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... 2000 Toyota Sienna

1994 ford f-250 abs brake light comes on and rear wheel locks up. replaced rear sensor. still have problem. unplugged rear sensor , abs light still comes on. unplugged unit where line comes from mastercylinder and goes into it and where all the front lines goout and one rear line goes out. still same problem. can you please help me. THANKS


Did complete brake job on 1997 Ford Escort wagon no abs rear shoes, drums, lines, wheel cylinders,even changed the block at the rear were the lines go in & out of. Front lines hoses pads, caliplers & rotors everything is new. Hit brakes when driving brakes will not lock on as if you were just lightly stepping on the pedal were do I look now never had a problem like this before. We have bleed the fronts & rears 5 times now still no change.

Is brake pedal hard to push down without engine running ,if so proceed to step two and thats to start engine and then push on brake and if pedal softer to push then the servo is working ,now if excessive pedal travel with engine running then remove t ... 1997 Ford Escort

Abs problem I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid in EU where these modell has no warranty. The problem:The ABS System not works but the ABS control lamp not light .When i press the brake pedal the wheels are blocking. The Toyota OBD computer not shown any problem but with a Carman Computer we have seen a problem code: "low pressure in accumulator" A guy from a toyota service said i must change the "actuator assembly" but it coasts 3.500.-US! Have somebody an idee, what shall i do?

You need to chack the software, many times its software problems. ... 2007 Toyota Camry

1999 Ford E350 van problem: brake pedal is soft; have replaced master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders, rear brake shoes and drums, front calipers, rotors and discs; have bled master cylinder before installation and bled all wheel cylinders as well; have also replaced rear anti-lock system; the rear anti-lock system light on the dash remains on; the pedal gets hard when bleeding the brakes, however, does not stay hard after bleeding. Does the anti-lock system need to be bled as well? If so, how?

Good question, on the antilock system is a bleader too and bleade it the same way you bleade the caliper. After all is done adjust the rear brakes, they should have a drag to them. ... 2007 Ford E-350 Super Duty Length XLT

I have a problem with my brakes!!! When i brake It seems only the rear right brakes grabs, it's like it's too high, i loose it up, at first it work but it got tight again. When i brake that wheel locks and it sounds like im doing a burnout and it bounces. All 4 hubs, brake, rotter are new. I drove it like that all winter and recently the abs light comes on and off. Did i bleed them wrong? Is there a certain order to bleed them or a different way? Tks in advance, Sylvain

To bleed brakes you should bleed the passenger rear first then the other rear then passenger front then driver front always start the bleed furthest wheel from the master cylinder ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

97 Maxima Rear wheel locked, abs light is on

You probably have a sticky hand brake cable these have a tendency to corrode inside. You will have to either cut the cable near the rear brake system, or if you can see the linkage where the cable is connected you can sometimes hit it with a rubber ... 1997 Nissan Maxima

ABS system: ABS warning light sometimes illuminates when I start the car or turns ON while driving. Sometimes it even turns ON when car is idle. Sometimes when the warning light doesn't illuminate, I can feel, while giving a light brake, the brake pedal vibrates for a short moment and then - the light turns ON. I had the car for testing and they said it was the ABS sensor at the rear right wheel. I had it replaced, but it didn't solve the problem at all. It was all the same after

The wheel baering is going bad leting the axle kick sideways causeing light ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2005 Toyota Sienna rear brake light problem. The rear center brake light works. The rear left and right brake lights do not. Fuses are fine. Checked bulbs and they look fine and have continuity. If not the fuse or bulb and the third brake light works what is it?

Have you checked the earthing continuity-if it's this other bulbs may also partly light when brakes usedotherwise-Check continuity of live from center to lh & rh lights and/or is there a live at those lights ... 2004 Toyota Sienna

Rear driver wheel locks up and abs light comes on

You may have a bad ABS module but you may need further diagnostics to confirm this ... 2000 Pontiac Montana

My 2006 Chevy Equinox has problem with ABS and Traction control lights on, and as vehicle brakes to a stop, the ABS kicks in and the vehicle does not brake - sometimes scary as you nearly rear-end the person in front of you. The diagnostic tester indicates front left wheel bearing - always. But the gargae has replaced both front wheel bearings (with speed sensors) twice each. Also, the ABS control module was replaced, and the struts were replace, and we rotated the tires. All of this over ab

Hello! Since the fault is affected by disassembling then re-assembling I strongly suspect a faulty connector...A loose or bent pin, poor crimp, broken wire inside it's sheath or harness that is damaged by a tight bend...The wiring involved are cable ... Chevrolet Equinox

Toyota sienna left rear wheel locked up

... Cars & Trucks

Hello..... I have a problem with my 2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg edition. Last January Midas replaced all 4 brake pads, rotors, and abs sensor on left rear wheel. Recently my abs and traction control light started coming on again. It would go on and off. If I shut the car off, and turned it back on again often the lights would go out. Today I needed to travel about 60 miles and about 40 miles into the trip my brake light started flashing and beeping. I was near my destination and my car was turned of

Hello, I checked the diagnostic info for your Jetta. The #1 problem is the wheel position sensor circuit. Each wheel has a sensor and a sensor ring. The sensor will come out of alignment with the ring and no signal will be sent to the ABS computer wh ... Volkswagen Jetta

I just had the rear wheel bearing replaced and the abs light, tcs off light, and the slip light turned on. The car drives fine now without any noise that the previous wheel bearing were making. How do I fix this problem?

