Having problems with your 2000 Toyota Sienna ?

The immobolizer system does not recognize the key and will not allow the car to start. We are trying a new coding key to see that will fix it. If not they want to replace the computer. How much should this cost?

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Wow wow, try with a Toyota dealer,,, good luck.
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The immobolizer system does not recognize the key and will not allow the car to start. We are trying a new coding key to see that will fix it. If not they want to replace the computer. How much should this cost?

Wow wow, try with a Toyota dealer,,, good luck. ... 2000 Toyota Sienna

I have a slow power steering fluid leak and my wife took the car into a shop that is notorious for trying to fix more than the problem you want them to solve. I want a base line on if the whole power steering system needs to be replaced, how much will that cost and if it is only a hose how much should that cost? Also what is a good hourly rate for mechanical labor these days? $80 an hour is what this shop charges which I feel is too high. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Warren

If you go to : ( www.repairpal.com ) you can enter all info, click on repair to be done and it will give you prices based on your geographical area. ... 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I was just wanting to know what the ignition switch does and controls and how much it will cost to have it fixed? My girlfriends car needs a lot of work. The gas gauge doesn't work, the car dies in the middle of the road at times, sometimes the car has a problem starting, the tie rod is wore out, and needs a hub-assembly. Also, the motor mount needs to be replaced. I was wondering how much would all this cost and where would I get the parts and where would I need to go and have it all fixed.

These cars came with computer brains when they start going out all kinds of things start going wrong your best bet is to have it put on a diagnostic machine see where to go from there weigh the options might be cheaper to get another car ... Oldsmobile Intrigue

My son was playing with a small screw driver one the that would fix your glasses and the small end broke inside my key iginition and we have an 04 nissian pathfinder. We want to know how much it will cost to fix and is it very costly

This shouldn't be too big of a problem. If you can get a paper clip, bend it straight, then insert it into the ignition until it touches the broken piece. Then, place a magnet on the paperclip near where it enters the ignition. This will magnetize ... 2004 Nissan Pathfinder

PO406 Code I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan SE. The engine light came on and I took it to get checked...the computer found it had a PO406 Code. Which means that the ECM has detected the EGR position senosr voltage was too high. I am low in funds due to lossing my job...my question is, How much would it cost me to have it fixed? Does the valve need to be replaced and how much would it cost? Can I keep driving it for short trips to the store? Thank You, ALicia of Houston, TX

I have 2005 Dodge Caravan SE 2.4cc and the code is P0420 I need now what is the exactly problem. all ways when I try to stop the engine turn off or almost turn off. ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

Hey, I have 97 Cadillac, My A/C is not working. I took the Firestone, the mechanic suggested me to take the car to Dealer. And also he mentioned that, there might be an issue with Computer. The car is showing 13 error codes. May be it needs to replace. So I want to know, how much it will cost to replace or reprogram or reset the computer

The charge here is around 80euros for the dealer to check out the ECU ,but the AC is a different question as its not directly controled by the ECU .Now the 13 error codes could be anything and i do feel that your quick fit fitter doesnt know a lot ot ... 1996 Cadillac DeVille

I am going to buy a used 2002 Galant which only has one ignition key. Can a spare ignition key be purchased? If so, from where and how much would it cost? The key I am told has a computer chip so a replacement Im assuming would have to be bought directly from Mitsubishi if the original were lost. Thanks


I was at auto zone and this said my engine light code was po753 but i could not find it in my car book and they could not find it in the computer. So dose any one know where it is , how to fix or replace it and how much would it cost cause i am a student. lol o yea and it said it was a shift solanoid valve and that is was having a open or shorted condition I know its the solanoid , i just need to know how to fix it??

Try unhooking the neg battery cable for a couple minutes. It will reset the pcm and see if it comes back on. ... 1999 Chevrolet Metro

How much should it cost to have a garage replace the blenddoor motor? I have a 2001 Ford Winstar that is making the clicking sound and now is not throwing out heat though the fan works and so does the AC. Female here who loves autos but has never worked on one...thought if the fix was simple I might attempt, but removing radio/console lost me, just do not want to pay too much. Thaks!

