Having problems with your 2000 Toyota Camry ?

Car quit and wont restart

\015 \015\012\015\012driving car uphill. full tank of gas. engine shuts down will not start. no idiot lights came on to warn me. could it be fuel pump, fuel filter or electric.car has 140,000 miles could it be timing belt . it is cranking but wont turn over\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

It could be a any or a combination of failing components. If you haven't changed the fule filter recently (say within the past 20,000 miles) I'd change it first. Next. check the fuel pressure at the service port near the injectors to ensure you're getting the right fuel pressure to the injectors.
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While driving the car quit running wont restart. thought it was the fuel pump.but that was good.half of the fuse box drivers side wont work.of course it is the half that runs the fuel pump.

I would recomend for you to get the car's E.C.U connected to a diagnose computer. It will exactly tell you what is the problem that you are having. But I am pretty sure it is electrical. You can also try replacing the fuel filter.\015\012 ... 2000 Kia Sportage

Replaced fuel filter. car still cuts out while driving. sometimes while slowing to a stop. can hear fuel pump when starting car. sometimes starts and then just quits and wont restart.

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Car quit and wont restart

It could be a any or a combination of failing components. If you haven't changed the fule filter recently (say within the past 20,000 miles) I'd change it first. Next. check the fuel pressure at the service port near the injectors to ensure you're g ... 2000 Toyota Camry


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I have an 87 Suzuki samurai and I was driving it home when the engine just shut off. It was like someone turned the key off. I have lights though. When I try to start the car, nothing at all it doesn't even turn over! But I have dash lights! Any idea ... 1987 Suzuki Samurai

The car will start go about a mile and then quit. It will not restart. The windows and locks wont even work

I can tell you that you have an electrical problem. take it to a mechanic and ask him to check your battery. it may need replacing. the other problem could be your alternator. it may not be charging the battery. try this, after you start the car disc ... 1991 Oldsmobile 88

My Lincoln LS shur off while driving on the highway. The check engine light came on. The car restarted but quit running after a few feet of driving. Now it wont start.

Sounds like the symptoms of a worn out fuel pump\015\012\015\012You always diagnose & repair check light issues first ... 1999 Lincoln Town Car


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I was driving and my car died and wont restart. long cranks but wont turn over. I changed the battery still no start.I checked faults codes and got p0340. I changed the cam sensor and code went away. I checked codes again and got p0522. changed oil and oil pressure sensor and car still wont start. I disconnected the battery 1 hr to reset pcm. still getting p0522 how can i get the engine to build pressure for the sensor if the car wont start.

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My Pontiac GTP 3.8 super charged. 10,700 original miles, just sits on driveway. Wife has been ill since car was purchased. I just drive around the block once every now an then. This year developed a start, run 3 seconds and quits. Restarts each time and quits. I keep it running by quickly placing it into gear. Then it stays running, and will restart and run for hours. Car still has awesome power. I replace body mounted fuel filter. Tested fuel pressure regulator, 48-55 psi. I replace it anyway.

So it will not idle? or will not stay running at all unless in gear?\015\012battery go dead? you might need to drive it a little farther to relearn adapts if it just does not wanna idle. ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 1993 camaro. My ac will be working fine then just quit. If i turn car off and then restart the car the ac works again. I dont even have to park it. Kick it in neutral, shut car off then restart car and ac is back. usually car will be running about 5 minutes when it does this.

Check AC relay may be weak. ... Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 2000 Cavalier that stopped cranking. Replaced the starter and got car to crank but was low on gas. Shut car off then tried to restart and wont crank now. Only will turn over. Any suggestions on wat it could be? Put gas in car already and still wont run just turn over. Even tried jumping car off

So the car will crank but not start? ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

2003 Chevy Malibu; Car quits running and when it wont start the car has no fuel pressure and the fuel pump will not run. Every time you decide to trouble shoot the car will Run and can go for days before it decides to quit again. Had to have car towed twice because of this problem.

... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

My car wont start its not making the ticing noise for batt low but it sounds like it wants to start but it wont crank up all the way at first the car would start after a jump but the longer time went on over 3 mos it got worse to the point i would have to jump it every day from 1 every 2 weeks i got a altanator, and fuel pump, still not working next someone restarted the computer and said i wasnt geting any fire to the coil and he got the car started but after 2 day the car wouldnt start no more

Fuel pump relay solder points ... google it ... 1991 Acura Legend

Hi there,i have a c200 elegance 2005,i seem to be having problem after problem and my pride and joy is becoming a money pit!! well here goes,it wont rev past 3000 revs, i was told this would be the mass air flow meter,so i changed that,now the car wont change gear either,i have to turn it off and restart the engine and its fine,i have just taken it up the road and im back to wont rev past 3000 again,please help me i dont have te money to keep pumping into this car and im at my wits end

My 1995 C220 Elegance auto petrol car started to do this and finally would only drag along at 2000 revs and it wouldn't change up gears. The air mass meter was not the problem. \015\012The monolith in the cat had disintegrated blocking the exhaust ga ... Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class

A/c air conditioning works fine when car first started. once car warms up it quits working. If I shut it off for a few minutes and restart it, it will again work fine for a bit and quit. This does not happen when the car is at idle. I have had the system flushed and the condenser has been cleaned.

It's a problem in the compressor. ... 2003 Toyota ECHO

Subaru impreza 1.6 2005- car was flooded about 4 inches inside. ECM programs were wiped out. Reprogrammed computers. Car statred and run. When swithed off, did not restart. Found that the programm was wiped off again. reprogrammed. car started and wont restart . What can be causing this? Thanks.

You must ensure everything is dry, including wire harnesses and realy/fuse boxes!!The computer may have gone bad or internally its has moisture!! ... 2005 Subaru Impreza


Sounds like a weal fuel pump.Check your fuel pressure it should be 48-55 psi with key on and engine off.If its not not within these specs replace fuel pump. ... 1998 Oldsmobile 88

My engine light came on in my 2005 Ford Mustang GT and the code reads: Circuit A, Cam Shaft Position Sensor. Then my RPM gauge worked then stopped working then worked then not. I was driving my car and the stereo and AC quit working then restarted again. When I restarted my car, it wanted to crank but it started clicking and I had to get a jump. Had car tested at Auto Zone and they said battery and starter are fine and the altenator was loosing power. We rebuilt the altenator and it didn't fix t

... 2005 Ford Mustang

Wont start I put the car in park, turned off car. Noticed the doors didnt unlock, so I tried to restart the car. Wont start and now I cant move the shifter at all. I can turn the key, lights come on but no clicking or turning over. Any ideas?

May have tripped the alarm. Dont use the key fob. Use the actual key in the door lock. Try on passenger side of car as well. ... 2001 Pontiac Aztek

2008 chev impala turn car off but key wont go to last postion to get key out there is still power on the dash and the engine is off the car will restart fine putting car in park foot on brake shifter in park all the way to forward still wont let key come back far enough

Those had alot of problems with the ignition switch. remove and replace switch, good luck. ... 2008 Chevrolet Impala

Transmission Problem i was trying to drive my car and it wont accelerate at all. I hear myself pushing on the gas pedal but my car will just make a noise. It wont go in reverse either. I have to turn it off, restart it and it will work for a minute or so and im pretty sure its the transmission. From what I've researched so far on the web my car doesnt even have a trans fluid dipstick so what am i supposed to do? Am i to go buy some fluid and if so what kind and where do i put it because i can

Your transmission dipstick is hiding between the engine and the firewall[the wall at the back of the engine compartment];on the drivers side.look for a yellow handle.note location of dipstick tube.by using a long funnel,add fluid through dipstick tub ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Sometimes I get in my car and it just wont start. It turns over but just wont start. Then after numerous tries it will just start. Also, I can be driving down the road and the car just quits. So I pull over and try to start it and again I get nothing until all of a sudden it just starts again. This has put me in some dangerous situations in traffic as well as having my 5 yr old in the car. HELP

Replace fuel pump relay under the hood in the fuse block. It may work but the contacts on the relay are bad. ... 2001 Kia Sportage

Quite often I am unable to access car using wireless key. I use the blade to access car then I try starting car but the wireless key wont even turn the ignition switch. I have to let car sit for long period usually overnite before power is restored in the wireless key and i am able to start car. During the shut down of the car system nothing works inside except for the lights and car sound system.

You have to be more specific. what kinda car. model and year. is the remote battery and car battery in good condition. any more details would be helpful ... Mercedes-Benz S-Class

2003 Alero (3.4) wont start or even attempt to turn over until jumped. While driving I can hear whining through the speakers (with radio off) that matches the engine RPMs. Once I turn the car off, it loses all power, no gauge lights, radio or anything and wont start until I jump it. I also noticed that when in park if I quickly punch the gas I lose RPMs before the engine revs up...sometimes the car will stall and then restart itself on it's own...other times it will die and all my dash light

Wow, that is quite the electrical psychoanalysis :0) You have got some major electrical issues going on here. Well, the first things that I would suspect to even get a little idea as to what is going on, considering that you have multiple systems w ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero
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