Get under the vehicle and verify that the mechanic plugged in the abs hall effect sensor. also, did the new unit come with an abs trigger ring? ... 2002 Nissan Maxima

I HAVE A 1998 dodge ram 318 1500 two wheel drive the abs and brake light come on but it brakes fine when the brake light and abs light go out i have to really push the pedal down to stop the petal feels like its stuck on top till i push really hard then i feel it go down then the brakes lock up can you give some idea where to look to fix this problem thanks Frank

You need to check the break fluid level now i do think it is too late tho what it sounds like is air in your break system you need to bleed the breaks not doing so can damage the break booster you need to add fluid to the boos ... 1987 Dodge Pickup 2WD

Hello..... I have a problem with my 2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg edition. Last January Midas replaced all 4 brake pads, rotors, and abs sensor on left rear wheel. Recently my abs and traction control light started coming on again. It would go on and off. If I shut the car off, and turned it back on again often the lights would go out. Today I needed to travel about 60 miles and about 40 miles into the trip my brake light started flashing and beeping. I was near my destination and my car was

Hi well i hope i can help you as brake systems are very up and down , but this actually sounds quite a simple one that might be solved in a few minuets, what you want to do it check the ABS sensors on each hub, and also check the CV it self, all this ... Volkswagen Jetta

I just replaced a rear wheel bearing. Now the ABS / anti-slip dash lights are on. Tried to lock it up stopping but, the anti-lock seems to work fine. how do I reset the anti-lock/ anti-slip dash lights? any assitance is appreciated. Mike

Either drive it until it has gone thru several drive cycles,could take days, or use a code reader or scanner,and see if that works ... 2005 Ford Focus

Did four wheel brake job new rotors & pads all around tone rings in rear were badly rusted knocked off most of the rust. now when applying the brakes sometimes the abs system is heard pulsing and sometimes not, usually pulses when slowing around a corner ?? any ideas ?? also if rear tone rings need to be replaced can you get just the ring or do you have to change the whole bearing assy ? pulled the abs fuses and problem does not occur so I know it's someting to do with the abs. the light is NOT

The whole bearing bad, has to be replaced,but it most likely is not the problem,make sure there is no metal bits of the rust stuck to the abs sensor. ... Ford Taurus X

Abs light wont turn off after fixing problem with a jammed rear break.

Unplugging the battery should clear it, try doing it for 5 or 10 minutes just in case, the only other way is to clear it with a OBD2 capable scan tool, also there could be an issue you havnt noticed and that was caused due to jammed brake. some parts ... 1999 Nissan Primera

2008 Scion xB - Brake, VSC & ABS warning lights all coming on together and then going off intermittently while driving - dealer says the problem is bad rear wheel speed sensors and that to fix need to replace along with hubs - I can't find where the car even has rear wheel speed sensors

I have the same problem as you, with the same car. It seems to be moisture related. Mine is two months out of warranty, so I inspected the rear wheel speed sensors, like your dealer said. There is a TSB (technical service bulletin) concerning this ... 2008 Scion Xb

2002 Maxima ABS, slip & traction control lights are on, no +12v at rear sensors. I replaced the sensor on the driver's rear wheel a year ago when the lights wouldn't go out. I tested each sensor individually for output & found this one was dead. No more problems until a couple of months ago

... 2002 Nissan Maxima

I just got a 1998 PLY Voyager 3.3 o.d. trans. 1. Problem lights blink on & off on rear wiper buttons.2. head lights stay on after i turn off engine day or night.3.Doors a jar dash light stays on.4.air bag dash light stays on.5. door locks don't work.6.check engine light comes on some times along with ABS light.I was told take it to the dealer get the body modgle reprogram.7. Dome light dosen't come on when door is open and the hole dash gos out some times.

Problem #1 The blinking lights in the rear wiper rear defrost area can be reset by holding 2 buttons of the 3 on the left hand side. The top and bottom buttons. Turn the key on and hold them for about 10 sec and they should start flashing differently ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 2006 Chevy Equinox. The Traction control and ABS warning lights have come on. Onstar analysis said the problem is in the rear passenger side. It appears a signal is being put out by the wheel speed sensor but it;s not being received by the computer. Therefore i am guessing the problem is in the wiring or the computer module. Is there any way to reset the computer before I start spending money to find and fix the problem? Is there any recurring problems with the Equinox in this regards?

You will have to spend money to retrieve the ABS/Traction\015\012Codes,and have diagnosed and repaired\015\012\015\012Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor--is a possible\015\012failed part.\015\012\015\012You never guess, ... Chevrolet Equinox

Abs light on and left rear wheel locked up

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Abs light on and left rear wheel locked up

... Cars & Trucks
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