Not much, but you'll probably pay alot to have them do it. It takes maybe 5 mins , simple tools, & a little white blend door motor. Assuming yours is just swinging merrily back and forth due to an internal glitch ... 2000 Ford Windstar

My car was put on the computer and the code was for camshaft sensor. The dealer said the part cost around $200.00. I have checked around and if I'm looking at the right one it's no where that much. I also found how to remove the sensor and it doesn't sound very hard. I'm going to run it by my mechanic to see if he can replace it or should I let the dealer change it. If it is not replaced by this week, I'm going out of town will the car be safe to drive?

The car is perfectly safe to drive, most camshaft sensor codes are more of a "glitch" due to many or factors and yes the sensor cost sounds very high, the whole job should go out the door for about $200.00, but remember dealers charge at ... Hyundai Elantra

I wanted to know the purpose for a computer on a 2002 jeep liberty also about how much does it cost to replace it ? is it ok to drive the jeep without the computer working ?

Which one? There are at least 3 computers and maybe more.There is one for the ignition because the spark has to advance or ****** with speed, fuel quality, and knock. There is one for the fuel injection, that has to respond to the feedback li ... Cars & Trucks

I purchased the 2007 Hyundai Entourage with dual sliding doors new from dealer and it came with remote key fob. 3 years later the fob doesn't work. I see in the manual how to replace the battery. Will I have to have the fob reprogrammed after replacing the battery? If so, about how much will reprogramming cost?

No you wil not have to reprogram if you examine the unit and establish how you are going to change battery quickly.\015\012you have about a minute to change the battery and the unit will retain the info.\015\012if you lose the info you ca ... 2007 Hyundai Entourage Limited Minivan

Let's see, the driver's side door is not closing properly (slaming door to close it and now does not close all the way). I've been told it could be that the hinges are not aligned, which is causing the exterior side panel to come off, the window (black strip) to come off and the interior door handle-piece to separate from the actual metal door. Do I need to replace the door or just the hinges? Can it be temporarily fixed and would you know how much that will cost, approximately? Thanks.

No one can answer this question online. stop by a shop, have them look at it and tell you what needs to be done. other than that I would say replace it. but could just need some adjustments. ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

Bought a 2004 C70 today, & suddenly the driver's power seat moves weirdly. some times works, but sometimes don't move and after 10 seconds it moves by itself while I was driving **;; Which part do I need to repair or replace? I took a look at it and I could hear frequent 'ticking' sounds under the seat ( where I can see many cables hooked & connected ...) Do I need to change some switches down there? Or how much is it gonna cost to fix it @ Volvo dealer ? Thank you

Start simple. Previous owners may have spilled something in the switches on the side of the seat. Use some compressed air to blow out anything stuck in the switch. Go to gas station and use tire inflator if you dont have a compressor. Put some rubbin ... Volvo C70

Transmission Issues Took my car to a mechanic to see why the check engine light was on. My car is also in "limp mode" and wanted to know what was wrong with it. The mechanic placed the computer on it and the reading was transmission solenoid. Can someone tell me what this is and how much is it going to cost me to get it repaired.

Most newer automatic trans use solenoids (electrical pressure switches) to help shift gears. In the old days, line pressure, caused by holding the pedal to the floor to pass someone or to take off and speed up changed the gears as the pressure chang ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

P1174 hhr 2.4 2006 2nd time the same code comes out last time the dealer cleaned the injectors but it can back on before the next oil change now they want to recheck again at 98 dollars a how much is it going to cost me before they find it.this hhr has always been serviced by the same GM garage.its frustrating to see how the bills ad up and it's never fixed

... Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

My car wouldn't start today after work. It wouldn't even turn over or make a sound when I turned the key. The radio and lights and everything else worked fine. Does this mean it is the alternator? If so how much does it cost to replace or fix it?

Check the transmission neutral start inhibit switch is not the cause of your problem. (try both 'P' to 'N' positions).\015\012If the headlights work ok there should be enough power in the battery to at least make a solenoid type noise when star ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

I want to buy a computer box for Ford Focus TDCI 2.0 Model 2005. Where can I get it. How much does it cost?

