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Red light with key emblem fashes

\015 Hi, a red light with a key flashes when ignition key is removed on my 2000 landcruiser fx a it is set in same warning light as a/t oil temp. Thanks Mel\015
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Answers :

The red flashing "Key" indeicates that the factory security system is active. The light is a diode, and consumes very little battery power. The light alerts potential theives that the vehicle has an anti-theft system installed and active. Hoe this helps, and Thanks for choosing FixYa.
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Red light with key emblem fashes

The red flashing "Key" indeicates that the factory security system is active. The light is a diode, and consumes very little battery power. The light alerts potential theives that the vehicle has an anti-theft system installed and active. Hoe this he ... 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser

I have a nissan interstar van and when i turn the key to start it up there is a red light that pulses fast and the engine ticks over but does not start. after turning the key on and off for a while it sometimes turns the red light to a solid light and the van will start. i have tried looking at the battey in the key but now once i have put it back together the automatic lockin does not work either.

Your problem is most likely that the battery is not supplying enough power to the engine. This is either because the battery is going dead or your battery cables aren't connecting properly. Check the connections. The red light that is flashing pro ... Nissan Minivan

I have a 2001 Saab 9.3 convertible. The red security light on the dash won't blink, the door chimes when I open it and the key is out and lights are off and my key faub won't work and has new battery. I just replaced the DI cassette and the red light flashed on for a second but then went out. Are any of these things related to the cassette?

Seeing the date that you posted this, I wonder if this has been resolved? \012\012For your car, if the remote does not open the car door after the battery in the fob has been replaced, do this.\0121. Get next to the car with doors locked ... 2008 Saab 9-3

2000 Alero - Internal Security system malfunctioning. Sometimes (randomly) when I try to start the car it will not start and the red "security:" light flashes. I have to wait 10 minutes while the key is in "on" position, turn the key to off position after the light stops flashing, then I can start the car. Very inconvenient. ALso, the red Security light comes on randomly while driving. Help!

... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

I cannot find C240 on your list of models so I have chosen a C230 from that list. It is a 1998 model. One of my 2 keys does not get used very often and for the last 12 months or so the red light on that key was flashing but the key has only worked after twisting it a number of times in the ignition for it to activate. Sometimes the car could be locked and unlocked. Thinking it probably was the batteries, I replaced them with 2 new CR2025. The red light flashes when any of the 3 butto

Merecedes keys have to "relearn" the car once the batteries either fail/die, or have the batteries removed. The only thing to do is take it to a garage and have them relearn the key for you. It doesn't take too long and shouldn'tcost more then an hou ... Mercedes-Benz C230

My Daewoo Musso car alarm is not working correctly. I often cannot unlock the doors with the key fob or extinguish the red dashboard light with the keyfob, I then have to use the dashboard extinguisher. I also cannot extinguish the dashboard light when the car is garaged overnight I'm now having to disconnect the battery overnight to stop the red light from flattening the battery. I have just bought a brand new battery for the car and the key fob has had a new battery I don't know what else I ca

I have a very similar problem.....\012seems the musso and my bank account have a suicide pact\012\012how did you resolve the issue?\012\012best wishes ... Daewoo Korando

Porsche 993 my 1998 porsche 911 C4 convertible remote key fob is not working I started to have to press the button repeatedly for it to work, replaced the battery and now the light on the remote is not coming on - I have two remotes and the red light that usually lights up on they key fob when you press it is NOT lighting up and if I use the key physically on the door the alarm goes off (turns on) and I can't turn it off or start the car - after a few minutes the alarm turns off. Please help!

... Cars & Trucks

2002 Land Rover Discovery II- Red Anti-theft alarm indicator light on dash board flashes constantly. The engine appears to be immobilized as the key will not turn when I put it in the ignition slot. I have unlocked all doors but the red light continues to flash and the key will not turn. An y ideas?

Hello! I am working on your problem...Guru....saailer ... Land Rover Discovery

Won't start parked over night in garage. turn key and dashboard gauges and lights blink and wink with a flashing red dot on the right side near door ajar and funny noises like little motors turning on and off, (including the CD player) tried reseting as per instructions from mechanic, left key in the "on" position and got throttle control light staying on. ( HEMI ) second time failed too, mow am stranded with sick red racer...!

