator was blinking (not as usual, "turn ON and after few seconds with a "click" OFF) - the result was, that motor is impossible to start, even if start motor turns perfect. I tried to tow it after another car, but gave up after 8 km. without ANY sign of "life". My guess is, that it must be some "sensor"

... Suzuki Grand Vitara

I have a mercedes benz c250 turbo diesel 99 model and it only switch on and dont want to start not even want to ctank ant after about three seconds the aircon fans starts running and the battery is shap

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Car wants to start i tryed to tap on the gas tank and tried to start it at the same time that did not work i wanted to know if there is a reset button on my 99 saab 95 turbo and it also sounds like the fuel pump turns on but very quite.

I don't know why you were tapping on the gas tank, but, if you suspect that the fuel pump is at fault, and you can hear it running when the key is turned, take off the air horn or the turbo, whatever you have on there that you can squirt a little gas ... Cars & Trucks

Hi i have a mitsubishi shogun 2.8 turbo diesel and first thing in the morning it will turn over and start but when i drive it up the road it will just die and cut out i then have to turn it over and it takes quite a bit to start up again and then be ok for a very short time then do the same again but after that it will be fine all day could it be that the fuel pump is going are the o rings can any body help me please many thanks

Hi its a fuel pump seal needs replacing .... ... 1995 Mitsubishi Montero

I have a 1983 Chevy K20 Camper special, which has had its 6.2 diesel swaped out for a crate 350 engine. It does not want to start. I have a good battery and all my lights, wipers and indicators work when the key is engaged. The engine will even turn over fine, but it does not seem to want to catch and stay started

... 1983 Chevrolet Chevy

I have a 1996 GMC truck with a 6.5 turbo diesel when i turn the key on an wait to start light goes out then turn key to start some times all i get is a click i replaced the collom switch. can you advise on a fix?

Check connections at starter,alternator and battery if good have battery tested may not be holding charge,alt may not operating correctly,and starter solenoid may be going ... 2008 GMC Sierra 2500HD 2WD

1996 Dodge Ram 3500 Turbo Diesel Intermittent starting problem. Won't turn over when key turned in ignition. Just a "clunk" sound. Doesn't happen every time or appear to have any bearing on how long the truck has sat unused, the temperature, etc. Quite random problem. After numerous tries engine eventually starts. Batteries are new. Engine runs normally once it gets going. Suggestions?

It souds like your starter mounting bolts may have come loose and the gears are mis-alligned....may also a weak battery ... 1996 Dodge Ram 3500 Club Cab

I am in the military and have a European Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 2.5 L turbo diesel. It ran great at first but then the weather cooled off and it was very slow and rough to start. Now it is a little warmer but it will still not start. The engine turns over fine and the battery and alternator are brand new. The jeep does have diesel in it, i am not that dumb, but all i have ever worked on is 70's Chevy 1/2 tons. I was going to pull the plugs and smell for fuel or try and find the glow plug but

Have you tried using an anti gel agent ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1998 vw beetle wont start when turn key but bump start works but doesnt want to stay running

This sounds like the anti theft system is active, you jump start it but it dies out after a few seconds , if this is correct then try another key. the other thing can be a weak battery make sure the battery is fully charged and good, ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

Range rover p38 2.5 turbo diesel turns over for 2 minutes before starting after leaving it overnight, once started its fine

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Starting My vehicle Volvo s40, 1998 2.0 (None Turbo), lately use to go stationery while driving after about 40Km, after which i have to wait for about 10 minutes and will start. Eventually the other day while in motion and excellerating it went stationery again. Since then it never wanted to start again although the starter turns and the fuel pump pumps petrol.

Maybe your theft system ... Volvo S40

1997 chevy 6.5 turbo diesel stalls whenever it wants usually starts right backup but somtimes it has to sit for aminute i changed fuel filter checked petcock at front of motor when it wont start no fuel there when it does start i got fuel there

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I have just purchased a 1994 6.5 turbo diesel. The guy says it runs but has been sitting for a little. I tried to get it started but it will not fire. Just put two new batteries in it and have had the block heater plugged in for two days. volt gauge reads 14V but when i turn it over i get about 3 or 4 cranks out of it than it stops. During the cranking something sounds dry. It also seems like its hard to turn over but i can easily turn engine with a racket. Could it be that the starter is weak?

If you can easily turn over a 6.5L engine by hand, then I wouldn't suspect an engine mechanical issue. They do need an excessive amount of amperage to crank, I would agree the starter is weak if you have replaced both batteries. ... 1988 GMC K3500
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