... 2005 Ford Focus

Oil Pressure Not wanting to step on you, the issue with the Sequoia is really fixed by replacing the printed circuit board behind the inst cluster, thusly replacing the combination meter ECU. If you want, please comment back to the Client, he needs P/N 83291-0C012-RP if he desires a permanent repair... BTW...The "Experts not seeing comments is being looked into". I had two problems -- erradic oil pressure gage and low pressure at idle. I replaced the sender which fixed the erradic problem. Now

If this is truly a ecu issue, it will not directly affect the true nature of the pressure at all. its just a logical read out due to the malfunctioning ecu but, the pump action is normal. if the engine is not showing signs of low or high pressure and ... 2003 Toyota Sequoia

2000 VW Passat Problems: 1. How much should it cost me to replace my "timing belt"??? Parts and Labor??? 2. How much should it cost me to replace my "spark plugs"??? Parts & Labor ??? 3. My LED lights on my car only work when its ***CoLd*** if its Hot no way I'm seeing them. What could be the problem there? Parts & Labor Cost??? 4. All of my speakers are blown on my car, where can I find the best speakers for the best price that will fit "ALL" of my speaker small ones and big ones??? Please help

1. you don't have a timing belt. its a timing chain. you are looking at the serpentine belt. still expensive but it will need replacement. do not drive it very far if the belt breaks while driving.\015\0122. Spark plugs are easy, only cha ... 2000 Volkswagen Passat 4Motion

I have a 2000 lexus gs 300 and i lost my key and i was able to get a new one from lexus and then tried to get it programed but they said it wouldnt work since i lost the master key. so now i got a car that runs good and now have a key that dose unlock the door and does turn over just dont start. now they say all i can do is buy a whole entire computer that cost like $2000 just to make the car work. So please what else can i do that doesnt cost to much money?

They should have a system to reprogram the keys. they should be able to match the key to the computer with theirs not the other way around. it sounds like they want you to just buy more stuff. every manufacturer ive ever delt with had some way of pro ... Lexus GS 300

Rust Repair I need to fix the cab corners on my truck and was wanting some opinions. Should I weld in the panels or glue them down. I was also wondering if I should just use a bedliner and go down the side to cover it up or should I paint it. Painting it would look nicer but is it worth the extra cost. How much do you think it would cost to do both of them and also how much of each will I need. These figures will help influence my decision. Thank you very much for your help.

I've asked several auto body guys this over the years and they have told me they like gluing better because if done right its as good or better than welding, You have less problems with distortion due to heat, don't have to worry about catching the v ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 1994 Nissan Altima started shaking really bad. I gave it a basic tune up. I replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor and gave it an oil change. I left the car running and checked to see if there was a misfire. I pulled up each spark plug wire one by one and when I pulled them up 3 out of 4 of them wanted to "die out" which is suppose to happen. So whats going on with the one that didn't want to "die out". Aamco wanted to charge me to much to just check to see what

A bad injector? sometimes it is cheaper in the long run to have it diagnosed and repaired then to guess and just replace parts.... ... 1994 Nissan Altima

Having problems with front doors on 1999 Ford Explorer. I want to replace door locks and actuators. The doors don't always unlock, had actuators and one lock replaced by dealer on back doors ( cost me big bucks $$). Need to save some money so I want to do it myself. Can you give me step by step instructions and if any specials tools are necessary? Took off door panel and looked at lock and actuator as I replaced a speaker. Looked pretty tight and I see a rivet for something by the lock

You will probably find it easier to replace the actuator after removing the door latch. \015\012\015\012The actuators are held to the door with a 1/4" rivet (#1) that will have to be drilled out, but the way the linkage is made it is almo ... Ford Explorer

We understand that your problem is: I have a 2001 Cadillac Deville. The mechanic I took it to said so far the oil pan is cracked or leaking and needs to be replaced and is going to cost around 1000.00 or more. He also said the CV mounts are cracked and need to be replaced and cause one of the cv joints to go bad but didnt give me an estimate on how much that would cost. He also said the water pump was leaking the coolant and will need to be fixed and the fuel pump might need to be replaced. And

You really aren't going to go on the internet, and tell\015\012the world, you believe your vehicle needs all that work,\015\012are you???\015\012\015\012You may have a torn CV Joint Boot,and as a result, the \015\012join ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille
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