Hi, I understand you have a problem with the alarm.\015\012If the alarm is activated, and if the alarm is aftermarket you have a valet switch , That you can use to deactivate, or put in by pass. just you need to locate, is a little switch goin ... 2005 Dodge Ram

1997 jeep grand cheorokee larado v6. truck is acting like my previous 2001 jeep cherokee when i tried to start it with my valet key. The 97 jeep does not use the key with the sensor. I am getting no spark and the security light in the dash does not blink like it use to. When i turn key to on position the gas empty light goes on (plenty of gas in it) and about 20 seconds later the red dash security light comes on and stays on. This has never happened before. any ideas. thank you.

Fuel pump may be out but you have to drop the tank to fix it ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Mazda rx8, it ran fine and then while driving just cut out, the red key light came on and when stopped did nothing if try to start, it doesnt even turn, battery fine. the key light comes on for second or two and then starts to flash. tried spare key and also dont work. all other electrical work, hooter flickers etc, as well as dash lights, but not speed gauge if moving. feels like can be imo biliser but why did it cut out totally while driving? is it imobiliser or complete ecu. after ignition t

I was driving my rx8 earlier, and it just cut out, its never done it before, i tryed jump starting it but nothing happened. the battery isnt dead because the radio is still working, could it be the spark plugs ? could that stop the car from starting? ... 2004 Mazda RX-8

I have a chrysler 300 touring, 3.5L. There are two keys and a remote start. I cannot start the car with the second (spare) key. I can actually start but it automatically shuts down and it wont even start second time onwards. There is also a red light blinking when I put the spare key in the ignition,, this light does not blink with the first key. I actually found out that it is the electronic system in the key case that is doing this (I have tried to swap the cases). Is there any programming in

Since the second key does not have the electronics in the case, it will not allow the car to run, as it thinks its being stolen. If you give your local chrysler dealer your VIN number, they should be able to produce a second key that will start the c ... 2005 Chrysler 300


Sorry its a dealer only job ,the key has a chip in it and without this chip then your just wasting money ,The immobilisor software is encrypted so only a dealer can programme it ,even on a ten year old vehicle so whilst it is in the dealer get the tw ... 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

I own a 98 Porsche Boxter went out of town for 3 weeks came back and now my battery is dead and my key with remote will not open or close my doors obviously cuz battery is dead. i did manulaly insert key to open my drivers side door. Installed a new battery & car still opens with key only not by remote as before. The red light on the key stll blinks when pressed but the red button on the dash no longer flashes. Hopefully its a simple fix or reset? Any one know how to fix this problem?

Now all you need to do is use the key to lock the doors manually and then remove it, after that use the remote to lock and open it like before.\015\012\015\012hope it works\015\012\015\012rate this ... 2000 Porsche Boxster

I was prevented from starting my 2008 Ford Escape with one of my keys but it starts just fine with my other key that no longer has a charged battery in it. Any idea why this is happening. Can I reset the key that has a battery charge to work or does something have to be reset in the car's electronics system? When I try to start the vehicle with the key that has a charge still, I get a red lock icon light up in the bottom left corner of dash window. Thanks for any light that you can shed on this

Try turning the key on for ten minutes,then turn it off,and back on,leave it for ten minutes,then turn it off,and back on for ten more minutes,then off,a total of 30 minutes,then try and start,this relearns the fob. ... 2008 Ford Escape

Battery completely died after car sat for over a month. Hooked it up to a battery charger for a few hours. Went to put key in, alarm goes all crazy, lights flashing, horn honking, etc... Remove key, all continues. Only way to stop is to insert key to "On" and press brake. End up fighting it for a while before it finally stops. Car will not start, nor disengage from Park. Red button located next to steering wheel blinks during this. Tried the insert key to "On", press/hold red button 3-9 seconds,

Yes look for the hidden alarm switch under the dash and then turn it to off and problem solved good luck hope this helps ... 2003 Toyota Camry

The buttons on my key fob no longer lock or unlock the door. I replaced the battery and still doesn't work. I went through the programming process and my other key worked fine but this one wouldn't. there is also a red light that lights up on the other key but not this one. Is there a solution or do i need to replace the electronics in the key?

... 2006 Honda Pilot

PEUG 406 PETROL,1800/16V 1997: IMOBILISER KEYPAD,FOLD DOWN TYPE AT DRIVERS R/H KNEE.Car had been left parked out in frosty weather, went to key in code found both red and green keypad lights on steady. Can punch in the 4 digits but will not start (engine turns ok all elecs ok) Took off battery terminals , charged battery, left overnight and in morning only red light flahingwhile ignition off(normal) but ignition on before entering code turned both red and green on steady. Had no previous proble

There is a reset sequence in your user manual.\015\012\015\012You need to do some strange things like hold down one specific button while switching the ignition on ... Peugeot 405

I went to start my car, all the lights came on as normal, but when turning the key the car doesn't turnover and the light on the dash that has the car with the key in the middle blinks red at me... Did the key get deprogrammed or is it something else? 2003 Mazda6

That's what it sounds like. I had the same problem with my 99 Ford Explorer. I put the key in and everything seemed ok, but it would not turn over. It turned out that I had the wrong key for the truck. Everytime I tried to start it, the truck went in ... Mazda MAZDA6

I have a warning light on my 2008 pack 5 PRIUS. It is a red light with a key symbol. This is not the yellow one that comes on when you leave your key in the car. Everything seems fine except for this light. It seems to flash when unlocked and stay one when locked like the theft deterrent LED used to. There is no mention anywhere of this symbol in the manual HELP!

That is the light that tells potential thieves the car has an immobilizer. What you describe is normal operation.Look in the manual for "immobilizer". ... 2008 Toyota Prius

If I turned the ignition key to start but the car does not start immediately, a red light with key symbol will begin to flash continuously and the car will not start again until the light goes off. This is particularly the case where the car turns off while in traffic; to start again, you have to wait until the flashing light goes off. This is disturbing

Hi, if you insert your key and turn to on position with out it turning over/starting immediately, and the light flashes with the car&key symbol, then it is a problem on the key and the imobiliser is not disabling properly.It's either you have t ... 1997 Audi A4

My 2005 mazda 6 has a red light with a key symbol lit up in the dash. When i start the car the light turns off, other than that the light stays on all the time. Is something wrong with my car or key?

... 2006 Mazda 6

2000 Astro 180K 4.3 L Stopped at the gas station and filled the tank. Got in turned the key, van started right up as normal. Except the gas gauge reads empty (full left needle position), the temp gauge same deal ( needle points full left position) The low fuel light came on. The red battery symbol light came on. The overhead console that shows direction and outside temp does not work (black screen) The red box light in the gear indicator (PRND23) does not work. The van runs fine. Any ideas? Th

I think you have a short in one of the circuits ,like a bulb dropped out and its shorted out causing a fuse to blow ,or the other possibility is you have power but a earth wire has broke where its crimped to the terminal that earths it out ,what i wo ... 2000 Chevrolet Astro

I have a 2002 jeep grand cherokee limited. there is a red light on my drivers side dash that is supposed to flash when on and be un-lit when off. it is solid red. i went to my mechanic and he did all kinds of tests. alarm system works. i have two remote entry key fobs and all i did was change the passenger side brake light and the light at top of rear hatch. help me!

... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Chrysler 300 My car not long ago would shake and the engine light would come on. I had a tune up and it seemed to stop. After looking at this website, it looks like it was the 02 sensor. This morning, I tried to crank it up and it turned over but never engaged. I tried again. A small circular red light (that is not identified in the manual) on the instrument panal came on and it will do nothing. The red light comes on each time I tried. Also, the remote key will not work. Which is odd. Is the re

You are correct on the security light, it is the VTA (vehicle theft alarm). I am at a loss for the culprit part though, and their are so many diagnostic tests that could be run. Even a malfunction in the key FOB could cause it. If you have anot ... 2006 Chrysler 300
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